It's ALIVE At Bush Number Five!

Well look what we have here. It's a brand spankin' new lair for my little rhyming rear. It only took Pat a whole weekend to code it and such. I am spoiled so much. So the least I can do is describe it for you.

No more Bush Number Three,
As I move closer to the sea.
For now it is Bush Number Five.
Go near and you'll be lucky to get out alive.

For it ate bush number four.
So watch out when you take the tour.
Look at that big rump.
All nice and plump.

Then there is the gold.
And that surely takes hold.
For my royal ass.
Don't steal when you trespass.

Next up all of you,
Or at least quite a few.
But no longer does it stretch the screen.
For I made a scrolling thingy to keep it more clean.

Keeps on going and going,
So every turn your blog keeps showing.
Next up was Pat.
Who used to look like Captain Kirk at our mat.

Now just another human I suppose.
And Miss Priss sitting by him like a rose.
Pfft such a suck up.
Almost as bad as a pup.

And now all can see,
Which will cause glee.
No more white on black,
Giving one an eye bulging attack.

Then no need for books on the side.
You can even give them a ride.
For all the books by Pat,
Now reside right above the posts at our mat.

I played with that thing way too much.
Don't you just want to touch?
The pages are also easier to see.
And I got rid of that damn bar that was so ugly.
Did I forget little old me?
I'm still the king of my sea.
And the castle in your view,
Is to prove I rule all of you.

Watch where you step when you come aboard,
For with all that sand you can bet what's stored.
At least there is none to see.
Farewell to Bush Number Three.

So there we go. Finally brought forth a brand new show. Big thanks to Chris for the banner as well. It just makes me look so swell. What do you think? Does all work at my rink? Find an error let me know and I'll get rid of its error like glow. Think everything else works fine? You aren't blinded by the golden shine of this feline? And watch for Bush Number Five to pass gas. It is almost as good as my brand spankin' new little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Woah Cat, this is actually incredible, you have no idea how much I love this page, especially the new banner, it just looks great in general, I seriously love it! I was worried for a minute that the comment system was Disqus which I've been unable to post on recently but no, that's okay, great rhymes as usual too dude, I'm excited for the future, love this background!

    1. Yeah the new banner is grand
      As I rulle the sand
      Nah didn't want that comment system crap
      The original works for a lap
      Just have to figure out one more thing
      And then all is right in my wing

  2. dud i love your new place, with its lift of the face, all bright and cheery and no dreary, the coast is the most as well, to hear the waves roil and five it is, now where is your bathroom i need to take a whizz....

    1. Yep bright and cheery works better for all
      As I made it a more inviting hall
      The coast is the place to be
      Until a hurricane stirs up the sea
      As long as you bury it
      Just find some sand and squat and sit haha

  3. Wow this place is lookin awesome now
    good good :-))

    1. "Get to know" in sidebar is amazing :)

    2. Good good
      Glad you approve of my hood haha
      Yeah the get to know
      Really has a nice flow

  4. I'd envy your design...
    if this was dynamic views.
    Just kidding. The hard work you put into it is noticeable, and I must say, I am impressed.
    Good job man!

    1. Pfft don't like thos dynamic views
      But that is old news haha
      Glad I could impress
      And it wasn't one big mess

  5. oh nice. brighter and i can read better for some reason :)
    good job, Pat.

    1. Yeah the white on black
      Caused eye flack
      So now switched it around
      And things can easily be seen and found

  6. Really good job

    would even please a snob

    1. Those snobs can be tough
      Glad I have the stuff

  7. AWESOME, really great!!!!!! That big ol' cat looks like one sly devil.

    1. Yeah he has something on his mind
      Surely not something kind haha

  8. You ate poor bush #4? How was your digestive track after that?! I would HATE to have to digest a whole damn bush. hahahahaha

    I looovveee the new lay out!! You get bonus points for it being yellow-ish and having a beach theme. It's so much easier to read now. :) :) Bravo, Cat, bravo!

    1. Yeah it was rather small
      Bush number five is just so tall
      With such a huge crack
      That four couldn't survive the attack haha

      Bonus points for me
      That deserves a yippee
      Was just trying to make it match though
      With the beach theme on show
      But I'll still take them with glee
      And yeah can even be read easier by me

  9. For a moment, I thought I was in the wrong blog ~

    Nice job on the banner and books scrolling magically at the sidebar ~

    It makes it all fresh and sunny and bright as your rhyming posts ~

    1. Yeah I can see that
      As it's a brand new cat
      The books magically scrolling is the best
      Now I can show them all off with zest

  10. everything looks really swell
    such a brighter place to put your feet up and dwell
    the walls look squeaky clean too
    maybe i ought to bribe the cat to leave dirty paw marks few
    no glitches as far as i can see
    a mental image of pat smiling in glee

    1. Yeah a much brighter land
      And lots of litterbox sand
      The cat is clean as can be
      Thanks to some ocd
      So the paw print may never come
      From my little rhyming bum

  11. Replies
    1. The rhymes are alive
      Here at bush number five

  12. I like the new design and lay out!! Fantasic! Quite worth the work!

    1. Glad it was worth the work
      For coding is not a perk haha

  13. Oh, it's an elephant bush
    with a great big tush!
    It all looks quite grand to me
    always nice to do some redecorating.
    But the sass will be the same
    as we ride on your rhyming train!

