If You're A Nut You're A Nut. The Other Crap Can Kiss My Butt!

So the other night the Blue Guy brought about another rant this week. Damn I'm on a ranting streak. But this one also has to come due and it doesn't even have to involve the loo. So some nut job, freak show, piece of trash thought they would be brash and shoot people at the Batman premeire. This is in no way diminishing the loss of life or anything like that, so have no fear. But what it is doing is diminishing the stupid factor out there that people like to blare.

Let's go for the easy blame.
The one due to an oh so dark movie or game.
Yeah, that is what makes these crazies go off,
Just like the dark makes me cough.

Well I coughed and it was dark,
So that surely hit that mark.
Pffft, yeah it's stupid, as is blaming the light.

Just like blaming,
Movies or gaming,
For a nut being a nut,
And shooting up or burning down some hut.

Sure after it is done,
They are going to blame everything from Tucan Sam to The Ghostbusters under the sun.
But really they were a crackpot in the start,
Or other things brought them aboard the whack job cart.

People can moan and groan,
About everything from the mailman to a car loan.
For that is what set them off,
Just like the dark and my cough.

It is all superficial crap,
That the media and the rest need to make take a dirt nap.
You want to place the blame,
Again forget the movie or the game.

Look at your damn self,
And don't act like some big shot, bulletproof magical elf.
You used the TV as a babysitter,
You abused and ignored and stuff and made things go bitter.

You helped bring them to this place,
From something in the past that lingered over life's pace.
And by you it could be anyone,
That brought forth picking up of the gun.

From parents to siblings to the idiot next door,
Who thought it would be fun to pick or ignore.
Not the damn TV,
Or anything else one tries to blame at their sea.

Blame Batman, Blame Santa Claus,
Blame this and that and flap your jaws.
All it proves as what idiots are around,
That try to act profound.

When they are afraid to admit,
Or take the hit,
For being the cause,
And as always they are looking for some kind of satisfaction, sympathy and/or applause.

It's a slow treck for one to come to it,
People just refuse to see and let something else take the hit.
Something as easy as a whistle to Batman might make them finally snap,
But a lot more happened before such a lap.

And no matter the rules,
Set forth by gods or fools.
If a nut wants a gun,
They are going to find one.

So there was my rant around that bend and if the cat were to offend, the cat doesn't really care as that blaming crap just gets under my hair. Sure, take the stuff away from the nut jobs and what they did. Batman and that magic unicorn is really what made them flip their lid. All the world has become is a blame game which usually lands on something of fame. Why? Because it is easy to spin the lie and use that for what made some nut job go postal at their mat. Whether crass, sass or whatever you take from this ranting pass, the day movies and other stuff should be blamed is the day some nut job blowing up things on some far far far away planet, can be blamed on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Damn, I was planning on making a first comment joke today but I'm not able to considering how serious a topic this is. You're right Pat, it could have been Batman or it could have been freaking Salmon Fishing In Yemen, that freak still would have shot all of those innocent people no matter what. It's disgusting to blame a film and that's coming from a staunch Batman hater as you know, this guy was a sick cretin and he deserves punished heavily, with the full force of the law, awesome rant man.

    1. haha well you can still gloat
      I'm sure Hank would take note haha
      LOL at the salmon fishin in Yemen too
      Could even blame a backed up loo
      A freak is a freak
      And he is up the creek
      I despise COD games at my sea
      But I'm not going to blame them if someone is whacked out of their tree

  2. A provocative post, if I may say so. People can blame everything else..the sun or the moon if you like, but themselves. I enjoyed the Batman movie(s) and don't understand why he had to kill those innocent people that night.

    1. Yeah once in a while I stray from fun
      Here under my sun
      Yeah that is what they always do
      Blame anything else in view
      But in the end
      They are just completely around the bend
      The Batman movies were great
      And weren't the cause of this nut jobs fate

  3. So very true. I enjoyed your rant and I'm sick of the blame and haters and people wanting to sue everyone and everything even remotely involved in the situation.

