An Experiment At My Sea. It Really Is a Mystery!

So the cat watched Pat well um strat for a good week, even as he puckered up a cheek. But that is as far as the cat will go there as too much info many could not bare. But let's just say I kept seeing the same thing. The stupid corn was just as it went down when in his mouth he gave it a fling. Now I bum as he eats and he gives me treats, so I watch him chew it up and it doesn't go down whole. Yet it keeps coming out whole like it has its own soul. Why could this be? Have to solve the Face it Facts of the corn mystery.

Magic corn faires,
Or could be berries.
But if you don't eat,
They can't defeat.

And bring about the right shape,
Like that of a grape.
To make the corn,
Just like it was born.

After the stomach storm,
It goes back to the norm.
How can this be?
Moe? Curly? Larry?

A poke and shove isn't the answer at all,
Let's give the poison control a call.
As this can not be safe,
Ones insides must chafe.

For there has to be some stormy weather,
As this gets put back together.
Hmph! I'm on hold.
I guess they expect all to read above the fold.

Like the guy who thought superman wear,
Could make him fly through the air.
I bet it was the corn too,
That made him go crazy on cue.

It would drive all insane,
As it goes down the same lane.
Out and in,
The eater just isn't able to win.

Chew and chew and chew some more,
And it still has the same shape in store.
I bet it is an alien conspiracy at play,
As they make crop circles at night and not day.

So they can hide their evil scheme,
Making all of us dream,
Of corn and its trick.
Aren't those aliens slick?

Aliens, fairies and grapes, oh my.
All of those would make you die.
But the corn would still sit,
Right in your stomach pit.

The same as it was before,
And will be forever more.
I guess it just likes a goodbye and a hello.
Maybe it's just jealous of jello?

Either way that is my thought,
Which I do a whole lot.
Not that it makes sense at all,
But I give my ten cents at my hall.

There we are for all those near and far those are the reasons the cat could come up with for such a task, I guess it depends on those you ask. But either way the corn comes out, unlike the trout, just as it went in, no matter how much chewing you do before swallowing at your bin. Now wasn't this a great topic to shout out in mass? Just another perk of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Great post Pat even though it melted my brains haha, I think even you admit that it doesn't make much sense but I love it all the same, damn crop circles huh?

    1. Yep the aliens did it
      I always blame them at my pit

  2. haha corn is really a shapeshifting aline that was sadly relegated to investigate our innards, boy wasnt that a winner ass-ignment, so chew all you want, he'll pop out and ride the poop down the loo to escape and report on you

    1. Damn! that is a good theory
      Sure doesn't make me cheery
      I will have to watch where I go
      And make sure those aliens don't show

  3. Com fairies and aliens, huh? lol

    1. haha you never know
      They could be all aglow

  4. No matter how much Pat's chews
    he'll still never get to the golden loo
    while Elsie strolled right on in
    and managed to sit upon a golden bin
    the pictures shall be posted upon her return
    meanwhile she eats egg sandwiches cause her tummy won't churn....

    1. Egg sandwiches you can keep
      Pat won't take that food leap
      And pffft I will never believe you
      Unless 100% proof is given for view
      Which the cat will still poke holes in
      You can never ever win! lol

    2. You just wait and see
      I have the proof of my, um, pee
      You can try and deny
      But it is true and not a lie

    3. Okay I wait 100$ proof
      Or your pics will go poof
      And be nothing more than crap
      Hmm literally could be when you take a lap hahaha

  5. Corn poo
    what a topic from you
    thanks for not posting pics
    as that would be just ick.
    Might just be TMI
    from you, the cat guy.

    1. LMAO the cat wouldn't do that
      As that would be nasty to even Pat
      And yeah it had to be done
      Just pops in as I give it a run
      And TMI is never a case at my place
      It seems to come at a steady pace

    2. the infatuation with poo
      must be a disorder in you.
      Maybe you should talk to a shrink
      about this problem, do you think?
      Poo-talk-itis can be cured
      then you won't say another word!

