The D's Fight It Out And One Will Surely Pout!

Darzin and Drazin finally met up and Darzin still had plenty of marks from a pup. I guess one caught the lovey dovey creep and bit him good and deep. But that didn't change his mind and he was still lovey dovey feeling up his own behind. So we actually helped the so called Godly one and sent him after Darzin as they both let their mouthes run. That was quite the ordeal, their identical voices were kind of unreal.

"Drazin is going to make you pay for copying a god."

"In order to be a true god, you need to embrace nature, embrace the love, feel the vibrations."

"Forget saying your name fifty times and kill this thing already."

Miss Priss had quite enough of his hippy dippy stuff,
She was really in a huff.
He even bent down and tried to brush her,
But you know with her OCD not to touch her fur.
She scratched his hand,
And a bit of blood dripped down on the land.

"The giver of life. We should all bleed once in a while to know we are alive. That is the balance of nature. Let's all have one big group hug and sing it out."

Drazin was staring in disbelief,
Like as to say "Good Grief"
But he knew that would sound dumb,
So decided to forgo such a hum.
Finally he picked up a log,
And said things too dirty for this blog.

"Why must you let hate guide you? Come into the light and bask in its energizing glow."

"Drazin has had enough of this. Drazin is going to end this Drazin clone and prove there is only one Drazin. The Great God Duke Drazin!"

"If only he acted as fast as he said his name, this guy would be dead already."

Drazin was going over the fact,
That Darzin pranced in a women's bathing suit and did his lovey dovey act.
It was clear someone was making fun of him,
And he was going to rip that mask off this guy who was so dim.

Drazin went to whack the loon,
But Darzin hopped about like a baboon.
I swear the guy had fleas,
Maybe I sent some to his knees.

"You can't beat the power of love because when push comes to shove...."

He was quoting songs and rhyming in front of me. I could not let that be. So I stood behind him as he pranced, too lovey dovey entranced, and he tripped over me. Drazin stood over him so he could not flee. And what Darzin said next I can't really tell for that is where things went further down to Hell.


"Really? You fleabags had to go and get them going didn't you? Drazin doesn't have time for this nonsense. When you find that shampoo obsessed nutcase, tell her to keep her mates out of Drazin's hair."




I think in one of those Darzin flipped us off,
As Drazin tied him to a tree and he continued to scoff.
But why didn't he say a word?
Well because he truly was absurd.

Darzin was a stinkin mime!
And without his Darzin mask on he could not chime.
For that would be a crime.
So I guess mimes as lovey dovey hippy dippy clone freaks can talk and think they are sublime.

But you take off the mask,
And they go back to task.
Pretending once more,
They can't talk at any shore.

Well after Drazin tore up the mask,
I had one final task.
Miss Priss even joined in,
And we both committed what some might consider a sin.

For we went on either side of the mime,
And at the same time,
Felt such bliss,
Doing what you get when you take the R out of Priss.

Then we left the poor hippy dippy clone thing all alone and he couldn't even make a ding. I told you mimes were crazy. This guy must have been high off his fake daisy. Or got squirted with fake water in the face and decided to copy Drazin and prance all over the place. I hope this is the last time this fool comes to pass and Blabber, keep your damn mimes away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I love your characters Pat and that's the end of that. I think Drazin's my favourite since I'm pretty sure he's been around for longer. I love the "take the R out of Priss too," line, that's absolute genius haha and it really made me laugh, awesome rhymes as always my friend, I'm here until the very end.

    Here's where I proclaim in a burst, that I've won and posted first!

    1. Yeah you finally get to gloat
      About being first at my boat
      Drazin is prob my favorite too
      As he can be an ass on cue haha

  2. And said things too dirty for this blog.

    oh the hog and i find that hard to believe your ... flow like a sieve...dancing and prancing in the bathing suit to boot...and you pissed on the mime that is like a silent crime

    1. Yeah really hard to believe isn't it?
      He had quite the nasty fit
      But I suppose I could relay it to all
      Altough some might ball

  3. Drazin and Darzin
    Clones of a kind
    Prancing and dancing
    All true sublime
    With mask he could mime
    He could well proclaim
    It was not a crime!


    1. I would disagree
      As he should flee
      Such a crime
      To be a mime

  4. Too dirty for this blog? Yikes!

    1. is it possible?

      or probable?

