With One Final Fit It Could Be Time To Quit!

So the cat wanted to help you out and give a little shout about what one does when they are tired of a bees annoying buzz. Yeah, you want it to quit it, right? That annoying buzzing that keeps coming day and night. Let's just pretend it is a bee for that makes it easy. Plus it rhymes quite well like flea on your knee is so swell. Plus the oh so sublime like kicking a scary mime. Anyway, so how to say I Quit in a different way. This should be quite the display.

Could go with duck it all.
Change the d to an f at your hall.
Or the old Take This Job and Shove It thing,
And slam a door as you leave your work wing.

But then that has all be done,
And they have been used a ton.
So why not find something new,
To say when such a thing comes due.

Stick this in your usb drive and flash it?
Would that be a hit?
Take your clicking pens,
And shove them in your Depends.

Of course they'd have to be old,
For that one to be told.
You heard what I said,
Do you need it stapled to your forhead?

That would work afterwards I suppose,
Could see how that goes.
I'm free!
If you are just full of glee.

Of course then it would soon be,
I'm broke at your sea.
The grocery store was all out of sauce,
But I still have a big FU left for you, boss.

There you go,
If you are made to get groceries at your work show,
That could surely do.
Could even tell them to take the FU and chew.

Maybe you just want to show it,
So walk in with a bag full of umm shit.
Then light it on fire,
And walk out as the sprinklers go and things get dire.

Hmmm that has been done,
But would also be fun.
Although you might get sued,
For being so rude.

Could just move away,
And not worry about what to say.
Go all witness protection,
And let them suffer neglection.

That could be the best,
If you are above the rest.
If not,
They'd probably let you rot.

So then what do you do,
To quit the zoo?
Simply become a member of it,
Bark, wail and howl at the moon in a fit.

Then you will surely get away,
And that bee will quit it at your bay.
Get some nice meds as well,
Along with a nice rubber cell.

So there you go, you can quit, set fire to poo and go to a loony show. All in one day if you are brave and it is all thanks to my rhyming cave. Don't you just feel special now that the cat has given such a meow? Helping all you humans live like me, fun and fancy free. And whenever you want to pass gas you can now do so with ease, just like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Christ that's a day,
    but it holds no sway,
    to us in the fold,
    really I'm just bold!

    1. That's the most words you've ever said on a comment!! I think the SWMBO must have done something really special for you last night to make you this talkative.

    2. yep, in Lurk's realm it's like he wrote a whole Bible in this comment :PPP

    3. Yeah he is usually like the former R
      But this time he went all out at my bar

  2. stick this in your USB and flash it,
    now that is the ticket...
    haha and i like the just go crazy in the end
    that might be right up my alley, friend

    1. haha yeah just going crazy would be grand
      Wag your tongue and wave your hand
      Then get thrown in a rubber room
      Hmmmm maybe that wuld bring doom

  3. To quit is a right
    To show our might
    'Just don't you bother'
    I have some other
    I've had enough
    Don't make a fuss
    Will just make peace
    Cut off the lease


    1. Yeah getting rid of the lease
      Would surely annoy some geese
      Who think they are better than the gander
      But have a head full of dander

  4. Witness protection
    is the wrong direction:
    a whole new collection
    would need disinfection
    or risk infection
    and little affection!

    1. Eww infection
      I'll give that a neglection
      For that would not be good
      Avoid that we should

  5. I hate that buzzing, it's surely confuzzling. Leave me alone and give the dog a bone.

    1. Pfft dog gets no bone
      So he'll chew the phone

  6. are you finally quitting your job, cat?
    Or is this about that Blue spy of yours trying to quit blogging recently? He couldn't live without our lurv, for sure....

    1. Hahaha nope still not quitting that
      As need money at my mat
      So we'll blame the blue guy
      For his quitting that lasted in the blink of an eye

    2. Well then bloody hell, what is this about cat (question mark).

    3. LOL funny how you have to write ? out
      And I just had quit on the mind and gave it a shout
      That is all
      Wishful thinking at my hall

    4. methinks, cat is fed up with the Viking woman and wants to date other Nordic ladies.....

    5. I may have to spread my wings
      And have a few late spring flings

  7. To join
    the crew
    no that
    would not do.

    Be a lemming
    and fly
    don't jump
    and die.

    To be
    stuck in
    the muck
    and the
    mire of
    is a fate
    even death
    won't desire.

    So hang
    your freak flag
    out to fly
    and look
    them in the eye
    and say

    1. LOL my freak flag would be rather large
      I'd have to rent a barge
      And have my own ship
      Then they would get a grip

    2. Ohh would it (question mark). That's not what the Viking woman says.

    3. Well she's too fat to see
      What is owned by me

  8. I actually do love my job, maybe the people I work with I love more than the job. I am with Dez, what about your quitter alliance guy - blue guy? He is the one - "The cat on the wall".

