WorqueenDan Is Such A Liar. Better Off Setting It On Fire!

So WorqueenDan went on a rant over at his sicko plant about awards being handed out like digital herpes. If only they were more like slurpies, maybe it would be less of a medical expense. But I bet humans would still be dense. Anyway, he said for his award you would get bored because you have to do nothing at all. He sure as hell lied at his hall. Just look at that thing, as your eyes stare at it the germs fling.

WorqueenDan thought he could give germs to the cat.
But instead I squashed his award flat.

I mean wouldn't you?
The delivery guy even evaporates from view.
It melted the damn road.
I hear it even killed a poor toad.

For it was the equivalent of that,
Oh so nasty to the cat.
Look at all that mold,
That his peeing on it made take hold.

I sprayed it like this,
And I sure didn't miss.
I used the whole can,
To rid it of the germs of Dan.

But it still had his smell,
And that wasn't swell.
So in the box it went,
Some of you now might get bent.

For I added my smell,
And Miss Priss helped out too at our cell.
We buried it real good,
And left plenty of brown wood.

That brought about these things,
I did eat off their wings.
But still it wasn't grand,
For they could smell him in the sand.

So I did the only thing I could,
And rolled it up like a log of wood.
Then shoved it up this guy's gazoo.
Now it was no longer in view.

But it eventually come out,
And fossilized, floating about.
I had to rid the world of such a thing,
For WorqueenDan would never be king.

So I did what I should have at the start,
Instead of being accepting at my cart.
I burnt the thing to a crisp,
But the wind started to wisp.

The stench went for miles,
And humans came by the piles.
They all looked on in awe,
Finding WorqueenDan's stench so raw.

They were mystified by it,
And surrounded the fire pit.
I had to end this mass,
And simply passed some gas.

The gassy mixture didn't go over so well,
As things went all to Hell.
Half the planet is now gone,
All because of an award from WorqueenDan's lawn.

Now you know that awards with rules are for fools but awards that you do nothing with what so ever, can be quite the apocalyptic endeavor. All because a Queen wanted to make a scene. If only he could resist the beer and not pee on them and cause fear. Oh well, I hope it's warm in Hell. For the cat is still alive to tell the tale as fire reigned like hail. So never ever mix gas with anything that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. i hear if you pee on your feet in the shower
    it will keep athletes foot away for hours

    1. Brian, sonny, why do I have a feeling you tried this at home :PP

    2. LMAO hmmmm not sure that I will try
      And yeah Dez, I bet it was tried on the fly

    3. didn't know he was into water sports....

    4. LOL well I at least hope he remains tame
      And has good aim

    5. especially if he has other human targets :)

    6. Glad the cat is a feline
      To avoid his pee line

  2. of course that might light your OCD
    whats the world without a little pee?
    obviously only half now that you ignited the gas

    1. hahaha yeah screws with my OCD indeed
      But if athletes foot takes hold at my feed
      I will remember it
      Never know what one will do with a foot fit

  3. I love it when you use photographs and then talk about them Pat. By the way dude, I showed your blog to a good real life friend of mine and he actually really liked your stuff haha, I guess I've introduced a new follower to the flock.

    1. haha yeah the pics are grand
      As make for some fun in my land
      A new follower to the flock
      Is great to hear at my dock

  4. Yikes, Brian!!! What a preventative measure, LOL.

    Pat, I am glad I already had breakfast today
    before viewing pictures and words in your bay.
    There are some things I don't care to smell
    Most things though I don't think I'll tell,
    except for that awful mold
    after it has taken hold!

    1. Yeah the mold is nasty too
      And so is the kitty loo
      But that can go away
      As long as one cleans at their bay

  5. I've seen the incriminating post but I won't complain much, he did show the nation his willy attacking the awards...

    1. You not complain
      I guess you just liked the willy at his lane hahaha

    2. 'tis the only reason me visits his looney house :)

    3. Hmmm sure it is
      Maybe one day we should ask all why you come and do a quiz

    4. that should be fun, don't forget to put option I COME WAITING TO SEE PAT'S BUM under WHY YOU COME HERE poll question :)

    5. LOL I may really have to do that
      One day when I can write again at my mat

    6. why can't you now? Cat ate your mouse LOL?

    7. Damn arm is still a pain
      Might pop a vein haha

  6. A post rife with pictures
    without written strictures
    can throw me for a loop.
    But, even though there's mold
    and toilet seats so cold
    the best are the ones of poop.

    1. LOL the best are the poop
      Sure some's eyes would droop
      And throw me through a hoop
      For such a loop de loop

  7. That was a great comeback, I am working on my translation, will give one manuscript to Dan - The WhoreQueen.
    Poor guy, if he had known before that his award with no rules would be burnt to ashes he wouldnt have doublestreamed on the awards.

