Might Want To Flee As It's A Flea Spree!

So when you get a flea on your knee from little old me you may not know what it looks like. I decided I would take the blood sucker hike. Now all of you can see what bites you.

It all started with the ancient flea.
Who wanted to suck the blood of thee.
It also wanted you to bitch,
So it left you with an itch.

Then came the learn to leap.
It took many going into the deep,
To come up with how,
To follow my meow.

See now it can spring,
Like it just had a fling.
Next it will come close,
Like a sneaky little mouse.

First comes the distraction,
Creating the itching action.
Then you will smack it,
With your itching fit.

But just when you think you are done,
More fleas will come for fun.
This one has double the power.
With those legs it can hold on in the shower.

See what I said?
An x-ray shows them still on your head.
You can shampoo all day.
But the fleas are here to stay.

I have some invisible ones too.
For those that need an extra special chew.
It may be black and white,
Or some grey in your sight.

But some color can come due.
When I want them to be seen by you.
Then you will get a thrill,
And surely have your fill.

I even taught them to play dead.
Before they bring you dread.
With that kind of skill.
You are sure to get your fill.

And there will be more than one,
Just to add to the fun.
Thus the fleas on your knees,
They may even make you sneeze.

There you go. You are now more knowledgeable thanks to my show. When the blood suckers come and bite you on the knee to the bum, feel free to give me a call. Of course it will be after the fleas have a ball. So you will give me some sass, but it will still be oh so funny to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Man I really hate fleas, the ones on this page do not give me any glee. I hope that the cat keeps them dead at his bay and that these fleas don't come back and stay away! Awesome post as usual mate, we're at 502 now so don't you hate.

    1. Yeah they suck
      Worse than a gas guzzeling truck
      And counting too
      At least you'll keep the count true haha

  2. I have a bite on my knee joint at the moment and at the moment I can't stop itching the fecking thing, typing one handed is such a bitch with an itch!

    1. haha damn I got you good
      Sending a flea all the way to your hood
      I thought it would die in the mail
      I guess it wasn't a fail

  3. ugh fleas suck....we have had that luck, and bombed the -uckers back a few steps on the trail of evolution, ha where did your mind go? hope you dont have fleas at your show

    1. Yeah had a few a long time ago
      Bombard our show
      But sent them packing as well
      Straight to hell
      And yeah my mind where where it should
      Duckers or truckers wasn't used in my hood

  4. My old dig once infested my room with fleas

    The only thing worse are hornets wasps and bees

    1. Yeah at least they don't sting
      Dig the dog you sing? haha

  5. Oh Jax is going to flip her shit when she sees this Cat.

    The fleas
    are back
    at your bay
    and here
    they must

    Don't give
    them to me
    because I'll
    just flee
    the dreaded

    1. haha Blabber will have a fit
      That will surely be a hit
      The fleas are all dead
      And the rest I sent to cause all dread
      Flee the flea
      Be a sight to see

    2. Jax was the first person I thought of when I read "fleas on knees" - Poor Jax!!

    3. :'(
      This isn't nice at all!!!!!!!

    4. LOL I guess it's just here calling
      To have the fleas come a falling

  6. Oh what a sight to see
    a close-up of a flea
    my animals are flea-free
    and surely will always be
    close up they're scary to me!

    1. Yeah best to be flea free
      So no bites come on your knee
      Scary they are
      Even more near than far

  7. I didn't itch until about half way through
    and then a tickle on my leg came due!
    Oh the power of suggestion
    you're going to cause some indigestion!
    Or at least some scratching
    with your flea eggs hatching.

    1. LOL indigestion you say
      Oh I hate that at my bay
      I would rather itch
      A flea will pull that off without a hitch

    2. Indigestion? I can take care of that.
      And fleas in nothing flat
      Saw one on Jack this morning
      and it already got it's warning
      that today it would die
      as I applied the flea control on Jack's hide.

      Dr Dolittle has a pharmacy here, you know,
      as I treated worms in Whiskers not long ago.
      And put some ointment in Marmy's hurt eye
      just this week when Jack's claw got too high.

    3. Geez you have the skill
      Gone an arm healing pill? hahaha
      Yeah best get rid of them fast
      Before they get vast
      And are all over the land
      Doing a flea hand stand
      Geez fighting like that
      Can relate at my mat
      As Cassie usually gets the brunt of it
      But is sure to repay the hit

  8. "This one has double the power.
    With those legs it can hold on in the shower."

