Give The Button A Push And You Might See A Tush!


Did you do it? Were you a nitwit? Did you hit the button I shared today? If you didn't bravo to you I will say. For you avoided the doggie porn and yes they really do use cobs of corn. Oh now you just have to click the button. You really are glutton. Well if you burn your eyes you can blame dVerse or yourself for being so unwise.

What it did not take you anywhere?
Geez, I guess things are screwing up at my lair.
You didn't get to see the great pic.
Or a corn made umm dick.

Those dogs really can play,
And put on quite the display.
But I think the cat should get back to the button soon,
Before I get some weirdo stalker butt sniffing loon.

So you hit a button and what goes on?
You fall for some big con.
Just like you did here today,
At my rhyming bay.

But you could end the world as well,
Wouldn't that be swell?
You could put on your shirt,
Or off depending on how well you flirt.

You could stick them in a jar,
And heave them at people at some bar.
Or make a pretty thing,
To wear at your wing.

Yeah, thing is the best I got,
For the cat eats them and they come out his butt.
It really does hurt,
But out they come with a squirt.

Makes good ammo though,
If some stinkin alliance cronies come to my show.
Guess you can do much with a button,
But they don't taste like mutton.

So pop a pill,
Have a thrill,
And pop a button too.
Be sure and hit someone in view.

That would be funny,
And oh so sunny.
Their wound would be cute as a button as well.
As they damn you to Hell.

Stop, Enter Backspace, Space, B.
All buttons hit by thee.
I know you probably hit more,
As you just get confused so much at my shore.

It's a button world we live,
The buttons surely give.
Whether a code for the bank,
Or the launch codes on a tank.

Maybe that kid of yours,
Who didn't do their chores.
Still has the button that's oh so cute.
Unless they are a brute.

Then you can make them eat one,
And record it under the sun.
As long as they have a cute button,
Doesn't matter if they are a glutton.

Have I rambled on enough?
Are you about ready to get rough?
HAHAHA That was the point.
To get your nose out of joint.

As not only did I make you hit a button,
Like some foolish glutton,
That didn't even work,
Thinking you'd get some doggie porn perk.

But I made you go crazy,
And your eyes a bit hazy.
By going on about a button type thing,
Here at my wing.

I pushed your buttons today,
As I do everyday.
But you keep coming back,
So I must cause good flack.

Now I will let your buttons rest,
As I know they are no longer at their best.
Bet you want to tell me where to go,
For this big long button flow.

Go ahead,
Don't worry your pretty little head.
Just let it flow,
For the buttons are all aglow.


Got you once more here at my shore. Oh you know I did and made you flip your lid. I guess the button is so much fun, as I hit tons giving this one a run. See you soon, hope you enjoyed the raccoon. Oh I made you click now indeed. So fun to confuse at my feed. Better go pass some gas and maybe a button or two out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Well played cat, well played. Unfortunately I have been highly trained by a secret government facility to resist button pushing. It's one of the fist things they teach you (after not accepting drinks from strange evil people - James Bond really wasn't that bright).
    Until next time...

    1. Damn, the cat will have to try harder to trick you
      And get you to press something in view
      Yeah Bond is a sucker
      Too busy trying to umm get a woman and cluck her hahaha

  2. haha imagine some shmuck pushing the button and blowing us all up just because it says press here, no mental compass to steer his compulsion, if i had seen dog porn it might have been expulsion, or an explosion sudden mental erosion....

    1. LOL yeah I'm sure a shmuck like that
      Would come to my mat
      And give us all a go
      For such a tricky show
      hahaha glad I didn't use dog porn then
      Might get brains all over my den

  3. I knew! someone would use the word mutton :) Just a brilliant ryhme - love it.

    1. Yep had to use it
      Though have never ate it one bit

  4. I was once told I was cute as a button :P

    1. LOL was that long ago?
      Or recently at your show

  5. surely know how to press the buttons...smiles

  6. "So pop a pill,
    Have a thrill,
    And pop a button too.
    Be sure and hit someone in view."

    These lines really resonate with me Pat because you know fine rightly I will pop a pill, hahaha! Love the rhymes man. I didn't press the button because I feared a dodgy website but I did realise by hoovering the mouse thing over it that it wasn't a link so does that count? Was I fooled and left to rot or not?

    1. You were sorta fooled I suppose
      But not fully to cause woes
      So not left to rot
      At least a whole lot

  7. I went to hit the button, because you know that I'm seriously nosey, but it wouldn't work! Thank goodness for that b/c maybe I really didn't want to see what you have lurking behind that button!!! lol

    1. You? Nosey? I never would have guessed..haha
      But it is nice you confessed
      As the cat likes to fool all
      And doing it to you too is such fun at my hall
      I was tempted to actually put naughty stuff there
      But that might disturb some at my lair hahaha

  8. I sit up hight
    and send you Hi,
    for way to go
    for button flow
    I see afar -
    you need a car

    1. The button flow
      Had to be given a go
      And yeah I'll take a car
      And sell it at my bar

  9. There are weirdo stalkers online???? OMGoodness! LOL
    You got me BOTH TIMES on the Press here..not that I did but, I allowed the mouse to hover to see if it was a real link... Dooooh......Haha
    Doggie porn is not for me.. Now I'm off to get a cuppa Rosie lea (tea)

    1. LOL see now you are rhyming all the time
      When you come for a chime
      And hahahaha made you see if they were real
      Damn I enjoyed the button ordeal

  10. For once, I'm happy the link didn't work. lol

  11. I know you are teasing us.....again!

  12. I am glad that I have lot of hotbuttons and you didnt win pushing any of them. Press here and Click here, I dont hate them :)

    Enjoy your day with lot of Kitty porn cat, dog porn maynt be yours.

