Out Of This Hole Does Not Seem To Be An Easy Goal!

So the cat has been spying on Pat and watching as he packs up things around our mat. I guess that means he is trying to move and ruin my groove. But then I guess a bigger place would be grand, as the place we are in now resides in the likes of strat hole land. Then it could be worse, could be a cardboard box so I won't curse. But the cat has yet to have to move one bit for it seems nothing quite does it.

One is by a pond,
So it's price goes to infinity and beyond.
Another doesn't want cats,
Not even pet rats.

One more is gone,
Oops, too slow at our lawn.
Some are months away,
Others actually have rat poo on display.

That is no joke,
Along with some guy offering a toke.
Of what I was afraid to ask,
To live there you'd need a gas mask.

Cheap and one of a kind,
Has plenty of room to run for my behind.
Did I mention there was a shooting there the other day?
Wouldn't you love to make that place your new bay?

Another looks sketchy,
As the roof was kind of stretchy.
Or saggy it could be,
Pfft, thought they could fool me.

A few were great,
Although if they were your fate.
You'd have to work 24/7 to afford,
At least you'd never be bored.

Lots more crap,
All over the map.
One hole deserves another I suppose,
As looking just curls my toes.

Nasty carpet too,
All the germs that could ensue.
Plus a hairball be harder to clean,
So we skip that scene.

Always such a pain,
Searching for a new lane.
But picky I suppose is good,
So no place comes with rotten wood.

Wish it would move quick,
And something would click.
But until then fun will be had,
Searching about with all the nut jobs in front of that Pat lad.

And so Bush Number Three remains in place at our current strat hole of a space until Pat's search is through and we bid this hole adieu. The cat will have to suffer through the heat but will never admit defeat for I'm descendent from Africa too. So this heat I can live through. Be nice when we find some new grass to rest my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Things sure aren't that good
    Hunting for a place isn't neat
    It gets on the the nasty mood
    They had seen were just sick
    Things beginning to get hard
    Must think of something smart


    1. Yeah best to avoid it when one can too
      As it is all true
      Such a pain in the ass
      Not to be too crass haha

  2. Like a place from C.S.I,
    where you go to die.......

  3. smiles. moving is something i have done quite a few times, and can be fun, but packing and unpacking can be sour as limes, i hope he finds just the right place for a cat like yourself, where you can sit in the chair or laze on the shelf...fun to dream of where it might be, then go see...

    1. Yeah I have done it more times than I want to count too
      Some places have just been ewww
      Not fun at all to pack and un pack
      But I'm so used to it I can be ready to go in an hour or so at my shack

  4. Moving can be fun, from an mansion to a slum. I'd much rather live in Compton than be brought up like a bum.

    I hope that cat enjoys his move and moves on and finds his groove.

    1. We shall see what he thinks
      If I find more than finks
      Or ones that cost a strat load
      Making me need a golden toad

  5. Good luck with the searching ~ I hope you find something that will fit everyone's bill (including the cats) ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. As long as I avoid fleas
      The cats aren't too hard to please haha

  6. It's not an easy thing to do,
    Hope you find one you want to move in to!

    1. Nope not easy at all
      Hopefully will find a new stall

  7. I haven't moved since I was 2

    I guess it's long overdue

    1. Really? Damn that is long.
      You need to move to hong kong haha

  8. Moving can be fun:
    new people, new stories,
    new cats and juicy rats -
    Imagine this picture
    and blue mood will gone!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Just a good one has to come due
      Maybe I won't maybe I will
      Either way I'll have my fill

  9. see if even you find some nice shaded grass to chill....you never rest! I don't think it's biologically possible for you to stop rhyming/spewing movie trivia. it just isn't!

    1. Yeah both of those are hard to stop for me
      Especailly the movie
      As I can rhyme that too
      And many more will come due

  10. A sagging roof did you say?
    Was Marmalade on patrol at that bay? hahaha.

    When you find the right place and move out the door
    will you call the new place Bush #4?

