A dVerse Journey Brings About This Tourney!

Sadly this one may not be too dVerse but it may make some curse. As there seems to be a thing for ripping off one's self over and over and over and over. I guess things are run by some butt sniffing rover. Too high on fumes to know it's been done. But let's give the Journey Tourney a run.

The Journey of George of The Jungle,
As he fights off things that are fungal.
And wow it's in 3D.
That surely has to be a sight to see.

There's dinosaurs, grass and rocks.
Plus some flashlights for shocks.
Maybe some dirt too.
It just much be watched by you. 

They stand on a hill.
This Journey is sure to thrill.
With cracks in the rocks.
Bringing on more oh my shocks.

Wait! There is sand too.
And creatures up the wazoo.
Some grass as well.
This journey must be swell.

King Kong comes to play.
And this one is Fabulous on display.
Ego problem much?
Maybe this Journey just has the touch.

There are rocks, grass and dinosaurs too.
My what a new journey can do.
I mean we haven't seen that before, right?
This one reaches for such a fabulous height.

The dinosaurs are back.
On this Journey attack.
The grass too,
Along with some bugs in view.

A killer ant must surely make them win.
It has to take the cake at my bin.
Wait! There's a rock.
Does that still shock?

Gasp! The flashlights are back.
This Journey is surely going on the attack.
How can you pass it up.
There is even water to fill your cup.

Some grass too.
Wow, what a view!
Damn, there is a rock.
Who me? I'd never mock.

A cute little mole,
Is a lofty goal.
As this Journey wants to win.
But what a sin.

The rock is back,
With a weird face attack.
I hear they drool,
Which is so not cool.

Oh this Journey is made for TV.
You know that is surely something to see.
With a dinosaur as well,
Making them run like hell.

At least they get some exercise,
To work off those french fries.
Damn it, there is a rock.
I hope they don't get one in their sock.

I just can't pick who should win. Isn't that a sin? I mean look at all these great Journeys with their rocks. They should bring in viewers by the shocks. I didn't even show them in the right chronological order. Yet they all have the same border. Hmmm so is it safe to say, if you've seen one you've seen them all at your bay? I don't know. Maybe one has a rock that can glow. That would surely give it the win. Once more rip offs confuse at my bin. Or maybe I make them confuse as I pretend not to abuse. Either way the Journey's come in mass. This many would surely bore my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. It's so weird how there's so many "Journey to the," films and sadly I don't think I'll ever check out any of them, or do you think if I don't I'll be missing out? Awesome rhymes as per usual cat.

    1. No you won't miss a thing
      By avoiding such films at your wing
      Read the book
      As these things surely are not off the hook

  2. methinks thoust needs to step away from the movie couch
    you've got all of us groaning and screaming ouch
    as awesome as the rhyming is
    you certainly sound pissed...:))
    so pull on those sneakers and dash off for a run
    you're bound to stumble into some new adventures...and as a bonus ...some sun...

    good evening pat...:)

    1. haha that I cannot do
      Or I may break in two
      But working on that
      Here at my mat
      And I could do this all year
      But only one more movie one comes I fear

  3. haha...burroughs i am sure is in one way excited to see how it caught on, but another rolling in his grave at some of what was born from his story, but then again that is history....and Hollywood which will slice something good til its opaque and tasteless....oh what a mess

    1. Yep they ruin it everytime
      Just to make an extra dime
      Sure he is having a good turn
      As they dilute it and make it burn

  4. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    Productions from different sources
    Where every other guy gets to make
    Must well be good returns at stake


    1. Yeah must make a buck
      To buy them a nice truck
      Or it would not be made
      I hope away it will fade

  5. I guess Verne is happy in his grave. His work is so beloved to be remade and ruined by hollywood on countless occasions

    1. Yeah he is probably thrilled
      At least for each he gets billed

  6. Poor Verne,
    in his grave he does turn
    as the remakes take a twist
    He didn't wish for this!

    And with all those rocks
    a geologist would mock,
    Getting one in your sock
    as the movie lovers flock.

