With A Single Drop Comes A dVerse Pop!

The cat broke the dish and yep, he made a wish. It had quite the pop that it made me hop. So I figured I would give some popping a go for this dVerse show.

Bop to the plop,
Stop and drop.
Don't call a cop,
That'd be a flop.

Time to swap,
Under the big top,
With some slop.
The slop shop.

For you drop a glass,
On cement not grass.
It can't hop,
So snap crackle pop.

Like some corn,
Or when your born.
Both can go pop,
And out they drop.

A bag can give a pop,
A gun would be a flop.
Unless just a cap,
Or a huge clap.

That is a pop too,
A funky song on cue.
Still might need a mop,
To clean such slop.

Have your fill,
And pop a pill.
The headache is strong,
From the gong.

More of a clang,
Then a bang.
Still can make you hop,
As well as a pop.

Soda pop too,
Which is just eww.
That is a Canadian thing though.
The pop not soda flow.

The pop is going to fizz,
A relief it is?
Oh call a cop.
I had to give it a pop.

Stole it I did,
Flip your lid.
Let your ears pop,
And your brain flop.

Or the air in between,
That would make a scene.
Proving there is nothing there.
All from a pop at my lair.

Wasn't the pop dVerse and fun? It had to be done. As I gave it a run and popped things under the sun. Like the ruler and nun. Thankfully I avoided that one. Would not make for popping fun at all. It would rather pop a balloon at my hall. It could be filled with laughing gas and all would pop for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. hopefully i was more than just a pop drop at birth...

    1. LOL if not more than a drop
      Should call a cop

  2. yay my wish comes true....first oh first has finally come due....

  3. pop it lock it polka dot it, the weasel was as the balloon does, soda buzz, cuz we shook it up, corn on the stove in sizzling grease, tarts in toaster for warm morning relief...pop it all, pop it all

    1. Geez you sure have some pop
      With the weasel not wanting to stop
      And sure wasn't a flop
      At the pop shop

  4. 1...2..3...that is me...and now i am done, that was fun....smiles.

    1. He was going right to town
      But he is your twin so I guess you also have the show off crown...haha

    2. haha
      well, I can't get up as early as my twin
      so I think my chances of being first are slim.
      While I was snoozing in bed
      he was seeing what came out of your head!

    3. Maybe you just need another coffee shot
      Then you can beat him if it is extra hot
      That would be fun
      And you can brag as you enjoy the morning sun

    4. I don't even want to be up that early
      I want to be in my bed warm and curly.
      The coffee comes later and not a shot
      but I do drink the whole pot!
      Besides, I can stay in my jammies and work at home
      as he has to dress and in his car roam alone.
      Khakis and shirt I hope, and not that gown
      that he wore that one time all over town!
      Where this all came from, I do not know
      I think I better stop typing and go!

    5. That is why I pre-post
      Then I can be a sleeping host
      Although with such a bed
      That just brings dread
      LOL yeah that he did
      Must have made many flip their lid
      As he admitted to such at my sea
      Although that just caused glee
      And I wish I could stay home
      But I guess off to work I must roam
      Like I have to now
      With that Flappy cow

    6. you need to get that bed replaced
      post haste. :)
      What are you waiting for
      another pain to score? ha.
      Oh, it's Flappy Day!
      hurray hurray!
      It's so fun when she comes to your work bay
      It just makes my Tuesday!
      What boring lives we lead
      when we're excited for the appearance of Flappy.

    7. i have tried for weeks to regain the top
      so when the cat went pop, i did drop
      quick as a whip, got no lip, no slip
      and the top i did tip

    8. haha yeah it would be wise
      Before my back fries
      We will see after tomorrow what comes to be
      With the bed at my sea
      Pfft I hope she doesn't come
      I don't want to hear her flapping hum

      Back your twin game
      To brag about his fame
      As he had to rub it in
      That he was able to win

  5. Love the consistency of the words your rhymed with haha, beautiful post Pat.

    1. Waffles thinks you're beautiful, cat :P

    2. Beautiful post
      Geez that word isn't used much for this host

      Now Dez you are just jealous is all
      Here at my hall

    3. beautiful? um, seriously?
      Waffles, you need to get out more.

  6. Brian took all the top 4 posts ~ Smiles ~

    Well I am just popping in to say hi,
    and I don't pop the soda as much as it gives
    me a tummy ache and gas ~

    1. Yeah he was greedy today
      Here at my bay
      I get enough gas
      So on soda I too pass

  7. Brian got in first
    I know how he felt
    A thrilling outburst
    When it's on Pat's
    The Cat's meowing
    The gong's booming
    Headache's thumbing
    Didn't see it coming?


    1. Yeah he beat you and rubbed it in
      As he went for the win
      Here four times in one day
      I guess he really needed to have his say

  8. It's your luck, cat, that I prefer pop to rap and rock!

    1. You prefer pop to rock?
      Geez that is a shock

    2. Dezzy's disappointed because he was hoping for another p word...

    3. I suppose that is what he wanted to see
      Guess he is shit out of luck today at bush number three

    4. Poor Dezz. He loves that word so much. You know, the word we won't use...

    5. Yeah no need to use it
      As he says it enough for all at my pit

  9. So I guess it is true
    My Migraines are caused by you
    You must enter without a peep
    while I am in a very deep sleep
    then bang upon your golden gong
    leaving me in pain for days, it's just so wrong.
    You truly are an evil cat
    and better stop sniffing around my mat.

