Take A Turn And Get A dVerse Burn!

So as the cat was going to dVerse it turns out they were closed so he had to sit outside and curse. I guess they had a terminte infestation and had to wait a certain gestation for it to come to pass and so they snubbed my little rhyming ass. Or at least that is what I hear. Maybe my rhymes they fear. Either way it is all their fault. For the cat has gotten sun burn at his vault. Do you know how hard it is to scratch when you have hair that is more than a patch?

Turn to the left, turn to the right.
Either way brings a fright.
For a nice big burn,
Gets you at every turn.

Red like a lobster some say,
Which have yet to try at my bay.
But red like bull,
Hmmm of something they are full.

As the bull runs at red,
Guess I better stay in bed.
Of course that hurts too,
Although at least when I moon all of you.

You will see a red moon rising quite fast,
Unlike Bad Moon Rising I hope it doesn't last.
Red like a clown nose,
Now that surely brings woes.

I will chew off dVerse at the toes,
If such a thngs flows.
Maybe I could pass for a lion,
There is no harm in tryin.

Then they may stick me in a zoo,
That would turn me blue.
Geez all the colors of the rainbow,
Thanks to the dVerse show.

If only they opened the damn door,
Instead of being yellow at their shore.
Look another color worked in.
Damn, I'm good at my bin.

Even while red I'm in the black,
Eating an orange at my shack.
I guess things aren't so black and white,
For grey could dim the bright light.

And all because of the burn,
This color thing took a turn.
Maybe I'll get red like a firetruck,
And hose down each dVerse duck.

Then they could have a swimming pool,
Wouldn't that be cool?
It'd get cold in the winter,
They could keep warm by smashing a printer.

You see where a sun burn takes you?
All over the place like the cat doesn't have a clue.
All thanks to dVerse,
So blame them when you curse.

Or snuggle up to your spring fling,
And give fall a ring.
Get drunk as well,
And now I go back to sun burn hell.

Thanks for that dVerse,
You made me go color perverse.
At least I didn't mention brown,
That would make many frown.

And so my colorful take on this dVerse show is done and now I go back to the yellow sun. For the cat can feel the burn and take it at every turn. At least I'll look bright and cheery for some lass as I trot around with my sun burnt little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I love this stuff Pat and I also love the new Summer tagline, I think I might just oblige with that haha. I'm not too happy to hear that you got suburned either cat. I do think it's DVerse's fault but next time make sure to wear sunblock you dolt.

    1. I will still blame dVerse
      And let out a little curse
      The cat doesn't like that stuff
      If makes his fur all rough

  2. lol, the door will open soon enough, 3 pm come and join the bunch, but ow oh yikes sun burn sucks, hot to the touch and inching and such...do aloe your bum, but dont ask me to help, there are just some things you must do yourself...

    1. LMAO I'm sure there are a few
      The cat could get to help it come due
      And yeah when you finally open the door
      The cat will surely explore

  3. I love summer but not the red carrot faces around. ;) and some ask me this, hey how waz the weekend? Did you get tanned? "hey dude, I am a brown woman, tanned enough"
    Next time when you tan long enough, avoid Florida, I don't think cannibals can resist barbecue smell."

    Loved the rainbow post

    1. LOL I don't want those cannibals after me
      They surely don't cause glee
      So the cat will avoid such a place
      When he has a red ass and face hahaha

    2. red ass? You mean you was suntanning nude?

    3. pray do tell us more, I'm strangely amused.....

    4. LOL the cat does it all the time
      Stretching out and letting everything show all sublime

    5. OK I'm buying myself new spying binoculars....

    6. Hmmm the cat will have to get a shield
      So you don't see things that he tends to weild
      For his snip snip
      Would get some lip

    7. This is so funny..ha..ha ~ Off to visit Dez ~

    8. LOL don't encourage him
      Things may get grim haha

    9. see how we regal the crowd, cat, with our glorious talks.... we always go deep into the essence of life and universe.....

    10. Yeah and get plenty of views
      I guess people much have some loose screws

    11. yep, those with loose screws usually end up screwed, but it's good since they're usually not aware of it....

    12. Well that is just no fun
      Being aware surely must be done

  4. "Do you know how hard it is to scratch when you have hair that is more than a patch?"
    depends which part of the body we're talking about, cat!

    1. Well the cat has hair everywhere
      So he could be talking about any part at his lair

  5. A fine tribute for d'Verse
    First anniversary is obvious
    It has all been fun
    It was a fine run
    Forward to another year
    Bring all the good cheer
    Was just musing
    And just wondering
    What Pat has in store?


    1. God only knows what will come
      Out of my little rhyming bum
      But I'm sure plenty will be in store
      To be ranted about at my shore

  6. If it's that difficult to scratch, I can only imagine it's that much more difficult to get burnt!! Only you, cat!!

    P.S. Who can blame them? I mean, you're rhymes can be scary!! Especially when you try to bully your innocent readers and the even more innocent mimes. :( :(

    1. haha only me
      I guess the fleas are now burnt crispy
      Will have to get some new ones to send to you
      And your stinkin' mime crew

    2. Nooo, keep your fleas to yourself!!!!

    3. Pfft I will share
      So beware

  7. I got sunburn real bad the other week. I literally had "lobster arms" and then the grocery store crew tried to confine me to a small tank, put rubberbands on my hands, and tortue me until a customer bought me for several washingtons per pound. That's the last time I shop there.

    1. Well in these tough economic times
      I guess one has to pinch many dimes
      And try to sell whatever they may
      Even you and your lobster display

    2. Adam, that is the funniest comment ever.

      Oh gosh..thanks, I needed that. hahahaha.....