    3. haha it just keeps finding me
      And so I write it up for all to see
      Not sure on if there are any left in the que
      That have anything to do with poo
      But I will see if I can go after they run
      Without word one
      About the poo at my place
      That is if the arm gets better and I can even write at a steady pace
      If not early august the post will be done
      And hiatus will have to come for my rhyming fun

    4. haha We'll just have to do an intervention
      and carry you off with good intentions
      maybe PIA (Poo Infatuation Anonymous) would be good
      and trying to rid you of this disorder they could!

    5. Is there such a thing?
      Maybe I'll give them a ring
      But I don't want them to bind me up
      And force me to put things in my cup

    6. Bind you up?
      Like a straight jacket for a pup?
      I don't think so
      but with needles they may give a go.
      Just something to help with the withdrawl
      so you don't get depressed and bawl
      not being able to talk about poo
      and those things you love about the loo.

    7. LOL but both just rhyme so well
      Not using them could be hell
      I may have a complete breakdown
      Can't even mention brown
      Oh this could be quite the thing
      But I will give it a go and no longer let poo fling
      Your twin might feel out of place too
      No longer to let ass or gas come due haha

    8. well, that's why you need professional help
      and look at all those you did corrupt!
      I'm sure the subject will appear
      in the comment section so dear
      since the alliance loves it, too
      and your pringle cans full of poo.

    9. LOL I still have to use the pringle cans of poo
      Should the alliance come into view
      Need those
      To cause them woes
      And I corrupted so many at my sea
      We all may need therapy

    10. Maybe you need therapy too dear)

    11. Already having one type on me
      What's another two or three

  6. Too much info-
    bad idea,
    com or org
    or just IKEA,
    Take a break,
    dance and shake

    1. Bah TMI never comes
      With my hums
      As all is fair game
      I never remain tame

  7. At least my dog has the sense not to eat corn. You never know what the corn aliens and fairies might put in those crops!

    1. But he eats everything else like poo
      So that is even more eww

  8. He gets to chew and chew
    But it retains its shape
    And Curly, Larry, and Moe
    They came to irritate?
    We'are just as wondering
    What's there to make of this
    For all the known beings
    Sensible or senseless I'd wish


    1. Yeah all came
      To try and mame
      For the round thing
      I gave a ring
      Known beings or unkown
      Surely don't want to leave me alone

  9. lmao...are we really discussing this??? hahahaha WEll, you already know how I feel about corn. Something that doesn't break down in my digestive system is not something that I voluntarily ingest on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, a few times a year I will splurge...but it's a useless vegetable. I mean, what "nutrients" can you be absorbing from a veggie that comes out the same way that it went in???

    1. LMAO anything is up for discussion at my place
      As I rhyme about them at a steady pace
      But yeah I pretty much agree
      Only used to try and fill up thee
      And I knew I could get you going
      With this corn showing

  10. lol They have to totally remake the Wizard of Oz based on this line: "Aliens, fairies and grapes, oh my.: :)

    1. haha that would be quite the movie to see
      And I may even get the royality

  11. Magic corn that regenerates so you don't have to refresh your stock?

    1. Hmm that could be
      Although the regeneration wouldn't be eaten by me

  12. I once talked to a friend who is gastroenterologist and he had anecdotes about watching corn and pieces of pepper being sucked out of people's bums in his surgery :))) You two would have such great time talking, cat :) His fave story is about a 250 pound granny who came to him after she ate like ten corns and the corn refused to come out the natural way :)

    1. LMAO I'm sure quite the convo would be had
      Might gross out a ton a tad
      As long as I didn't have to watch such things like the granny
      And the stuff that comes out, or won't come out, her fanny

    2. Let us pray, my cat, that we never end up with tubes up our bums :)

    3. Yes on that we can agree
      Unless until Pat is fifty
      Then he gets one
      To scope out things a ton

    4. you think you will see the fifties? :) Annzie, wouldn't agree on that, I'm sure :)

    5. Pfft I'll see far past that
      If this arm crap leave my mat

  13. Is this a riddle? ;p

    You know, corn really never does digest. Why do we even eat it? One wonders... :D

    1. Yeah not sure what the heck is the point at all
      Yet each keep eating it at their hall

  14. Like the guy who thought superman wear,
    Could make him fly through the air.

    This is hysterical!