    1. Nope sure it wasn't a wish
      None of them are a delightful dish
      At least what I saw
      As away at your eyes they gnaw
      Stabbing you in the feet
      That rock would not be neat

  7. The only version I saw was the original by Verne
    All of the rest can be dropped in the fire to burn.
    Verne would turn over in his grave
    if he he saw all the future gave!

    1. Yep agree with you
      Let them burn on cue
      Surely would turn as well
      As none of there are swell

  8. Bloody brilliant post! If I went to the centre of the Earth I would take a flashlight and Doug McClure.

    1. Just make sure you have a good pair of shoes too
      Who knows what those rocks can do haha

  9. Clever Pat. I like Adam's comment. Is it better to have your work morphed over and over or to never be discovered? I am not sure.

    1. Well may be better for the pocket book
      Should you still be alive at your nook

  10. And to think they're all ripping off a book! Why can't people just read the book! Ahh heck with it! We need Patt Hatt to write a rhyme version of the journey to the centre of the earth! You gotta capitalize on there success! (and failers!)

    1. hahaha I could do that with ease
      Although I may not please
      And get sued
      That'd just be rude

  11. I never realized there were so many journey versions. I only watched one, the original one as it was so interesting. Don't care much for special effects but for the discovery along the way ~

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. Yeah the special effects are usually all flash
      And make the movie that much more trash
      Never knew there were that many at all
      Until I went looking at my hall

  12. So many movies?
    That really ain't groovy!
    George of the Jungle?
    Oh, what a bungle!
    Shroeder? Treat Williams? King Kong?
    Movies for ding dongs.
    But, if I can't read the book, I'd rather be facin'...
    My favorite of all...the one with James Mason.

    1. Not at all
      They suck worse than poo from a seagull
      George was better than two
      But that doesn't take much to be true
      Yep ding dongs indeed
      Haven't watched that one at my feed

  13. Call me crazy...but I've never actually seen any of these!! Boy do I feel out of the loop now...hmph :(

    1. 7 version and you haven't even seen one
      Wow, and to think you still actually gave that awful spice girls movie a run haha

  14. Maybe once, just once, the big, bad dinosaurs will prevail and open up a can of whoop ass on thoe humans who threaten them. BTW- thank you for pointing out that I still had annoying WV. I think I fixed the problem.

    1. Now that would be fun to see
      I might even watch with glee
      As the humans become lunch
      Glad you gave WV the punch

  15. On a journey
    I'll go
    but in minds
    eye only
    for climbing
    and sweating
    and grunting
    and moaning
    the earths
    crusty places
    just aren't
    for me.

    I do like dino's though, I have a rather large collection of plastic ones that I play make-believe with. Shut-up, I know I'm 50 but damn there's not much to do out her in bum fuck Egypt where I live.

    1. Yeah all the crap
      You'd have to go through for such a lap
      I'd rather go take a nap
      Then fall for a dino trap

      LMAO make believe with the dino
      As you mimic a whino? hahaha
      I have some in the closet somewhere at home
      But I don't bring them out and let them roam

  16. ya know...i think i should join them on their journey to the center of the earth..do you think there will be starbucks...? ok, ok..just a question...smiles

    1. haha you never know
      They may not have starbucks but I'm sure a rip off will show

  17. Holy Toledo! I didn't know there were so many journeys to the center of the earth. Seems like it's a booming tourist industry. Where can I sign up to go on one?

    1. Hmm well if you have a million or two
      I'm sure you can get a film made that will follow you

  18. OMGoodness...creatures up the wazoo, could be rather painful? So, what happened to all the old black and white movies of this too !! Haha.
    I had no clue they'd done this sooooo many times. Talk about overkill!

    1. Didn't see any black and white
      They are just a fright
      Not even on dvd
      For me to see

  19. I've only seen the most recent one. But would be fun to see them all!

    Get drunk this summer? okay! :)



    1. You have unearthed a problem here Pat . . .

      but at the centre of it all, the core,
      i bet they re not poles apart

      but whadaiknow???

