Hidden In Plain Sight But Still A Fright!

So you saw how they rip off movies to try to confuse you. Now they rip off things to scare you with their view. Don't believe me? Well pretty soon you will agree.

That old bitty, Ruth.
Who I keep referring to at my booth.
Is surely offended by this one.
Doesn't she want to make you pucker up a ton?

A rip off and then some.
Look at that huge bum.
Poor beached whales must be in disarray.
And I'm sure the dogs bark or just run away.

Peacocks must be upset.
But might like that golden net.
Though the make up threw them off.
The world's peacocks continue to scoff.

This one did two in one.
Doesn't he look so fun?
Socks and sheets must feel the crunch,
As this rip off is really out to lunch.

All that material must have been hard to come by.
Think it could make him fly?
Ballerinas all around,
Must be wishing him to the pound.

Ripping off those nose things.
That Blabber has at her wings.
Just using a finger,
And he surely lets it linger.

Hmm not sure one would want to rip off plastic ass.
Looks like their face could pass gas.
That wig as well,
Makes them look like some creature from Hell.

Ripping off Whoopi Goldberg must be fun.
But he really doesn't resemble a nun.
Maybe just a Son in Law.
I hope his fingernail doesn't have a claw.

Ummm errr enough said?
Doesn't she just rip off dread?
Or is she pretty to your eye?
You must be a really hard up girl or guy.

And what rip off is this?
Well this one thinks it can cause bliss.
For Assblaster is its name.
It's trying to steal my fame.

Were they not some rip offs you never knew? Some will make you scrub your eyes upon view. But the Assblaster takes the cake. And no, that name is not fake. It is the real deal and gets my rip off seal. It just better not come to my grass or I'll blow it away with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. You're so right with this Pat, I never realised just how much people rip off, it's kind of disgusting haha. It's so cool to see Hulk Hogan here too, in a tutu no less! Great rhymes as usual, I hope that's ass kicking enough, I wish like you I was a budding film buff!

    1. hahaha disgusting in more ways than one
      Just looking at some causes no fun
      But yeah what comes to mind
      Usually results in a movie post of some kind

  2. ha...that last is from a tremors movie, groovie...i remember the first, the rosie pic might be the scariest for me. or maybe hogan to see...

    1. Yeah Rosie would take the cake for me
      Such a sight causes no glee
      And yep Tremors and Ernest were those two
      That were remembered by you

  3. It's really called Assblaster? I mean, I want to google that, but I have a feeling the results I'm going to get are not going to be pleasant.

    Also, I'm not sure which picture is worse. All of them are pretty terrible. However, seeing Rosie O'Donnell in S&M gear has made me impotent for life. So, thanks for that.

    1. LOL well you can go get a pill
      To help you get your thrill hahaha
      Yeah not sure what you would get with the Assblaster
      Might me a mind bending disaster
      But it is true
      That is the name that came due

  4. What nose things do I have?!!! Are you spreading rumors, Cat?! Sigh...

    I saw The Extendables this weekend and there was definitely a scene that could have been included in there. Did you see it yet?

    1. Yeah I saw it this weekend too
      And which scene is that referred to by you?
      No rumors being spread
      Just a thing at your sea I read haha

    2. LMAO Hmmm...I'm watching you, Cat!!

      "Ill be back."
      "No, I'll be back. You've been back enough."

      I was cracking up at that!!! hahahaha

    3. Watch away
      You'll never catch me at my bay haha

      LMAO yeah that was good
      Although the yippee kay yay was as dull as wood
      It has no meaning unless you say mother fecker at the end
      Other wise it's just some cowboy trend
      I enjoyed it way more than the first though
      Was just a fun pop corn movie show

  5. I need a pet assblaster. He's so cute! Except I think schultz would eat it. LOL!

    1. Oh yes so very cute
      And with one toot
      He can fart out fire
      For schultz things may be dire haha

  6. Why does the Hulkster even look intimidating in a ballet outfit?

    Point well made Pat.

