Old People Everywhere As The Noises Blare!

So the cat followed Pat down the road and across the pond and a lot further beyond. As it took a whole fifteen minutes of my time. You know that is surely a crime. But he went to the casino for some fun and I sorta got kicked out for eating the ball as it spun, but we won't go there as it eventually came out back at my lair.

What I saw though,
Was quite the show.
It was the geriatric squad,
Who all around gave an applaud.

You'd think it was a nursing home,
As they and their walkers continued to roam.
I hoped no one would win big,
As they would pop their wig.

Also have a heart attack,
Then the cat would steal the dough and run back to his shack.
Hey, don't curse.
I didn't kill them and it could be worse.

At least they had some free food,
Although they were rather rude.
I guess they thought my fleas,
Would really bite up their knees.

People and their damn superstitious mumbo jumbo,
One even carried around a statue of Dumbo.
Oops, I meant of a dog.
Bah, both are just as bad at my blog.

Then one would touch the screen,
And make quite the scene.
I guess both were for good luck,
But sadly she lost her buck.

Another watched as Pat won a bit,
Having her own fit.
I guess at least she was proud of that,
Still confusing to the cat.

Plus too much damn noise.
As all shouted their joys.
Except for one,
Would walked like he couldn't run.

He grumbled quite a bit,
Having an F word fit.
More than once,
I guess he really thought the cashier was a dunce.

They all hopped about,
As the machines kept up their shout.
Wowee, they paid out,
Because you got three trout.

Don't spend your five dollars all in one spot.
Because that is a whole lot.
You'd think they gave you a great deal.
The amount of old people was still unreal.

The cat has nothing against them at all,
Unless on me they tried to fall.
Just an observation of the casino floor,
As the cat got pushed out the door.

Thankfully Pat got his money though and he can spend it on me at our show. Better be something good, as with that whole $40 extra dollars buy me something great he should. Maybe a nice juicy rat, oh scratch that. May as well just get me a pringle can so I can throw it at each fan. I heard enough dings for one day come to pass and now I need to rest my ears as well as my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. good you made some money :)
    the last time i went to a casino here, i was stopped for appearing underaged. when i finally got in, i didnt like it in there. full of mainland chinese who were rather rude and obnoxious.

    1. Yeah I got stopped and id-ed too
      But they quickly let me through
      Just a bunch of mostly grumpy old folks there
      When I went to the casino fair

  2. Congrats on winning... maybe the cat could get a nice new rat toy.

    1. He'd just eat that
      And then throw it up on the mat haha

  3. Well at least you got some money ~ Have not been there lately as it was really noisy and full of tourists ~

    Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. Yeah noisey and full is blah indeed
      Make your ears bleed
      So best to avoid until they go
      And then go win some money and let it flow

  4. So you went back
    to the casino shack!
    Not as much dough this time
    but $40 isn't a crime.
    It's rather nice, I'd say
    and more than you had before at your bay!
    At least it can fill your gas tank
    (the car's Orlin...the car's!)
    or you could just put it in the bank.

    1. LMAO you thwarted my gas attack
      Hmph can't cause flack
      And yeah less than before
      But still better than nothing as I walk out the door
      Might have to try online again one day
      Never know what could happen at my bay

    2. Ah, see...I know you so well
      I know your trigger words you think are swell!

    3. LOL well after the posts I have done run
      I will see if I can avoid the poo fun

    4. It's your blog and you can talk about whatever you like
      and if I don't like it, I'll just sigh and take a hike.

    5. haha we'll see how it goes
      I'm sure I can ue more than poo to curl some toes

  5. "The geriatric squad," really made me feel like I was going to burst out laughing. Great post Pat, I hope no old people read this and hold resentment towards cats.

    1. hahaha had to let that go
      Hopefully no old people show
      But they are fun
      At least a few under the sun

  6. glad to hear pat won a bit, might share a little of it with you so you dont have to kill anyone to get your own, someone throw the cat a bone...err...i guess that is more for dogs...why all the old people being hogs, spending their monthly check, no wonder social security is a wreck...

    1. Yeah should throw the cat a bone
      Or maybe a new phone
      Either way he could clunk a dog
      Using it like a log
      Yeah that is true
      They spend it faster than it can come due

  7. Never been to a casino

    but I'm sure I'd lose all my dough

    1. Bah you never know
      Could win enough to buy a two headed crow

  8. Glad to hear you did well at the casino in spite of the geriatric crowd (which probably came off the geriatric bus). Maybe you should get some catnip for cat with your winnings. If he's like my cat, he'd really enjoy getting a buzz off of that stuff!

    1. hahaha he's lying in catnip right now
      And giving off a mellow meow

  9. LOL! Don't make fun of old people Pat, I'm going to be one of them STAT! When I hit the casino if you are a old person gawker, I will knock you out with my walker ;P

    1. LMAO well if you hit me with your walker
      I'll sure be a talker
      And let everyone know
      Here at my show

  10. I'm glad you won, but would you really buy a rat??? And what exactly makes a rat "juicy"?? Oh no, Pat!! I don't like this!! I don't approve!!!! lol

    Making fun of senior citizens? For shame!!! The mimes are all shaking their head in disappointment!

    1. Well the rat was rubber too
      And it was so juicy you just have no clue
      The cat ate it from head to toe
      And then threw it up in one blow..lol
      Pffft good for the mimes
      They are just adding to their crimes

  11. I always think when I see the old
    Someday they will be me and you
    And if they are a little slow
    At least they are on the go.

    1. Very true,
      May be slow in their view
      But one day could be me
      Although right now they are prob waaaaay faster than me easily haha

  12. I've never been to a casino :\

    1. Well by not giving it a go
      At least you keep your dough


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