    2. Yeah might not be so fun
      I wouldn't suggest it be done

    3. haha I guess you could be right
      You might have to dig down there to prove it some night

  20. Dear I never see any of these and never play with someone of this LOL
    have a nice Tuesday

    1. Yeah you are better off for not watching them too
      Or many an oh dear would come from you haha

    2. Yes dear; thanks to you all know me like "gloria dear" sooo...

    3. haha see I got you a nickname
      Now you and your dear have tons of fame

  21. holy crap. I had no idea there were so many of them. I only knew about the book, the old version and the, as you aptly state, George of the Jungle version, could have gone with Mummy hunter as well, but George was certainly the better choice. Lol I actually like that movie. The 3D, one of the only ones I like in that form, there are a few, but someone gave it to me one Christmas, and I thought the movie as a whole was ok, but the 3D had some pretty neat effects on the TV no less.

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      They felt need to give a run
      I liked the Mummy one
      So George had to be spun
      It was an okay movie I suppose
      But 3D still just curls my toes

  22. wowwww this is really creative!! nice work :)

  23. spoilt f0r choice and that's a fact - took me everywhere my dear friend Pat - :)) hgs Lib

    1. I will not spoil
      You have to go dig in the soil

  24. You can try to go on any kind of Journey
    but you should still be full of worry
    Elsie the Elf has her staff full of power and might
    and you shall cower and be full of fright
    once Anne spins and weaves her tale
    I'm sure the evil cat will only wail!!

    I have been sensing a theme about ripping things off...any reason? LOL

    And I see you have a new avi to pick on above...a new one eye has landed at your shore LMAO

    1. I know a thing or two
      About how to avoid you
      Just go the opposite way
      To your one eyed display
      That isn't to tough
      So you can try to get rough haha
      I said on Sunday it was rip off week
      I did one and more just came out of this movie geek
      So I decided to do a week of them at my sea
      And yeah she's always been a one eye to but doesn't come around enough to get picked on as easy as thee hahaha

  25. Goodness! How many Journeys are there running around!?

    I just noticed the painting over the fireplace in your header. How long has it been there? Am I going blind?

    1. Ten too many I'd say
      And WOW you are kind of ummm slow on that display hahaha

  26. What is with people trying to go into the middle of the Earth anyways? Weird...

    1. Yeah they all won't to go to hell
      I guess it must be swell

  27. Are they all based on the Jules Verne novel? They certainly share the original title, regardless. I love Verne's works but I've never seen any of these movies.

    1. Yeah they are all based on the book
      Better off not giving any a look

  28. There have been that many? Seriously?

    1. Yep, pretty pathetic isn't it
      Clearly some movie people have no wit

  29. Since the master of the house
    might be happier chasing a mouse
    I feel his critique a bit strange.

    A better movie for him,
    would be much less grim,
    and involve a lion on the range.....

    Daktari, perhaps, a better spool to view
    A tale of courage and honor anew,
    But in the end,
    and if his tail will bend,
    then the center of the earth will do!

    1. Yeah I suppose it is weird for the cat
      But I have to watch the things of Pat
      I sit and I stare
      Here at our lair
      At his daily movie fair
      While I lick my bum bare
      So the center of the earth it is
      At least now you can pass a quiz

  30. I would love to have some popcorn and stuff
    because you've tempted this movie buff
    I'll be right back after the concession stand
    and for your poem, I clap my hands.

    Bravo, Pat. :)

    1. haha tempted to watch that
      Well I suppose easy enough at your mat
      As with so many to see
      You can just get one and say you've seen each movie

  31. That was one crazy walk
    down "how many can we make" lane
    it all seems quite insane
    'specially a Journey 2
    and what a breakthrough
    it has a "Rock" that can talk

    1. Yeah the dumb Rock
      What a shock
      I wish he didn't talk
      And go gave some tooth fairy a walk

  32. the only thing i liked about George of the Jungle version was that it was in 3D. In fact, I think it was the first of this new state-of-the-art 3D that I had seen in the movies, so I was very very impressed.

    fruit essence facial mask

    1. Yeah I still wish the 3d to go away
      Until they can make it without any stupid glasses needed for the display
      Even then I wouldn't care
      I don't need 3d to be aware haha

  33. ooo- gotta go with the King Kong storyline! that's sure to be the best. I love him.

    1. haha King Kong for the win
      Prob some guy in a suit though which is a sin


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