Beauty and Sad Today At My Pad?

Really? Those two words are strictly for the birds. The cat doesn't need to go there as dVerse succeeded in raising my neck hair. Or maybe ass hair. Oh wait that is more or less bare. If I make that give a sad face could be beauty in such an embrace. Right? Maybe in the darkness of night? Okay, after giving you that memory that will never go away, I guess the cat can pretend. Even if such words drive him around the bend.

Mr. Klink was at the park.
There he heard a dog bark.
He was hit by a chap.
The dog continued to flap.

He held his arm to the sky.
The sun made his head fry.
He looked up just in time.
To be pranced around by a mime.

Got mud on his clothes.
The dog bit his toes.
A bird landed on his head.
People kept repeating what he said.

They stopped to stare.
He thought he was bare.
May as well be at the zoo.
He was helped up by a few.

He quickly found,
He must have gained a pound.
Or maybe ten,
As to help him up it took three men.

Of course it started to rain.
It was like he was on the cootie train.
The umbrella man ignored him.
Selling to everyone else on a whim.

Kids used him for cover.
He was no Danny Glover.
There were no Angels in the Outfield.
Yet they used him as a shield.

The rain stopped,
And away the kids hopped.
The pigeons took to the sky.
Leaving a present for the poor guy.

He noticed it wasn't the first.
Then one quenched his thirst.
He was attacked with a hose.
From his head to his toes.

But a spot was missed.
To which was hissed.
Then he was spit on,
And rubbed like a fixture of the lawn.

Enough was enough.
It was time to get rough.
The mud, the mime, the pigeons and the mockers .
The hose, the dog and the gawkers.

They were all going to pay.
For ruining his day.
But as he went to step ahead.
He found he was dead.

Hold the phone!
He was stone.
A statue in the park.
One the dog had to mark.

Suffering all the lows,
And the terrible blows.
Especially the terrible hounds.
While adding to the beauty that surrounds.

Hmmm maybe those words aren't so bad after all. I should use them more often at my stall. Or maybe that might bring you all to the brink. So I will avoid such a rink. Unless there is an encore or I feel like doing more. Basically I will do what I want, which is usually taunt. Plus I'll add some sass and always end on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. One whole word once more
      Don't want to use them up at my shore haha

    2. LOL -- thinking now of the song "One is the Loneliest Number." (Harry Nillson) It IS actually.....which is why I also became Number Two! (Smiles) Lonely no more at the shore!

    3. haha now you got the song stuck in my head
      Thanks for the dread

  2. Beauty and sad work well
    Almost like heaven and hell
    But I wonder of the statue in th park
    Can be seen when it is dark
    Or if it is only seen in the day
    By dogs who a visit pay
    Or cats who on top of it lay.
    I know this is bad verse
    But it could have been worse.

    1. Wasn't that bad
      And surely not sad
      Who knows what happens in the dark
      Maybe it is covered in tree bark
      Or prob harbors the shady around
      Where the crimes can be found

  3. oh man, can you imagine being pissed on by a dog, could be worse he could be a log, see this is why reincarnation isnt fly, i would be a dung beetle or a statue, a dog would take a piss or poo and leave me blue...

    1. hahaha yeah knowing my luck
      That I'll come back as that or a duck
      And get shot in the air
      And eaten rare
      Blah to that
      I'd rather be a cat

  4. Loved this, I suspected he was a statue somewhere in the middle.

    1. Got it before the end
      Well done as you didn't let it drive you around the bend

  5. haha..i didn't expect that very cool.. ya know...when i see a statue in a park now, i may stop and ask them about their history...smiles

    1. LOL don't be offended if they don't talk back
      I here they aren't as sharp as a tack

  6. That dog sounds like a bit of a nuisance but I love the ending Pat haha, I wasn't expecting the man to end up being a statue so I'm really impressed, awesome Pat.

    1. Impressing at my sea
      That is fun to let be
      The dog was a pain
      But it beats being hit by a train

  7. I also didn't expect the ending...a nice twist to the story ~

    Its sad that he finally discovered that he is a stone, a statue ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah all the crap
      That had taken a lap
      And he was nothing but stone
      Has to mae one groan

  8. I remember angels in the outfield movie

    1. Yeah beat the last two
      And it was G to view
      With tons of swearing
      I guess the pta wasnt caring

  9. Had better act human
    Stop acting like a tree
    Dogs make a bee-line
    To mark its territory
    Just stay on very cool
    Lest they take you for a fool


    1. Don't think there is a problem there
      As even if he wants to blare
      Set in stone
      Can't even groan
      Or give a moan
      Or pick up a phone

  10. Oh, gosh, now I'm going to feel sorry for all the statues I see!

    1. Well just give them a smile
      And don't make their life more vile

  11. LOL! I guess even stone statues have bad days. (Apparently, lots of them, so I'm glad I'm not one of those!)

    1. Just pray you don't come back as one
      That would be no fun

  12. What a brilliant take on the theme
    a statue in the park turning mossy green
    If only they could talk
    their stories might make us balk! ha.

    1. Yeah they would make us run for the hills
      Some might cause thrills
      And ego boost for me
      With brilliant at my sea hahaha

  13. Kids used him for cover - he was no Danny Glover- EPIC LINES- love the twist and the statue- I probably always say this- but quite a skill to write such thematically focused rhyming poetry- its beyond me that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by and sharing

    1. haha epic is fun to hear
      Over my rhyming cheer
      And I guess I fit that bill
      Although for the cat it is an easy skill

  14. And now I'm sad to know about your bare bum...TMI, Pat, TMI

    Poor statue getting peed and pooped on. I"m surprised he's not best friends with the cat!

    1. Bah he is to slow
      Can't keep up on the go
      So the cat ignores him
      Plus he's quite dim
      And never TMI here
      All is allowed for a cheer haha

  15. Poor doggy made of stone
    For not even a marble bone
    Could make him as happy
    As this little chappy
    Who will never feel alone
    (John Plimmer and his dog Fritz)

    1. Quite the limerick you gave
      Here at my cave
      Well enjoyed too
      With its view
      And all the rave

  16. To be pranced by a mime is bad enough
    Add to that, the other stuff
    Mr. Klink has had it rough
    A day in the park can sure be tough.


    1. Yeah and there he will stay
      Much like your horse on display
      At least it gets a change of clothes
      Even through such woes

  17. haha, nice twist there at the end, notion of dead and stone, is really nicely done. The lethal weapon reference was cool, nice rhyme going from cover to glover, and yep, even grossed me out a bit, with the quenching thirst bit as you showed beauty and sad here at your pad.

    1. haha grossing out is grand
      Can do it all the time in my land
      But then many might run
      And upchuck a ton

  18. Oh, he really did have a bad day, didn't he!~!


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