    Did you see us in Anne's blog Cat? You are doomed, better go her site with a white flag or a self-destruct button if you are too proud and timid. You cant stand to one loaded lassie there. Nine lives arent enough.
    This quitting post would be your confession letter there.

    BTB, about your kindle book, is that how the pages from 138 to 145 supposed to be? The last page couldnt be figured out. It was a nice tribute to your pets, it was pretty cute, didnt know that cassie and wild were jealous of each other. Loved your book and I wish and pray that it becomes a huge success. You are awesome and you have the talent and love and passion for that and you deserve better than anyone.

    1. LOL, 'tis true, this post might be cat's psychic vision of him quitting the lost battle against the Alliance :)

    2. Yeah the people are what make it grand
      Or crappy in the job land
      And not about the job yet
      Unless I win huge by making a bet
      Never been over there as of now
      But I will go take a bow
      And pfft I will never be beat
      As it can be a two way street
      Hmmm send me an email and I'll send you an updated one
      As I changed it afterwards because I heard it was screwed up under the kindle sun
      So just shoot me one and I'll attach it and send
      As it should be fixed for sure that last page trend
      Thanks too
      Let's hope such a thing comes due
      Then I will surely quit work
      With a big smirk

      Pfft I will never lose
      I'll just go away on a cruise

    3. You speak boldly for one so foolish cat!

      For down you will go
      and dine like
      a crow
      on innards
      and guts.

      Your heart
      we'll rip out
      and feed to
      the fish
      with a lisp
      and three toes!!

    4. you're doomed cat, even poor little me is scared when Annzie talks like this :)

    5. LOL yes but she is all talk
      As others may balk
      The cat will just watch her suck back the liquor
      And continue to bicker

    6. pfft, at our Allied court we all hide in our rooms and chambers when she talks like this, cat, I'd be afraid if me was you, which I'm glad me isn't.....

    7. Pfft her wind just comes out her yap
      Well mine comes out the other end and takes a lap

    8. "she is all talk" - you keep digging your own grave in your litterbox Cat. keep digging keep poking her. You are a masochist, arent you?
      You and your meow army against her might alliance, phooewww what in the world are you thinking?
      You will go in history as a biggest nut not a hero, time to give up the fight.

  9. I like the witness protection thing
    even though dismay it would bring
    Kind of like The Pelican Brief
    lounging in the sun on a sand reef.

    1. More movies for me
      On a roll I see
      And yeah that would be nice
      As there the cat could chase mice

    2. not sure mice would be there
      but lots of sand crabs to ruffle your hair
      would be fun to chase those, too,
      as they scurry along the shore by you.

    3. Yeah the cat would have a blast
      Making them a thing of the past
      As they get eaten up
      Then if we were there Pat would also have a pup

    4. yep, a Sheba Inu or whatever they are
      then a book can come due of how Cassie covers him in tar.

    5. Yeah she would sure try and get rid of him
      Thinking he is quite dim

  10. Ohh, I don't like bees or any of their buzzing no matter how wonderfully it rhymes ;) lol Again with the damn fleas on the knees and the poor mimes!!!!! Those mimes are planning such a vicious attack you won't even know what hit you. :)

    1. LOL you need to let the mimes go
      So then they will no longer show
      And go back to their park
      And be scary enough to make dogs bark haha

  11. Set fire to the smelly poo and then get away from the stink for going to the movie?

    But do the fire away from your house. ;)

    1. Yeah so you don't get caught
      Would be bad by a whole lot

  12. Really this time
    Im not sure to say
    you know maybe any will be fine ! LOL

  13. I'm going to have bizarre dreams tonight! Stupid bees!!

    1. haha then you can at least work them through
      And know what they mean on cue

  14. I quit my job and my last words were "Are you kidding me?" LOL

    1. LOL oh what oh so great last words
      You must have scared the birds haha

  15. I like the idea of just disappearing!

    1. Yeah leave them to wonder where you went
      And let them get bent

  16. Ah man, we go from huggies

    but then it just depends

  17. i wish i could rhyme like that
    but for me its even worse than math

    oh wait...

  18. I wish I could disappear like the bees..ha..ha...

    I enjoyed the post and the comments here ~

    Just came back from watching Spiderman movie...amazing ~

    Good night Pat ~

    1. Yeah it was fun to be had
      As quitting can be rad
      Spiderman was good you say
      I'll prob watch it one day

  19. Show em your therapist's fee,
    Tell em sayonara,
    And that you have to flee,
    Cos you are wanted by police in Damansara!

    1. haha a therapist fee
      Oh that would surely set me free

  20. lots of ways to quit, I will surely store some of these in my pocket. The usb did quite please, nice ring and rhyme will shouting the quitting chime. Those darned bees, they really do become bothersome, buzzing about, yet it's not just the noise, but the knowledge that if you let your guard down, it might swoop in and sting.

    1. Yeah right in the ass
      Bees don't have class
      And quit chime had to come due
      At least I can dream at my zoo

  21. I like to quit. I quit often. It is fun and in the end you have won.


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