For Round Seven We Have Words Directly From Heaven!

I mean how could they not come from above? These words take flight like a dove. They are filled with such love and obviously someone has taken off the glove. Of what do I speak? Once more we go up the search engine creek. I can't even bring myself to put subtitles on these ones. They are so awe inspiring they would impress the nuns. Or pucker your buns and give you the runs. The choice is yours though as I get on with the show.

"boy bye not with them shoes on"

I guess the shoes were dirty or funky? Maybe they were rather clunky. If you want shoe advice you might not want to ask a cat, we eat them at our mat.

"hotel in new orlinese"

I have my own new hotel? Boy, that is swell. I hope I get a free room and maybe even a massage with a hair groom.

"breath dang you"

You want me to breathe or breath at my bay? Have to be clear on what you say. Maybe me breath is bad or I'm unconscious at my pad. You really do need to tell for one I'd need someone to yell.

"what would rhyme with zipper his blue?"

Chipper of woo
Flipper the blue
Dipper is new
Clipper of Mew

Wasn't that hard for me? Yeah, not really. Although I did us a Pokemon at the end. That might drive some around the bend.

"fat old ladies with no teeth"

Hmmmmm and hmmmm some more. I don't need you to share such a fetish at my shore.

"fart etiquette"

I guess there is an etiquette to it. You don't want to go so much you shit. Also don't want to make too much noise if more are around then just the boys. Or do it in a confined space or in someones face. Damn! Too much to it. I'll just let it rip and take the hit.

"grasshopper with a big butt"

Another fetish I do not need to know. Watch where you mow!

"what is the song that goes lets turn back the clock"

Hmmm I know one from the movie We're Back. But does this look like Radioshack?

"japanese bitch licking cat"

Blah! Keep your fetish to yourself. Go share it with some damn dirty elf.

"can you move away you have bad breath"

Again with the bad breath on display. Are they trying to tell me something at my bay? Maybe that last can of food or the rat left it rather crude.

"sheep elephant mix"

I so hope the sheep is the male. Otherwise the elephant will crush it like a snail.

"how to get your legs to not touch"

Ummm keep them apart. You are dumber than a wood filled cart.

"longer longer longer drop now you have a wenchenbak rhyme"

Longer and longer and longer they seem to get at me sea and stronger and stronger their IQ level seems to drop right in front of me.

"boobies painted as kitties"

Another fetish has found the cat. Damn, I guess I could have had a subtitle at my mat. The fetish freaks who probably go around wearing bird beaks. Yeah, I know. It's too wordy though.

"damn you breath stink"

Swearing at me now. I guess I better brush my teeth before I meow.

"har sass may ho tum"

Only speak English here and the language of my little rhyming rear.

"hands off youp"

I don't want youp though. He/she/it is just scary with that youp like glow.

"you ever kiss a bunny on the nose? pucker up buttercup"

Is that your best line? I doubt you could even convince a fat out of shape feline.

"your worries and fears become your friends and they end up smiling"

Hmm fears can smile? Now that is just vile. I suppose they can turn the dial, as you'll lose weight if they make you run a mile.

"freak the mighty robot man"

Sounds so scary. Is the robot hairy? Has to be if he's a freak. I bet he was made by a geek.

"japan superhero toilet paper"

I guess you like to wipe your bum well giving off the Spiderman theme hum. That must give you a thrill. Try that, I probably never will.

And the WINNER this time of the search engine chime!

"can a mime make a rhyme sure a mime can make a rhyme but"

Why did I let the mime one win, especially with how much I hate them at my bin? For it just proves my point. That mimes are dumb at any joint. For they actually typed that all out in their search engine shout. Then they couldn't even finish their sentence right and just added to their plight. They used the same rhyming words over and over, making them worse then a butt sniffing rover. So they can get the idiotic search win today, gladly here at my bay. So another edition has come to pass and even more long winded nut jobs seem to be finding my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. That line is incredible and a deserved winner haha, I know it's a little lazy but I love it, does that make me crazy? I don't want to help you boast but this was an awesome post. Have a good weekend Pat, and be rest assured I mean that for the cat.

    1. Oh helping the cat boast
      Is find by this host
      And crazy is grand
      So being a little crazy is find in any old land

  2. you got a thing for grasshoppers? mimes are showstoppers, i esp like the thing they say where is an invisible box when you need one, get a small one just for fun

    1. Oh yeah they cause a thrill
      As they hop to the windowsil haha
      And pfft they can stick their box
      I'll choke them with socks

  3. I like the last line,
    put a smile of this face o' mine.
    But I do find that mimes,
    most certainly, can't rhyme.

    1. Nope mimes suck
      Find a better rhyming truck
      They just make a buck
      By making one go wtf

  4. "grasshopper with a big butt"
    i cant begin to imagine it. lol

    1. haha oh the cat could draw it for you
      Athough it would look like something else with its view

  5. I liked the grasshopper with the big butt -- geeze I bet my insect fearing daughters will loooove that one --- funny very funny

    1. haha the butt would scare
      But thankfully they are rare

  6. "fart etiquette"

    I guess there is an etiquette to it. You don't want to go so much you shit. Also don't want to make too much noise if more are around then just the boys. Or do it in a confined space or in someones face. Damn! Too much to it. I'll just let it rip and take the hit.

