Little Over Half A Year Time For A Cheer?

So now all over the globe people are going to disrobe. Made you look? Or made you strip at your nook. Either way I don't want to know as some things I don't want you to show. But back on track as now at every single shack, with time zones and such, half of 2012 is over pretty much. So how has yours been so far? Have you thought about it while getting drunk at some bar? That would mean it is bad unless killing ones liver is a fun time to be had. Still, has 2012 been much of a thrill?

Have you climbed a mountain?
Found that life long fountain?
Jumped from a plane?
Jumped from a train?

Got set on fire?
Popped a tire?
Rammed a car?
Drifted to lands afar?

Got a sun burn?
Got put in an urn?
That would burn.
Got tackled by a fern?

Won some dough?
Let me know.
Got attacked by a crow?
Reaped what you sow?

Got funky with a monkey?
Got less chunky?
Pilled some wood?
Been misunderstood?

Got a new house?
Snacked on a chewy mouse?
Computer went boom?
All doom and gloom?

Is the cat too nosey?
Would you rather play ring around the rosey?
You'd all fall down,
Maybe in something brown.

Like some mud,
With a thud.
That would make your year,
And you'd hold that memory dear.

Like when you skinny dipped,
Got mistaken for wood and chipped.
Blah to that sight,
Surely would be a fright.

That would mean you are a ghost,
Haunting some poor old lady at the coast.
Either way,
Quite the 2012 at your bay.

So can you top this stuff?
That came out in a huff?
Has it been great?
Or a crap fate?

For the cat it has be fine,
Such a nice life that of a feline.
But for Pat mostly crap,
But that's just life's lap.

So here's to a better half of the year at least for those around my little rhyming rear. Let's hope yours keeps up and you don't turn into a butt sniffing pup or develop a need to eat a coffee cup or some super duper hiccup. But let's hope it's more than blah for the most part and goes out better than the tail end of a fart. Maybe fun will happen in mass and that will delight my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. it has been a trying year at times, but i have been caught for no crimes and wont suck limes getting better all the times...smiles

    1. Yeah caught for no crimes
      Avoided most mimes
      So hopefully better it will be
      For all and those at my sea

  2. can you believe its half over
    better run for cover
    i am first again
    being worse is a sin

    1. Yep half over indeed
      Flies by at each feed
      And Hank got beat
      You revel in his defeat haha

  3. Brian above is #1
    Good for you,Brian
    I managed likewise
    to sneak in as #1
    at your place.I know
    how you felt here
    as I do now. And I
    didn't even linger
    though I had figured
    to be at your place
    as #2 too! But, Whew!


    1. LOL geez all kinds of fighting for one
      At each place is done
      But at least you didn't linger
      Or give Brian the finger hahaha

  4. It's not crap
    Nor is it drab
    In numbers tab
    Increased postings
    That's a good thing
    Gives a nice feeling
    Clinched a few #1s
    Quite some fun
    Quite a good run


    1. Yeah every single day
      Here at my bay
      I have had my say
      And you have came first a ton for display

  5. Hard to believe we are half way there
    2013 is at the top of the stair
    and we keep trying to do our share
    as we navigate up life's thoroughfare.

    Happy half year!
    Be filled with cheer.

    1. Yeah navigate is all one can do
      No matter what could ensue
      Let's hope the second half is more cheer
      Than annoyance to my little rhyming rear

  6. I did nothing new,
    Haven't made a stew,
    There was no funk,
    I just stayed home and got drunk
    Like I always do

    1. LOL well at least you are consistent at your place
      Showing your drunk face
      And what works works
      So who needs other perks

  7. It's amazing how quickly it's gone.
    It's true time always flies and goes on.
    I love this rhyming as always Cat.
    Don't leave us next year my friend Pat.

    1. I'm sure the cat will be around
      And a rhyme will be found
      Unless it is a crappier half year
      Then who knows about my little rhyming rear

  8. yep, mine was crap too, a bit of a horror zoo!
    Got cut and cut but I'm still fat,
    but better days are coming for sure,
    and surely we shall suffer no more!

    1. Your forgetting, Dezzy, I have your pictures...I know just what a hottie you are =PPPP

    2. I wish those damn better days would come
      So I could stop being a hobbling little rhyming bum
      Such an annoyance it is too
      So let's hope soon they come due

      But with on eye
      You can only see half of that Dez guy hahaha

    3. And the half I saw - oh la la!!!

    4. But I have two and I've seen him too. Quite the lovely man he is our De dear. Okay the letter that comes after the Y in the alphabet doesn't work on my keyboard. I'm fecked, fecked I tell you!!

    5. what's happening with your keyboard, Annzie? I smell cat's diversion! Does your keyboard smell like the cat was near it? Burn it, Annzie, burn it and buy a new one, until the ebil virus infest your whole computer!

