What The Hell Has Popped Out Of The Well?

The cat is distraught I must confess for as Miss Priss and I were out watching old people play chess, we were in a park making the dumb mutts bark. Anyway, as we were there picking on a mutt with no hair a familiar shadow blocked out the sun and Miss Priss was ready to have some fun. For it was that of Drazin or so we thought until we turned around finding his clone, some nut case with a good mask or a stinkin lovey dovey robot. Take your pick which one you think it is either way Miss Priss and I would rather have Drazin and his third person talking biz. Yeah, I actually said that. You would too if you had to deal with Darzin at your mat. Don't think so? Well here is how it when down with lovey dovey robo.

That mutt just could not get loose from its little noose as we picked on it and made it have a barking fit. Then the shadow came and we were set for another game. Miss Priss turned with a smirk only to find it was almost, yet not quite, that Drazin jerk. For he looked the same yet not like he wanted to mame. His eyes also glowed as he gave a wink but instead of red they were pink.

"I think the godly one has been playing with his polly pocket collection again. Looks like he's taken up her favorite color."

"Darzin has no such claim. I am just here to spread the love to one and all. Give me a hug my fellow earthly brethern."

At this point we still thought it was Drazin on crack and we were prepared for some kind of attack. But sadly that was not the case, as he bent down on all fours looking at us face to face. He actually kissed Miss Priss and there was no bliss. She whacked him in the face and took off in disgrace.

"Now there is no need for hostile actions. I'm just here to spread the love for all. Don't pout cats, spend time with me and your canine pals. We can be one big happy family. Don't push and shove just feel the love."

Now that was one rhyme I wanted to disavow, especially after he took a bow. Actually it was more like some curtsy thing. Then the nut ball began to sing. Like some Disney show tune and we knew this was not that Drazin loon.

Love is in the air
It isn't so rare
Pick yourself a mate
Forget the hate

Dog or cat
Newt or rat
We can all be one
Under the sun

"So he's promoting interspecies breeding? Where is Drazin when you need him? I think this guy isn't even good enough for the short bus."

Miss Priss was right. This guy was quite the sight. But then it got even worse and it was enough to make me curse. He spun around singing into his pretend microphone in a God awful tone and then ripped off the Drazin armor he was sporting. Now let's just say this is where any normal person would be aborting. For the crazy robo, clone, whatever Drazin wannabe was dressed in pink spandex for all the see. Nothing left to the imagination at all. I wanted to hurl as he continued his call.

Strut the love
It fits like a glove
Give it back
And cause no flack

Forget the war
And all of lore
See what love has in store
Care to open the door

"Did he just shake that? Oh we have to put this thing out of his misery."

Miss Priss was right once more and I could not take a second encore. So we did what any cat would do. We shouted hotdog to the mutts in view. Then undid each and ever leash as we pointed toward the clown and last we heard they were chasing Darzin all over town. If one grabs hold he'll at least feel the love. He better have it fitted with more than a glove. So Darzin and Drazin at my shore. This is going to confuse forever more. Until we find out who or what that Darzin guy really is behind all that pink. Miss Priss and I will uncover the identity of the fink before too much time has come to pass. Until then I hope he doesn't sing any more to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Three for four
      Not bad as you go on the comment tour

    2. Looks who's head is starting to swell!
      Well oh well!

    3. Pretty soon he won't match you
      Then no more twin saying can come due

    4. His mowhawk will look thinner
      with his head a little bigger!

    5. LOL yeah he'll really have to let his hair grow
      But will save on haircuts at least at his show

  2. um, some love should not fit like a glove...spandex was not sent from up above, i wonder what this guy was smoking cause i would have been choking, no joking...

    1. LOL yeah your gawker powers would have got a thrill
      That send you running over the nearest hill

  3. Love it Pat, Drazin and Miss Priss make a good couple haha, awesome rhymes my friend, I'm with Pat until the bitter end.

    1. Drazin will be pissed when he finds Darzin out
      And figures out what he is all about

    2. Waffles, that last part of your sentence sounded like a marriage vow :)))

    3. I think you may be right, Dezz =)))))

    4. I believe, Elsie, that the ebil cat might be cheating on the Blue one with Waffles! What a juicy scandal!

    5. Pfft the blue one always has the cat's heart
      Waffles just plays wiht that fake cucumber part

    6. I leave for a few hours and look what is going on over here - a scandalous affair!! Woo Hoo <3

    7. *giggles here because i am late for the view*

    8. hahaha glad at least we can entertain
      Here at my rhyming lane

    9. aha, the ebil cat finally reveals publicly his love for the Blue one and giving Waffles a cucumber (let's not go there....) secretly....