    3. One of those days?
      With no sunny rays

    4. haha...more like one of those months
      I wish July to be over a whole bunch.
      Or at least for happier days
      with lots of sunny rays. :)

    5. I wouldn't buy you and eat you, Adam, I'd make you sing me UNDER THE SEA like Sebastian :))

    6. Well I can surely relate
      To such a fate
      I too wish for this crap to be over
      Gets pretty bad when the cat would rather have a butt sniffing rover haha

  8. Pat, I thought the cat always has the hat?
    at least an umbrella for fella?
    I can imagine what the fun for cat to heal his back
    with sour cream maybe? :)lol

    1. Yeah his head is fine
      But his behind isn't so divine
      Nice and red I will say
      In its display

  9. Congrats on the first anniversary there.
    I know they are glad to have you at their lair!

    1. Yeah I suppose they are
      Even if I steal from the tip jar

    2. haha...oh, that's what it's for
      if you're a regular contributor!

    3. I'll remember that excuse
      Should they ever notice money dropping from my caboose

  10. Ouch on having sunburn...on a little rhyming ass, or not. LOL
    A curse on dVerse for not allowing you in..oh what a dreadful dverse sin. Now you will have to moon them all from your little (burnt) shining bum, no matter what colour it happens to be...show them some. :)
    *&*^!*#^ <<< Swear words... you've got me rhyming (somewhat) again LOL

    1. LOL have to cover up the swear
      No need for that at my lair
      As getting you to rhyme is always quite fun
      And yeah a full red arse moon must be done

  11. a colourful brother
    from another mother
    ring ring, ring ring...
    Hello Pat
    you make those hues
    sing sing...
    theres no escape
    every week, a rib, the Hattman
    doth brake!!!

    1. I will not brake unless I break
      Then I may go drown myself in a lake
      Or whack someone with a rake
      Yeah both of those are prob fake

  12. Oh, the rainbow of colors for Dverse.

    1. Yeah the colors just popped out
      As I did my shout

  13. Always interesting when I find my way in;
    The cat, Patt and poetry - good for a grin.

  14. I love all the colors when you get a sun burn...

    and having a pool is a good idea, a pool party..he..he...

    Happy day to you ~

    1. Yeah a pool party is grand
      As long as they don't use it and go to the litterbox sand haha

  15. Love this, Pat. You always make me smile. :) Thanks!

    1. Oh so fun to go a rhyming mile
      And get a smile

  16. now when I listen to Creedence Clearwater I'm going to visualize a bloody ass. thanks.

    1. LOL any time
      But yeah that visual is a crime

  17. Oh Pat you really made me smile
    I'm sorry your bum hurt for a while
    hope it gets better real pretty soon
    but nevertheless you still cut the groove -
    Heehehe - hugs n love - Lib

    1. Yeah I can have fun with most
      As I rhyme and boast
      And always fun to crack a smile
      Even when I get vile haha

  18. Well, you know what door opened for me yesterday? Trump's!!! And yes, I have the proof!

    1. Hmph! I will not believe you
      That such a thing came due

  19. Sunburn isn't fun
    On the face or the bum
    I say sit in the snow
    But not if it's yellow.


    1. I'd have a ways to go
      To find some snow
      But with this heat
      Could be a treat

  20. now this was colorful..in the most literally sense..smiles

    1. haha always am at me sea
      As it is just fun and causes glee

  21. hahaha, well isn't that the most original way to tell a story about an achin' bottom. :)

    1. Original I try to be most times
      Unless I have to scare away any mimes

  22. Not only does hair make it hard to scratch, but it makes it itchier too...

    1. That is true as well
      Can cause quite the itchy hell

  23. haha, I guess animals can get sun bum, never thought of that before. Chelsea will lay out on the concrete for quite the while, actually have to tell her to come inside, otherwise she'd bake all day, and her tummy does get quite pink, but as for pain, I never see her blink, but yeah, sub burn must be at play in some cases, and that doesn't sound like it would be fun. I see my color spree and a subliminal effect on thee, but probably just the coincidental thing, seeing I remember you wrote once that you have like six months of posts in the bin, waiting to shine their grin. fun write

    1. LOL yeah this one was done a while ago
      As I am about 40 posts ahead or so
      At most times here
      Not now I fear
      But yeah they can get sun burnt too I suppose
      Doesn't seem to cause them woes

  24. Hi Pat! You rhyme, I like that:-) I was also waiting at the door, but I always wear sunscreen... nice to meet, I'll be back

    1. Bah the cat is too cheap for sun screen
      And would rather cruse dVerse and be mean haha

  25. Wow, what a fun place! Funny way to congratulate dVerse, with a curse. A spot of pink can turn into quite a burn, I hope that you let the snake fern and watch the whole thing upturn-that's my sorry attempt. :) I have a feeling that I've met a clever cat.

    1. That cat is clever
      With his rhyming endeavor
      At least so I'm told
      Nice rhyming as you join the fold

  26. You are master of end-rhymes, Pat. We need to study your poetic work in that area. Always fund reading your work, sir. Hope you'll visit my blog as well. I do read yours.

    1. A master you say
      Damn stroking the ego at my bay haha
      Glad it is fun
      As I enjoy doing it under my sun

  27. Ha.....thanks to dVerse
    I'm hooked on your verse!
    A blessing not a curse!

    1. Well that is grand
      Being hooked to my land
      At least until something vile
      Then you may want to run a mile

  28. i like the poetry of gray dimming the light

    Lillian gish

    1. Yeah that of the gray
      Can change day to night or night to day


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