What Would You Do If This Were True?

So Gawker Island is toast and now it is time for another long arse one at my coast. But instead of me picking who goes there, like I usually do at my lair. I will let you do all the work while I sit back and smirk. The best answers will surely come due and in the next one you will all be part of the crew. Some with little answers may bite the big one fast and the better ones could surely last. In one form or another I suppose So let's see how it goes. Answer away today at my bay and the best will get you in the next big one for display. Bad ones will still get you there you just may get eaten and pay death's fare.

1. Creepy Crawly things have taken over everywhere and you have a choice at your lair. Do you go it alone and try to survive or do you join up with others to stay alive?

2. Stuck in a building with Creepy Crawly things all around and a working elevator is found. Do you risk using it or head to the roof to try some other escape plan using your wit?

3. Do you want to build a place and start your own rat race or keep moving along thinking some place out there things can't be oh so wrong?

4. You have slim chance of survival if you stay as one but if you were to down another with say a gun, you would get away with ease. Do you take your chances or down your buddy and run away with the breeze?

5. You are starving and you see a dog, a cat and a hog. Which one, if any, do you eat? Or do you keep searching for some other rabbit food type treat?

6. Here is a question to come due as well, as it is just a for my information at my cell. Do you want the whole thing to rhyme? Or be like Pat's novels and give that sort of chime? Either way Pat and the cat can make it work. With the rhyme things will be a little more umm out there and give a smirk. With the normal way things may be a bit darker in their display. The dialogue won't rhyme of course as always at my sea unless it is from me.

7. Thoughts on the title as well if you don't mind when you ring the comment bell. Of course all is not seen as I can't give it all away and spill each bean. I was thinking the first two lines at the top and the bottom two at the bottom when the page is to crop. Yeah I'm going the whole nine yards and getting a cover done as well as I put all through hell.

Blank with Blank (Not telling the main title to you. As you will have to wait for that to come due)
The Initial Hours

A Blogland Story
Things May Get Gory

Now there you go. It all depends on you if you are to show and how long, whether you are weak or strong. And as always there will be a twist here at my sea and it won't be the typical type of stuff already out in front of thee. For that just isn't the cat and will not be done at my mat. So give your usual sass and you could soon star alongside my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 1.Join others and stay alive.
    2.head to roof to try escape plan.Dont want to get stuck in elevator.
    3.Keep moving to find way out or explore more choices.
    4.Take my chances , wouldnt try to gun down or harm another soul.
    5.What? I will stay hungry and be searching.
    6.Either way it should be ok.
    7.I like "the initial hours", what about "Lost in rhyme", "cast away cast"

    1. Lost in Rhyme isn't a bad idea either for it
      Hmmm could be a hit
      Cast away cast depends on how I spin it this time
      And I figured you'd be nice and try to keep everything sublime haha

    2. Spin it this time, cant wait to read. :) Loved everyone's comment and choice. Loved it.

      Thank you :)

    3. Yeah they were all fun to read
      And should be great fun to have on my feed

  2. 1. Group is good..
    2. Elevators r creepy
    3. Rat race is not a choice :P
    4. Chances wid buddy is much fun then being alone
    5. I'm a veggie
    6. total rhyme :)
    7. title is yours to post :D

    1. So a veggie you say
      haha oh that could be a good nickname for you at my bay
      And total rhyme
      Sure sounds good for a chime

  3. 1. Join others and use them for bait.
    2. To the roof!
    3. Stay and secure the area.
    4. My buddy is now bug bait!
    5. Eat the hog.
    6. I like the darker tone.
    7. Bugs, Bugs Everywhere.

    1. LMAO use them for bait
      hahaha I can relate
      Bugs, Bugs Everywhere could work
      If I were to go that way but maybe not, smirk

    2. Use them for bait?!?!? Eep..I don't want to be in Matt's group...

    3. LOL he will make all fry
      But don't worry for such a thing he may die

    4. If I'm going down I'm takin' everyone with me!

    5. The his just shrewd
      And rather rude

  4. Crawlies that many
    Will team up and fight
    Use the elevator you see
    Hoping something that might
    Build from what you have
    Killing is no solution
    Food is there you'll not stave
    And make it rhyme often
    For the title
    Just a little
    Enough to heighten
    All expectations


    1. Sounds like a plan
      And you will not kick the can
      At least not at first
      With this burst
      So we shall see
      What comes when I add thee

  5. 1.Team style
    4.Be ethical
    5.find something vegetarian
    6.yes rhyme

    1. Blogvengers does have a really nice ring
      Hmmmm and hmmm I may to give that a fling

  6. 1. join the others
    2. no way on the elevator...too vulnerable a position, it bothers
    3. i will drift on until i find nirvana
    4. take my chances, a good friend is hard to find when you wanna
    5. sounds like we are eating good tonight...
    6. if i can rhyme these answers then you will do alright
    7. Bug-alicious, not a love story: The initial hours

    well that last one did not rhyme so i guess you are off the hook, mook.