    Nothing worse than a follow through!

    1. Yeah a follow through sucks
      Except maybe for swimming ducks

  7. Thank you for ruining my shirt this morning with coffee as I spit it out from laughing so hard.

    1. LMAO I hope it will wash out with ease
      Maybe it just needs some Febreeze

  8. japanese bitch licking cat

    never heard of a breed like that

    1. Yeah it must be really rare
      Or something just likes to swear

  9. These are really funny search words..ha..ha... thank goodness I had my breakfast already ~

    Have a good long weekend Pat ~

    1. haha yeah that is wise
      Eating your breakfast before visiting my skies
      Have a good weekend too
      Over at your zoo

  10. Laughed OUT LOUD at these lines
    makes you wonder about their minds.
    Crazy weird people out there
    So funny they end up at your lair!

    1. Yeah the weirdos find me
      It seems they like my sea
      I guess I just give off that vibe
      Could start my own weirdo tribe

  11. 'brush your teeth before you meow' -
    my fav idiom for now!

    1. Pfft not going to happen
      I'll have stinky breath and eep rappin'

  12. OMG. Way too funny! I wonder if my butt-sniffing pooch ever sniffed an oversized grasshopper butt. LOL!

    1. He prob ate it before he sniffed the butt
      Thinking it was some type of donut

  13. A Japanese bitch licking Cat
    ate a grasshopper
    with a big bum.

    As soon as he'd
    done some gas
    he did get
    but he was
    on the lift.

    He knew not
    what to do
    as some shit
    might come

    But spying
    the mime
    at the front
    of the line
    his legs
    he did part
    and rip it
    he did.

    As the fart
    remained silent
    (but deadly no less)
    the blame fell
    to the mime
    at the front
    of the line.

    And looking
    aghast, the Cat
    he did sass
    "No mime
    can rhyme
    or fart with
    sound. You're
    breath it doth
    stink and not
    with flair.
    Take this
    toilet paper
    back to you lair"

    But as mimes
    dare not talk
    he spoke with
    his hands
    flipping a bird
    to the Cat
    as he glared.

    Hey, hey, hey Cat. All those wacky searches came from me!!

    1. hahahaha I wouldn't put it past you
      But some are really out there that I view
      And with that comment I'll surely get some
      About things that pass out the bum
      And as the mime flips me the bird
      I'll just grab a pringle can and bury him in a turd

  14. Between the new look for your blog and the alternating rhyme, you had me going all the time.

    1. Such fun to get one going
      From my rhyme and new look showing

  15. Zipper his blue
    any name will do
    although blue is true
    when 'tis a Smurf you'd screw.'d I do?

    1. haha I think that would work
      Left me with a smirk
      I wonder if it helped the nut
      Out of his zipper rut

  16. why all these crazy and weird people is in your yard? all these sounfs. so crazy! " sheep elephant mix"????

    1. They seem to like my place
      But never show their face
      Unless you are secretly typing those in
      And finding my bin hahaha

  17. We've got a huge storm coming our way and are expecting 5-7 inches of rain over the next three days. I've been out buying supplies and getting the house and yard in order and just got back. If you don't hear from me over the next few days it's because we've lost power.

    I'm knackered and am going to eat an enormous amount of food now!

    1. haha suck back all the food you can before the power goes out
      And hopefully there is no food drought
      Might want so save some
      At least have a steady supply of rum

    2. Shit, I forgot the alcohol! But that's okay because I have two liquor stores in walking distance. Yeah, I'm living in a real swanky neighborhood here.

      The storms are in Illinois right now. I think Betsy should be getting some of this as well as her state is next door to the one I'm in I think.

      If it gets bad enough I'm going to force Fang to come inside, whether she likes it or not.

    3. haha good luck forcing her inside
      Although if the storm comes far and wide
      I'm sure she will with ease
      Then again maybe she likes the breeze

  18. I think I need to start rhyming more. Then maybe I can get awesome search engine terms like you. :(

    1. Well the rhyme seems to attract the crazies to me
      So if you want them rhyme away at your sea

  19. Fart etiquette, huh? Hadn't thought of it that way but I guess that's the right term. lol

    1. Yeah there is a way that is should be done
      Otherwise you could offend everyone

  20. Grasshopper with a big butt...

    Best line ever!

  21. these posts are always a favorite, as you certainly do get the crazy searches here. So many good ones too this go round, especially like: grashopper big butt, japanese bitch licking cat and sheep elephant mix, and of course the bunny on the nose one. That is too funny.

    1. haha yeah some are seriously strange
      With what they search for out on the range
      I guess whatever gives them a thrill
      Even if it makes us normal folk ill

  22. Lol! fart etiquette? Hmmm... I'm in need of one. Visiting from VoiceBoks. Come join my blog hop! :-)

    1. haha could find that with ease
      Here as I give off quite a breeze

  23. people search for the weirdest stuff

  24. haha...think i need some of that japan superhero toilet paper..smiles

    1. I just hope it isn't rough though
      Then blisters might show haha

  25. I'll have to remember that one when I want to not put up with my teens stinking ones... I'll ask her to use some "fart etiquette"...hahaha

    1. hahaha hey it could come in handy
      And may work just dandy


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