The dVerse Tease Of The Ease!

Not sure where this even came from one of those moments where a word was heard from by little rhyming bum and then poof off I went once more on some rhyming run at my shore. As if that is different than any other day at my bay. So the Face it Facts are another random post at my bar. When are they not? Yeah, I do that a lot. Is it bad when you talk to yourself so much? Maybe just a touch.

Like a breeze,
Comes a tease.
That of ease,
Making you scurry like fleas.

Dark alley is faster,
Obvious disaster.
Sticking with what you got,
Head up a butt.

Adding to a gut,
Forgettng a nut,
An easy scam,
Like King Abubu ham.

The tease of ease,
Is worse than fleas.
Which many fall for,
Wishing not to explore.

Time or lazy,
Makes em believe crazy.
Like some magic,
Will prevent tragic.

Stuck in the ease,
Unable to bath the fleas,
Yeah for Blabber I'll go with knees,
For they have more rings than trees.

Unable to become wise,
Stuck with the flies.
A thing for bugs?
Should be put on their mugs.

Like right across their forehead,
As they should stay in bed.
Unless they can walk across the yard,
Not believing the thumping bard.

Wising to the need for the long way,
Forgetting the easy display.
Taking the extra time,
To tick off the mime.

I mean learn the sublime,
Of a dollar over a dime.
Worth the wait,
With a hardened fate.

Bringing forth ease,
Finding that which will please.
Through the muck and grime,
Not wasting time.

Unless you want to get the mime,
That isn't a crime.
Forget the ease,
Ignore the breeze

Cure the fleas,
Cover the knees,
And keep at it,
Chopping away bit by bit.

There we go another for the dVerse show as I rambled on the go. What? The mime was a nut. Who cares if he is in the wood pile. I said go bit by bit by a mile. So chopped up came to pass. Poor mime bothered my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow been quite a while
      Since you were first in the comment mile

    2. To comment at my sea?
      Wow she really is determined isn't she?

    3. to comment and to put a stinking bomb at your AC unit, cat!

    4. LOL have no AC unit at my mat
      So we sit and suffer thanks to the shit hole we live in but at least there isn't a rat

    5. Look in the cupboards Cat, there are no rats but there are mice a plenty. They've been trained to eat underwear that smells only of your arse. It's like perfume to them.

    6. Well the cat wears none of those
      And I can bite of the mice toes
      Then sling them out the door
      And bat them across the floor

  2. With a tease
    I ease
    into places first
    with a dollar
    to spare and
    a dime
    to share
    with a mime
    if he's time and
    not chopped into
    pieces and bits
    into buttons
    and bows
    or hardened
    by grime
    what a crime
    it would be
    to waste.

    1. Pfft would not be a waste
      Turn him to paste
      And let the mime fry
      No one will cry

    2. I hate the feckers too Cat. Hey, you know that Pirate Cat I was going to paint for you. It turned out to have Boobies. Yeah, it's a girl for sure. So I bought another figure for you. And this is where you owe me you disgusting feline. The new figure is a magnificent sculpt, just stunning and a new one for them. So I got it for you.

      Now this is what I need from you. If you can find a female that is willing to side with your stinky arse I'll paint the female as one of your minions. Quite frankly you need some as you don't have any as of yet. I also have a spare female Mage that could be a minion for you. But again you'd have to find a female willing to be one of your minions. Good Luck and May The Force Be With You.

    3. Ewwww!!!! Who is going to be on HIS side???? *gagging*

    4. LMAO well if the cat is so magnificent and all
      He needs no minions to call
      He always remains on step ahead
      So he doesn't need help from a big eyeball or any pretty little head
      Hmm not sure who would side with the cat though
      As the blue guy has ran away from his show
      And besides I play better alone
      Humans have such an awful tone haha

    5. What did you do to the poor blue guy - he ran away! It made me sad that he left and I know it's the cat's fault!

    6. Pfft he just could handle the defeat
      As with dvds the cat has him beat

  3. talking to yourself is not bad
    until you start answering
    of badgering yourself
    a mime wont have that problem
    sitting on the silent shelf
    and acting crazy as a defense
    might save you from offense...

    1. Yeah that is true
      Let the craze out to view
      And all will run away
      Leaving you to enjoy the day

  4. thank goodness anne finally showed
    i did not want to be first yet again
    leaving everyone bowed...smiles.

    1. I was first at your bay too Brian. Early bird gets the worm. Or is that insomniac gets to comment first. I always get those two mixed up.