    1. With all those mutts
      Who sniff lots of butts
      You should be used to a little sniffing
      And some gas whiffing
      I have to give you some excuse
      To let your spelling hang loose
      So you should thank the cat
      For visiting your mat

  10. This sounds like it should be performed on Rent. lol

    I agree with you that SODA is ew. hahaha Pop is like Canadian bacon, or are you going to deny the creation of that too?

    1. Pop we use
      Just to confuse
      You down below
      Made the bacon show
      So don't deny that
      Or I will once more become a ranting cat
      And perfromed on Rent
      Hmm that might make some get bent

    2. We say pop in Ohio and not soda.
      maybe we're a bit like nova scotia?
      But we don't have moose
      running loose.

    3. haha well I guess it is just a NY thing
      Of course they are screwed up at their wing
      So pop works best
      Beats soda and all the rest

    4. LOL It's Soda!!! And Betsy will agree that you Canadians created Canadian Bacon. Your face at your country's specialty was priceless. hahahaha

    5. LMAO that is because it was full of crap
      And made up by some american chap
      Betsy can agree and sing your song
      But you and the rest of the americans are just WRONG!

  11. gong headache is bad. annoying even.

  12. No one pops with such class
    Or has bigger balls of brass
    But I just may have to pass
    If I hear pops from your rhyming ass

    1. Yeah that would be wise
      For there is no disguise
      What comes out
      Will surely make you sniff and shout

  13. I like this one! And it's perfect: I just bought Pop-Its for my son yesterday. And, for some reason, I have a hankering for some Pop Rocks.

    1. I guess we are all on the popping train
      As we hop and pop down the lane

  14. I like how you can turn anything into a fun rhyme!

    Have you ever done one about filling out taxes? doing the dishes?

    1. I whined about taxes once or twice
      As they are not nice
      So yeah that one is done
      The dishes have yet to get my rhyming fun

  15. After all that pop, I think it's time for a good old cuppa tea!~! :)

  16. You can make a post out of nothing, dont you?
    How about tires that pop and did I see gas or fart there? No?
    For a guy with OCD what did you do? Did you break another dish to make it even?

    I used to do :)

    1. LOL no I never thought of doing that
      But I suppose squashing another dish flat
      Would make all even and such
      But that might be a bit out of touch

    2. hahaha. Then your OCD seems to be ok. I had highfunctioning one, even the opposite house's half closed door would bother me and incoherent shoes display and food in the plate and lots and lots.

      Maybe you could put up post about your experiences with your OCD which bothered others maybe?

    3. Hmmm that could be a thing to do
      I've had quite a few
      But trying to beat most back now though
      As I'm sick of it at my show
      Will never be a slob one bit
      But no more ocd needs to have a fit
      Although the germs will stay
      As I don't want to get sick at my bay..haha

  17. Thing's that go pop are always fun. How can one not enjoy soda, at least everyone once in a while? It's such a nice treat.

    1. Nope Soda and me do not get along
      As it tastes nasty and all wrong

    2. It's not nasty
      just fizzy
      but it might make you dizzy!

    3. Nope nasty it is
      This soda pop biz

  18. I never call soda "pop"

    Though the people who call pepsi/sprite/etc coke should stop

    1. Yeah that is agreed
      As all have a different name to say and read

  19. I cannot do without my pop, it would make me flop!

    1. Make you flop
      Oh then we;d have to call a paramedic and not a cop

  20. pop-ably all the pop, plop, flop, slop made me feel all dizzy and i need some rock to beat the pop out from the top of my head

    1. The pop seems to have gotten to you
      Oh the things a popping cat can do

  21. I don't like soda/"pop", either. Or other carbonated stuff.

    1. Yeah the cardboard stuff
      Goes down kind of rough

  22. Nice pop, Pat...the cat broke the dish and made a wish...nice :)

    1. Not sure if it came true
      But was there to view

  23. I think my head is going to pop from all of that popping. Uh oh. There it goes. POP!!!!

    1. haha hopefully it can pop back on
      And not roll across the lawn

  24. Strangely contagious poetry it seems :)

  25. Stole it I did,
    Flip your lid.
    Let your ears pop,
    And your brain flop

    You crack me up, Pat.

    1. Hopefully it's not too big a crack
      Wouldn't want a full moon at your shake..hahahaha

  26. Cool rhyming Pat...reminds me of some of the lyrics of 'the Streets'

    1. Damn I can remind a lot today
      All from a pop at my bay

  27. Yes, mentioning a nun would definitely be a buzz kill. A ruler, though? What could rhyme with that?

  28. Pat, it's always fun visiting your scene where things are always a-poppin. It's always like we'd soon receive a visit from Mary Poppins! Keep it up and you'll soon get thise peepers poppin and tongues a-cluckin. Great fun!

    1. haha peepers popping
      There will be no stopping
      For then the creepers may come
      And they could be fun to pick at with a hum

  29. Time for me to take a flip flop
    or a hippety hop drinking my pop!

    1. Hippity hop
      You may get from drinking the nasty pop

  30. Hahah, the plop, plop, fizz, fizz thievery, haha. This rhyme will now be playing all night now, it's catchy, this rhyme can be, make you want to sing it from your couch or sing it from a tree. Fun rhyme for your D'Verse chime.

    1. Sing it from a tree
      That would be funny
      Might get you locked up in the loony bin though
      So just watch it with such a flow..haha


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