    6. See I told her the cat was off doing other things
      Well she was fighting off the lacky cat army at her wings
      Now her keyboard doesn't work
      And all the cat can do is smirk

  9. The beginning of my year was a total roller coaster ride
    so my summer will be spent enjoying the Atlantic tide
    Then towards the summer's beautiful warm end
    I'll be making decisions and after a surgery, be on the mend.

    1. Geez everyone has to get fixed up
      With some surgery hiccup
      I guess this year has sucked for all
      As we're all broken and need some fix up call

    2. LOL - maybe if the Mayans have their say; I'll no worries at my bay

    3. I'm getting a boob job for my birthday!!

    4. is the cat doing a willy job then?

    5. Well if the Mayans have their way
      It will top of a crappy year with their world ending display
      But that is fake
      More likely to drown in a lake

      Have fun with the plastic crap
      The cat would never fall for such a trap

  10. Yeap, I was chased and almost being attacked
    by crow,-
    been misunderstood on the road...
    for the rest half I plan look as a dove,
    and keep drinking the coffee..

    1. Well a better bird
      As eating garbage as a crow is absurd haha
      So drink away
      And fly to coup at your bay

  11. you are one guy who would take "talking out of ass" as compliment, so many "rhyming rear" comments.
    how did your canada day go?
    About all your questions, it happened my hubby, he plays videogames and for a while was glued to this "second life" - virtual life game

    1. Yeah lots of ass talk
      Some would balk
      But the cat would love it
      Each ass fit
      Day went the same as any other one
      Sat and rested my back a ton
      I played them a ton back a while ago
      Now just play them here and there at my show

    2. You fan of virtual life too? That is interesting, I was even ready to install a pole in our bedroom to get his attention back to real life and real people, he was totally glued to that and he was speaking and counting in Linda dollars for a while.

    3. LOL well I'm not that bad
      Hasn't been played much for months by this lad
      As most games now a days suck
      So I don't waste a buck

  12. Computer broke. Met with my first big accident. That alone made quite a half year!

    1. The first one I can relate
      Second is an awful fate
      Surely would make quite the half year
      Let's hope the second half is nothing to fear

  13. I popped a tire AND rammed a car??? Do I get bonus points now??? lol :) Not to mention that I played an energetic game of ring around the rosey about 2 weeks ago...Just sayin ;0)

    1. LOL I suppose you get a half point from me
      But texting and ramming prevents full point for thee
      And energetic ring around the rosey you say
      hahaha that must have been quite the display

    2. Well, my little stinky butt likes to play ring around the rosey!

    3. LOL that could be taken all wrong though
      To those that aren't in the know

    4. Surprised Dez never picked up on that
      Guess he was off today at my mat

  14. Well, the good has outweighed the bad
    as an ok year I've had.
    Certainly have had worse years
    that were filled with lots of tears.
    I choose to look on the bright side, too
    and be content with my life at the zoo.
    And I hope the second half of this year
    is full of lots of cheer
    for everyone here
    and that includes your rhyming rear.

    1. Yeah there has been good here too
      But more crap has come due
      All and all the bright side I can look on
      But it takes a while to dawn
      With this crappy neck/back and such
      And yeah let's hope the second half is better by more than a touch

  15. None of that stuff yet, so I better make room on my calender for the rest of the year.

    1. Yes you better fill it up at your shore
      Or the second half could be a bore

  16. I've thought about it, Pat, while I was a tad drunk behind my laptop. The best things about 2012: talking to all of you guys and my decision to get married (Not necesarily in that order.). Other than that, it's been, well, not so good. No, the cat is not too nosey, but I did pop a tire, alright. :))

    1. Yeah I had a few good things as well
      But the rest has been far from swell
      Would like to forget most of it
      As it surely hasn't been a hit

    2. Well,you got yourself a new place. I'm told it's quite a palace... Hope you're doing fine, Pat.

    3. Umm bad info there
      As I'm still stuck in the shit hole of a lair

    4. Now wait a minute... Didn't you tell me some time ago you had got yourself a new place?

    5. Nope said I was looking but that was it
      Still in the place that is pretty much shit
      Too busy feeling like crap to move one bit
      That is why life sucks at the moment and I did this fit

    6. Guess Blue wasn't paying attention
      Still hope you soon will find a mansion

    7. Pfft not with my debt
      That is a safe bet

  17. The year has
    been shite
    and caused me
    some fright
    from time to time
    brother can you spare a dime.

    The question mark on my computer doesn't work and that's just another spit in the eye from the universe to me.

    1. that's not universe, darling, that's cat messing with our computers! I hear he's paying Neo Matrix to attack our Borg cubes! The missing question mark is just the beginning....