    2. First here and there
      With your blare
      I guess the liquor is keeping you up
      As you continue to fill your cup

    3. Gin is good for the constitution Cat, better than poo.

    4. I suppose it is
      But throwing poo is a fun biz

  5. I hate fleas
    spare me them please
    I'd rather climb trees
    or search for lost keys
    than have to treat for fleas
    spare me please!

    1. LOL wow you really want to avoid
      And are a tad paranoid
      With three dogs I can see why
      You want those fleas to die

  6. how do we know that you bum is actually little, cat. Maybe you're confusing it with your front part? We really need photographic evidence in this case, otherwise we shall consider you a rhyming liar, cat!

    1. haha if one day
      On your blog roll for display
      Is the cat's rump for all to see
      You may curse me

    2. it will be a glorious day! The pope will put it in the Holy Calendar :)

    3. LOL well we'll wait for a blue moon
      To see the full moon of this loon

    4. Tonight is a full moon. I say shoot yours Cat and take a side-by-side photo. You could pay Betsy to do it as she has already taken a great photo of a full moon (I'm still jealous of that photo).

      I hope your arse is just hairy and not made of green cheese.

    5. pay me lots
      and I'll take the shot!
      Tonight is a full moon, too
      just for you!

    6. LOL jealous you are
      Of her photo from afar
      Well that is the best you will get though
      For the cat's rump would show
      As you don't like green cheese
      So you'll have to settle for fleas

      Pfft no money here
      As we didn't win the second time I fear
      So stuck being broke
      And no pic of this bloke

    7. excuses, excuses.... And I'd be offended if I was Petsy that you won't let me take a bum photo of yours.....

    8. I would have closed my eyes
      so as to keep my innocence alive.

    9. LMAO Dez really has a thing for the cat's bum
      Keeps on beating that same old drum

    10. yes, that is so true
      I think he has a thing for you!
      But better you than me
      I can dance with him without worry!

    11. I did say one of Alliances main goal is to show the nation cat's bum! We need to reveal the truth behind it. Nothing personal!

    12. Hmmm not sure that is such a lofty goal
      As many an eye will pay the toll

    13. we'll show it only to our enemies then ;P

    14. You have more enemies than me?
      Please do tell, I'll send them a nice flea

  7. All this bloody talk of fleas.. now I'm all itchy...I hate fleas (and any other type of bugs which bite me, as I'm allergic to a few) in this Canadian zoo. :)
    Damn, I always try to leave a comment that doesn't rhyme and somehow, end up doing it anyway. It must be something to do with visiting your bay, A ! LOL

    1. LOL yeah we'll blame it on that
      When we all know you really like to rhyme at my mat
      And yeah those fleas suck indeed
      Of them all should take heed

  8. Ohh, for the love of goddddd!!! Enough with the fleas on my knees!! I can't take ittt!!! I actually have a bug bite on my ankle that is itching me like crazy. It's all red and swollen :( Was it a flea, cat??? Was it a flea sent by YOU?!?!?!?!?!

    1. LMAO well fleas do bite there
      Of that I am aware
      So it could have been one
      Oh that would be so fun

    2. LOL they rhyme so well
      And cause people hell

    3. Isn't he mean with these fleas?? My ankle is itching like mad and I'm willing to bet that it's all his fault!!!!! hahaha

    4. haha that be a good bet
      As they were sent from this pet

  9. As I'm not a pet owner, I may have just escaped from these buggers.

    1. Escape is good
      Avoid these suckers you should

  10. Asking too much
    In such a rush
    In with pleas
    Chased by fleas
    A little mime
    Close to mine
    Good answers received
    As I had perceived


    1. Glad you can perceive
      As with that you can achieve
      And get rid of the mime
      For he would never chime

  11. Um...what was all that about?
    You lost me with your tease fleas shout.
    I think you wrote this after emptying your rummer
    as few times too many...what a bummer.

    1. haha lost you
      That is fun to do
      Plus blogger stuck you in spam
      Guess they thought you were toe jam

  12. I have an award for you!
    It's something new!
    So quit scratching your fleas,
    Come claim the award please!

    1. I suppose that I can do
      Just let me run to the loo

  13. I trained the mime
    for it takes not time
    Yeah, he's a nut
    but he loves your butt.
    Your axe missed it's mark
    and he still creeps in the dark
    He says he'll return
    for your gaze he still yearns...

    1. Pfft that is a scary thought
      I'll arm myself a lot
      And chop off his arms
      Won't raise any alarms
      As no ones likes the thing
      And he can't sing
      So won't say a word
      Just look absurd

    2. He will use his feet to tap instead
      and fill your heart full of dread.
      Tap tap tap, you'll hear every night
      causing you to wake in fright!
      There he'll be standing above you
      an armless mime, headed for your loo.

