Keeping Business Flowing With The Numbers Showing!

78 4 60 45 67 89 and so on and so forth as the numbers continue to head north. But what do they mean and why do they cause a scene? Well let me ease you into it for it will be a familar fit, at least to some as it has been touched on by my little rhyming bum.

Have a camera handy?
That is just dandy.
Want to be a pain?
Might get whacked with a cane.

How about annoy,
Every girl and boy?
Would rather have fleas.
Then for the little freeze.

For that is what comes,
With the comment hums.
When the crap shows,
And my annoyance grows.

When will you learn,
That it's not needed at every turn?
Take a hint from all of those,
That do not cause such woes.

Take you 45 6 4 and 8.
And have them suffer the same fate.
Which means turned off,
So no one will scoff.

Adding that extra bit.
Does not make your place a hit.
So if you are new,
And/or just don't have a clue.

I'm talking about that awful act,
That comments it does not attract.
Seems every few months it needs an encore.
So I'll do it at my shore.

Get what I'm talking about yet?
For many that is a yes I bet.
They hate it too.
But are just trying to be nice to you.

Me on the other hand.
I'll spurt it out at my land.
Send the WV, Captcha, whatever you want to call it to HELL!
And it should not be a tough sell.

Most spam is already caught in well spam.
And the other WHOLE 2 or 3 you can turn to toe jam.
That is 2 or 3 maybe in a month or two.
Is that really too much work for you?

At first they were okay.
Then they got longer in display.
Then came the smudge thing.
Now they give your doorbell a ring.

Why not just stick in real numbers?
Instead of taking pics where one slumbers?
Just dumb as dumb can be.
So if you have them on at your sea.

Know it is nothing but a pain in the ass.
And you are getting sass.
Not just from me.
But from many that visit thee.

Are missing out too,
On at least a few.
Because they won't come back,
For the damn thing causes them flack.

Now there is my lesson for today.
Turn if OFF at your bay.
For I've come across a few,
That still think it is cool to do.

See you in another six months or so when I will let another WV rant flow. The newbies just need to learn if they really want people to return. If you really must stop that whole 2 or 3 spam crap from showing. Put it on show after approve then you'll be glowing. That is all of my WV sass. And yeah it may annoy but for most, I'll still visit with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Thanks for the Maths lesson man, I'm sure that these numbers will assist any business plan. WV does annoy me too though, hopefully the few that think it's cool to do will subside soon and leave alone you.

    1. A few numbers add up
      To a comment hiccup
      And I must ignore
      Because doing it over and over pisses me off at my shore haha

  2. dude word verification sucks..and the pics
    of the the numbers make as little sense
    as the words, absurd sometime is just skip
    my comment because its frustrating, not to be hating
    but dang its pointless, so you might get a point less

    1. Yeah that number pic is so dumb
      Must have pulled the idea from their bum
      Can't even see half the number sometimes
      And yeah I even have to ignore them and forgo the rhymes

  3. The captcha now came with numbers
    Before it was just weird letters
    Somewhat irritating to bear
    They may not be aware it's there


    1. True some may not know
      Perhaps I should tell the it is there to show
      Then they could get rid of it
      And stop such a fit

  4. My eyes are so bad that I have to ask for new words about 4 times before I can decipher the code. It's hell getting old!!!!

    1. LOL well that is another pain
      Thankfully I'm not there yet at my lane

  5. That word verification is for the birds
    irritating numbers after irritating words
    and I wonder who the heck gets much spam anyway
    is it worth annoying friendly others every day
    I wonder if some people even know they have it on
    I just wish everyone would make it be gone!

    1. Yes that is what I wish
      They'd make it sleep with the fish
      Get rid of it in everyway
      And doubtful any have spam on display
      Some may not know
      So I will let them know at their show haha

  6. ...maybe just copy it and paste,
    and no time to waste..

  7. The latest type of word verification is the worst. Sometimes I just type what i see and cross my fingers that it gets through.

    1. Yeah so do I
      Get it on the second or third try

  8. The latest type of word verification is the worst. Sometimes I just type what i see and cross my fingers that it gets through.

    1. Wow twice you say
      Must really hate the display

  9. The latest type of word verification is the worst. Sometimes I just type what i see and cross my fingers that it gets through.