    2. Yep the cat is going all digital at his sea
      To thwart even farther thee
      But I can spare a dime
      It's canadian so it might only be worth a nickel down at your american chime

  18. Geez, I feel like a loser. I've done nothing,
    while many of these I wouldn't advise,
    it makes you wonder about what you've
    done, I haven't even read a new dictionary
    recently. I hope those mayans are dumb-dumbs
    psychic hacks or what not, just as long as
    the days don't end, because there are quite a
    few things I definitely do intend,
    on doing.

    1. Pfft nothing that is worth mentioning at my sea
      Besides lying around fecked up that doesn't cause glee
      So yeah the year as been crap for the most part
      And those mayans are on about as much as my fart

    2. Your year has not be crap, Pat!
      You wrote a few books,
      got people to take a few looks.
      Went on some dates
      and broke through your ocd fate.
      Flew the coop, too!
      Out of the country, to boot!
      Rode on a jet
      and survived all death bets.
      Made your blog connections grow,
      now we can't live without you, you know.
      Have a job and a family, too
      that will take you in on the holidays, true.
      And even though your back feels like hell
      it will get better, I can tell!
      So cheer up, Pat and Cat
      it's not so bad at your mat!
      :) xo

    3. Well that is all true
      And I agree with you
      But when you feel like you got hit by a truck
      It tends to lean more towards suck haha

    4. Isn't your appointment today?
      I hope you get some relief at your bay!

    5. Yep in an hour or so
      Off I will go

  19. Replies
    1. Yeah that can always be the way
      Even with the crappy dismay

  20. None of the above. I must lead a dull life. See if I can change that.

    1. Well as long as you are happy with it
      No need to change it one bit

  21. Been a thrill and a half for me. Sold a book in February and I just got assigned an editor to it last week. So the second half of my year is gonna turn out just fine. :D

    1. Sounds grand
      Congrats on the book selling in your land

  22. Why drink in a bar
    when you can do it in your car?

    Yes, piled some wood
    in this neighborhood.

    It ain't cold today.
    But winter's WILL be on its way.

    Yes, much less chunky,
    but have seen not a monkey.

    Thinking of the coast
    when by the pool I roast.

    The 2012 crap is mostly behind.
    laissez-roulez les Bons TIMES!!


    1. Let's hope the crap will stay there
      And no longer show at my lair
      As Pat get's the voodoo done
      And the later half is much much more fun

  23. I stepped in poo. Whoopity friggen doo. LOL! Here's to a great rest of the year!

    1. That you did
      Would have flipped my lid
      Let's hope it is great
      And not an even worse fate

  24. Oh, as of now I've managed to get just over 20 pounds less chunky, but it hasn't been all hunky dory easy either... But, I do feel a bit lighter for less :)
    I hope to make it another 10 or more before the end of the year or, the apocalypse on the 21st Dec, whichever happens..LOL
    Hope your next 6 months is better than the 1st six seems to have been :)

    1. Well going right to town with yourself
      Hope you get the rest too at your shelf
      And bah to the 21st bunk
      That will never happen to you, me or some drunk
      Yeah lets hope they are better too
      That much better be true

  25. I am grateful for my first half-year blessings, even though some have not been fruitful still I count, the good more than the bad ~

    Hope you enjoyed the long weekend Pat ~

    1. Well as long as good beats bad
      Then that means at least a good time was had

  26. I have climbed a mountain, though it also has a car path, and an elevator.

    Now I feel like they need to install an escalator.

    1. haha and why not
      They have everything else with their plot

  27. I done a few of these things. Adding 'haunting an old woman' to my bucket list for when I'm dead. :)

    1. haha that should be fun to do
      Although you might scare her to death between me and you

  28. I was reading about you and your cat over at so decided to pop on over and have a read and see what I really think..........hmm so what do I think well at this stage I don't bloody You rhyme that is cute kind of like who doesn't like rhyming not me I love to make up rhymes although mine are not that good.......I could tell you one but my brain is cold and doesn't want to

    1. LOL well no ones really knows
      What rains down at my rhyming shows
      So you are in the loop just as well as the rest
      As I like to confuse and be a rhyming pest

  29. i seriously can't believe the year is already over halfway over- that is SO bizarre- where does the time go? According to your list, I have tons to do!

    1. haha yeah tons to do
      For those with a loose screw
      And yeah it does just fly by
      I guess enjoy it we should try

  30. Causing me to reevaluate my life? Man, I am bummed Pat. But, at least there is still 6 months left in the year.

    Glad to see you are still going strong here.

    1. Welcome back
      On the blog attack
      And don't be bummed about it
      You have 6 months to do things bit by bit

  31. ugh, time is going by so fast...


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