Time To End This Crime With A Rhyme Chime About The Mime!

Time and time again the cat has made fun of the mime whether in rhyme or in the comments below. Blabber keeps showing sympathy for the creatures with each go. So I think it is time the cat showed all why they should fear the mime. I guess we will do a count list to appease Blabber too as that should make her believe it is true.

1. Wrinkles At Night Are Not A Delight
So after a long day of miming with such great timing they get all wrinkled out and can do nothing but pout. They can't use any cream for the colors don't match and that would make them scream.
Do mimes even have timing at all? What if their fake watch decides to stall?

2. The Snap Of The Mime Chap
Who wants to hear that snap 1000 times a day? For not a word they can say. So they give their suspenders a snap and expect all to clap.
Besides dressing like you're in prison is never a good thing even a no style cat knows that at his wing.

3. From Your Dread You Become A Blockhead
This is what happens when you live in a glass house with a fake mouse. You become all ceased up after smashing your fake cup.
I guess mimes who live in glass houses should not throw stones as it must be killer on those house improvement loans.

4. A Constipation Display Just Causes Dismay
Even if you sport that pretty top hat you still look like a dirty rat that just made a mistake in his underwear. That is not a crowd pleasing affair.
Do you think their underwear are even there?

5. They Touch Too Much
Even if you humilate a mime they don't find it is a crime. As you can see he is even taking glee in such an act. Seconds later he'll move his han from his shirt, groping the poor guy and that's a fact.
Put this on your bucket list to do, just keep their hands in view.

6. All The Same Is So Lame
If you let these mimes run amuck before long all will walk and quack like a mime, even a duck. Then the whole world will be in black and white. No color would be in your sight.
That includes yellow too. See Blabber, mime are evil, it is true.

7. Smudge From A Nudge
So you have a nice clean window and it gives off a glow. But along comes a mime and thinks you are part of his clan and oh so sublime. For it looks as if no window is even there and then he smudges it up as he runs into at your lair.
Doesn't that just irk your OCD? Having a mime do that to thee?

8. Could Die, No Lie
Posters do not lie. Mimes not only make babies cry but they get a thrill from a kill. Plus they will never talk so for your murder they will walk.
Don't give me that. You know I'm not a lying cat.

9. Scary Like Dirty Harry
Told you so! Score one for the cat and Pat's show.
This is what mimes are really like so be careful when telling them to take a hike. They may pull out their not so fake gun and have some not so fake fun.

10. Fleas On Knees
You see what the mimes did? They made a cat flip its lid. Now even fleas show it neglect having no respect. So where do the fleas go? Why on your knees at your show. All because of mimes you get such fleas on knees crimes.
Don't mimes just make you itchy? Or is it the fleas making you twitchy?

And so now one and all whether Blabber sized or tall, know why you never ever trust a mime. For such a thing is truly a crime and so ends this 10 point chime, which Blabber's OCD will find sublime and have fun crushing the mimes into grime. Just wipe your shoe on the grass before coming to visit my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Damn mimes are strange, I find them so deranged.

    For a first comment this is lame, I guess we've all lost the game.

    1. I guess you did lose the game
      Oh well it is okay being tame

  2. I don't understand why so many people hate mimes. I don't really like them but then again I don't mind them. Maybe I have to see one in person to understand the madness.

    1. the ebil cat hates everything except his precious Pringle cans and a certain Viking woman ....

    2. and now his evil offspring too.....

    3. Thank you, Matt! Leave the mimes alone, Cat!!!!

    4. @Elsie
      they got horned kittens that Annzie had a psychic vision off?

    5. hahaha mimes are just scary in every way
      They have to go away and never do their play
      No thanking him what so ever
      And my horned offspring are clever

    6. Mimes should mime their own business...

    7. That they should
      If only they would

  3. Mimes are funny at least they try
    Make you laugh without saying a word
    They overdo, irritate and they cry
    We laugh not it's funny but absurd


    1. Yeah laughing becaue it is absurd
      Is surely the word
      As the rest of it is crazy
      As they make your eyes go hazy

  4. It takes time
    to learn to mime.
    Their art is real
    I admire their zeal.
    Take time to play
    Enjoy your day!