    1. Three whole times
      I guess you were happy I don't us WV crimes

  10. Very true
    I hate it, too!
    And it's become so much more
    than typing out one word at their door
    the photos and smudges and weird font
    you have a right to be blunt.
    Takes longer to type it out
    than the comment which I originally did shout!

    1. Yeah that is the worst
      Takes longer than my burst
      Unless I go on and on
      At someones lawn
      But usually when I know they have the WV crap
      I just give a quick comment lap

  11. yes. yes. yes... thanks so much for tackling that topic...these word verifications are just so annoying...and it's true..even if switched off, there's not much spam coming through... and the worst thing for read a good poem, then you type some silly words (maybe 3 times in a row cause it just won't take it..) and the poem is just pushed to the background.. well done pat

    1. Wow they really get to you
      And yep it is all true
      Forget what you even said
      As the damn WV causes you a ton of dread

  12. I am to fired up to rhyme
    typing the captcha takes to much time
    it makes me so freaking mad
    when the numbers are blurred so bad
    I can't make them out
    I just scream and shout
    and say screw all this crap
    it's easier at my mat

    told ya I was to fired up to rhyme LOL

    1. LOL yeah you screwed up
      Need more coffee in your cup
      Then aybe it will catch on
      All the way through at my lawn
      And with that one eye
      WV must make you fry
      Scream and shout
      Give a twist and you may not pout

  13. I hate WV too, the new ones are just getting silly

    1. Yeah they are getting to be crap
      Need to take a dirt nap

  14. VW wore a crown/when those bugs came to town./now they manage to zip/until they break, then trip

    That is about as good as I can do on a Saturday morning.
    Thanks, Pat.

    1. haha backwards a bit
      Taking a hit
      But it worked well
      WV does cause hell

  15. It's such
    a pain
    I pop
    a vein
    and strain
    in vain
    to see
    it right.

    Oh I could
    scream and
    and curse
    till blue
    I turn,
    but dodo's
    do what
    dodo's do
    and won't listen
    to me
    or you.

    It's gotten insane and really, there aren't millions of feckin' robots out there trying to spam your comments section. I don't understand why people can't see that. Ray has screamed about this in posts and he's got clout in the gaming world and the twats won't listen to him, they keep their captcha's on. And then wonder why they only get 4 or 5 comments per post.

    1. Yeah it is so dumb
      They won't believe any hum
      No matter who beats the drum
      They seem to remain numb
      Thinking they'll get spam
      And then they whine like some ham
      Just turn the damn thing off
      And they will no longer scoff

    2. I'm taking tomorrow off of blogger cat. I found this fabulous little sculpt of a viking woman yesterday. I've got her on my wishlist right now, but she may show up in a certain story.....

    3. haha the viking woman might take a while to do
      She does have a rather large everything in your view haha

  16. hey....i liked your rant ! loads of attitude here...
    hmmm....shows how gorgeously words flow...when one writes from the heart....* superlike

    am just learning blogger ropes...i did turn of wv though...if there are any other glitches on my page or any handy tips...i'd love some help..

    1. Yeah when I let the attitude loose
      I can even scare away a moose
      But that is only once in a while
      As I just have to rant a mile
      WV is the only thing that needs to go off at your place
      Everything else works at a steady pace

  17. I really hate the verification word and the number:(
    Never I can see well so I put xxxxx or other and they show me other number.
    But really sucks and other sits put this : 9+ 4 =
    And say we want to know you are not an Spam lol

    1. LOL yeah that is stupid too
      Making you add on cue
      They can stick it up their gazoo
      Hate all WV crap in my view

  18. And that's exactly why I have it disabled on my blog.

  19. Yep, Pat, I do have to say, Captcha stinks. Hate when I click on a link and that box pops up, so long indeed, and blurry words often don't properly feed, so again you go at your show, making you feel like you should just go. I have to say though, that before the first time you did a captcha piece, it was all over the place, but then, coincidence or not, they quickly faded away, again, proving the power the cat wields, when it comes to shaping the blogging landscaping.

    1. LOL yeah I notcied that too
      But I didn't want to brag it was because I told all at my zoo hahaha
      Maybe this time I'll get rid of the rest
      And the newbies will no longer use WV and pass the blogging test


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