A Tale For One Eye That Should Make Her Cry!

One eye wanted to know,
How the cat and the viking woman met at my show.
So I figured I would tell the tale,
After all hers was so cute with her booth and all that she gave a wail.

It was a dark and light night.
As she shined through with her armor so tight.
For the cat had never seen such a shine,
And it really sparked an interest in this feline.

Quickly we became as one,
And she was my bright sun.
Setting a clear path,
As I gave the alliance my wrath.

Then came the spark,
Something I had not felt since that mark.
Yeah, the day I went snip snip,
And gave the vet some lip.

It seemed her voice could make it grow,
For it once again was able to show.
She really was a special one,
And then came the humpty hump fun.

Warning! May be too graphic from here,
As I talk about her profound rear.
So beware!
Not that I care.

We quickly stopped chatting away,
And I brought on a moaning display.
The cat really chewed the fat,
As we rolled around on the mat.

Those trash can lids popped off,
And we played Dr. as I asked her to cough.
There was a little spittle,
But I was about to stop the fiddle.

I played the umm fiddle all day long,
New venues was found buried deep in Hong Kong.
For on her you could make a map,
And boy does she have a big yap.

It can do swell things.
One side even sings,
Well the other does a task,
That you shouldn't be here if you need to ask.

And then thanks to Anne,
Who is truly a closet fan.
You were all spoiled with our litter,
Although that cat is not bitter.

For Anne just wanted the special birth,
To be spread across the earth.
Besides, many more litters may come,
And then some.

Now are you happy one eye? There is enough fat to chew for any girl or guy, just so you know. As the cat doesn't mind sharing at his show. For she continues to grow and move oh so slow. So she is an easy catch if you are hard up. Bad choice of words, sorry if you spit your coffee back in your cup. Now I will go roll in the grass with my delightful little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. What a beautiful story haha, I'm sure the cat and this lady will make an excellent couple together haha, thankfully I wasn't drinking a cup of coffee at the time of reading this!

    1. haha yes that spit isn't grand
      In any old land
      And I'm sure old one eye
      Will also appreciate the cat's story, as it might even make her cry

  2. this is a little like cat porn...close...haha...you keep doing swell things and just see what the stork brings...snip snips dont always hold your verse today is rather bold...dont worry my coffee never gets cold...

    1. LOL kitty porn
      And experiments with corn
      My place has it all
      Bold it can be as I have a ball

  3. Purrrrrrrrfect tale today, Pat!

    1. LOL some purring came due
      That is surely true

  4. I cannot not handle this kitty porn
    so very early in the morn
    I'm so glad I didn't eat
    or it'd all be sitting at my feet.
    The mention of the cat chewing on Viking fat
    has left me damaged here at my mat
    I hope my dear Anne is resting today
    to spare our Alliance a visit at your bay.

    1. Well you gave me the notion
      So you shouldn't snub the commotion
      As the kitty porn
      Old one eye made born
      Anne helped too
      With her elephant view
      So no one is spared at my lair
      No matter how viking rich and rare

    2. I see how ready you place the blame
      but your excuses are so very lame
      as your litter scampers all about
      causing your neighbors to scream and shout
      because your yard is filling up with poo
      and no one is to blame but you.

    3. Pfft for the humpty hump
      Of miss oh so plump
      I take the blame
      For we were anything but tame
      But for the idea to share
      Here at my lair
      It was all you
      For bringing the idea into view
      They are young though
      So the poo will soon not show
      As they will learn to bury it
      Bit by bit

    4. Dammit, the one day I decide not to get on blogger....

    5. haha but you came in late
      I guess a nightmare is your fate haha

  5. Every now and then an interesting 'love story' develops.
    This is definitely one of those

    1. haha interesting is surely is
      This lovey dovey biz

  6. Kitty porn and viking fat?
    Nothing wrong with that!
    That is of course if you blog with shame.
    You're at the wrong blog using the wrong name!

    This sounds like my kind of show.
    Leave the shameful to me, it's what I know!
    I hope the one eye was pleased with this post.
    But something tells me she finds it gross!

    1. LOL the cat has no shame
      And doesn't remain tame
      But I'll keep my name
      And still continue to mame
      The brains of all
      That came to my stall
      With images of kitty porn
      Causing people to be rather torn

  7. Oh..even though the cat had been snipped.. he could still raise to the task in hand or rather, the BIG rear of her land. LOLOL

    1. LOL yep a big rear indeed
      Could blind many at my feed

  8. Her profound rear--LOL! Yes, that is the fat lady singing... :D <3

    1. haha and yet it does not end
      I think my place reveres the trend

  9. my oh my.
    yes, that's all that comes to mind.

    1. haha not even a rhyme
      Damn, that's a crime

    2. thanks for not including photos. :)

    3. haha that would throw many for a swerve
      But then the cat may get stalked by a perv

  10. Replies
    1. Lol yep made the best
      And with such umm zest haha

  11. Till the fat lady sings

    That has a ring

  12. Pat, she is going to bury you deeper,
    but woman in that picture is definitely a keeper.....

    1. See you agree too
      And I'm not scared of her one eyed view haha

  13. What a beautiful story with a such beautiful lady!


    1. See at least you get it
      Have to love her, every single bit

  14. The cat and a viking woman? Okay . . . LOL.

    1. LOL what don't believe me?
      So truly is a sight to see

  15. Whoa. That is one ugly Viking woman!

    1. haha but she gives it up fast
      And is so umm vast

  16. Well, one can see how the cat would get a love sick attack over such a sweet pussy although a brazen hussy!

  17. That woman stole my dress!

    It does look better on her than it does on me. Those breast plates are very uncomfortable, even when you stuff them with socks. :P

    1. You admitted to owning that?
      Hmmm you might want to, from now on, keep that under your hat hahaha

  18. Sounds like the cat found an awfully good friend. Is pat a little jealous of this love connection ;)

    1. Nah Pat will survive
      I just hope I get out alive

  19. She really isn't pretty
    Though I enjoyed this little ditty.
    I didn't need to see her
    I'm sure glad not to be her.


    1. Haha a cheat rhyme
      Such a crime
      Although many should be glad
      She wouldn't appeal to many a lad
      Or lass
      If they swing the way of her umm ass haha

  20. Hahahahahaha--feckin' brilliant Cat. Jesus Christ the visuals though--you sucking on her fat and crawling around through her folds. The two of you locked in loves sweaty and furry embrace and the spawn that will issue forth from this unholy union will keep me awake for many a night.

    1. LOL praising me once more
      Always at night at my shore haha
      Had to get a little descriptive for you all
      For I wouldn't want the nightmares to stall

  21. Ha..ha...I am laughing so hard Pat...you really made my night ~

    1. hahaha glad I could make you night
      With such an oh so wonderous sight

  22. Quite a spectacle to see
    Knight in shining armor
    From the rear it would be
    No,you'll rather not bother
    We'll play it safe rather
    We'll just play doctor


    1. Yeah could blind most
      And scare a ghost
      From the rear indeed
      So better take heed

  23. That wasn't that graphic, come on! You can do better than that. :P

    1. Well I would not want to scare people that much
      And go into details about what takes place in the clutch

  24. Something about that picture just makes me want to say Figaro, Figaro, Figaro lol Great tale, a bit surprising to catch the cat's eye like that, but happiness can be found in a many places. so funny man, really a riot

    1. hahaha yeah can be found
      All around
      If one is to look
      At their nook
      But may not have to look very far
      As she will surely fill any eyes at ones bar haha


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