    3. we should hire an army of mimers, the cat seems to hate them....

    4. I think that's a great idea, Dezz. Maybe a flash mob of mimes?

    5. I'm appointing you as the head of their training, general Elsieton, you are in charge of the mission!

    6. Well if mimes are to show
      Then they will surely glow
      As I relieve myself on each one
      Won't that be fun?
      Then they melt away
      And I'll go back to sleep at my bay

    7. Dez, I already have an army of them!! You're welcome to borrow mine...they already hate the cat from all his mime hate talk in the past ;)

    8. that's nice, Jaxy, I love it when our lady generals act in advance :)

    9. Pfft Blabber thinks she has an army but it is all in her head
      As they and what's up there, long ago fled

  14. Dont take offense, but how do you and Blabber always post something similar or in sync. If you both are girls, I could imagine something ...

    Love the rhyme, sniffing litterbox helps me to ease? No?

    1. Well sniff away
      I'm sure it is quite the nose display
      How do fleas and stress go together?
      Maybe in some tropical weather? haha

    2. You arent asking people to use fleas to ease the stress?

    3. Well I suppose if they like
      But not sure fleas would make stress take a hike

  15. I'd love to go to Pat's bar.
    Where rhymes aint crimes yet R's are.
    Drazin serves the drinks
    While Tarsier Man just stinks.

    1. If Drazin served the drink
      The bar would sink
      As all would run
      As his third person talk was spun

  16. My dog once infested my room with fleas

    the next year the window was infested by bees

    1. Take fleas over bees
      As they can sting your kees

  17. I gotta ask, what do you think of Sondheim?

    1. Enjoy him much at my sea
      As he has made plenty of songs like the ones for Dick Tracy
      And many more
      With great lyrics in store

  18. Great ramble. I love how the majority of it is back to back rhymes, as is the norm, but there's a back to back to back and a back to back to back to back rhyme scheme snuck in here too, very fun and cool is this rhyming stew

    1. Yeah just rhymed away
      Here for display
      As I had my say
      In a back to back way

  19. ha..i'm just wondering about your knees..more rings than smiles

  20. Ugh, fleas are horrible. And if they're in the house, they love to bite me in particular. :P

    1. Yeah and they always go for my ass
      Fleas are so crass

  21. Oh, how I hate fleas, for they really love me.

    1. Yeah seem to love us all
      As they sit about each hall

  22. No to fleas, bugs and mime Pat ~

    Enjoyed reading the comments too ~

    Have a good night ~

    1. They are good to say no too
      Especially creepy mimes coming due

  23. Apparently one of those rhyming fleas bit me for OLN because shockingly my poem rhymes this time. Strange because I didn't think fleas could live at this altitude, they must be superfleas!

    1. All rhymes is grand
      Will come see your land
      And fleas are tricky
      No matter how icky

  24. Oh, and I forgot to mention there are movie titles in it so up your alley?

    1. Movie titles surely work for me
      As they cause the most glee

  25. Can hear with your bum?
    That's quite a feat, my chum.
    But you have more class
    than one with his head up his ass.

    1. And I'm bright enough
      That when things get rough
      I can give them an extra shove
      And their ass surely feels the head love

  26. My cat hates fleas, too. He once got infected by tapeworms from those nasty pests (before we adopted him and saved his furry tush).

    1. Yeah mine got worms too once as well
      She thought the pills were hell

  27. I am itchy bugga you and your
    We had a problem with our dog having fleas because the neighbours dog had fleas and even though we treated our dogs he didn't so it was really hard to get on top of the problem. It would be cool if I could come up with a rhyming comment but alas not the case you will just have to settle with whatever comes to mind and that isn't always a good thing because my mind is here there and everywhere just like

    1. LOL well minds around here go in the gutter
      So feel free to mutter
      Even if you want me to bugger off
      I won't scoff hahaha

  28. Oh, that reminds me; I have to go dose the cat. She's been bringing home weird friends.


    1. Those friends you don't want
      As they will surely haunt

  29. Replies
    1. Don't scratch too much
      Especially if it's in places where one should not touch

  30. I'm thinking ...E Lear or Spike Milligan and loving the madness!! thankyou!

    1. The madness is always here
      With my little rhyming rear

  31. Cure the fleas,
    Cover the knees,
    And keep at it,
    Chopping away bit by bit......Love your ramble ;)

    1. Yeah wasn't such a gamble
      As I went on a flea ramble


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