    1. LOL geez you'd eat anything
      I will surely work that in at my wing
      Too funny not too
      Have come due
      That would be a good title too
      If it were the bugs that came due
      But that my not be the case
      As I spin it at my place

  7. I think I need me some drugs before I even try to understand these, cat...

    1. LOL well you have your horse pills
      So take them for thrills
      And you will die first
      Maybe of thirst..hahaha

    2. I just took me some vitamins and some gree tea in pills, but it didn't really help, I'm still lost here :)

    3. I'm now eyeing my acai berry pills, if that doesn't help me understand you, nothing will.....

    4. LOL need something stronger
      So you can last a bit longer
      But you being lost
      I guess is just the rhyming cost

    5. LOL I tried that acai stuff in some blueberry hemp thing
      Didn't seem to do much else than other food at my wing

    6. I know, cat, but me loves deluding meself with pills :) Like drinking citrus pills thinking it will help turn walrus into a baby seal.... sweet delusions....

    7. LOL a placebo effect can work sometimes though
      Making you go go go

    8. Can't think? What a bummer!
      You need to put something in your rummer!

    9. LOL sure you can gives tips
      As you grab your spoon and shake your hips

    10. haha...come on Dez and dance with me!
      Can citrus pills make you sing?
      I know you have a wooden spoon mic
      and we'll pick a dance that walruses like!

    11. haha walruses like dances?
      Hmmm I suppose it could put them in trances

    12. well, there is the "elephant walk"
      want to join in instead of balk?
      You'd probably prefer "cat on a hot tin roof"
      being a feline and so aloof!

    13. I'd prefer to watch from afar
      With nothing to do with tin or tar
      And balk at the two of you
      As the dancing comes due

    14. you never know
      we could steal the show
      get on Dancing With The Stars
      and share a million dollars!
      I wonder if Dez's ears are burning as he sleeps
      or if he's dreaming of doing the walrus two-step with me~

    15. Reality TV
      Is blah to me
      So you can have that
      Although a million bucks to your mat
      Is a reason to do it
      Let's just hope when dancing with a walrus you don't get bit..hahaha

    16. Actually have never watched the show
      as reality TV gives me woes.
      But who are you to sing that song?
      For money you'd wear a zebra thong!

    17. LMAO for the right amount of dough
      I'll do most anything at my show
      Some things would take a lot
      But others would not

    18. You could make Jax eat a bowl of strawberries
      and decide to wear her hair curly!
      :) Sorry, Jax.

    19. actually, people, I love dancing, and believe it not, my rhythm is in my bum and belly :) not in legs and arms like with some other people :) I'm all Shakira style, a belly shaking walrus :)

    20. well, now, doesn't that sound adorable! Shake it, Dez! :)

    21. I'm shaking it like there's no tomorrow :)

    22. what song are we dancing to, anyway?
      Do you have a favorite?

    23. Pffft no pictures please
      Although the cat likes the walrus as he moves around and creates a breeze..hahahaha

    24. LOL...well, that's better than blocking the breeze!

    25. Or creating one by other means
      That would create smelly scenes

    26. we're shaking our bums to BUTTONS from Pussy-cat Dolls :) That should please the ebil cat too :)

    27. hahaha...ok...I can do that! :)

    28. Hmmm not sure the bum shaking would please
      But I still enjoy the breeze

    29. you better be talking about Dez
      or I'm gonna hit you in the head!

    30. LOL have to catch me first
      Before you can do your worse

  8. 1. Join with others, of course.
    2. Not a fan of elevators. I'd find another way.
    3. Move along. May be the only chance I have of seeing the world.
    4. I'm loyal. I'll take my chances and hope the other does as well.
    5. A hog, if I can catch it. Wouldn't be easy to skin, but I'm up for the challenge.
    6. Rhyme it!
    7. Smash the Bugs!

