Gawk Smart And All Can Be Art!

So Brian with his Gawker powers find art in rain or showers. Wait! Isn't that the same thing? I guess I fail at being a gawker at my wing. Let's make up for that and see what truly can be art at my mat.

Look! There is a screw in the wall.
No, I did not say screw in some bathroom stall.
Why is your mind in the gutter?
Did I stutter?

I guess that can be art.
Okay, a little off point at my cart.
It's a shredder all nice and clunky.
Doesn't it look funky?

Stick some paper out its mouth,
And mail it down south.
I bet it would go for a ton.
Paid for by some nut that had their brains fried under the sun.

Those scissors are nice and yellow,
Oops! Sorry Blabber they are orange and wiggle like jello.
You see they are so old,
A tale can be told.

But that is another story,
To give the scissors glory.
I can't neglect the nifty clock.
It can even walk.

Wait! I guess that is roll.
Either way it took a stroll.
An elastic sling shot.
That is art by a whole lot.

Snap someone in the ass,
Or even fling bass.
See Brian I mentioned a bum,
That has to score points and then some.

Your twin will back me up there.
That is so not fair!
It is a staff only sign.
I don't want to carry any damn walking stick around acting all divine.

See how long that one was?
Because I want no such buzz.
Damn staff are too much work.
Work = staff. Oops, I guess that is a perk.

Desk as clean as a shiny bald head,
Of that potato who's name isn't Ted.
I here he is all head.
Using the same word twice must bring dread.

Wow this gawker stuff is really fun,
Who knows what tale can be spun.
From a little of this and that.
And a rhyme from the cat.

Yeah, the cat is full of nonsense today as I gawked away at my bay and had my say. But what are you going to do about it? Knowing some they'll gawk away at their pit. I guess the cat is just carrying on The Gawker's tradition and thankfully bush number three has no extradition. So he can't get me from my grass and all he can do is curse my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Pulled off by a second or two
      First was by you

  2. Scissors like jello are no use to either man or cat and honestly that's that. I love the random yet similar rhyming Pay, awesome rhymes as usual dude.

    1. Random can be fun
      And sometimes just has to be done

  3. Replies
    1. WOW three at the exact same time
      Guess for first you all flipped a dime

  4. No you're
    not divine
    for Brian
    doesn't have
    to rhyme.

    An art
    with words
    he has
    some say
    an easy
    flow at
    his own bay.

    1. Well I don't have to rhyme
      But to not to would be a crime
      As that would just ruin my schtick
      And could make some sick

    2. aw shucks...
      pop in on vacation and hearing that is like finding 100 bucks...smiles...

    3. Don't let it go to your head
      Can't have more than one ego being fed hahahaha

  5. Dammit. The place was empty when I got here. I'm going back to bed. See you later Cat.

    1. methinks people are competing for #1 because then they don't have to comment on cat's posts, they just put I'm #1!

    2. I think you're on to something Dezz LOL

    3. my imperial allied wisdom is endless :))))

    4. Pfft the number ones come back
      Later and post at my shack
      So your wisdom isn't all that
      And is subpar compared to the cat

  6. Gawker as much as you want
    Finally is # 1
    Some near misses
    Just by whiskers

    Happiness is #1!


    1. Back to number one
      Beating the gawker a ton
      With your run
      And that is fun

  7. Did you say there is a screw in the wall or did you say to "screw" the wall? Because there is a nice hole in the wall and it's calling out to me!