    1. Ranting is fun
      And happens a time or ten under my sun
      And yeah it is such a sue happy place
      Let's sue that guy because I rammed this guy due to the pimple on his face

  4. here is the problem with out country, it is always someone elses problem, never our own, because then we might actually have to take responsibility, but by it being theirs and not ours keeps us free to do waht ever the hell we want without consequence

    1. You know that is exactly it
      People refuse to take the hit
      Having to blame or sue
      Because the magic leprachaun hopped into their view

  5. Crap to kiss your butt?
    My, what a scene!
    They'd think you a nut.
    And not a little obscene.

    1. LOL well I'm already crazy
      So I'll just give an oopsy daisy
      And pull up my pants
      As they crowd around like ants

  6. Replies
    1. And maybe sniff some butts
      Or play King Tuts

  7. That was one crazy dude. There's no other way to explain what he did.

    1. Yep crazy is the main word
      Blaming movies is absurd

  8. Can't help but wonder if someone in that audience had had a concealed carry permit and been packing if fewer people would have died. I imagine that's part of why so many more people have been buying permits.

    1. Yeah that is true too
      But then you get into a whole other view
      Like can the person actually shoot
      And not be as bad as the brute
      For if they have bad aim
      Things could be even more less tame

  9. I think that if someone wants to do something, they will do it. They may be "inspired" by certain things, but in the end THEY snapped because of something going on with THEM. I may be infatuated with a movie or idolize a show, but I would never use that as an excuse to kill someone. People are either a killer or they are not. Movies, music, videogames or whatever can not be blamed for making a person who they are.

    1. Yeah that is true, every word
      For when one does something absurd
      Or just plain whacko at their sea
      From this to that to normalcy
      All of it is what one wants to do
      And usually sprouts from past stuff in their lives that flew

  10. Amen to that. Look at your damn self,
    And don't act like some big shot, bulletproof magical elf.

    I've watched thousands of movies and own 700 of them, ranging from Predator to Aliens to Terminator 2 to Species to all kinds of violent movies. Does that mean I run the risk of turning into a killing Joker? I don't think so, and I wonder why that is. I've got a bat... does that mean I run the risk of using it to bash in kids' heads? Don't think so. I've watched Snow White on more than one occasion - from the original to the more adult type if you know what I mean. Does that make me a killing pervert? Don't think so. I wonder why that is. It's true, billions of guns can't be good and the risk of something bad happening is there ten fold, but we're talking people who who have the urge to shoot everyone down. Now, why is that? Is it because of the Dark Knight? (notice the word 'dark'....) Is it because of Jack doing such a good job we all want to wear red lipstick and shot a really big gun? Is it?

    1. See you got me to rant
      By the post at your plant
      And I did the same
      haha isn't it a fun ranting game?
      So agree too
      I've seen just as much as you
      Watched Jack Baur shoot and torture for eight seasons
      Season 6 sucked for so many reasons
      But I'm not gonna go and torture someone
      Or shoot them with a gun
      Or rape and pillage and all of that bull
      Because normal people and even most crazies know movies, games, etc. are full
      Of FAKE!
      Nothing is real, not even dumb Jason who drowned in the lake
      The media and such needs to get a grip
      And stop giving things lip
      Except for that which is to blame
      The nut him/her self not a movie, tv show or game

    2. Save my soul
      I got you on a roll
      The one who looks like Catman
      When all he wants to say is
      I'm BATMAN!

    3. Catman can rhyme
      All the time
      And you want to be Batman
      You must be a big fan
      At least you'd be rich
      That would be a good pitch.

    4. And the Bat always gets a cat... A female one, but that doesn't rhyme.

    5. Well a female one resides here
      And she is way more prissy than my little rhyming rear

    6. I see that
      Maybe I should dress up the cat

  11. P.S. Does anger make me become a horrible speller?

    1. btw they say anger sprouts from love. u think so ?

    2. Hmmm not so bad
      Maybe just a tad

      Hmmm that could be
      If you aren't swinging from the crazy tree

    3. Anger in the wake of this tragedy makes you pathetic Blue Man. It makes you part of the problem and you are desecrating the memory of those dead with your emotional antics. You make me sick.

    4. Blue guy has be told
      Guess you get no pot of gold haha

    5. Well, Anne, if that's how you choose to address me, I guess that's the way it has to be. I don't think I deserve it, though. You think you can interpret me, but let me tell you this: I care about the dead, alright. Too bad my way doesn't get your stamp of approval.