    1. haha you chasing the hog
      hahaha that has to be shown on the blog
      And smash the bugs
      Hmmm it seems all think those will be what comes from under the rugs
      That may not be the case
      But I enjoy throwing all for a loop at my place..haha

  9. my comment is trashed in spam :(

    1. yes, you do look very suspicious, you know.... :PP

    2. Yeah you and Hank both went to spam
      I guess they thought you were a killer umm clam

    3. Nah not at all
      But you could be scary to blogger and banned from each wall

  10. 1. Sacrifice the weak so that the strong may live. Also, hope you're "strong."
    2. Stuck in an elevator with anything (even just people) is a nightmare. Up to the roof!
    3. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? Until you wander off and get eaten by rabid land sharks. STAY.
    4. As much as I'd like human bait, they can be useful more than just the one time if I keep them alive. Also, if they're female, boobs. Just sayin'.
    5. Whichever one gives me bacon (I'm looking at you, hog).
    6. I'd actually like to see this novel-like darker style.
    7. I second "The Blogvengers"

    1. The Blogvengers seems to get lots of love today
      That may become a running them at my bay
      And dark as well
      I can do that at my cell
      With a bit of fun
      And the rhyming that is spun
      Have to work it all in
      And I'll remember you two want to stay when going at it at my bin

  11. 1. Being the hermit-wannabe that I am
    it would be tempting to be a one man band.
    But if I must have others to survive
    I can lead or follow, whatever is wise.

    2. Claustrophobia could start to race
    if the elevator got stuck in one place.
    The roof doesn't sound too smart either
    as once you're there, more options do whither!
    I say pull out the Raid can and fight!
    Just make sure your mouth is closed tight!

    3. I'd keep traveling, at least for a while.
    Looking for something a little less vile.

    4. It depends on who that other person is!
    If it's a reasonable person, then two is better than one in this biz!
    But if it's a Flappy type
    I can't deal with that hype.
    I'd go it alone
    Just me and my phone.

    5. Mmmm. Have you ever had whole hog roasting on a fire?
    Smells divine and better than an old tire.
    All the bacon you could want
    and would make your stomach feel less sunk.
    Then you could feed the dog and cat, too!
    They'd travel with! Being loyal and true!

    6. I say shake it up
    and try the non-rhyming cup!
    The books are great that way
    and you can rhyme the other days!

    7. So "Blank with Blank" will rhyme with "The Initial Hours"?
    I'm sure some parts are sweet and others are sour!
    But your readers are up for a little gore
    and we may keep asking for more!

    Whew! :)

    1. um...sorry that was so long!
      I didn't mean to go on and on!

    2. Wow that was quite the retort at my bin
      You surely want to win
      And not end up dead
      Like off with your head haha
      So not rhyme you say?
      Hmm I could do that too at my bay
      But then creating the longest rhyming book ever
      Is also quite the endeavor
      Will think on it
      And see which one works better for a bit

      And long as always fun
      Especially when a rhyme is spun

    3. I don't really care if I win
      I just don't want my head in the garbage bin!
      Would you really lop it off?
      I guess I approved the gore, so I shouldn't scoff.

    4. LMAO hmmm now you gave me the idea though
      So it could show
      But then come back on
      With some powers that could dawn

    5. If my head comes off, then yours must, too
      you must share and share alike at your zoo!

    6. LOL that would be redundent though
      And can't have such things at my show

    7. oh, it would not be boring!
      I'm sure nobody through that would be snoring!

    8. haha that is true
      I could even have a pic drawn to but it in their view

  12. 1. To stay alive, will join a group although I much prefer to be on my own.
    2. Up the roof. Elevators freak me out.
    3. Things cant be going that wrong.
    4. Stay as one , can't lose a good friend
    5. None. Can't imagine that. Not the best survivor I guess.
    6. Good both ways :)
    7. Kill em all ... Umm. Bad with titles.

