A Whole dVerse Year With My Little Rhyming Rear!

So dVerse lasted a year and the cat never missed a Tuesday cheer, damn I am good, get a medal I should. But then the cat doesn't miss a day here at his bay. Through all the crap he has still taken the rhyming lap. So why not collect them all and jibber jabber away like a drunk at my hall. I do that anyway? Pfft so go eat some hay.

The tease of the ease,
Came about because of fleas.
The alliance is perverse,
That was already diverse.

Approve of the groove?
Let the walrus stick and move.
Goes round and round,
And still was never found.

Some are dense,
With the common sense of a fence.
That could be pointy too,
Or eletrocute you.

Bitter with Twitter was grand,
Let's give Facebook a hand.
Pfft yeah right.
Just like the sucking vampires of the night.

With a yakkety yak,
You find them on crack.
To the hilt with a quilt,
Sadly it was never built.

Triskaidekaphobia came due,
Confusing and scaring many with its view.
Sunk with junk,
They put me in a funk.

Bitch of a glitch,
Scratched my dVerse itch.
A mutt went to the loo in a shoe,
For all to view.

Royal is fun to say,
And to have such a regal display.
Have hit the brink,
Driving me right to drink.

Lean thanks to the urban scene
Boy, are they mean.
And it could annoy,
Which brings me joy.

From me to you,
As Mr. Linky still tries to sue.
And all rhymes,
With some grammar crimes.

So what should this say?
I make catchy titles at my bay?
Or maybe that dVerse takes all kinds,
From mutts to vampires to rhyming behinds.

And as said when it opened up,
Filling each cup.
Is this dVerse enough for you?
Yes, you know it is true.

So all titles that have come to pass in one form or another at my grass. As I played each Tuesday with dVerse and some times I even let out a curse. But it doesn't matter what one does or if they are covered in hair or fuzz. Even if you want to truly pass gas, dVerse welcomes all and would never deny my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. You never missed one, that is a record ~

    I can hardly keep up with your daily posts, fleas, loos and other stuff ~

    1. Can't believe I am first here...he..he....Happy day to you ~

    2. First at my sea
      Been a long time since it was thee
      And you do well at keeping up here
      Always around to comment to my little rhyming rear

  2. Replies
    1. no, second to heaven
      but not a bad position

    2. yes, when the cat comes you will be in the sandwich :P

    3. Oh so close
      Here at my house
      And pfft to penguin man
      He's too busy dressing up like Peter Pan

  3. you were here, you were there, all 52 at your lair and funny too how you can rhyme your titles over all those weeks, you def have the rhymes that do not stinks...ok that was weak, but congrats my friend lets do some more and i will keep washing up on your shore...

    1. LOL a little weak
      Still won't end the streak
      As I'll continue for another year
      And hopefully make it two next year with my cheer

  4. It's amazing
    Had your fling
    For one year
    With your cheer
    Never missing
    Good rhyming
    Wonderful gems
    All the time


    1. Yep one whole year
      Fling and flung my rhyming rear
      And gems hopefully
      Each one at my sea

  5. I'd never scratch your itch, although I remember you wanted to scratch mine once, cat....
    And pffft .... walruses are not small like cats so that you couldn't find them if they get lost....

    1. Well it depends where they get lost
      If they get lost in a walrus den you might not find them at any cost
      And pfft to your itch
      The cat will scratch it by dragging you through a ditch ha!

  6. You've had a good year
    along with dVerse gear
    spreading your fun cheer
    never bringing up the rear
    your words pleasing to hear!

    1. Well maybe the rear in another way
      Was brought up at my bay
      But that is always on display
      As I end the rant each day haha

  7. It seems incredible that dVerse has been going for one whole year...gulps ...time is sure flying! And I haven't missed a week either. We know it's always going to last... Great stuff from your little rhyming ass :)

    1. Yeah does seem to fly by
      That is no lie
      And as long as it and the cat are around
      Hopefully a post will be found

  8. A whole year not missing one Dverse?? Bravo, Bravo!! lol Although you lose all your points for mentioning fleas and the alliance in the same paragraph. Hmph!!

    1. Pfft fine one to talk
      As you go for a walk
      And leave your blog without a post
      Such a bad host hahahaha

    2. Psh, even I am allowed a break, cat!!!! Don't hate on me for basking in the sun instead of slaving away at my keyboard ;) lol

    3. I will hate all I want
      And even taunt
      For the cat is stuck inside
      So he has to hate with pride haha

  9. Yeah, I'm with Jax! Mentioning the Alliance and fleas together - how dare you, you wretched cat!

    I'd say congrats but I really wouldn't mean it...unless I can only direct it towards Pat...then I'd consider it.

    1. Pfft you know you mean it to the cat
      As your one eye just confuses you at your mat
      And agreeing with Blabber at my sea
      That is not a rarity haha

    2. Heyy home girl ;)
      Tomorrow my post is dedicated to you!!

    3. Pfft well thursday
      The cat sends one her way hahaha

    4. Woo Hoo - a nice post from my home girl, Jax to counteract the attack I'm sure is headed my way over here on Thursday...