    2. Yeah dirty
      And not very flirty

      Pfft prob not
      But we'll pretend a whole lot

  5. Probably some of the most interesting characters ever.

    1. Well that works for me
      I guess one just has to be crazy

  6. Replies
    1. Espeically the mime
      That face is just a crime

  7. As reminded by Yeamie
    I'm here reading your rhyme.
    Though it may be unseemly
    to read, ahead of time.

    1. Yeah that is could be
      But it still causes glee
      If not take a knee
      And try to have a pee

  8. Ugh! I hate mimes. Even put a couple in my second book just so the main character can beat them up.

    1. LOL that is surely a thing to do
      Stick them in your character's view
      And then kick their ass
      In mass haha

  9. OOOHHHHHH, swearin' and pissin' now are we? I like it!!!!

    1. That may not be a good habit to like
      But I suppose it beats putting heads on a pike

  10. Hate crimes
    against mimes!
    Some association
    will hear of the instigation
    and picket around Bush #3
    with signs and profanity!

    1. Pfft they'll get pringle cans of poo
      If they come to my zoo
      Then they can yell
      And really really smell

  11. I don't think anything can top "lovey dovey hippy dippy clone freaks." Well done.

    1. Yeah that is a good one
      Should make many run

  12. This is a great contrast in you talking about "marks" from an encounter when I just read a post about why we can't just all get along. Getting along sure does not make for interesting books though.

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Interest comes from conflict that comes due
      More interesting to read I suppose
      About something that may curl your toes

  13. Drazin and Darzin are back at it again
    To drive me crazy at your den
    Flipping the bird?
    My what a turd!

    1. Well better to be a turd
      Then leave one
      As that would be absurd
      And smell a ton

  14. And you hate mimes. Drazin and Darzin are good match for mimes it looks like. Thanks to Miss Priss.

    1. Yes the mimes must fry
      As they make kiddies cry

  15. Mmmmmmmm! I dont know!
    Anyway where hell is Dez??

    1. You don't know?
      That is typical at my show haha
      Poor little Dez has his panties in a bunch
      So I guess he's out to lunch

    2. That's why they are in a bunch
      But yeah good hunch

  16. This sounds like it went very well. :P

    Also, I wish I could do nothing but sit around and get drunk all summer. :P

    1. Well could rot your liver
      And that would just make one shiver

  17. LMAO He was a mime!!! hahahahaha Goodstuff!! See, cat, those mimes are getting closer to you!! I warned you but you're just not listening to me. Hmph...

    Shampoo obsessed nutcase? There is no such thing. Those two sayings don't go together. It's an oxymoron. It's like disgusting NY pizza. It just doesn't exist ;)

    1. LOL yep he was a mime
      Who danced around in his so called prime
      Spreading the love about
      Making Drazin shout
      Pffft it works for me
      And the pizza one I'll have to nod and agree

  18. Too funny! Drazin a mime in a woman's bathing suit? Maybe he should go to San Francisco.

    1. Darzin is the one
      And yeah San Francisco and him would get along fine under its sun

  19. Lovey dovey hippy dippy...."Let's all have one big group hug and sing it out."
    I was expecting at least to see one of them break into a verse of kumbaya ...Oh Lord... LOLOL

    1. LOL that woud be even more scary though
      I'd have to close up and run away from my show

  20. This got my attention :

    So I guess mimes as lovey dovey hippy dippy clone freaks can talk and think they are sublime.

    NO to fake daisy ~

    1. haha seems that caught many at my sea
      And hmph he won't like you said no to the daisy

  21. Drazin cracks me up! I love reading about his antics :0)

  22. haha, the mime thing cracked me up and so did that last line, taking the R out, quite the wordplay, needed a chuckle.

    1. Yeah the R thing just popped in
      Always glad to give a chuckle at my bin

  23. Replies
    1. That they should too
      Flush them all down the loo

  24. "For we went on either side of the mime,
    And at the same time,
    Felt such bliss,
    Doing what you get when you take the R out of Priss."

    Bro, you should be a rapper. Even if you're white (I think), I'll buy your album because they actually make sense. Not like "IMMA WATCHA CHUGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO"

    1. LMAO would look kind of funny as a rapper though
      So I'll just hide behind my rhyming show
      And yeah I make more sense then that
      At least most days at my mat


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