    1. LOL not the best survivor you say
      Well I'm sure the others will help you stay
      And kill em all
      hahaha could be fun to use at my hall

  13. This will be fun...
    1. Join the others, but I will fight hard, with my pitchfork and magic phone booth.
    2. Errm... we can use the phone booth in the elevator and burst out onto the roof?
    3. Keep moving along, definitely
    4. No gunning anyone in the team down.
    5. Ha ha... the hog. No pets as food
    6. The darker display thingy...
    7. Writerly Superheroes vs Bugs

    1. A pitchfork hahaha I will work that in
      To the story at my bin
      And darker as well
      I guess all want that at my cell
      So away we will go
      And let the darkness flow

  14. Thanks for the warning that this would be long - you know how we appreciate that =P =P =P

    1. Join up with others but use my own weapons
    2. Always seek higher ground!!
    3. Secure my lair
    4. Family first, friends second, anyone else is fodder
    5. I'll eat anything but a dog. A dog can help me hunt and protect - what can a cat do but walk away in disdain? I hear they taste like chicken.
    6. Make it dark!
    7. Can't give you a title until I know more =)

    1. haha you'd eat a cat?
      Oh you are going to pay for that
      I'll make you drool
      Like some one eyed fool hahaha
      Make it dark too
      Okay I guess that will come due

    2. I would eat a cat and I'm sure in some of the places I've traveled along the way, I already have LMAO

      I know you didn't just call me a fool! I pity da fool!!

    3. Yes Mr. T
      Pity and you can swing from the mohawk tree
      And have eaten a cat
      Pfft i am really going to squash you flat

  15. 1. Join others
    2. Roof (Elevators are scary enough...)
    3. Move Along
    4. Take my chances
    5. Hog (Oh, dear pigs, please forgive me!! I'm starving!!!)
    6. Rhyme, cat, rhyme!!
    7. Creepy Crawlers and Blogger Maulers? Ok, Blogvengers it is... hahahaha

    1. LMAO you actually picked the hog
      Well it is better than a cat or dog
      And you actually picked too
      So that will surely have to come due
      And Blogvengers it is I think
      As all seem to like that at my rink
      And rhyme from you as well
      So dark and rhyme should be swell

    2. But, but...I don't want to eat the hog!!!!!! :( :(

      Yes, Blogvengers sounds like a great name. Very clever!! Love it :)

      I can't wait for this story to unfold. lol

    3. haha when you are starving such a task must come due
      So I am going to make it true
      It will unfold soon enough
      And things are going to get rough
      For all
      Some might even go through a wall

  16. Can I get relish? If so, I'd eat the dog.


    1. Well better than a cat
      But still eww to Pat

  17. hey, pat.
    i always talk about creepy crawlies with myk ids... but i never get to the "gory" part. :)

    have a great week!!


    1. These creepy crawlies are going to cause use woes
      They may even bite off our toes

  18. Well, well, well a choose your own adventure with a which way spell. Sounds like fun, so know I'll try to take the test, so the cat can assess which of the answers he sees fit best:

    1.) The arachnophobia vibe is strong with this good man, but stay alive of course, as books will always right the course

    2.) Elevators are not the place one should go to escape the creepy crawler flow, as Devil's often hide, in between each floors gaps, creating quite the dismal ride

    3.) Racing rats you cannot trust, would rather rely on dust and rust. Racing rats I do not like, for they never take the straightened line, leaving you with a bet that is not fine, and away can fly your final dime

    4.) And so, finally, appears the saw story show. Yes or no, that is the question indeed, but no, I cannot, I must refrain from such violent games, no matter how bleak the situation seems, yet all the while knowing, a leviathan will come and eat me clean

    5.) While rabbit food treats do sound grand, I'll always choose the pig in this here land

    6.) While the longer tales may sort out best with just a chime, but if a tale is to be spun from a rhyming cat and his rhyming tongue, it seems just cruel to not allow the rhymes to rule

    7.) As for titles, I think a song or movie play should be the choice for this saga's game, perhaps tongue in cheek as Supernatural ones often speak, I'll take a stab and say End of the World (as we knew it) but to fit within your with model, I shall offer another title, perhaps say, Dinner with Shmucks, just for a comedic touch

    1. Quite the retort
      You really want a good spot at my court
      Surely some of those will be worked in
      As you become the peace guy at my bin
      And you might make a snack
      Should the creepy crawlies attack
      But we shall see
      And yeah I like the movie title idea as that is why Blogvengers sounded so good to me

  19. Can I just say I'd try to do the kind thing . . . every time LOL!

    1. haha that is cheating
      You may be fleeting
      And die early on
      On some lawn haha

  20. 1) join up (# is power) 2) elevator 3) think it out 4) down the bro 5) Eat the hog (bacon) keep the dog as a trusted companion 6) Rhyme all the time bre

    1. Yep will rhyme all the time
      Guess that is the feeling to make it sublime
      Down the bro
      Aren't you mean at your show haha

