Cartoon Land Where Rip Offs Are Grand!

Now I guess the cat will pick on Pixar today at my bar. As why not? They seem to copy a whole damn lot. And all think they are original as can be, they even copied one some what directly. That I didn't even know until I looked for this little tell and show. Show and tell didn't rhyme, so I switched it just this one time. Just so you know and don't have a fit thinking I ripped off the phrase at my show.

Johnny 5 is alive.
Damn, he must not have wanted to survive.
I mean just look below.
He didn't seem to grow.

He kind of shrunk.
Now he collects junk.
Oh wait! That is Wall-E.
You'll have to excuse me.

A horrid movie is above.
I show it no love.
The sequel too,
And the other one a while back that came due.

All a load of crap.
That need to take a dirt nap.
But they were created long ago.
In the comics don't you know.

Invisibility, stretching, strength and speed.
Come with the FF so you better take heed.
Oh wait! Excuse me once more.
For the same things are had pretty much by the below four.

Humans and cars on display.
What could they possibly have in common you say?
Hmmm well let's see.
I bet a comparision can be found by me.

Guy about to hit it big,
Smashes a fence like a twig.
Gets forced to stay in town,
Making him frown.

Falls in love and sees the light.
Changes his foresight.
Change guy to car,
And you have a rip off by far.

But let's just say.
That the guy one on display.
At least gives a thrill.
And you'll get your fill.

As her backside isn't all you see.
Like the below pic shown by me.
And it was rated pg-13 too.
What they got away with letting all hang out to view.

One is french and one is not.
Hmm don't they resemble the other a whole lot?
A rip off indeed.
No other way to put it at my feed.

Both have a search,
Because a fish got left in the lerch.
Both have nutty characters much the same.
This rip off basically just changed its name.

I could go on and on. As the more I looked the more things began to dawn. And here I thought Pixar was somewhat original at least. I guess just the nature of the beast. Those with the money steal good ideas from those who can't defend themselves one bit. Then they make it seem like they have wit. Not even going into Toy Story land, as all three ripped off something no matter how grand. Being so blatant deserves some sass, at least they could try to hide it better from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I always thought that the Incredibles were a direct rip off of the Fantastic Four too although I can't believe you're hating on those films you menace! They were pretty damn good! :P Is the "one before," you're referencing this weird one with really bad special effects from ages ago? You must be a buff if you seen that enough!

    Great rhymes Pat, enjoy your Summer because it's not a bummer.

    1. Yeah that is pretty much what it is
      So had to be shown in this rip off biz
      Blah I'll hate on those all I want
      My dreams they haunt
      Not as bad as Blade 3 or X3 and such
      But still never liked them much
      Yeah saw that old crappy one ages ago too
      Was not something worth a view

    2. X 3 was vile and not worth the while
      So was Blade, I'd love to hit that final with a grenade
      Fantastic Four? I'm not so sure at my door
      The Thing needs no hate, it's clobberin time mate

    3. True the Thing was the only good part about the four
      The rest need to take the garbage bin tour
      And can join blade 3 and X3
      In some deep dark place where no one can see

  2. I got rid of looking for originality a long time ago, my friend. The Hollywood's a dead zombie area of copycats, simple as that.

    1. Yeah that works too
      A zombie area with no clue

  3. A rip off it is just so blatant
    Other's ideas are easily stolen
    Can't something definite be done
    Those defenseless could only mourn


    1. Yeah some get taken for a ride
      And they have to take it in stride
      Because the big suits and such
      Have lawyers that will fight them much

  4. haha...pixar finally has an original thought, after the mental drought....they just recycle the spin cycle and see what sticks...fantastic four is what it is, at least its better than the original whizzz....

    1. Yeah that is the size of it
      Recycle and reuse like a twit
      I suppose they want to save the planet
      Someone should take the rip off and ban it

  5. So Solomon said
    there's nothing new
    under the sun
    and now you
    at your mat
    have said
    it too.

    A cat that
    or a copy
    well what
    do you
    think of that.

