It Is Rip Off Week. Some May Be Up The Creek!

Did you know that more and more movie rip offs are starting to show? I don't mean remakes and garbage like that, as those are duplicates that should be squashed flat. I also don't mean storylines that are a re-hash or some other thing because if you look closely anything can be compared to something else and given a ring. What I mean is cheap arse nitwits that rip off a movie title of ones they think will be hits. They do it to try to fool you and so when you look for a new movie that comes due and don't see the one word title switch you, to put it bluntly, just became their bitch. Don't believe me? Well now let's see.

Now all have seen this one,
And probably gave both a run.
But rip off central it was still.
At least it didn't make one feel ill.

As something like this.
Neither movie was bliss.
Movie magic my fanny.
Better of watching Mr. Nanny.

Add an American there,
And it's a new movie we swear!
Yeah right!
Maybe there is more day scenes than night.

Both make me cringe,
And give me a twinge.
But still oh so sad,
They have to copy something so bad.

Speaking of bad,
This one took that by a tad.
Then they still ripped if off.
Oh wait! It didn't stood still, it stopped, cough cough.

Even have to fool the kiddies as well.
They should go to hell.
For such an evil act.
Then they'd probably make some devil pact.

Then they went and ripped off a cat.
I will get that nitwit gnat.
For doing such a thing,
Just to get some extra bling.

And they just keep on coming,
With their rip off drumming.
All the while trying to confuse,
As you go and peruse.

So why a whole week you say? Is there that many out there to display? I'm sure I could do a year of posts with that. But another idea came to the cat. It will be fun to see what comes out of me. For all may take a rip off pass before I'm through with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Some of these rip offs are really embarrassing, especially that "Mac and Me," one and "The Reef," or whatever, like they're so obviously rip offs, at least Shark's Tale which was similar to Finding Nemo was good, these all look embarrassingly bad rip offs, thanks for alerting me to this sham.

    1. Yep it is a huge sham
      And they are all about as pleasing as toe jam
      Just trying to suck money away
      With their rip off display

  2. oh my...i see these at redbox as well...i dont know why they give them credibility other than to make money when the real one is out, if i got one i would shout....sunday school musical, just shaking my head...need one for better off better off not dead, or undead, of f'd in the head...alright i might go back to bed....

    1. LOL f'd in the head
      Gets my vote for such dread
      And yeah that is so lame
      None of these things are tame
      They should send them too the loo
      And flush on cue

  3. Im not surprised at the sun. school musical one. Christian companies have near immunity since most companies dont want to be known as the people who sued Jesus.

    1. hahaha well that would bring them some fame
      Although many might want to mame

  4. Well everyone is trying to make a buck
    but with me they will have no such luck
    I only go to the original show
    that's the only place my money will flow
    Sunday School Musical must be a joke
    but there will be some gullible folk!

    1. Yeah some will fall for it
      As they think the original was a hit
      So that is pretty sad
      They are both just so bad

  5. What happened to originality? I guess that takes too long. I also get tired of the endless sequels, and prequels. Give me a new story, please.

    Interesting points you make, Pat.

    1. Yeah it is pretty pathetic everywhere
      As they let their crap blare
      And prequels are the stupidest thing ever
      To make them you don't have to be too clever

  6. If we couldn't copy something that had already been done how could we come up with anything

    1. Copying in that way is okay
      But merely ripping off a display
      Just to earn a buck
      Makes one a dirty ummm duck

  7. I agree with you, they are all carbon copies of the originals and most times, nowhere near as good too... so there.. well spotted from your lair ;)

    1. Yeah most are crap
      And need to take a dirt nap
      But then based off crap as well
      Surely must make them hell

  8. I think almost all the movies (commercial movies) have a copy and is funny ...or freaky?? I dont know :)

    1. More funny
      As people waste there money
      Watching such crap
      Putting more on the map

  9. haha...oh, I haven't heard of some of these remakes
    some of those just take the cake.
    So obviously done,
    they don't care if the're shunned.

    1. I can just see some day....

      A New World
      A Perfect World
      A Barren World
      A Singular World

      hahaha....Oh, you'd be ticked off.
      Maybe even scoff.
      Or sue
      to get rich, too.

    2. Yeah it is sad
      That such crap is had
      Just to make a buck
      Wish they'd go under leaving them strat out of luck

      hahahaha oh if they did that
      They would get sued by the cat
      And make me rich
      So not much of a glitch

  10. I can not even believe that these are true
    but they must be, if it's said by you
    I need to find a way to make a quick buck
    these people have found it along with some luck!

    1. Yeah it'd be nice if we could find a way
      These feckers make millions with their rip off display
      Hmph to that
      Makes me an annoyed cat

  11. It amazes me how blunt some ripoffs are. Copies are rarely (if ever--probably never, actually, since they're copies in the first place) as good as the original.

    1. Nope just about never
      Will they ever
      End up better in any way
      Even if the original is a crap display

  12. Sunday school musical. Ha ha... I wonder if i's a spoof?

    Nevertheless, I'd be dead disappointed if I accidentally bought the wrong movie.

    1. Yeah would disappoint many I suppose
      That is why we have to look hard at them to not suffer woes

  13. Haha! So true, there's nothing new under the sun.:)

    1. Nope nothing much at all
      Same old crap stall

  14. I learned it ages ago, that the Hollywood is unimaginative. Bandwagoners...

    1. That is the exact size of it
      If something is a hit
      They make rip off after rip off
      Drown them all in a horse trough

  15. Sunday School Musical....

    Really? Really? Wow, that's just....

    1. haha so many things come to mind
      I bet the last words weren't something kind

  16. lol...and then they say here that all bollywood does is make "inspired" movies....
    what a bunch of doozies....:))

    1. haha I guess each have their ways to rip things off
      And there will always be someone to scoff
      But the money seems to win out
      Who cares if the films could be made better by trout

  17. This is great. Totally have thought how boring some of these marketing folks are at the studios, have to go tweak a hair here or there to make it "original" hahaha. Cracks me up, and always gives me hope, that if these types have well paying jobs, then someone that actually uses their intelligence and creativity should clean up right? Funny though, The Poster I saw at the theater this weekend for the new red dawn film coming out is almost identical to the one used in 1985, with of course the new actors replacing those in that classic film. Great post, very much something people who may have never noticed such atrocities as being just that, definitely needed to take notice of. Great read. Thanks

    1. Yeah notice had to be shed
      So people don't hurt their head
      Watching such trash
      And yeah Red Dawn will be the exact same bash
      Stupid is all I can say
      Rather watch the old one any old day

  18. I can't remember who from, but heard the direct-to-dvd blockbuster ripoff business is really good. also, I heard that american battleship was actually more coherent than the real thing.

    1. Hmm never knew that
      But I wouldn't doubt it, as that real battleship thing sunk flat
      Yeah I heard the business makes a ton of dough
      That is why they let them flow

  19. coming from someone who only posts original 100% content.

  20. I like to let people know that with rip offs movies someone make bad mistakes like they said that film ET is rip off of film Mac and Me, but if is rip off that would be Mac and Me rip of ET because E.T. was released in 1982 in cinemas and Mac and me was in 1988. Its silly when people whom wrote this allegations without proper research. STUPID!

    1. Most know ET came first
      Mac and Me was the worst
      But some don't know
      So away it does go


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