You'll Go For a Ride With This dVerse Guide!

So you want to do such and such a thing there at your wing? Fine, don't share with the cat. I didn't want to know you have the hots for a gnat. But in order to make your wish come true this little dVerse tale is what you have to do.

Zickity lickity ploppity plack,
It's time to go on the attack.
Trippity glappity wittily glop,
Have to crawl before you hop.

With a simple turn,
Of a diggity plapping wippity burn.
You will get things done,
Creating vitty vacky plortora fun.

Eppity eittity eurango dock,
Such a phrase will surely shock.
Tropity gropity lopity loop,
But you'll get the ball through the hoop.

In the final seconds of the game,
Rippity redereta rooga came,
And you secured a win.
Slittle slattle slottle endured no sin.

Aurota purota murota maker,
Prevents you from being a faker.
Clackity prackity lackity lung,
Don't quit until the bell is rung.

Might mean you are down and out,
So give trillo dillo a shout.
With that simple phrase,
All will pippity poppity gaze.

Quimpy rimpy rompy dump,
Will get you over that hump.
Flittery spittery blottery bit,
Will forgo the hump and just get you hit.

Make sure all are said correct,
For glopping glipper can lead to neglect.
Brandily Handily can attest,
Of course yippity pippity aways passes the test.

Whoopidi flopporty tropper shop,
Will ensure you succumb to a flop.
Uttliter drutliter raaaling words,
Should stay with the birds.

Now that the lesson is over,
Forget the four leaf clover,
And give dalingling bagingling a run,
Then the task will be glippity gloppity done.

Get ant facts out of that? Aren't I a confusing cat? But it was so nice to fling a flong and the cat is never wrong. Hmmm yeah maybe a bit but I can take the hit. So fling flong away down at your bay and all will come to pass. Try to trust my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. You really lurk well
      That I can tell haha

    2. I don't think it has the same ring
      As the whole first thing haha

  2. No 4-leaf clover
    No old horse shoe
    Only just a lurker
    And a lucky do


    1. Well that works too
      As you beat Brian on cue
      And once more
      Are first at my shore

  3. Unless you're talking about a tadpole in the first verse - I'm lost!

    But alas, I'm off to the Big Apple...maybe to use a golden loo....

    Be well!

    1. Lost is the way to be
      With today's ranting at my sea
      And right on the golden loo
      I will never believe you haha

    2. I think the cat has been on the attack, first I was sick, now my son and my MIL - our trip to the city was cancelled today. Did your evil cal ruin my plans, Pat?? I'll have his hide before all is said and done if he's messing with my kid!!

      You'll see the proof of my entry into the golden loo, don't you worry!

    3. No way hosa
      You don't have to worry about germs at play
      The cat would never touch those
      For he could get some on his toes
      And make himself sick
      So that is one thing the cat never uses for a trick

      Proof you say
      Hmmm sure I'll believe it when it is on display

    4. I think she really has been to the golden loo Cat. And when she snaps a pic, she'll be rubbing your nose in it for eons!

    5. Pfft doesn't mean she didn't cheat
      With her golden loo meet

    6. You'll have to put stipulations on the proof then Cat!!

    7. That I will do
      Of her and the golden loo

  4. curses i am worse, is not fair to be on vacation at my lair...what languauge are you speaking today, i may need to ponder it a bit more my way

    1. haha ponder like The Beyonder if you like
      But your brain may take a hike
      As today I'm just out to lunch
      A whole friggin bunch
      Bah rather be on vacation that first
      Tomorrow I'll start my vacation burst

  5. Still wondering...have to return for a re-read :)

  6. hehe..i like all the sounds...would be cool to hear you read this..smiles

    1. haha yeah then I think I'd go insane
      Of course I already am I suppose at my lane

  7. Just read your post, Pat.... and all I can say is I need another holiday. :D

    1. haha well see I'm just helping you out
      Giving you another excuse for a holiday with my shout

  8. The cat is confusing

    my mind is transfusing

  9. LOL I think you need to write another book... A dictionary of all the new words you invent :) 'Zickity lickity ploppity plack'
    It's time I made my way right the kettle ;)

    1. haha well as the arm gets better that I may
      Although I may send many back to the kettle with such a display

  10. Zickity lickity ploppity plack,
    It's time to go on the attack???? of course cat/ pat :))

    1. haha yep it's so fun
      To make people come undone
      With words all made up at my shore
      And only me can put them out there to explore

    2. Especially ones that make no sense
      Which I excel at on my fence

    3. Don't enocourage him, Gloria!!! lol It turns my brain to mush...

    4. hahaha oh dear
      A mushy brain coming out each ear
      That would cause fear
      Oh dear

  11. i was getting giddy reading this :p
    good fun.