    1. And are you saying my blog is hard to read?
      And who in your mind planted that seed?

    2. Oh yes the sass will never change
      Always be that at my range
      And yeah needs an overhaul once in a while
      Like an oil change after such a mile
      No, it's not hard to read
      I can read fine at yours and others feed
      But when comparing the two
      Black on white is easier on ones view
      Especially those with bad eyes
      Also a word to the wise
      People like colorful much more
      As I guess it's a more inviting shore
      At least that is what I read
      And that is where this lead

    3. I can't get over the size of that new shack
      Lots of room if you need to hide from an attack!
      So do you trim up the topiary to keep it's shape?
      if you don't it could grow out to look like an ape!

    4. Well an ape would be more threating I suppose
      Like king kong ready to cause woes
      Maybe that will be bush number eight
      Could be quite the fate

  14. Love the new look. I'm impressed you coded it in a weekend. It would take me a month, even with the dummies guide to creating a website.

    Does the code rhyme? :D

    1. Sadly I couldn't get the code to rhyme haha
      But yeah it took a long time
      Thankfully I could find and rip some off
      So it worked a bit and didn't make me scoff

  15. That cat looks very pleased with itself.

    1. That he does indeed
      But I bet much is lurking as he plants a seed


  16. with this new look
    you could write a book.
    that cat looks smug - caught a fish on a hook?

    is the tide going out
    or has pat pulled the plug

    big shout!!! :D

    1. Could surely write a book
      Here at my nook
      Just from the cat's look
      No plug pulled to make one sook

  17. Love the new look. Looks almost... friendly?

    1. Looks can be deceiving though
      Which I'm sure you know haha

  18. look really nice Pat really.
    and Pat you have reason about G+ you know last night I had a lot of problems with my new post so I return again to the old thing:)

    1. Glad you like and didn't oh dear
      Yeah G+ is a load of crap I fear

    2. yes you have reason know only.I havr the G+ for others but I dont connect with my blog.

      pffftttt Sometimes only I say oh dear to teasing you :)

    3. Yeah I keep G+ just to have it too
      But other then that it can shoo
      Oh dear is fun to use
      I admit I oh dear abuse haha

  19. Well lookie here... you gawn and went all >> GOLD. Love it!~!
    Sooooo much easier for my eyes to read... I need new specs. -O-O- >LOL
    Ok, no passing any gas from that little rhyming ass and all will be swell. LOVE the beach banner, just as we are leaving summer behind and all we have to look forward to is cold and...shhhhh Not sayin the *&^* word (but, it's white) haha
    Seriously, great new look Pat ;)

    1. haha yeah I will make us all think of warm
      When we get a snow storm
      And shit is the right word
      For snow is some absurd
      Hate that crap
      Hopefully it skips use this winter and takes a dirt nap

  20. Wow. I love the new look--very clean and organized, and the header is awesome.

    1. Yeah more clean
      Here at my scene
      Was what I was going for
      Glad you like the new shore

  21. Coming late to your blog today
    because I was too busy celebrating;
    but I do like the clean new look
    and now it's easier to read your book.
    I love the color and love the form
    you're going to take the blog world by storm!

    1. Sure celebrating was fun
      And had to be done
      Let's see how it goes
      As my rhyme flows

  22. I like the new look. I'll miss bush number 3, but gas-passing bush number 5 is just fine by my book!

    1. Yeah bush number three will be missed by all
      But number five will thrive at my hall

  23. I like it Cat. So bright and spacious and the header is a nice bit of drawing too. Your blogroll is really cool with the way it scrolls.

    Nitey nite Cat!

    1. No sass from you
      That is becoming more true haha
      Yeah the header is grand
      As I now have tons of litterbox sand
      The scrolling I caught at another place
      And made it come here at a steady pace

  24. I love it! I noticed it yesterday. Though I did like the feel of a full library- I think this lightened version is great. And hilarious that you said you looked like Captain Kirk. haha. I like Cats that act like dogs ps... kind of a hybrid :)

    1. Yeah the library was great
      But time for a new gate
      LOL well I did look like him
      Oh and things aren't grim
      For the cat acts just like a dog
      So much that he is such a glory hog

  25. Replies
    1. Glad you like
      And don't want to take a hike

  26. This blog I like, I will not take a hike with or without a bike or trike.

  27. Nice revamp and reload of the blog. A lot clearer and user friendly, it almost makes me want to go out and thank Mr. Officer Friendly.

    Okay, so it was pretty bad, but it was my first attempt at rhyming.

    1. haha not a bad one I suppose
      Even if the same rhyme shows
      And yeah way more clear
      So all can see my little rhyming rear


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