    10. Well had to give you something of the sort
      So maybe you'll climb from the gutter at my court..haha

    11. you have gutters at your court? So medieval, cat, really, but I would expect such low architectonic level from you ... I bet you still have pooping holes instead of toilet bowls in your palace...

    12. Yep and all the guests get to use them too
      And I get to use my golden loo

    13. pfft, a golden loo with so many hungry kids in Africa... really cat, you is so inconsiderate....

    14. Bah the cat will ship them some tp
      Although it might have a hole or two in it from me

    15. yep, we know that in your toilet of doom, there's always some boom boom boom.....

    16. And maybe some gloom
      As it is an endles vaccum

  4. Brian is flying high
    It's the 2 top spots
    Why others fighting shy
    To be right on the dot?


    1. Yeah he is surely showing you up
      Need more coffee in your cup
      To beat him once more
      Here at my shore

  5. Replies
    1. But one will die
      As the real one makes him/it fry

    2. Ew!
      Red Eye vs Pink Eye
      Which will die
      by and by?

    3. The red eye will win
      That is for sure at my bin

    4. I figured as much
      with Drazin's history and such.
      Besides, pink eye is just eew
      and contagious, too!

    5. Yeah see that run far away
      To a whole other bay
      Wouldn't want that
      Enough crap already at my mat..haha

  6. What's wrong with a little singing? Don't deny that you sing and dance around your house! What's wrong with singing Disney tunes? I rock out to The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast all the time!!

    Sooo, who is he? Tell!! lol

    1. yep, general Jaxy is right, only crazy people wouldn't shake their bums to "darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from meeeeee...."

    2. I think he's just a new character introduced today.
      Just to drive us crazy with the two names on display!
      Maybe un-identical twins?
      Darzin and Drazin?

    3. @Dez...LOL I sadly like to shake my bum to music!! lol

      @Betsy...Unidentical twins? Oh my!! Maybe it's a talking/singing mime!!

    4. Do mimes talk and sing?
      That would be a new thing.

    5. A little sing from someone who can sing
      And won't make the cat's ears ring
      Is not bad at all
      But from those like Pat who sound like a dead cat call
      Better off just to shake their bum
      And just hum
      LMAO Beauty and the Beast
      So one can be your guest for a feast
      Then with the little mermaid
      Kiss the Girl can get one umm laid..haha
      Maybe he is really R
      Never know at my bar

      Yeah that deserves some bum shaking indeed
      And maybe more things in need

      I think it went over her head Dez though
      Unless your mind wasn't in the gutter at my show

      Two of the same
      Both not so tame
      Could be a robot
      Guess you'll have to follow the plot

      A talking singing mime
      Be less of a crime
      But still it would have to die
      And do so on the first try

      A new mime
      Thanks to my rhyme

    6. I caught what Dez said
      and shook my head!

    7. LOL so it wasn't just me
      That caught what he said at my sea
      Blabber is a little naive though
      So she prob just did not presume anything by his flow

    8. well, considering the source
      I always think the worse!

    9. Best thing to do
      As his mind is always in the gutter and he likes the word poo

    10. Eep!! I just got it!! lol

    11. you do know that you three have dirty minds, and mine is all chaste and white like an innocent little pearl?

    12. LOL told you she was naive a bit
      But she finally got it

      Pffft right
      Not sure anyone will believe that from any height

    13. well, just look at the evidence, all three of you is dressed in black or dark, while little angelic me is all in white...

    14. Yeah but the one who hides the most behind white
      Is usually farthest from the light

    15. pfft, that doesn't even have any logic, cat!Although it is true in Pope's case...

    16. Yeah you just have to try to hide behind the white
      So you don't get caught up in some gutter type fright

  7. I got a little sick just thinking about all those singing and cheering of love. I think we know who the evil brother is now.

    1. Yep the evil one is surely him
      And with his lovey dovey crap he is quite dim

    2. maybe he could borrow the pink tutu
      and the peacock slippers, too!
      Seems to fit
      the silly nitwit.

    3. Yeah that would surely pass
      For him better than the cat's little rhyming ass..haha

  8. I better have more coffee before I try to wrap my head around this tale! So you were flashed, did I get this right? Or was his singing your only fright?