    1. Hmmm is he that fat
      To make the roof sag like that? hahaha
      Hmmm bush number four it could be
      Maybe it will have a bigger tush than three haha

    2. I guess if all 9 got on top
      it might sag a lot! ha.

      a bigger tush
      or more buns on your bush?
      multiple cracks
      to hide during attacks?

    3. Yeah that would make it sag
      As they play tag
      Hmmm multiple cracks you say
      I may have to use that one some day haha

    4. or maybe they're just holograms
      and the extra cracks are just a sham.
      I'll still be here daily to say hello
      wouldn't want to blow my perfect record, you know.

    5. Yeah knew you couldn't quit 100%
      And I will surely be around to vent
      Just taking it easy for a week
      To make this back/neck/arm crap go up the creek
      At least I hope so
      And will get a new bed finally tomorrow at my show

    6. A week to flop around a bit
      that's the best vacation...just rest and sit
      Sure hope that helps your aches and pains
      and a new bed surely has it's gains.
      Are the chicken nuggets getting boring?
      Does the apple juice have you snoring?

    7. Yeah let's hope it makes them go
      For this is beyond aggravating at my show
      They are boring indeed
      But feel way better on them at my feed
      So who knows
      We'll see how it goes

  11. Whatever you do,
    Avoid the rat poo.

    Good luck as you seek
    A home for the keep.


    1. Yeah that is what I'll do
      For that rat poo is uber ewww

  12. Hope you find the best
    One to pass Cat's test!
    Good lluck!

    1. Yeah quite the pain
      By the time I find one I'll be using a cane haha

  13. Hope you find just the right place! Good luck with the move.

    1. Yeah not moving until when/if I find one
      Then I'll give moving a run

  14. I dont like pack and unpack but hope you find a nice place:)

    1. Yeah that is the worst
      Who knows but still had to give it a burst

  15. Aww...I hope you find a place soon for your jive... and not a dive either :)

    1. Yeah a dive sucks
      Way to many schmucks
      And you rhymed once more
      Here at my shore

  16. Good luck finding a new space - hopefully one without rat poo and shootings all over the place!

    1. Both of those I'll skip
      As they are not hip

  17. I wish you the best in finding some new digs. Ooo . . . rat pooh? Really?

    1. Yeah it was there
      In the for rent lair haha

  18. You will find a great place real soon!! I just know it :) Everything happens for a reason. You're simply not finding anything because the perfect new home isn't free yet!!

    1. Hmmm I suppose that could be the case
      I'll believe you as I still go through this rat race

  19. I hate always being last
    But your comments are so vast
    I want to be #1
    That would be so much fun

    Good luck with your move
    Don't dare lose your groove
    Best to move where there is no snow
    That way the grass can grow

    1. Oh I so wish I could go
      Where there is no show
      That would be so nice
      I'd say it twice
      And #1 is hard to come by
      But one day #1 you may spy

  20. OOOOO good luck!!! never an easy feat. I always try to rhyme my comments but I'm not too successful at it :)

    But I'll give it a shot: I hope you find a nice home, save a lot of money when you don't roam.

    1. Nope not easy at all
      Unless you want one with rat poo down the hall haha
      The rhyme worked well
      Was just swell

  21. moving process is never fun. Sure you get the excitement of a new pad, but for me, as with any large purchase, I always get that nauseous feeling in my gut, every time I think about the payments due, bigger places for a cat to roam, will take some time to know it all, but soon thereafter will call it home. Perhaps, when all is said and done, on that lawn you'll plant a gnome to rome, or you could get one of those old lady things stuck in the dirt, where she's bending over to all who's eyes unknowing flirt her upticked skirt as the pass, all the while, she's giving the lookiloo's time to kiss her… The boxes are not fun, nope, not at all, but the unpacking can be cool as you rearrange it all in your new place, and of course, w, a party must be set for the warming must then play.

    1. LOL oh the old lady will have to come due
      And I'll be sure to let all know the idea came from you haha
      Yeah the payments really really suck
      Leaving me with less than a buck
      But we shall see
      If one can't be found by me

  22. Well at least you still don't live with your parents. I can't afford to move out.

    1. Well that sucks too
      But at least a ton of dough isn't spent a month by you


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