You Will Throw Everything Out After This Shout!

So the cat heard something ridiculous the other day that he had to give a go at his bay. And of course ridiculous and PC go hand and hand so this is surely going to be grand. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs should be retitled here and now because the dwarf reference is not PC and makes them have a cow. Cinderella is outdated because she does house work. I guess she should be a McDonald's clerk? And this was just some of the dumb they gave a hum. Let's see what else should be changed to go PC.

One calling their underwear drawers,
Could lead to lots of roars.
Those poor desks, cabinets and dressers could get mad,
That they are compared to the underwear of a lad.

A movie, food, shoe or any other junkie
Is no longer funky.
For those poor drug kingpins,
Might not like other junkies taking clientele from their bins.

Xena dresses in leather.
Should change that quick like the weather.
After all no ones does that any more,
Unless they want to umm explore.

American Pie is so offensive,
Makes Canadians get defensive.
For ours work just a well,
At least that is what others tell.

White Fang is out of luck,
Because of a complaining umm PC duck.
Drazin has troubles too,
Being bald makes follicly challenged come due.

And Penguin Man's favorite word,
Also is too absurd.
For evil just will not do.
Niceness deprived is more suitable for you.

The homeless also got in on the act,
Saying it was a fact.
They were only a flexible resident,
So no one should get bent.

Not to mention the poor cardboard box.
That I take for walks.
It has two cracks in it.
Oh the shame of making a rear have a fit.

If you are never found,
It means you've lost ground.
Oh wait!
Location deprived is your fate.

And this one I heard,
From a little bird.
A pervert is also not immune,
For they are just someone engaged in nontraditional espionage of some loon.

All of this was crazy?
Made you eyes go hazy?
Well good
And as well it should.

This PC is so very dumb,
They talk out their bum.
Saying this and that,
Just annoying the cat.

All of this garbage on fairy tales and other junk is a bunch of bunk. Everyone has grown up with it and just because you have become a nitwit, believing in such trash while batting your fake eyelash. It does not mean I will listen to your crap. I'll make it take a dirt nap. Will say what I want to say each and every day. If I offend a desk and its drawers, pound sand at my shores. So a big duck you to the PC people has come to pass and they can simply look, or excuse me, engage in nontraditional methods as I walk away with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. non traditional espionage, that is odd

    1. And first
      With your burst
      Not so odd for you
      At my zoo

  2. ha ha looky see
    on the top that is me,
    hank will be proud
    but i wont say it too loud...

    1. He could be jealous too
      After seeing such a view

  3. i think on many levels people have become sensitive on the wrong things while letting others go, which means sharing our feeling truly is a no go or you would be walking on eggshells at your show

    1. Yeah that is very true
      All think they have a clue
      When most of it is crap
      That flies from their yap

    2. You make a great point Brian. The irony of PC is that we have to be so careful of offending people in "groups" while the media lauds the lowest traits of humanity at the level of the individual On reality shows we see people treating people with derision. The hate, the jealousy and the acts of revenge are applauded by the masses. Something is askew in our society.

    3. wow...that is such a good point, Anne. You can't criticize any group at all but we can be down right cruel to individuals and it's even fed to us as entertainment.

    4. It's bassakwards isn't it. So sad for us as a society I think.

    5. Reality TV is just a plague altogether
      And yeah it is all as fickle as a feather
      One day it's this and one day it's that
      The next you say something and offend a rat

  4. Brian with his fairy-tale entry
    Got himself set in the first three
    Missed by whiskers
    For some lurkers
    Luck not just with them
    Hopefully the next time


    1. Yeah just a few minutes out
      To be first with your shout
      But one day you will return
      Making him feel the burn

  5. I love that last verse, the PC may some day end up in a hearse. Love the rhymes Pat and that's that.

    1. Yeah that is where it should go
      With its nut job flow

  6. I still believe because I have to!

    1. Well I suppose that isn't as bad
      But maybe not so rad

  7. I remember that guy from that TLC show who called himself a dwarf besides the term "little person" which he also used. I always thought they would hate using a term like that. Sounds so fairy tale and fantasy.

    1. Yeah one would think
      That would bring him to the brink
      But if it doesn't bother him
      He'll let the phrase swim

  8. This rumors're just humor;
    in each and every thing
    we see the opposite
    if we look in the mirror
    in bad hair day,
    but interesting to see
    who would be who
    in nowadays
    from fairy tales...

    1. Yeah all perspective of one
      Who wants to let their mouth run
      If we give a look from then to now
      Could easily find something to have a cow

  9. People will believe what they want,
    fairy tales not withstanding and rumors,
    If you enjoy your tales and posts,
    go ahead and pound at your shores each and every day ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. haha oh I will pound
      Oh so profound
      And make them eat the sand
      From all over the land

  10. wonder which drugs were you on today, cat? Maybe some Petsy's shrooms? :)

    1. Surely he would not treat Petsy with such disrespect and go onto her property and steal from her in that manner. To take from a woman who is a known lover of animals makes him even lower than we suspected. She's far too kind to this ebil monster.

    2. A mushroom stealing cat?
      I didn't know that about Pat!
      He better be careful and not eat
      a poisonous toadstool accidentally!

    3. yep, Annzie and Petsy, I've heard he goes into Petsy's garden by night, steals shrooms by kicking the little Smurfs out of them, along with the little birds who hide under them from rain.... he is ebil, truly ebil....

    4. So easy to hide in my garden, too! With my 8 cats out there, he'd just blend in with the dark of night! How sneaky! Do you think he makes shroom tea?

    5. There's no telling what he uses it for Petsy. I'm sure he shares it with his Viking woman and their hideous offspring.