    1. Even more funny because it is true
      That such a thing actually came due

  15. Aw shucks, when you start talking rears
    I find myself to be all ears
    it's funny here at your booth
    we always find a kernel of truth

    1. Yeah inbetween the lies
      Or the buzzing of flies
      Maybe even the fleas
      I still give off a good breeze

  16. You know, I never knew this until a few years ago. It does tend to come out exactly as it goes in too. Who knew! LOL

    1. LOL well I guess you joined the rest
      And now know of the great corn test

  17. I don't think I shall ever see
    a thing as strange as corn in my pee.
    For if I did, I'd wonder why
    my internal plumbing had gone awry.

    1. That would hurt
      Blood might spurt
      As yellow would become red
      And yeah may end up in a hospital bed

  18. writing about corn will make that for ya

  19. Aliens aren't slick, they are thick. Why are they always messing around in corn fields and probing cattle. Are all aliens farmers?

    1. Hmmm that they could be
      As they are trying to weed and set the corn free

  20. I wonder if corn fairies drive ethanol vehicles?

    1. Hmmm that they may
      I will have to ask one some day

  21. Ack! I can't believe you went there!

    1. haha believe it!
      As nothing is above or below a rhyming fit

  22. This vaguely made me sick, LOL. Great rhyming, as usual!

    1. Sorry that was not the intention
      But I had to give it a mention haha

  23. Do you know, I've often wondered this very same thing myself, but strangely have never thought about writing a rhyming blog about it!

    1. hahaha see I'm not the only one
      I just was first to give it a run

  24. I haven't eaten corn lately, just burgers all day today ~

    And no Pat, I won't even think about it. It would ruin my tummy
    now full of grilled stuff ~ Good night ~

    1. So instead of corn that doesn't change
      You can get mad cow at your range haha

  25. I live in corn land
    and no it's
    not grand.

    For it's
    dead and it's dry
    and looks
    to my eye
    like an
    alien sea.

    Really this is corn country and there's a drought and temps of over 100 degrees for most of June. But at least no money's been lost as none of these thousands upon thousands of acres of corn are for food. Nope, it's experimental and at the end of the year not a grain of corn is stored, kept or eaten. Just wasted.

    Now that's my happy thought for the day. Nitey-nite Cat.

    1. Wow that seems to be pointless I suppose
      But then I guess ideas come from the corn rows
      Maybe not good ones
      Prob develop a new corn that gives you the runs

  26. Ah, thoughts don't have to make sense;
    I just love a bit (or more) of nonsense!
    Enjoy your night, don't get in a fight.
    Sorry I'm late at the gate!

    1. Bah a little late
      Is just your fate
      For the corn can be scary
      Have a blueberry

  27. Haha, the Three Stooges crashed your Wednesday post too.
    To find a good party, they know what to do.


    1. haha yeah that was really a coincendence I'll say
      But they were also a pain at my bay

  28. hahah what a romanticized post- you ask a good question though. How does it keep its 'girlish figure'?

    1. I do not know
      But I bet tons of women would want the corn to show

  29. now wasn't that cory lol fun to muse upon, and yeah, I do a lot of that stuff too, just performs not as much on corn as you. Jealous of jello- well yes, I think every food ought to be that, as jello is awesome and that is that. Black cherry or lime give it a chime, pass on orange, as it's artificial to the mouth, making you pout. You can get it sugary or free of the sugar stuff like I get, and it jiggles well, so if you have a baby in your care, they'll laugh and laugh, just watching the jiggling jello glare

    1. Wow you really know a lot about jello
      With your hello
      I guess you could make a post on that
      Or just use it to amuse the cat


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