    1. You are the one calling him a whore
      Here at my shore
      So he should not go with the alliance
      For you just give him such defiance

    2. I am blogwhore and he whorequeen you are our pimp.

      Dan , don't fall for this guy's dirty trick, stay with alliance, fairy godmother half naked lady shall shower you with more mount blessings, if you take cat side, you get only Pringles can poo and smell of letterbox.

    3. "Whorequeendan" hahaha I love it!

    4. Pfft the enemies get the poo
      And lots of names for Dan have come due haha

  8. I had to see wor(queen/king)dan's blog, and how I laughed.
    Ahem. Congratulations on the award :p

    1. Yeah now you see his stream
      Was not a cat dream

  9. Seems like you would rather have the herpes!
    Burying the award where the cat poops and pees!
    I think I should take side with the Alliance,
    after you mutilated the award in an act of defiance!

    Perhaps I should kill you off in the Game of Thrones?
    Skin the cat alive leaving nothing but bones!
    That would be to cruel to my feline friend!
    I will keep you alive...but you will beg for torment to end!

    I hope this was written all in good fun!
    I'd hate to take the cat and wipe my nasty bum!
    I can take it as well as I give,
    But the question remains..."will the cat live?"

    1. Pfft you wouldn't join the allaince at all
      For they are boring just look at the name they call
      No originality what so ever
      Where as we are more clever

      Kill me off wouldn't be fun
      As then the cat would come back as a ghost and you'd be done
      Plus the SPCA
      May show up at your bay

      And always in good fun at my sea
      As I poke fun at thee
      And expect the same just fine
      As I can take it and give it divine

  10. ha...the digital herpes cracked me up..and that fire looks like a tooth...firetooth..ha

    1. Lol yeah that is the best way to describe the things
      And hmmm I guess it does as the fire flings

  11. Wow. That is some payback for an award.
    Dan certainly won't be bored!

    1. 'Tis quite fun actually! The Cat truly has embraced the concept of Shameful Promotions! The blogosphere's new disease! lol

    2. LMAO oh yes it was quite fun
      And just had to be done

      Shameful is what the cat went for
      As fun was had at my shore

  12. Mold??? MOlddd?!?!?!?! Get the bleach!!!! Hurry, Hurry...My nose is twitching already :(

    1. LOL I knew that would make you twitch
      And start up your bleach itch

  13. Omy I dont feel well today :( yuck!

    1. every day is like that in cat the Pat's litter box!

    2. LOL yep everyday
      An made her sick with the display hahahaha

  14. For God. Pat why you like these themes so much??

  15. Nice burn on the name (no offense to WorkingDan I like the creativity), the best I could come up with is maybe Dorkingdan.

    1. LMAO that isn't bad
      Might steal it to make him more mad

  16. LMAO - poor Dan! No wonder he took the side of the Alliance. He bestows you with an award you don't even have to do anything for like tagging, answering questions, standing on your head and you respond like this...wretched, evil, cat!!

    1. Since when does the cat do nothing at all?
      Never going to happen at my stall

  17. I really enjoyed having the photos along with the story. Good Stuff!

  18. A war on awards? It seems you've won.
    But I don't have a poem, cuz I've gotta run.

    PS I admit to dreading blog awards, but I don't pee on them. If I ever did, I wouldn't post the photos to prove it.


    1. Yeah well worqueendan pees in view
      And doesn't keep it between him and you hahaha

  19. He's not that bad,
    He's just a cad...

  20. Well I read this at the end of the day, so I just skipped over the pictures and went right on reading the comments..he..he....Keep cool Pat~

    1. LOL that works sometimes
      Especially with such pictures creating eye crimes

  21. Getting these awards
    These are ample rewards
    They see what you've done
    They thought it would be fun
    Actually I see a lot going
    For both come swinging
    With lots of humor
    That tells me I want more
    Both have special talents
    Thank you for sharing


    1. Yeah that they do
      As the talents come through
      And show all
      At each stall

  22. hahaha, yeah I see there are many awards out there. Some are cool, some are neat, some are funny, but some are beat. But in any case, if you get an award, it's a compliment in most cases lol The germs sure did flow in your picture show, must have gave you the chills just adding them, the last three are pretty cool looking photos though, something about icebergs that I've always liked, and while the exploding Earth is naturally dire, the space and the fire sure are grand.

    1. Yeah germs galore
      And the last surely take the cake at my shore

  23. I don['t think I'd want that award

  24. Trying to figure out what that is in that one image. It kinda looks like a giant flaming tooth.


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