    5. Pfft nothing can counteract me
      I'll get you with a flea on the knee

  10. I love this blog Pat and I think it's amazing that you've lasted so long, it really is DVerse but it definitely isn't the worst, wait that doesn't rhyme, I'd better get in the hearse.

    1. Yes for the not so rhyme
      That is a crime
      But I won't wish you dead
      Just a bonk on the head

  11. oh it can never be dVerse enough..just saying...smiles.. wow...you didn't miss one single week...that's something.. i missed one week when i was in tuscany out in the country side with no internet far and wide..smiles

    1. I out did you
      hahaha oh that is fun to have come due

  12. I give you three blog awards - congrats!

    1. Not one, or two, but three
      Damn you spoil me

  13. Congrats on the year. Unlike you, I will not qualify for the perfect attendance party.

    1. Yeah such a slacker with your breaks
      Enjoying such things as lakes

  14. Rhyme's not my thing
    I can't make it sing
    There's no hope so I don't even bother

    But your fifty-two weeks
    Of your talent does speak
    So I think you the "Great Rhyming Father!"

    1. Well you made it rhyme
      Without a crime
      All sublime
      With your chime
      And that I will take too
      Makes my ego grow on cue

  15. Oh, Pat ... after reading all this serious, deep, and artsy-fartsy stuff, it's good to have a bit of a smile :) Congratulations on making it all year! This is my first week, hehe!

    1. haha deep and artsy fartsy I rarely will be
      Here at bush number three
      Occasionaly though I am fartsy
      Without the artsy

  16. Congrats on making it 1 year

    now go hug a deer

    or have a beer

    and maybe gain no fear

    whichever you prefer

    I'm not a connoisseur

    1. I'll take the third
      The first is absurd
      And the second isn't liked by me
      But maybe if it's free

  17. Congrats Pat....but Triskaidekaphobia??????
    oh you!

  18. Oh ey Pat - yep diverse it's at - every tuesday never missed - deserve a medal and that's no jib - brought a smile with your fabulous words - thankyou Pat for all your worth - and share - Lib x x

    1. Hopefully I have lots of worth
      As the rhymes give birth
      And glad there is a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile

  19. tipping my brim to the Patster...

    one year on and still going strong...

    driving TO drink isnt a bad thing!

    but make sure you call a cab
    on the way home!!! :D

    1. Yeah or else end up in jail
      That be a fail
      Like that Lohan crack pot
      Who does that a whole lot

  20. Well, good for you
    being consistent with the deVerse crew!
    You just add the spice
    to their most regular lives! :)

    1. Geez you spelled dVerse wrong
      And you only rhymed have your song
      What? Your coffee run dry?
      Out playing with the pool guy? hahahahaha

    2. sorry...a little off today
      at my bay :(

    3. One of those days
      Yeah know those in one too many ways

  21. We have shared this space here for a year
    do I hear a cheer?
    :)You always make me smile, thank you. :)

    1. Yep it is a cheer
      From my little rhyming rear haha

  22. A year already? It seems that Pat Hatt and his Dverse cats have been part of my life.

    1. Yeah a year over there
      But about a year and a half or me at my lair

  23. Congrats Pat - and Cat. And you've made it in doubletime with all your wonderful ..... k.

    1. Yep made it to the year
      With dVerse and struck some fear

  24. Late night drive-by again Cat. Congratulations on keeping your groove going without fail for this long. dVerse comes up with some pretty challenging stuff and you never miss a beat. Damn you're good Cat, you're good.

    It's late and no one will know I'm being nice to you Cat!!!!!

    1. Geez you are being nice
      Without any spice
      I guess the late nights make you mellow
      Or you just had something slipped in your jellow

    2. she drinks all the supplies of gin by the sunset and the Alliance can't keep her goodness under control after that :PPP

    3. Not sure anyone could
      Or anyone should

  25. happy anniversary! that's awesome. opossum. (I rhymed!)

  26. Darn those fleas, making everyone all itchy...

  27. your words betray your talent Pat have always enjoyed but this was uniquely a Poet taking us for a ride..thank you my friend of words..

    1. Don't want my ego to get to large haha
      But glad you enjoyed the words at my barge

  28. Thats quite an accomplishment! I hope you go two years with out missing a week! And heck when you've gone a decade with out week, you will be the dVerse king I'm sure!

    1. LOL ten years is mighty far off
      But I think I can pull it off and become king making them all scoff

  29. Cool D'verse recap/anthology tribute you've done here, of yourself in the d'verse fun. Highlighting some hallmarks lines and always letting the words chime.

    1. Yeah doing a highlight of yourself
      Is almost as bad as a mime that thinks it's an elf

  30. Congrats on one year! I just made it to two, but I can't keep up with you.

    Loved this tribute. 'Twas quite a hoot! :)


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