Some Commercialization Of An Experimentation!

So after all the ranting at my sea today I figured I'd do something easy. For the cat had a new kids book idea the other day to use all "tion" words on display. Destination Dalmatian would be obviously a dalmatian when created to view with all his dots making a map of sorts, of what I have no clue. But not quite sure the big words would take if I should I make this one at my lake. So what do you think? Would it make the kiddies and you hit the brink?

The Abomination Accommodation

In a simple nation,
Near a simple station,
Lives Destination Dalmatian,
In need of a vacation.

So starts this narration,
For his vacation duration.
As after this elation,
He left his simple location.

Then came a sensation,
Much like a vibration.
This led to a mutation,
Making him a fixation.

Now Destination Dalmatian,
Was changing his formation.
With leaves from a plantation,
And a rump used for flotation.

This was quite the aggravation,
But he refused to give up his exploration.
Going to Hotel Admiration,
Which did not live up to its designation.

With a look of constipation,
And a little perspiration.
Pluck Duck denied his reservation,
Suggesting he get medication.

Destination Dalmatian,
Did not care about his presentation.
His new blue skin pigmentation,
Or his growing vegetation.

Pluck Duck feared strangulation.
Upon Destination Dalmatian's ventilation.
In an act of desperation.
He quickly sought mediation.

Pluck Duck's proclamation,
Brought Regal Eagle from sanitation.
After a quick observation,
He said Destination Dalmatian needed a relocation.

He would scare the hotel population,
With his funky animation.
He could give off radiation.
He would require a big pool for recreation.

So with appreciation,
Hotel Admiration,
Just does not have the certification,
He'd be better off on a conservation.

Destination Dalmatian,
Was offended by his classification.
But with a little imagination,
Brought forth a new evaluation.

"It should not matter my presentation,
Or my orientation.
For I am booked at your organization,
So it's time for some deliberation.

With Destination Dalmatian,
Thieves will suffer humiliation.
With my illumination,
I make for easy night evacuation.

Your gardens will get fertilization.
Pests will find extermination.
Remedy humidity through evaporation.
Even use me for extra refrigeration.

So by choosing discrimination,
Thanks to my appearance glorification,
You are forgoing stabilization,
Of you so regal organization."

Regal Eagle had no retaliation.
He agreed with Destination Dalmatian.
He could surely help facilitation,
Excelling Hotel Admiration.

So with sophistication,
Regal Eagle recognized his victimization.
Avoiding any more discrimination.
Pluck Duck fixed the invalidation.

Now Destination Dalmatian,
Was free to enjoy his vacation.
Many thought him an irritation,
With his growing animation.

But after a quick demonstration,
All made a simple declaration.
Even with his odd illustration,
They loved Destination Dalmatian.

He became an inspiration.
With his garden pollination.
His use in recreation,
And each hotel renovation.

Nearing the end of his vacation,
Destination Dalmatian
Longed for his simple location.
Near a simple station.

After this elation,
He ended his vacation.
Once more feeling a sensation,
Much like a vibration.

Destination Dalmatian,
Lost each new mutation.
Closing in on the simple station,
In his simple nation.

So in summation,
Well on his vacation.
Destination Dalmatian,
Taught a generation.

That no matter orientation,
There is no limitation,
Only that of imagination,
With no need for discrimination.

And there we go. I think I got down the flow. May get a bit tongue tied if you read fast but the "tion" words are so vast. I just had to try one and give it a rhyming run. Think it would work? As it obviously leaves older folks with a smirk but big words indeed for a kiddie feed. Either way had to give it a pass and it was fun to do, even if it stars a mutt, by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I like the idea (very clever with the dots turning into a map), but I think the words are way to big for children. To be honest, some of the words I would need to step back and think about. :)

    1. Yeah that is what I thought too
      And that isn't news that it would confuse you hahaha
      I could still use the idea I suppose
      Just cut out the "tion" words that would make many curl their nose

    2. I think that the idea is great and you should definitely use it! Do you have a reading level/age group that you are aiming for? You can always create the story and up the age group, but I don't think it would be marketable. lol I can see a child getting frustrated and moving on to a book where you hit a button and it goes "moooooo". lol (I love sound effect books. hahahaha)

    3. LOL that is very true
      They would want the moo
      The younger ones might not like it so much for the words
      As they'd rather look at pretty birds
      But if the pics are great
      Then they can relate
      And as Brian said
      It would hurt their head
      But the parents could jump in
      And read for the win
      Making together time
      So could work out oh so sublime

  2. Honestly Pat I was kind of scared that you wouldn't be able to find words to rhyme off like this but it actually works. I can see what Jax is saying also but I mean at least it challenges children to use their brain while keeping things fun which is something that's always a good thing.