    1. haha yeah it is art
      But so is a correct fart
      And the day will be fun
      Here out in the sun

  5. pat, mimes have always scared me, so it's more like wrinkle all day frightens me...

    have a great wknd.

    1. haha they always scare you
      Oh that is funny sorry for the scary view

  6. mimes with guns, now where is the funs in that ones, runs...and runs quicks....seems i have a lisps todays, glass houses and mimes makes mes wants to throws a stones justs to sees if theres reallys a box around thems....

    1. Seems you had an S problem for sure today
      With your comment display
      But oh well at least you had your say
      As always at my bay

  7. now, why couldn't you put the last pic as the first one so that it would end up in our blogrolls instead of that horrid miming face?

    I don't get mimers nor clowns nor circus performers :) And I always cheer for the bull in a corrida!

    1. LOL I always think of you with the pic
      And see which one I want to stick
      And show for all
      As they visit your hall
      After all with those naked men
      I need some payback at my den
      Yeah weird to say the least
      I also cheer for the beast

    2. oh, please, ebil cat, my naked men don't even show in your blogroll since you don't have the regular one.

    3. Hahaha the cat isn't regular though
      So things do not show
      Is that such a crime?
      At least it's not zombie foot and just a mime

  8. When I see a mime doing his act while I walk,
    I kick him in the shin to see if he'll talk.
    If no words flow out of his yap,
    I'll throw a quarter in his cap.

    1. I'd do that with those guards in front of the Buckingham palace :)

    2. LOL yes they deserve a kick
      An maybe more than a flick
      I suppose they are worth a dime
      But a quarter is just a crime

      haha kicking those poor guards is mean
      But I suppose it be fun to see if they make a scene

    3. well, I'm open to just poking them if that's more legal :)

    4. Yeah a poke would be better I'd say
      Or you may get chucked in some deep dark bay

  9. The poor mimes!!!!!! Leave them alone!!!!! LOL They never did a damn thing to you other than want to carry out their miming lives. hahahaha The mime society is going to lobby the Canadian government until this is forced to come down!! ;)

    1. which means we could make all the world's precious mimers our new allies.... excellent....

    2. Pfft yeah you lobby away
      As I will never take away my display
      The cat can have mimes galore
      Come to his shore
      And I'll gas them all
      Until they leave my stall
      So lobby all you want
      As the cat will still taunt

      Pfft have the ones that don't talk
      All they will do is walk

    3. An army of mimes?
      certainly strange times.
      Would they really have guns
      or just pretend to shoot and run?
      Quiet as a mouse
      hiding in their glass house?

    4. they would just scare the bejesus out of the ebil cat :) when we send them to mime around him in the middle of the night when he goes to his loo!

    5. I think it would be fake
      As they would not partake
      In anything real
      That would break their seal
      And not count
      To their miming amount

      And I would relieve myself on them each time
      That would surely rid the cat of each mime

    6. Speaking of Jesus, where did he go?
      We asked if he was R and he disappeared, you know.

    7. LMAO Oh, Dez...those mimes are already mad at the cat for all the bad publicity. They would be more than happy to just be standing there when Pat open's his apartment door. LMAO hahahaha That would even make me jump!

    8. Betsy talking about Jesus I see him.in other.blogI tjink is r too:)

    9. LOL I guess he doesn't like me
      And bush number three
      I think he is R
      And got scared away at my bar

      hahaha those mimes would pay
      If they showed up at my bay

      Yeah it is R I agree
      That is why he ran away from my sea

    10. No idea what so ever
      I guess he no longer likes the blogging endeavor

  10. Lots of mimes here ~ I don't mind them really ~
    They are like a performer, it takes a lot of work ~

    Happy Saturday to you ~

    1. Yeah it does take work
      But they aren't worth more than a smirk

  11. Mimes are not my favorite
    I would not stop and savor it
    if they wanted to perform
    I would just be bored.
    The glass house is just so old
    It's dumb, if I may be so bold.

    1. Yeah they need to take a hike
      Or be run over by a bike
      As that would be fun to see
      I wonder if then they would speak to me

    2. They would not speak at all
      or they would loose their job call
      But they might shake a finger at you
      or flip another finger, it's true!