    6. Well at least Anne doesn't hold a grudge
      Unlike penguin man who is now a past smudge

  12. Blame the dog, blame the cat.
    Blame everyone but the one who did all that!

    1. Yeah pretty much the mentality of all
      Probably even blame a moose call

  13. Its sad that in this day of us understanding psychology and all people defult to blaming dumb things. I agree with you on your sentiments!

    1. Yeah blaming dumb things seems to be the case
      And we are the so called dominant race

  14. isnt it a straight-forward case ? sigh.

    1. Yup a nut job did it
      Nothing else matters like movies one bit

  15. Totally agree with you
    it's only their own fault, it's true.
    And I'd take it a step further
    and say it wasn't something in their childhood either.
    Lot's of kids are abused and neglected
    and they rise about it all and turn out respected.
    Blame lies with nobody but them
    and if it wasn't a gun, it would have been another weapon.
    And this isn't just the USA
    it's happened in Finland, Japan, and Germany.

    1. That is true as well
      Many have moved past the hell
      But for some I guess they just revel in it
      So much that their sanity takes a hit
      And off they go
      On a nut job show
      But all can be overcome
      It just isn't by some

  16. Good point. When there's violence, people tend to avoid blaming the surrounding individuals--or accepting that the person who committed the crime was crazy because they were, well, crazy.

    1. Yeah they want to go all PC
      And ignore the crazy
      As that would be too bad
      To label the poor lad
      Pffft right
      Crazy in the dark and crazy in the light

  17. I think most of we humans are on a very fine line between sane and insane. It doesn't take much of a shove for some people to fall over the line. I said on another post yesterday that in the 1980's a young guy in England went nuts, went on a killing spree and in the end shot and killed more people in an afternoon of madness than had ever happened. He ended by killing his own mother and then himself. After that they introduced really tight gun laws. Everyone who wants to own a gun has to undergo a police sanctioned psychiatric evaluation, not once but a couple of times to see if they deem them 'sane' They have to have an unblemished record as far as crime goes and even then they get a licence which has to come up for renewal every once in a while too. America's gun lobby cries out, 'don't stop our rights to own a gun' but, what about the innocents who keep being slaughtered by these type of loner nutcases. No, he could have watched Little Mermaid cartoons all his life and still have gone and done what he did. America needs to wake up and introduce much stricter psychological profiling before another nutter tries to beat this dreadful count.

    1. Sounds good to me, alright. Only the sane got the right to defend themselves...

    2. LOL at the little mermaid comment you gave
      But there is a great point you made at my cave
      As there should be an exam of each
      But then who would preach
      You'd need an unbiased shrink
      To decide if one was near the brink
      That could be tough too
      Plus if a nutter wants a gun they are going to find one on cue
      Fine line each walk
      Never now until the shock
      And then all whine
      But not this feline

    3. The problem is more serious... Nutcases get to be parents without taking an exam.

    4. Yeah that is very true too
      But that is a whole other rant to come due
      Don't think that will ever stop
      As the nutcases do it and out they drop
      Then on welfare they go
      And away their fat asses grow

  18. Looks like you got us thinking Pat. Finding a cause and addressing it are essential--when we get bogged down in stupid, history is doomed to repeat.

    1. Yeah have to stray from the fun
      And make some think a ton
      Or back to the past we go
      And more crap starts to show

  19. There were 9,110 murders in the US in 1960. In 2010 there were 9,082,887 murders in the US. From 2004 to 2008 these people killed 68,185 civilians in Iraq. They killed 2 million civilians in the Vietnam War. In Korea the numbers are harder to pin down but the estimate is around 1 million.

    Now let me make another point here. The US justified bombing Serbia and killing over 3,000 civilians because there were 2,100 people murdered in Kosovo. The US says this is too much murder and must be stopped. Someone explain to me how the US can have 9,082,887 murders in their own country and look at another country and say "You people are so inhumane that we must bomb you," They are getting ready to kill people in Syria now using the same logic.

    So my question is as part of an international community "What are we going to do with America" They have to be stopped. This is too much killing and it's a crime against humanity.

    So am I impressed with their screaming rhetoric in the wake of the killings in Colorado, in their "self-examination". No, I'm not. I'll be impressed when the body counts within their borders and outside their borders come significantly down.

    1. Whoa.

      Some of those stats are a little out of context, wouldn't you say? I wonder how many lives the US has saved?...oh say, from Hitler's hand's? Hussein's?

