Quite The Bouncing Scene Today Here At My Bay!

I bet whether a ton or an ounce,
You will still follow the bounce.
Mesmerized by its ongoing show,
As it bounces to and fro.

But is it bouncing up or down?
Do you have to consult a clown?
He may say it is side to side,
And then smile real wide.

For if you tip your head,
Oh the dread!
It could be going side to side.
So can you answer with pride?

Up, down. left or right?
Does it give ones ocd a fright?
As you have to stop and stare,
And the ball never goes anywhere.

Now what are you to do?
As three are in your view.
This is really getting scary,
They do resemble a berry.

But they don't bounce very well.
Is this causing you Hell?
So now that you've decided up, down left or right,
Here is an added plight.

Which one is bouncing higher?
Which one is a low flyer?
And which one is inbetween?
Isn't it fun to visit my scene?

Now you'll be staring at balls all day.
To some that might be a nice display.
But I bet not in this way,
I hope I made your day.

For I just wanted to irk some ocd,
Today at my sea.
And watching those things bounce away,
Surely does that at my bay.

So balls to the wall,
As you visit my hall.
And even tilt your head,
Warning, your eyes may go dead.

So wear some shades as you watch the bounce,
And the cat will watch his back for things that pounce.
For all might send flack to my grass,
For such a display from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. You were this time
      As you dropped a dime
      Must have been up late
      Or really early at your gate

    2. Well I got a whole 2 hours sleep
      And it wasn't very deep

  2. Pat these are a melt, as my brain feels like smelt. That doesn't make sense but it might just I reckon. If Anne hadn't beat me and left me in secon-d. My lacking of rhymes is a sign of the times as I cry out for lines that are new and refined.

    1. New and refined are grand
      And never ever bland
      Yes Anne beat you
      Such an awful thing to do

  3. Balls, balls
    thank God
    they're not
    in my hair.

    But in the
    they fly
    and cause
    strain to
    my eye.

    It rhymes Cat, it rhymes. It's not good, but it rhymes.

    1. Hahaha well I could mutter
      Something about the gutter
      But I will reframe
      And remain tame haha

    2. I put the first lines in so you could if you wanted to Cat. Now a tame Cat is something I've never seen before.

    3. Bah cat is half asleep today
      So will remain tame at my bay

  4. i watch them drop
    i watch them rise
    if it doesn't stop
    i'll be hypnotized

    1. Then go get a tank
      And rob a bank
      Bring me the bucks
      In big trucks

  5. Follow the bouncing ball
    It will take you to the mall
    If you don't fall
    As you walk through the hall
    Hypnotized by the ball.

    1. Hope I don't spend
      Becoming a broke rearend
      As that would be bad
      And not very rad

  6. they seem to be defying the laws of physics some falling quicker that others its an illusion...all those bouncing balls surely someone will be hurting in the morning.....

    1. The laws just do not apply
      And that is no lie
      At my sea
      And yeah someone could be hurting thanks to me

  7. Nice balls! At least we can come to your blog throughout the day...relieve the stress.

    1. Yes, if your life is in a mess
      Come on over and relieve some stress

  8. I'm not gonna make any jokes involving balls. I refuse to do so. Do you know why?......... BECAUSE I'M BLUE BAT!

    1. Hmm so you have morals you say?
      I'll have to try harder next time at my bay

    2. I'm still not gonna make jokes involving balls, especially blue balls. But I'm gonna write you a couple of reviews before long. In my blue cave, of course. I guess that means I've got morals after all.

    3. Blue balls would be a good crack
      But I never used that color at my shack
      Just isn't right
      Not day or night haha
      Yeah some morals I guess
      And yippee I will confess

  9. A Bouncing Ball Haiku
    I'm looking at balls.
    I see one, then I see three.
    No shower today.

    1. Well I hope your clean
      And don't make a scene
      If you were to look
      At other places in your nook

  10. It was hard to read the words
    and made me feel absurd
    my eyes needed to go left to right
    to read the words you did write
    but the balls did interfere
    as they went up and down, I fear.
    weird rhyming I'm doing today
    You post messed up my mind at your bay!