    1. Yeah could still kick my ass
      Hope he never sees my sass

  7. Now I wanna sit down and watch all those movies! I love Ernest movies! And the Tremor movies!!

    1. Yeah Tremors 1-3 were good
      4th should be burnt with wood
      Sucked big time
      But the Tremors tv show wasn't a crime
      Actually pretty ok
      Until then end display
      Ernest movies were good too
      Except the last few

  8. I dont know is more horrid or freaky!
    I dont know. Why Pat? The mondays mornings would be nice:(

    1. LOL well at least now you can stare
      Sitting there at your lair
      And determine which is worst
      I go with the Rosie burst

    2. haha can't decide
      Makes me smile wide

  9. O'Donnell in fish nets is just disturbing
    and that look in her eye is perturbing.

    1. hahaha yes oh so scary indeed
      Watching that movie would make my eyes bleed
      I skipped that one
      Don't think it will ever be spun

  10. It gets one really off tangent
    To view what had been devised
    Where have the good movies gone
    Where family fare is emphasized


    1. Not a ton of those left
      As I guess disturbing carries more heft
      Then some of these are really old
      So I guess it's always been about the gold

  11. Why do you sicken me with these views
    Causing me my lunch to almost lose.
    Rosie is hardly ever a looker
    even worse trying to be a hooker
    Assblaster is a scary thing
    I'm surprised the cat didn't offer it a ring!

    1. haha oh it is such fun
      To make you come undone
      And eat your lunch twice
      Was it just as nice?
      The Assblaster is welcome any time
      Even if all it can do is fart and not rhyme

    2. Of course you'd love a beast that can only fart
      It's what we all expect around your parts
      Don't make the Viking Lady full of dread
      or you may find the Assblaster dead

    3. Her assblaster will suck me in
      That could be a very good win
      Giving use both a thrill
      Need more visuals or have you had your fill?

  12. YIKES, Rosie as a dominatrix???? OOOOHHHHHHH, I pity the fool who submits to her.

    1. hahaha yeah they deserve much pity
      Even from this kitty

  13. Those pictures are hilarious Pat ~

    The latest movie I watched was Brave,
    and I am not planning to watch Total Recall or
    Expendables though ~ Perhaps Bourne Legacy
    as I like the series ~

    Happy Monday Pat ~ Good to be back blogging again ~

    1. Haven't watched Brave yet
      Can soon enough you can bet
      The Expendables was great
      Bourne Legacy with that other guy I'll hate

    2. We watched Brave on Tuesday when its basic price,
      IMAX was only 10.000, such a treat ~ Really, expendables was great....I don't know if I can stand those aging action stars..ha.ha...

      I see now where Jack (your poster below) found my blog ~ Cool ~

    3. Bah the aging action stars were fun
      And I sent you another one
      Geez I should charge for this
      For it seems I can't miss

  14. Replies
    1. Yep, in every way
      But better than the Rosie display

  15. those pics n than your words..
    I laughed so hard reading this :D

    Funny n awesome as ever Pat

    1. Glad you had lots of fun
      With that tale and pics I spun haha

  16. I never wanted to see Hulk Hogan like that

    he'd scare the man called Bat

    1. That he would
      Scare the scariest of foes he could

  17. great post honey, i really love this photos!


  18. Cool man, really like the post. not sure I completley understand it, but still, good post

    1. That is usually the case
      Understanding comes last at my place haha

  19. you just ruined my breakfast for me
    some of these pics....sacrilege to see !

    eeeeuuuuwww somebody bleach ma eyes...:P

    1. hahaha sorry to ruin your feast
      I could send you some bleach at least

  20. These pictures of "ladies" I must say
    are almost enough to make me turn gay.

    1. haha sure that is the call
      Of many who they appall

  21. Haha! Oh, Hulk...I have to admit that picture is unfortunately etched in my mind now forever. Thanks Cat!

    1. Not a problem at all
      Happy to help at my hall

  22. My god, kind of frightening what can be done with pictures, isn't it? It used to be that a person could believe what he/she saw; but today.......not so much! Sigh.

    1. Yeah not so much one bit
      Most anything can be done if ones mind is lit

  23. funny. The Big Momma cracks me up, actually, as dumb as those movies are, I do have to admit I liked all of them, except for the last one that is. Seen most of these sadly, just that first one, I have no idea what movie that is, kinda looks like that Ernest guy a bit, but I don't know. Cracked me up throughout though. Nice post.

    1. Yeah I've seen them all too
      Even liked a few
      The first Big Momma's house I enjoyed as well
      The second was ok and the third was hell


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