    1. hope nobody unsuspecting is on the other side :)

    2. Well if you must
      Fill your wall lust
      Go for it
      But someone could have a fit
      For like Dez says too
      The otherside could see you

    3. not see him, cat, but accidentally be the unsuspecting target :)

    4. Hmm that would be worse
      Could get a curse

  8. I'm speechless, cat, that you didn't use this opportunity to rhyme art with fart. Speechless!

    1. haha yeah I strayed away from that
      Slowly turning a new leaf over at my mat

  9. You said the cat is full of nonsense "today"
    What is his excuse every other time at your bay
    Just because I'm still away
    doesn't mean I'm not around to play

    1. Around and round
      You will be found
      With your one eye
      Here to spy
      And I don't need an excuse
      For my little rhyming caboose

  10. I would like to buy Elsie's comment and roll it again.

    For first stanza you could have used tht lip urinal picture :)
    you lost me around last three stanzas. And you call Jax a blabber. hmmm

    1. I like to blabber away
      What can I say
      But she still gets the name
      For here the cat's rump gets all the fame

  11. what did you give that cat to drink...just coming back from a nice walk in warm summer rain..and if it had been the shower i probably had put my clothes off...but...

    1. But yeah can't do that
      As you could get thrown in some jail flat haha

  12. The scissors are yellow!!!! They are yellow, I sayy!! lol

    Seriously though, some art is very open to interpretatioin. LMAO And that's totally putting it nicely... There is a peice of art in my building's lobby that is a foot statue but the toes are not attached to the foot. They are scattered around the base on the statue. It's very odd and a tad bit disturbing. I try not to look at it... lol

    1. LOL yeah much is open to the persons point of view
      Like those big ones we say with all hanging in come due
      Those surely weren't art
      At least at my cart haha

  13. The scissors may be yellow, but are they 'safety' scissors? Would be most unpleasant to run with ordinary scissors.

    1. safety scissors can't cut butter

    2. Nope not safety at all
      And yeah they are a pain to use at ones stall

  14. My head is spinning on this one - a potato whose name isn't Ted? That can't be right. Every potato I've ever met has been named Ted!

    1. Geez that must get confusing at your sea
      With all those Ted's knwoing thee

  15. sure the screw could be art
    just ask...oops, better not start
    down that path, have to get a tongue bath
    gawking is fun, just dont gawk the ones with a gun
    unless you can run...

    1. I can run
      But if they have a ton
      I'd better pray
      It is either a fake display
      Or they have know aim
      Or they'dfor some outlaw fame

  16. Stick some paper out its mouth,
    And mail it down south.
    I bet it would go for a ton.
    Paid for by some nut that had their brains fried under the sun.

    This made me think of Art like :

    1. Hmmmm not sure I'd call that art
      But some must take it to heart

  17. The scissors and clock both need glory
    that would make a good children's story
    the scissors could talk, the clock could walk
    and the cat perhaps could gawk!
    Have a good night,
    avoid a cat fight!

    1. haha yeah I suppose that would make a good story
      Could be told in all its glory
      Will keep that in mind
      From my little rhyming behind

  18. I showed art today, too!
    Just like you.
    But I didn't have to do a gawk fit
    I just went through the trash to find it!

    1. Well I was just a gawker
      You were a dumpster diving stalker hahaha

  19. Haha... I love Mary's comment! She's giving you even MORE crazy ideas!
    Now, if only I drank beer. ;)

    1. Yep more crazy ideas are good
      Get that one done I should

  20. My brain's pretty fried, but I'm not paying for that shredder!

    1. Well maybe I'll cut the price
      Wouldn't that be nice?

  21. Nice poem!
    Started following you!

  22. Definitely the most interesting discussion on "what is art" that I've ever read. But yeah, to each there own, I guess that's the thought, as art can be anything the eyes gather it to be, even if no one else does, it's art if the soul, okay the eyes tell it to be as such, but It is funny though, ask 100 people what there definition of art is, and you'll hear a lot of different descriptions from them. But yeah, there are some things though, that I can't accept as art, like the flushing of a loo, which is, to quote the cat in rhyming tact, just so eww, but accept I can that someone would consider it as such, yet, understand, that would have to be well to the side of not so much.

    1. Yeah understanding with something like the flushing of the loo
      Puts me right along side you
      As that is just dumb
      Listening to the loo hum
      Whoopdi friggin doo
      Rather watch a cow moo


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