    1. You were made giddy by this kitty
      Damn, I must be witty

  12. Whoopty Doo!
    oh my goodness and lickety split
    I thought i could ryhme... but darn pat
    You are IT!!! :D

    1. haha it's easy when you make up the words
      I can just pretend it's the language of the birds

  13. Replies
    1. Yes indeed
      Although one may go nuts when they read

  14. All these noises have me humming a tune that I made up!! lol Pippity pappity...yippity pippity...bipidy bopidy boo!! hahaha

    1. I think you kind of stole that one
      From a Disney run haha

    2. LMAO ok, so maybe I didn't make it up...but still...I should get some credit :) lol

    3. Well I guess it means your memory is in tact
      So you get a little credit for remembering that disney fact

  15. After reading this from beginning to end,
    I feel like I've been using ant spray again!

    1. LOL damn the cat is great
      Bringing you back to the numb tongue fate
      As he likes to rub than in
      So I consider it a win

    2. You mean your tongue wasn't numb
      when you read it and were done?

    3. Bah my arm went a little numb writing it
      Does that count a little bit? haha

    4. LMAO. Yes, that counts
      at least an ounce.

    5. haha that works for me
      At least something came of the crap arm at my sea

  16. He Cat, sorry I'm late. I posted and then fell asleep and just crawled out of bed. You were channeling the great Seuss when you wrote this one Cat.

    1. Yeah sleep is needed I'm sure by you
      So let is okay to come view
      And Seuss sure got channeled today
      But the cat still has a better display

    2. The Spawn learned to read by my reading Dr. Suess to her over and over and over again. She'd look at the words, look at my lips, listen real close and make me read each page over and over and over again. She would cry if I stopped so I spent hours reading to her.

      I have video of her reading Dr. Suess aloud by herself when she was 10 months old. She's got a unique outlook on the world and I blame Seuss!!

    3. Wow 10 months old
      She must live under the genius fold
      And good for Suess to make things unique
      Hopefully one day the cat can follow suit and send poor kiddies up the creek haha

  17. This concept is actually so good Pat that I felt like jumping up and down while reading the first verse I'm not going to lie. It's just so geniusly done yet in a really childish simplistic way and wow, best post you've ever done I reckon and that is saying something because we all know Pat and the cat rocks.

    1. LOL childish I can be
      And so can thee
      As you jump up and down
      All across town

  18. You can't blame a guy this blue
    for tryin' to fill the same ol' shoe.

    1. I suppose you could
      If he filled it with wood

  19. Replies
    1. Glad it was fun
      As it popped out under my sun

  20. You know if you read this, it is a lot of fun ~

    Flittery spittery blottery bit, my tongue got twisted though ~

    1. haha fun is all I aim for
      Most of the time at my shore

  21. It's been much too long since I heard your song
    and still coloring turtles to boot
    and sending homes and android clones
    have you found anything to suit?
    I've been chased by death, I must confess
    and it has not been fun
    but now I'm back Tashtoo attack
    and there's lots of ink in my gun
    So drop me a line, let me know your fine
    and I will answer quick
    I'm out of self-pity for this pretty kitty
    better hurry before I slip!

    1. Been fecked up here for quite a while
      So yeah haven't turned much of a dial
      Not death of course at my sea
      But enough to be way more than an aggravation for me
      So I get the self pity thing
      And have given it a ring
      Hopefully better days come
      For you and my little rhyming bum

  22. Though it makes no sense,
    There's no sense to make
    For made-up words
    Take the chocolipity cake.


    1. haha and you used your favorite thing
      To make a word as out they sing

  23. Okay. So, diggity plapping wippity burn, quimpy rimpy rompy dump, bibbity bobbity boo, whoopidy friggen do.

    1. The last is the best
      Surely passes the test

  24. I came here to smile, and you did not disappoint
    We should all be speaking your language.

    1. haha the world would be crazy I'd say
      If everyone spoke like I do at my bay

  25. Replies
    1. Well now you can stop
      As you surely had to flop

  26. Another children's book here, I think. Have a good day.

    1. Hmmm not sure how that would work
      But it sure give me a smirk

  27. Seriously, you had me at ploppity plack.

    Don't worry...I'll be back.

    1. That is good to know
      Wouldn't want to scare you away from my show

  28. often times a confusing cat

  29. I just might have to stay drunk all summer if I keep coming back to read the cat...This whole thing emerged with a bubble burst, "clackity prackity lackity lung", leaving me with a bitter tongue. I have to stretch so far to rhyme, how in the world do you keep doing this?! :)

    1. haha I just keep it up each and every day
      As out it pops at my bay
      May not make sense at times
      But I bring forth the rhymes

  30. Shel Silverstein channeling Dr. Seuss. Playful whimsey.

  31. The four-leaf clover
    is far from over
    you gangilly-goo
    a willy-nilly too soon.

    lol So funny. I like your cat.

    1. Glad it's fun
      The tale I spun
      And the cat likes that
      At his mat


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