    1. Yeah the kitty porn was fun
      I looked at it out under the sun

  13. Yikes, I'm afraid to click - besides I don't want to see a corn... ummm, well you know! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

    1. LOL well at least you avoided it
      That puts you ahead of others who had a clicking fit

  14. I;ve no intention of clicking your buttons, cat! You're no Pussy-cat doll!

    1. You don't want to see some fun things
      Maybe even the dog has wings

  15. I'm definitely not touching that button!

    1. That is prob for the best
      And puts you above many of the rest

  16. Button button
    whose got
    the button.

    These buttons
    I will not push
    as they may
    expose your tush
    then my eyes
    would bleed
    and burn
    and sting
    as my retina's
    started to scream.

    I really didn't push the buttons cat.

    1. the Alliance would never fall for his schemes and plots, Annzie! And if we really push his button his eyes would pop out :)

    2. hahahahaha well to saves your eyes
      You are very wise
      As the raccoon I have to show
      Would make them weep and flow
      Then they would fall out
      And you would surely shout

      Pfft big and brave with Irish Air back now aren't you?
      Without her whatever would you do? haha

  17. Did you do this post because Dez and I were dancing to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls?

    1. he did, jealous on us because he has two left feet :)

    2. and maybe he steps on his own tail? :)

      you should teach him some of those adorable walrus moves!

    3. nya, he doesn't have the bum for that like moi does, and he can't even wiggle his tail since I sat on it a few days ago and broke it :)

    4. You sat on his tail?
      Oh dear! Did he wail?

    5. Well I have to agree
      The cat and Pat does have two left feet at our sea
      So no moves are had
      And yeah your button song worked with the dVerse button fad
      So you can dance away
      With your spoon at your bay
      And pfft my tail is fine
      I can still lift it and poo divine

    6. Everything always comes back to poo here!
      Oh dear.

    7. he can't lift it, Petsy, he's lying. I smashed it like a pancake :) Such fun and joy feeling his smashed tail under my bum the other day!

    8. Hmmm disturbing it could be
      But if you sat on my tail then up your bum you got a flea

  18. This the first of yours I've seen ... interesting ...

    1. Well whether 5th or first
      Will always be a rhyming burst

  19. Well, sometimes pushing buttons can be fun. And I'm a nasty girl that like's looking at some tush - but not not a dog's. Eew.


    1. LOL well a dog's can be grand
      If you go for that thing at your land hahaha

  20. *click* ....*click* ....*click* *click* *click* *click* ... Wait what, dog porn? CLICK CLICK CLICK

    1. hahaha hmm a tad too excited I will say
      You really must fight the urge to show those nude pics of things at your bay hahaha

  21. Lol matt, Have a great fourth Mr.Pat!

    1. Well here it is the first
      But will be fun and thanks for the burst

  22. Aw, how sad those links didn't work. I'd been terribly excited by your description . . . NOT.

    1. LOL well at least you are honest too
      And I think all are glad the links had nothing to view

  23. I couldn't give the button a poke

    because my flash player failed, and ended the joke

    1. Well I guess by not getting an update
      You really saved yourself from an awful fate

  24. I'm never going to push a button again...
    Girl Scout honor!!

    1. Can't say I blame you
      As seeing that would just be ewww

  25. I imagine you were the kid in class who drove your teachers bonkers. Am I right? Bravo.


    1. LOL yep drove bonkers my fair share
      It was fun watching them pull at their hair

  26. Did you really think I'd fall for that "press the button" trick? My kids try that game on me all the time. LOL!

    1. Well it was worth a try
      But glad you knew it was a lie

  27. Well, I tried to hover my mouse over it, but nothing ~ Fun buttons to push, here at your lair ~

    Happy Canada Day ~

    1. You be glad they didn't work
      What you could see wasn't an eye perk haha

  28. Press the button, or pull your finger...
    it's always trouble when i linger
    here. :o)

    1. Yeah trouble is had
      Most of the time at my pad

  29. ah, neither of the links work for me. Hmmm... i heard the button is fun, i want my run!

    1. Dog porn sounds like fun?
      Well next time I'll show it for all under my sun

  30. ha ha
    u caught me both the times... :D
    Internet has made us button freaks:P

    1. LOL yep freaks indeed
      And proven at my feed

  31. Damn. You got me not once but twice.. DOH

    Yes indeed a button for all is certainly done, many
    fine examples here you've spun, I don't care too much
    for buttons though, as when I was a lad myself, I had this
    babysitting gig, and that dumb kid popped a button off his
    sweater and thought it looked like food, so there he want and
    swallowed it, and down it wouldn't go, as it got stuck and wind
    he began to suck, but it wouldn't free so it was up to me. i had to
    heimlich that damn thing away from him. and then, when his
    mother came home and I had to tell his tale, the dumby popped
    another button and showed his mother this inane deed

    1. LOL got your twice
      hahaha That is oh so nice
      And wow quite the tale
      The kid surely lost his marbles in the mail
      Letting the buttons pop
      And swallowing them non stop

  32. Replies
    1. Same idea you say
      Oh that is a fun display


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