    3. LOL the cat would bite it off
      And that would make them scoff
      Then I'm sure they would make a peep
      And at least call me a creep

    4. Betsy, I thought you loved all creatures? Mimes have feelings too!

    5. Mimes need to go
      Even Petsy is in the know

    6. Maybe if they had fur
      I wouldn't give my nose a curl.

    7. LOL yeah they need fur
      But I bet they still couldn't purr

    8. LOL Even if they could purr
      I would certainly concur
      that they would try not to do it
      or their boss would have a fit
      then no job would be had
      and they would be sad
      the frown would then be genuine
      and they'd go drink a bottle of wine.
      maybe fall through the glass wall
      and let out a real bawl.

    9. haha then there career would be done
      Which would be fine under my sun
      As long as it wasn't the one with the gun
      Then we better run

  12. haha, yeah, Mimes have always freaked me out a bit. Some have clown phobias, and while I wasn't scared of the mimes I always found them aggravating how someone would try to have a real conversation with them and they simply stayed in mime modes. Those robot guys as well, quite irksome as well. The Mime cat is great, I love that one. And the lego mime, kind of looks like the stay-puft marshmallow man doesn't It?

    1. LOL I suppose the ghostbusters could have made him up
      With some thinking hiccup
      But yeah they are a pain
      As they mime down the lane
      And ignore one and all
      As they try and give them a call
      But I suppose things are different to a mime
      As they will not utter a chime

  13. I dont like mimes dont have nice experiences with them:(

    1. Bad experience with a mime?
      hahaha oh that is a chime and a crime

    2. It is funny to my little rhyming rear
      But I am laughing with you dear..haha

    3. I think we want to hear more
      so we can let out a roar!
      What did one do to you?
      Hope you kicked him in the wazoo!
      hahahaha Just like the picture above shows
      cuz that's just how it goes.

    4. @pat you are bad:(

      @betsy was something bothered ; I think someones of them love to scare people!

    5. Eww...I wouldn't like it if they tried to scare me!

    6. I never did anything to them at all
      Here at my hall
      As then I'd get sued
      For being rude

  14. ahaha, the guy kneeing the mime in the nuts made me laugh loud, justice is served. I got followed by a mime once for a bit, i considered throwing my tea container at him. I agree the worst offenders are the ones who think its 'art', no its halloween lol. Like clown college lol, if you have to go to college to be funny, you should choose another career.

    1. LOL yeah that is true
      Going to a college for that they haven't got a clue
      And halloween is about all it is
      This stupid miming biz

  15. Oh gosh, I don't know which I dislike most, clowns or mimes. They're BOTH freaky, to me! LOL
    I'm sooooo glad that guy got him right in the coco NUTS!

    1. LOL yeah right there
      Would surely make him swear

  16. I do not like mimes

    even if they're giving out American dollars and dimes

    1. Well if they gave me enough dough
      I'd tolerate their stupid show

  17. Can a Mime
    make a rhyme?
    Sure a Mime
    can make a rhyme.
    But who would
    hear it?

    Shirley Smothers

  18. This is great! Very creative and funny!

  19. I don't trust mimes. They're like the mute version of clowns.

    And I hate clowns.

    1. Both make you frown
      In their clown like gown

  20. ha would be cool if the world were in black and white for a day..and the absence of sound...just miming...ha..

    1. LOL yeah that would be weird and maybe fool
      As all go around like a fool

  21. no wonder ppl don't like them..
    ickiness that surrounds them is what gives me creeps..

    1. Yeah they sure give people the creeps
      By bonds and leaps

  22. They look creepy yeah, but I'd like to see a real one someday.

    1. I suppose seeing one once
      And proving that they are a dunce
      Isn't such a bad thing
      To give a ring

  23. LMAO. lol. That last cat mime -a lovely touch. hahaha. Prison inmates, french, and mime share the costume.
    Mime kill a baby? Ohhh. they carry a gun, now I should teach my kids to stay away from mimes and clowns. Cruel world out there.

    1. Yes they should know
      That when a mime does show
      To run far far away
      From such a scary display

  24. I find most mimes to be way too creepy
    Making invisible walls appear in the alley
    Pulling ropes from a make-believe stage
    Trapping you inside an imaginary cage

    1. Yeah and then you just want to punch them in the face
      And get them out of your space


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