    6. Pffft you will never know what occurs at my sea
      When the stolen loot is used by me
      And the viking lass just eats it up with glee
      Then things she can do you only wish you could see

    7. haha..oh no, not me!
      I don't wish to see anything!

    8. Oh just a little peak
      Would send you up the creek

  11. I must find a suitable cardboard box (with the right two cracks) and take that for a walk ...instead of the dog... :) Then I wouldn't have the task of picking up its poo to do...You got me as crazy as you DO!~! Hehe

    1. haha as crazy as me
      Is always fun to see
      Getting you going
      And the rhymes a flowing

  12. I am bored with this fairytale crap too, never been fascinated with their Prince Charming violating you with kiss when you are sleeping or hibernating and finding you in forest when you do absolutely nothing. Blah, blah, blah..

    And I watched Pixar's Brave and expected it to be different, but guess what, that movie is the worst of all, first I didnt understand they single word they said, maybe I should go with Anne or Angrylurker some Irish to translate that whole movie.

    BTB, Cat, how would your kindle book through mail, would it work?
    You know my id if you could send the latest updated one, would appreciate it more. Thanks in advance

    1. Wow quite the rant out of you
      And yeah it is sad but true
      The same old crap over and over
      Would even annoy rover
      Heard Brave was the worst Pixar movie of all
      So far at their stall
      And just sent you the copy too
      Should work when it comes due
      Lost your id
      So that is why I had to ask thee haha

  13. haha...oh this is all so true
    We can hardly say anything or someone will sue.
    Would be nice if we could all stop getting pissed
    and brush that chip off our shoulders and stop the hiss.

    off rhyme...
    After my boys were diagnosed with autism and we were meeting with tons of therapists, doctors, teachers, etc...I would compare this and that with the 'normal' kids in their class. I was informed that this was not appropriate to say and I had to call the 'normal' kids 'neuro-typical'. Oh good gosh. They're just normal! lol....

    1. oh, Petsy, you didn't just say "urinate" in a naughty way....

    2. haha...oh, it took me forever to get what you were saying. I thought you were referring to my second paragraph. Why yes, I suppose I did. Was that too naughty for you, Dez?

    3. LOL of course Dez would pick up on that
      See if isn't always the cat
      And yeah it would all be grand
      If it weren't some sue happy land
      People need to get a grip
      And stop with the lawyer or PC dip

      Wow that is umm stupid I say
      I'm rather be called normal any day
      Neuro-typical sounds worse to be said
      Sometimes not even worth getting out of bed haha

    4. I'd rather be called normal, too
      but they looked at me like I was a loon
      and disappointed that I would use such words
      like I offend people being so absurd.
      I think being called normal would be a good thing
      but that wasn't the song they wanted to sing!

    5. haha by using normal you were the crazy one
      But oh well crazy can be such fun

  14. The demand that we conform to the twisted morality of the PC movement is an insipid evil. Behind the rhetorical veil of "sensitivity" there lies a greater goal. And that goal is to rob us of our freedom of speech and to take away artistic license. If we comply with these demands and climb aboard the PC train, we are participating in our own enslavement.

    1. we shall all become Borg one day.....

    2. If they have their way they will. I will resist though.

    3. I will resist too
      And on that I agree with you
      Slowly trying to make all brainless drones
      Even tapping our phones

  15. PC is certainly taken to extremes sometimes.

  16. i don't pay attention to PC
    the concept makes me spacey
    Have a good rest of the day
    in your bay!

  17. My favorite is "flexible resident!"

    1. haha yeah that one is good
      Coin that I should

  18. Hey Cat, you haven't been in today and of course I've noticed and of course I'm worried about you. I hope you're okay.

    1. Yeah just lying on my ass
      Letting this strat pass
      Plus had to drive a bit
      So been a lazy eejit haha

  19. What do Canadians have against American pie? Hmph!!! Did they mention Canadian Bacon and I missed it :P

    1. No they did not mention that evil crap
      That needs to take a dirt nap

  20. Whether it deems me PC, I do not know.
    But I must keep stock of Swiss cocoa.


    1. I think that is more OCD
      But then that could just be me

  21. I agree!!! I try not to get sucked into all the trash though I must admit that sometimes i fall very short :(

    1. Yeah sometimes one gets sucked up
      Having a slight hiccup

  22. I voted for you over there Pat. My one good deed for the day is done, now back to creating division and disorder.

  23. Thanks for the vote
    And your one good deed has been given note haha

  24. Oh, this is classic. Love this. Great job. at the last company I worked for they had all these crazy titles for people, like for a bill collector, resourcing Invoice Engineer huh, or how about front desk person- Introductory Impression Manager- really? But my favorite was the janitor, nope didn't go with custodial engineer, which is another one to laugh at but instead, they went with Purification Manager, and his minions were thus called Purification Analysts and I guess for one special guy who'd been there awhile, he had a card that said Sterilization Operations Representative. I had fun with this and sent a company wide email around where I took every person in the upper management, including myself, and took a flaw or two that I well knew, and created a special title for one and all, with descriptions and all, then I took the artists and the production departments and also the payroll specialists and gave them fun chimes as well…but to give the company credit, they were able to get a good chuckle out of it, laughing nicely at what they made, in fact the Owner called me up, and while i thought I was out of luck, instead she congratulated me on bringing a sense of humor and an appropriate air of levity to the workplace. This type of PC thing, always makes me sing

    1. hahaha well sounds like they had fun with it at least
      Not as bad of a PC machine beast
      Funny how they liked what you did too
      Instead of getting upset and firing you


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