  21. 1. Stomp the crawlers, unless their venomous in which case run like a wuss.
    2. With my luck, with courage id pluck, and head to the lift and get stuck in deep shi...
    3. Id build trump towers, it would take me ten hours and the first wind that came by would make it fly or collapse on my head , rendering me dead.
    4.I'd shoot the freind, in the rear end, which not only would be funny, it would mean id hurry and avoid the danger while hes back, being made in to a snack.
    5.Id train the dog to kill the hog and the cat would sit back, with me and chill and wait for the snack. The cat might be famous one day.
    6. Make it rhyme on time.
    7.Keep the skill mcgill and so we have our fill and wont be too unwell from this literary well you draw your words to make so;metime swords, but mainly a smile to help with the miles.

    And as you see i should not try to rhyme.

    1. Wow not bad at the rhyme
      Surely not a crime
      Will factor in the dog
      To kill the hog
      And a few more
      As you wash into my shore
      And the story takes place
      At a steady pace

  22. 1. Join up.
    2. Roof.
    3. Check supplies. If the Creepy Crawlies have already started eating them, move on; if not, evaluate quantity and decide if there's enough for several days of traveling.
    4. Take my chances.
    5. The hog.
    6. The "normal" way.
    7. I like the sound of The Initial Hours.

    1. The normal way
      So like the rhyming all the time at my bay
      And look at you sussing things out
      Before you go run about

  23. 1. join the others
    2. try to go another way up the roof
    3. I will move along until I find something
    4. take my chances
    5. Hog
    6. Rhyming is fun but who is the target audience ? If its for tweenies and adults, you can go a little darker
    7. Creeping Night Tales :-)

    1. The hog as well
      The hog will surely go through hell hahaha
      More of an adult fare
      As they are the ones at my lair
      So it will be darker
      But no for old farts like Bob Barker haha

    2. Well if its for the adults, make it darker ~

      Also I noticed that your banner ending is summer ~ spring is gone ~

    3. You no more spring fling
      Here at my wing
      And dark i will go
      Heigh ho heigh ho

  24. 1. Join the others but not with their mothers
    2. Use the elevator; good luck to the caterer
    3. Start my own rat race;don't get in my face
    4. Run with the breeze; I'm no sleaze
    5. No animals for me; mushrooms are free
    6. However you rhyme is fine; it's your dime
    7. No title thoughts from me; I'll just wait and see

    1. haha mushrooms could bring doom
      And make you go boom
      But I will factor those in
      And we'll see if you win

  25. 1. safety in numbers and hopefully you're not the slowest in case running is involved.
    2. Head to the roof.
    3. Keep moving like a rolling stone
    4. Take your chances
    5. the hog gets it!
    6. Show off and make it all rhyme
    7. Pat, the cat and some splat (best I had lol)

    1. Okay I will show off
      And make all scoff
      As it will rhyme
      Each and every time
      The hog really has to go
      It will surely show
      And some splat
      hahaha got a laugh out of Pat

  26. I repeat..echo go exactly the same as G June 1 -7 no change
    Except there has to be a zombie or two and a human to sacrifice like Shane did in the Walking dead. Oh yes and there has to be a hero cat too because just Pat won't do :) :) You got us all as mad as you are...rhyming assed star !

    1. A copy cat your are
      I could work that in at my bar
      Hmmm you never know
      Could be a thing or two from that show
      Rhyming ass star
      Haha all should shout that near and far

  27. 1. Join the others. I wouldn't want to deal with friggen creepy crawlies myself.
    2. Up on the roof. Weird things happen in elevators.
    3. Keep moving
    4. I'll take the buddy.
    5. The hog. I could never eat a pooing pet.
    6. Rhyme it!
    7. Thugs with Bugs

    1. haha thugs with bugs
      Hmm I think the thugs got swept under the rugs
      As they are prob dead too
      And never eat a pet that can poo
      What do hogs do
      Regurgitate their own poo

  28. I'm not getting in that elevator. That's all I'm gonna say!

    1. Well the elevator you will avoid
      Maybe not the killer android

  29. I'm not a very big fan of creepy crawly things...

    1. They will get you now
      And make you have a cow

  30. 1. Solo this like a boss!
    2. Destroy the elevator, rappel my way down the shaft.
    3. Bunker down.
    4. Why would I shoot him and waste a perfectly good meat shield?
    5. Pig has more meat. Eat the pig.
    6. No help from me here.
    7. Or here.

    1. Lol solo huh that should be fun
      To make come done


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