      Regretably, civilian casualties do happen during a war. Are we allowed to seek justice for the 3000 innocent lives lost on 9/11? How about Pearl Harbor? etc, etc... Hmmm....

      It's not so black and white...and we aren't totally evil.

    2. Also, the US has done more good for other countries than any other on earth. We generously give to all kinds of causes from starving children to AIDS relief and prevention....more than any other country. We've sacrificed our own lives to help others. We really are for the most part a kind hearted, giving and loving people

    3. You're right Betsy you are not as a people evil. The foreign policy is horrible though. Look at is this way. You lost 3,000 people which is horrible, unforgivable. And you have every right to retaliate for that action.

      What I'm talking about, Korea, Vietnam and Serbia-these countries did nothing to the US and did nothing to threaten the American way of life-nothing. Yet you had soldiers in their country killing their civilians. Despite the loss of those innocent people, people as innocent as those killed during 9-11, those countries did not retaliate on American soil. No one from Serbia, Vietnam or Korea bombed America for justice for their innocent lives. Those people see what the American government did exactly the same way you see what happened on 9-11. Only the numbers are in the millions, not the thousands.

      WWII was different. America fought a just war then.

      I'm married to an American and I adopted an American child and I've lived here off and on for over 20 years so I don't personally hate America or Americans.

      There are other countries that have given aid to other countries-Australia, England, France, Portugal,India, Sweden, Uganda all work tirelessly against AIDS and world hunger. Those countries, with the exception of England, do not participate in military actions in other countries. Yet they, their people, their scientists give money, time and expertise and they too risk their lives. Those countries do not get the press time America does for their efforts from your news outlets. Your news only reports what America does for charity, not the money or the effort given by other countries.

      What I've said here is mild compared to what you will hear coming from people in other countries. It's shocking the naked hatred that the rest of the globe has for America. It's really bad what the rest of the world thinks and how they view America. News stories like this and the shouting and yelling that goes on afterwards only makes the opinion worse. It's a shame because like you said, the average American is a good, kind-hearted giving person.

    4. Well, I'm certainly not an expert, but I do remember the Kosovo war being a NATO thing...not just the US coming in and killing people without reason. Wasn't the KLA (considered a terrorist group at the time) attacking the government? And NATO was asked to come in an help...the US, true...but also the UK and France.

      And I also think there is a huge distinction between casualties in war and cold blooded murder. We've never had our troop fly over a country and bomb them without reason.

      Sure other countries are generous in giving to all kinds of humanitarian causes. I didn't say we were the only ones...just that we give more...maybe just because of our size, but also the size of our hearts, too. To say that our news only reports what America does for charity and not what other countries do is just not correct.

      We aren't a perfect country by any means and I don't justify everything we do. And sure, we are hated by some...but not by all. I think a lot of it is from misguided people ...maybe from their media and governments.

      I think the good we do far outweighs anything else. And that's the main point I was trying to make here.

      What this has to do with a loon going on a killing spree in a movie theater, I have no idea. ha.

    5. Hmmmmm the cat will just nod and agree
      And now he has learned quite a bit of history
      Unless I went all conspiracy theory
      Then things wouldn't be cheery
      Like with the towers and how money for aid goes in other people's pockets too
      Or how they haven't cured a disease in forever like they have no clue
      Because then money would be lost
      And would rather make crap that "helps" it that they can make back a huge cost
      But that has nothing to do with a loon
      So I will go back to my cartoon hahaha

    6. Cat..is the 'they' you are using the US?

    7. No, the they is all the people no matter the country that get rich off of medicine and such
      No way they are ever go to let a cure touch
      Unless something really bad happens first
      Then it will come "because of such and such a thing happened, we found the cure for this" which will be a load of bull burst

    8. Ok..good. :)

      Your cure theory is an interesting one
      would be a real shame if that was truly sung.

    9. Yeah and it is a theory that could easily be true
      As they would rather make a buck and have pop control then let a cure come due

  20. I agree. The loss of lives is terrible, but a nut case is a nut case. He would've got the gun and the ammo and flipped no matter what.

    1. Yeah would have got the gun no matter what
      Because he is and always will be a nut

  21. Always easier to place blames for a problem than to find a solution.

    1. So very true
      And that is all people seem to do

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