    1. Just wanted to give all exercise for the eye
      To make sure they stay in shape and don't die
      So up and down
      All around town
      Left and right
      Whether day or night
      They will go
      To and fro
      Until you get positioned just right
      Then gain back your sight

    2. I'm just glad that ball of green
      doesn't bounce on my sidebar scene
      Crazy that would make me go
      watching it all day at my show.

    3. LMAO I didn't figure it would
      But I was hoping it could
      Then that would be grand
      Sadly, all will just have to go crazy in my litterbox sand

    4. go crazy in your litterbox sand
      that is one beach party I don't think is grand
      might have to decline that invitation
      until you think of another party location.

    5. Well the cat wanted to be nice
      And you already get dead mice
      And other things
      With wings
      So the litterbox is all I got for a time
      I guess we'll just have to settle for a rhyme chime

    6. Sing me a rhyme, cat
      I would like that.
      How are the 14 others there?
      have you finished ruffling their hair?

    7. haha be scary indeed
      Make your ears bleed
      Yeah they are all around
      But it's other 12 others and the hound

    8. Oh, 14 including you two
      poor weiner dog is outnumbered, too!
      Hope Pat took him for a walk
      on a nice cat-free sidewalk.

    9. Nope no walk came due
      Rained here surely flew

  11. If I read your blog
    Every day that I went on a jog
    I'd probably find myself in a fog
    Looking for my dog.

    1. Could turn into a nut
      Dog might sniff your butt
      A rug you could cut
      And also dance with the mutt

  12. I stared, cat, I stared!! There's something mesmerizing about something bouncing up and down... lol Ok, I'll end it there before I dig my hole any deeper. hahahaha

    So what inspired this post about bouncing??? lol

    1. LMAO hmmmmmm do you really want me to go there?
      As tons of thing can bounce up and down with flair
      I could do a whole post on that
      Hmmm maybe an idea for the cat

      Cassie was playing with a tennis ball
      And so this was bounced onto my wall

  13. Looking how joyfully balls rise
    maybe I don't need to exercise
    simply watch and enetertain my eyes
    for no prize? what a surprize!

    1. Saved you a trip to the gym
      With my little whim
      Of a bouncing display
      Giving you more time in the day

  14. Arrgh. I wouldn't have spent so much time staring at those images if you hadn't suggested it. LOL.

    1. haha I know what a waste
      Turning your mind to paste

  15. Replies
    1. Hmmm that could sound bad
      Just a tad hahaha

  16. This is a bit like tennis...it's all a load of old balls to me ..lol
    Trying to do our eyes in now along with our brains eh!!!! Boing Boing!

    1. Boing Boing I think your brain is done
      But as you come and rhyme it's such fun

  17. bounce bounce

    pounce pounce

  18. What fun Pat, bouncing up and down, up and down ~

    1. Might make ones eyes sore
      And after a while could be a bore

  19. Geez Pat - you really want us all watching your balls???

    1. Well it doesn't bother me
      Does it bother thee? haha

  20. I brought my poo sniffing pooch in to watch your bouncing balls. He got all excited and wanted to eat them.

    1. Yeah figures he would want to eat
      He thinks anything is a treat

  21. fun bouncing around the blog today. Lots of balls on display, and I'd have to say the ball is dropped from the top and then hits the ground and bounces back up, as it has to gain momentum in order to bounce, scientific explanation and all lol Missed the rhymes, been out on my butt for more than a dime, hopefully soon the schedule will pop back into view

    1. Well out on your butt
      Beats becoming a nut
      And sniffing a butt
      Like a mutt haha
      And balls to the wall
      Here at my stall

  22. well I might sound little foolish but when I saw that bouncing ball pic I figured out that you must have written something regarding "Macromedia flash".
    I'm saying so because in my previous semester we had "Macromedia flash" classes in which we had one class regarding how to create sphere and make them bounce!
    But here when I started reading I realized its poem going on!
    Anyways nice one! :)


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