    1. Oh I can always rhyme
      Each and every chime
      And yeah a challenge it would be
      Maybe I'll just be sure and have the pictures pretty haha

  3. Destination Dalmatian would be a hit I this nation.
    That is my opinion in summation.

    1. Glad you think so
      As you helped start the kiddie book rodeo

  4. For a little comic flare, you could add a pic of Kim Kardashian for the line "and a rump used for flotation".

    1. LOL that might scare all away
      With such a display

  5. That is a lot of "shun" to take in!

    But you pulled it off and so it's time for celebration!

    1. Oh and there are many more
      I just didn't want to go on forever at my shore

  6. haha...can I trade in stories to illustrate?
    This one sound more fun at any rate.

    1. LOL this one just popped out of the on cue
      As I tried to give the "tion" one a go at my zoo
      It can easily be saved for you
      If you want it to come due

    2. I think I want to swap
      the one I have is over the top
      besides some characters have disappeared
      and that might seem a little weird.

    3. Okay, with that
      Here at my mat
      Just if you already did some
      Didn't want to take that work away with my new kiddie hum
      But if you want to switch for this
      Go for it, as the cat won't hiss

    4. I haven't even started it
      so maybe this would be a better fit. :)
      And I can draw spots
      I like them a lot!

    5. Yeah if you like
      Let this one take a hike
      Should be interesting to see
      As many things can be created with a mutating dalmatian by thee hahaha

  7. lol...i think you have a good story and it is certainly catchy, might take some help from some parents to get passed some of the words, but that is not absurd and should bring families together more you know....smiles....

    1. Hmm never thought of that
      Bringing togetherness at ones mat
      I think that is a good point
      May have to add it to the pipeline at my joint

  8. Agree would be a great story. ..Cat!

    1. Glad you agree
      Maybe I'll make one next time with a character that has an "oh dear" spree hahaha

    2. LOL geez such a fuss
      You need to board the swearing bus
      That will be $100000 in in the swear jar
      Could buy me a big new car

    3. On a roll
      Pffftt and swearing will cost a big toll

  9. These reads like the rap at the start of that Sum 41 song.

    1. Well they have fame
      So maybe it will work for my rhyming game

    2. Ohh, Sum 41 used to be my favorite band!! My high school binders had their stickers all over them :) Do I get Canadian points for that????

    3. Hmmmm I suppose you can have a point or two
      But you lose many because you said used too haha

  10. This is awesome! I'd love to share it with my older children, they are dread-locked, so I love that Destination Dalmatian does not care about his presentation. :)

    1. Share away
      Fine with me at my bay
      Glad you liked too
      Will surely have to make this one come due

  11. You know... this Poem, or for this matter, Rap, would sound great over some beats I can make. =]

    I heard it in my head going to a nice slow hip hop beat.

    1. Now that would be grand
      An actual beat with the rhymes at my land
      Sure would be fun to do
      That is surely true

  12. I just noticed there is no springs with flings before I know it will be smashed printer time

    1. you missed all of those rummers?
      what a bummer!

    2. Damn you are umm kind of slow this past month or so
      Now off to get drunk you go haha

  13. ya know skin pigmentation doesn't sound bad at all..

    1. Hmmm you want to be blue
      Want me to send some paint to you? haha

  14. Pluck duck.. I like that... and Regal Eagle...Like that too... there is no abominaTION in all of this creaTION... darn you made me rhyme...again!!!! hehe

    1. Always make you rhyme
      Each and every time
      Oh so much fun
      Under my sun

  15. Dude, I think all those "tions" would create a mental aberration for the younger generation. But I like it.

    1. hahaha yeah that they would
      But still some fun for me it could

  16. I really enjoyed this Pat...For older children, I think its okay
    to share this story...The last stanza specially, its meaningfully and rhymes well ~

    Good work Pat ~

    1. Yeah the older ones will get it with ease
      The others may just scratch some fleas

  17. Of rhymes this was definitely a satiation,
    but you don't have to bother with an explanation.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Glad I don't need such an action
      May put my mind in traction

  18. A twisting tongue
    can be quite
    fun with
    rhymes like
    this I'll
    have a fit.

    This was like reading the big alphabet book to my daughter. That was a tough one to get through and it was the one she liked the best. So just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's not something kids would enjoy.

    Have a good one Cat!

    1. haha making you have a fit is grand
      And sounds good, it will be done at my land

  19. I think the kids would like it. I like tion words.

    1. Another for the win
      I guess this must be done at my bin

  20. you sure are creative when it comes to this type of stuff

    1. That I can be
      With whatever I want at my sea

  21. Wish I could say I was that inspiration on my vacation. :P

    1. Well hope it was at least fun
      Your vacation run

  22. Constipation is not a healthy kind of discrimination.


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