    1. Well with his spandex all was there to see
      So he did not cause glee
      And his singing was bad
      More than a tad

  9. So dancing and mooning to smurf is acceptable but no disney?
    Darzin and Drazin sounds cool, where were you when my kids were born? I have to name them Karthik and Krithik.
    Is this mating season in blogosphere, I see lot of sexy time, spring fling, dating posts. I wish I could join the fun, too bad I am married and that COB for these. :(

    1. Yeah the smurf thing is great
      Should be everyones fate
      But Disney who knows
      I guess one can shake their toes
      And Darzin and Drazin is cool
      Hmmm I suppose if the first wasn't a lovey dovey fool
      And the second wasn't a third person talking clown
      They could get a cool crown
      And mating season it seems to be
      As summer is around and all are out and about at their sea

    2. So, anytime we can get to see that smurf moves? I wouldnt mind to pay to watch that delight. Not the current but that 5 year old's moves? ;-)

    3. LOL well they are on home video at the other shack
      But they are vhs so it is a no go with such a smurf attack

  10. Now I'm glad I left that door shut!
    I don't want that kind of singing at my hut.
    I think that Darzin may have dropped a pill,
    prancing and singing in pink, it makes me ill.

    1. LOL yeah makes me ill as well
      Opening your door to see such hell
      Would surely make you puke
      And miss poor third person talking duke

  11. "Love is in the air" ?? oh dear! LOL

    1. I got an oh dear
      From such lovey dovey fear

  12. he sang like a frog
    and was proud of it
    but what about the hot dog
    did it get bit?

    1. haha he was out of view
      So I don't have a clue
      But I hope so
      And never again will I see it through his spandex show

  13. speaking of newts they are one of my favorite lizards

    But not that Newt Gingrich guy with a heart as warm as blizzards

  14. Drazin was bad, but I think Darzin may be even worse. LOL.

    1. Yeah I must agree
      At least Drazin doesn't let things hang free

  15. At last! A nanosecond to actually comment! I keep reading your madness and then just as I'm about to comment I get distracted with work, dammit! Pink spandex, eh?!

    1. A comment is grand
      And yeah I know all about work land
      So been there as well
      Can be hell

  16. Pink spandex, huh, that is some view
    I don't wish to see, but its Friday night,
    so anything is possible, specially when
    love is in the air..he..he...See you Pat ~

    1. haha not sure that type of love I want
      As in my nightmares it would haunt

  17. Now that sounds civilised watching chess in the park...we only get drug addicts playing in parks in my neck of the woods

    1. The druggies would be a scary show
      And prob do things that make them glow

  18. Whatever Darzin or Drazin is on... I hope it's not Bath salts....LOL

    1. hahahaha I just heard about those the other day
      I sure hope neither of them join that fray

  19. What an adventure. Um, I hope it was an adventure. ;)

    1. LOL yeah it was nothing more
      For the cat would not want to explore

  20. What the heck is Drazin on? Better hope he sticks with kissing faces and not anything else!

    1. LOL yes but that was not Drazin
      It was Darzin who truly has the mind of a raisin

  21. "Love is in the air"?
    "Dog or cat"?
    A tawdry affair.
    I'd get arrested for that.

    1. Yes that you would
      Avoid you should
      Although in some states
      They open such gates

  22. Love is just a tale
    The only thing in the air
    Is pollution and then
    Just a little bit of oxygen.

    Mostly pollution.

    1. Yeah true
      As we go out to view
      It is mostly smog
      And not so much fog

  23. Haha, first an English possession and not a Drazin clone, I can only imagine what comes next, an alternate timeline version of Gung and Ho, perhaps combined together at the toe, just so glad you didn't decide to break out the zombie feet, would have been fun I i guess, if you would've had the clone kiss those ungodly corns. Although creating a clone would probably be something Drazin would do, I have a hunch that he's simply out to lunch, this Darzin might have to pay his loving due, when Drazin finds out in a few, I do so wonder who's the culprit and then what will the godly one choose to do.

    1. Who knows what will occur
      When Drazin hears him purr
      And we find out who he is
      With this oh so scary lovey dovey biz
      Sure either way he will get his due
      And that is surely true

  24. what's wrong with inter-species breeding? other than it being genetically impossible.

    1. Ever see that zebra donkey thing?
      Not so impossible at somes wing


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