    Well Cat at least you ripped off a really good writer, while Pixar only stole their stuff from crappy films.

    1. Yep I had to agree
      As that's all I see
      Rip off here and rip off there
      But as long as they make their dough they don't care
      A copy cat is so old
      I'd rather using a cat that copies and be bold
      Yeah I ripped off Suess a bit
      But I'm not afriad to use words like shit haha

    2. It's been a while since I really hassled you Cat and I thought it was high time that I did. You know fecker and pecker rhyme too Cat, now why didn't Seuss think of that.

    3. Always fun when you hassle me
      For I can come back at thee
      Like the litter out the rump
      I think he didn't want to turn parents into a grump

  6. hahahaha, I meant to say hahahaha after that!! Now I've just ripped off the Cat!

    1. Being a rip off too
      Shame on you
      But until you have a pringle can of poo
      Your rip off won't be fully true haha

    2. Parody is the highest form of compliment Cat. No I've no Pringle cans of poo, but I can't eat feckin' Pringles without thinking of you. You've ruined a perfectly good crisp for me Cat.

    3. hahaha well they aren't the best for you
      So I guess the cat is saving you too

  7. It seems nobody can come up with their own original ideas for movies these days! Everything is all remakes or rip-offs!

    1. Yep that is about the size of it
      All movies are ruled by some greed ridden twit

  8. Original is hard to find in movies nowadays. But probably the same could be said for books, television, and (horrors) even poetry....but not your bay, Pat. YOU are an ORIGINAL!

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Anything in ones view
      Can be found to be a rip off of something
      I'm pretty original at least in my wing haha

  9. I've never seen any of these!
    Not the originals or remakes, if you please!
    Guess I'm just not with the plan
    in cartoon land! ha.
    Doesn't look like I missed out on much
    with the silly plots repeated, and such.

    1. Yeah not a whole lot
      Some were hot to trot
      Doc Hollywood beats them all
      Watched that plenty a times at my stall
      You are too busy with trains and Alvin being home on the range hahahahaha
      To ever watch something so strange

    2. yeah, and 'strange' is relative, isn't it?
      But Home On The Range does give me fits.
      Especially when paired with a Beethoven symphony!
      It can really drive me to insanity!

    3. hahaha yeah I'd want to run
      Especially after hearing it a ton

    4. Yes, but right now all is quiet here
      and to that I give a cheer
      until the bus comes down the street
      for now I'll savor the silence as a treat.

      how's the arm
      still sending pain alarms?

    5. Yeah still a pain
      Have to use my left arm for the mouse at my work lane haha
      But getting fixed up I hope
      Got rid of that crummy arse food so no longer at the end of my rope
      Still not being able to type a ton
      Is just no fun haha

    6. Wow. Ambidextrous you will be
      at your sea!
      Maybe they could do a lobotomy
      and tell you all is pain free.

    7. LOL at least I wouldn't feel a thing
      As long as they could put it back in at my wing haha

    8. You would want it back in your head.
      having it in your wing would cause you dread!

    9. I think I'll avoid nurse ratchett
      As she may want to use a hatchet
      Then I'd be screwed
      That would just be crude and rude

  10. I actually enjoyed Doc Hollywood. I had to watch it for "homework" for a law and medicine class in law school. Imagine that!!!

    1. Yeah I really enjoyed it too
      But Cars ripped it off on cue

  11. The ideas're flying in the air
    and who's care
    if one catches it soon
    under the moon
    or another,
    does it matter
    where you get fun from
    England/France sister/brother? :)

    1. Matters if it is a copy cat
      By some dirty rat
      But oh well
      In those times we dwell

  12. Replies
    1. Well either way it rhymes
      With the rip off crimes

  13. So in Doc Hollywood you see bare breasts? Does that mean we get to see car chest in Cars? I know we see Herbies headlights in those Herbie movies!!

