Time To Park And Decipher The Bark!

At that other place where a mutt shows his face, the cat noticed he likes to bark quite a bit. I guess he thinks it is a hit. But what does it really mean as he makes a scene? Besides of course the cat rules and everyone else drools. I guess we shall sea as I tell you all for free.

There is a slight noise,
Bark bark bark away your joys.
Going right to the door,
With your encore.

While the cat watches from afar,
Not to be hit by any car.
You run and expect all to stop,
That idea is a flop.

But bark bark bark still.
That must give you such a thrill.
Speaking dog is rough to do.
But the cat will try his best to translate for you.

Look at me, look at me.
I'm so excited I'll pee.
Hurry up,
And acknowledge this pup.

Bark bark bark
That surely hit the mark.
I got a good whiff,
As I gave your butt a sniff.

Feed me too!
I'll take whatever you have on you.
Even your fingers and toes,
If you don't pat my nose.

Bark bark bark once again,
Have to let all know there is a dog in this den.
For another is not allowed.
So I bark extra loud.

I'm trying to tell you to feed me,
Wait! I already said that with glee.
Scratch my butt?
That is liked by every mutt.

Or behind the ear,
If you fear the rear.
Sit down before you fall down.
That could make you frown.

For I might jump up on you,
And knock you down on cue.
Or at least scratch your knee,
From all my barking glee.

So sit down as I want on your lap,
While I  continue to flap.
With a bark bark bark.
Now take me to the park.

Wait! Feed me first,
And quench my thirst.
Also look the other way,
So I can see what the counter has on display.

Also maybe even chew a shoe,
Before a walk is due.
But we still expect a treat.
Look at how much we eat.

And so it seems all they talk about is food.
Plus many other things that are just rude.
The mutt is simply an attention whore,
That will bark bark bark and eat anything they can find at their shore.

Now you know the bark of the mutt who likes to mark each and every trees bark. Like how I switched that around like the crazies at a dog park? Sorry to all the butt sniffers for giving away their secret to all. But you can never match the cat's rhyming hall. Not even my ability to pass gas and that can be done daily from by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. got the worm
    early bird making you squirm

    1. Once more you are
      Hank will surely take offense at my bar

  2. haha i know a few, all they want is attention by you....look at me, they say surely and then want a rub, depending what they rolled in they might need the tub...the whole butt sniffing thing, makes me glad i aint that thing...

    1. haha yeah that last part
      They really take to heart
      So glad as well
      As that would not be swell

  3. LOL - my dogs do bark
    but do not seem to mark!

    (There's a cat around here that just REALLY annoys them. Sits and stares nonchalantly without moving a muscle, as they bark their heads off IF they see it.)

    1. LMAO cats like to do that
      When they know the dogs can't get them at their mat

  4. You're a cat man aren't you. I hadn't picked up on that before.

    1. haha actually I am both
      Just have no dogs so right now they head south

  5. that must've been one of the Alliance's canine agents!

    1. The alliance has those too?
      Do you enjoy the butt sniffing they give you?

    2. they don't sniff on us, they sniff only on enemy traces....

    3. It was MY Alliance canine agents....

    4. you trained them well, Elsie! You also trained them to poop under cat's roses and violets, yes?

    5. Pfffft if old one eye trained them all in stride
      I guess they are only competent out of one side

    6. I trained them well,
      outside they dwell,
      they poop and pee
      then return to me!

    7. LOL well I suppose that is best
      As they pass the test
      Leaving it there for you to step in
      So I'll consider it a win

  6. So I've heard, dogs love people's attention whereas cats are just independent.

    1. That is pretty much true
      Unless you have cats like my two

  7. Dogs
    I like my dog, a neutered 'male.'
    Loyal and true, he's my best friend.
    But he barks at the fog and chases his tail.
    And says 'howdy' by sniffing rear ends.
    Go through life, free of cares
    and poop in a box under the stairs.

    1. LOL that they do
      And the smell can turn one blue
      But at least they don't eat their own poo
      As that is just ewww

    2. Dog Addendum
      He's smart as a whip
      but is he aware?
      That he stretches to lick
      what's no longer there.

    3. LOL the cat does that too
      I guess habit is what makes it come due
      Or maybe just wishful thinking
      As they want it once more to be umm blinking

  8. Raining cats and dogs in Pat's blog. You do have a bone to pick with dogs, Cat?

    Cat can work on self-clean mode whereas dogs cant even keep themselves away from fleas. Attention whores- good call.
    But Cats? They dont love their as much as dogs do they? And you cant play with your dogs or expect loyalty and love from dogs, can you. Cats are pretty selfish?

    1. Actually it just depends on the cat and the dog really though
      Depends on how they are raised at your show
      As both can be attention whores
      As my two are at my shores

  9. You forgot to mention their breath
    or panting, or needing a bath.
    Yes, the barking is the most annoying thing
    as that would surely make my ears ring.

    1. haha well the bath is bad for all
      But yeah they are more stinky as they come down the hall
      The bark they like to do
      And easily do it without a cue

  10. I don't think speaking dog is hard

    all they want to say is food and "I'm going to get that squirrel" in the yard.

    1. Nope not to hard to figure out
      There very straight forward shout

  11. never knew the cat was a dog whisperer, some great psychological interpretations of what dogs bring, I'm so glad my dogs don't want their rear scratched, as they'd never get rid of that itch, but the ears and belly they do so like, and yes, they love to bark all the time. Pretty good job at deciphering the language of dogs, as I heard it's as hard to learn as ESL is.

    1. Yeah the cat can decipher with ease
      Even when they share their fleas
      So it had to be done
      And given a run

  12. I don't have a dog nor a cat, but
    yes, it must be for attention, or food mostly,
    but i read that they also sense your feelings,
    specially fear, but who knows really why they bark :-0

    1. Yeah the sensing thing is true
      Whether dog or cat that can come due
      Seen it at my shore
      So there is truth and it isn't just lore

  13. That made me think of just how much effort goes into taking care of a dog compared to a cat. Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark never ending.

    1. LOL yep lots more effort than a cat
      As they will eat even your mat

  14. You have a way with words :D

  15. I have thre dogs anf is true yhe cate well the lsmd but is a lot of work too sigh!:(
    And yes i think eat more thsn a cat

    1. Just shows the cat is right
      Three barking would be a plight
      Or three sniffing at the same time
      That would be a crime

  16. hehe..made me smile...one of the fav things my dog liked to do (next to barking...) was licking my feet and i just loved it..haha

    1. Well at least u never have to wash your feet
      I bet there he also found a tasty treat

  17. Got to deal with a senior citizen and two little pyschotics for canines on a daily basis. Which truly does bite.

    So I simply stay with my owner Holly the cat, who doesn't bite.

    1. Haha another reason cats are on top
      Beating the canine crop

  18. Speaking dog is rough to do - I see what you did there, Pat...rough = ruff

    Very clever. It had to come from you, not the evil cat!!

    1. Did not expect it to escape your big eye
      Sorry it was the cat and not that Pat guy

    2. My observant eyes may make a return
      and their fine beauty you will learn!

    3. Pffft one whole eye
      The cat will give a poke and you will cry

  19. impressive stuff dude, do you ever use websites to help you find words that rhyme?

    1. Nope no need for that
      If my mind is off i just fix it so itbrhymes at my mat

  20. Haha! Blogging about my dog, are you? LOL!

  21. Yep, cats rule :)



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