    1. Sadly Cars is car chest free
      The headlights are all that cause glee

  14. Pass again; sorry but I never seen these :(

    1. Oh dear
      You need to see more movies I fear

    2. I remember I saw Memo. count???

    3. I suppose it could
      If you meant Nemo and at my hood haha

  15. Whoa! Look at you connecting the dots! I can't believe that last one--the French one. I thought Pixar was pretty original, too--I mean for recycling old stories. Hmm... :D <3

    1. Yeah I thought they were something sorta new
      But upon a closer view
      I guess not
      They copy a whole lot

  16. Now I'm sad that Pixar copies too
    Why can't they be original like you?
    Your rhymes flow with such ease
    unless you copy them from your fleas?
    I see my threats from yesterday did not scare
    but one day soon you will to beware!!

    1. Unless I go and storm your beach
      Then your threats are out of reach
      Or course I could buy from your store
      And that would piss you off forever more haha
      Nope no copying here
      And yeah Pixar too are like a dumb misguided deer

    2. Tourist season is almost done
      and my beaches will no longer be overrun
      with any of your foreign stealing kind
      bread and chips I'll be able to find
      traffic will be all free and clear
      all the Canadians will no longer be here!

    3. Let him come to your shores Elsie. Then put him in a plastic bag and drown him. I've heard Canadians can't swim anyway because they lack buoyancy. It's from eating all that Canadian Bacon.

    4. Pfft now I know
      The correct time to go
      And come on down
      Stealing all the bread from your town
      Of course that'd end up in the trash
      As it gives Pat a bad rash haha

      Don't start that Canadian Bacon thing
      For there is no such thing at our wing
      Dumb americans named ham that
      No canadian calls ham canadian bacon at our mat

  17. At one point ideas stop being original. Interesting!! Maybe they need a more creative team ;)

    1. Yeah maybe they do
      Or at least be less blantant with their rip off crew

  18. The Japanese have produced some films that immediately became cowboy movies here. Even Godzilla!

    Are there no new ideas?

    1. Yeah Hollywood just has to westernize it I guess
      And make it one big mess

  19. Everything is an idea stolen from an original, isn't it. The USA did steal the Japanese move 'The Seven Samurai' and turned it into the cowboy movie 'The Magnificent Seven' Trust
    Love that sass from your little rhyming ass ;)

    1. Never new that one
      But yeah nothing new under the sun
      Stupid Hollywood
      Burn it all down we should

  20. True, but at least The Incredibles didn't suck!

    1. That is very true
      The Incredibles was well worth a view
      Unlike the fantastic four
      Which was just a bore

  21. You've made a great point. It takes a lot of thought to come up with something totally original. But I have to say, I did like Finding Nemo, and my kids did, too. So I won't sass them too much on that one.

    1. They are thieves though
      Might have been a good show
      Steal a thief is a thief
      And causes others grief

  22. I will pop in to see you and a few other people at least once a week Cat. And if my kitty Fang has kittens, you'll be the first to know. I might even name one of them Orlin.

    1. Stealing the cat's name
      I guess it will grow his fame
      Stole that from stargate though
      Just so you know haha

  23. I like the Incredibles and also the FF ~ light and entertaining.

    Well, its hard for a movie nowadays to be original, its always a spin-off or reboot of an old one ~

    Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer ~

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Still too blantant in their view
      Enjoying more now I suppose
      Now that I no longer have such woes

  24. Now do the same thing with video games and you should see the same thing. :P

    1. haha that would be a whole other week
      Sending me up the rip off creek

  25. haha you're right- every story gets retold for commercial gain! no doubt.

    PS - the incredibles is one of the best movies ever. It's virtually perfect!

    1. Yeah retold and sold
      So they can get gold
      It was a really good movie I will admit
      No matter if it ripped off the FF a bit haha


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