    I think I'm going to need a few more shower beers then. Yikes.

    Also, just to let you know, drawings are going well. Finally got my new laptop, and within the next 2 weeks you should have them. Huzzah!

    1. Grab a pack or two
      When you go to the loo
      To shower that is
      Should relieve you of the flea biz
      Sounds great
      A new laptop is also a good fate

  9. O my,
    don't itch,
    put some icy hitch.
    I will send you bite eraser -
    good for any weather!

    When flea at knee
    chirp as bird to scary it in dirt
    and pat yourself at spot!

    1. That would work
      Might be a perk
      The bird will hum
      Then the flea will be glum

  10. Now I'm feeling all itchy
    which makes me more bitchy
    you can keep all of you nasty fleas
    Frontline protects this house - puhleeze!


    1. haha bah I'm working on that
      Here at my mat
      To make them immune
      So they can come and play you a tune
      As they bite your knee
      Ode to the flea

  11. This story of the flea.
    Was an education for me.
    I hate the little suckers;
    they're annoying fuckers.
    From bumps on my leg
    to Europe's Black Plague...
    Hmmm, now that that's said...
    Better itchy than dead.

    1. Now you know
      Should a flea show
      That the blood sucker
      Wasn't born of a trucker
      Yeah way better itchy
      If dead you can't be bitchy

  12. OMG I'M SCRATCHING!!!! That's it, Cat! We are FIGHTING. I already notified my Mime Army. Hmph!!!

    Shampoo all day and it won't keep them away? Well, I'm going to by flea shampoo and wash my knees on a daily basis. That will show you and them!!!!

    1. LMAO I knew that would get to you
      So fun to have come due
      And fighting you say
      I guess the flea army better get ready to make you pay
      Flea shampoo for you
      hahahaha next you'll go to a vet and moo

  13. been there done that
    now thanks to pat
    am suddenly scratching at imaginary suckers again
    i hope he pays for the pain
    praying his cat sorts him out
    even in dreams he is swatting his knees
    for coming up with a subject such as this


    1. haha well imaginary is better then real
      And your scratches will heal
      They usually don't bite me on the knees
      It is Pat's ass where they go to please
      Sad but true
      Last time they made a heart like image to view hahaha

  14. The pics sent shivers up my spine.
    And I can't seem to make a rhyme.
    So I'll just say "yuck" until next time.

    PS Congrats on 500 posts!


    1. Well the last two rhymed
      And were well timed
      Yuck indeed though
      But they were so fun to show haha

  15. OMFG those things are nasty. Thank god I live in a basement where there's no bugs, whew.

    1. Yeah that is the best way to be
      With no bugs to bother thee

  16. oh goodness...after reading this my skin starts itching all over..ha...i really like animals...no fleas though...ha

    1. yeah I'm with you
      Animals yes, fleas can go to some other zoo

  17. Fleas are horrid--they're so darned hard to get rid of, even if you can see them.

    1. Yeah they little feckers won't bugger off
      Making one surely scoff

  18. A good flea is a dead flea
    Why a flea market is called such?
    May be things just cost pennies
    Like fleas they don't expect much
    You can odd times get good bargains
    Having scoured with lots of pain


    1. Hmmm never thought of that
      But yeah squash them flat
      Not sure on the flea markets though
      Prob you're right, as they just have a lot of things to show

  19. Oh goodness...apart from all the outside ones that I see to wear a big red bulls eyes saying "Bite me" and I am allergic to...one of my biggest bug hates...the flea. Now I feel all darned itchy! Yikes!

    1. haha geez I made an itch a thon today
      The things I can do at my bay

  20. After I read this, The Zombie Elf caught me and asked to hear it too. He listened--completely entralled LOL!

    1. hahahahahaha figures he'd like the fleas
      Better watch out or he may send them to your knees

  21. I'm itching just looking at those pictures! Watch out. With all those fleas, there are probably some tapeworms lurking about!

    1. haha oh those things are even more nasty than fleas
      I'd rather be stung by bees

  22. Just looking at the pictures gave me chills. ._.

    1. Well at least chills
      Beat looking at them and getting thrills

  23. what a lesson in all that's flea, now I am sure I'll be feeling those creepy hoppers in my sleep. Great job covering fleas in more angles than i would've guessed that could've been done on those small SOB's lol

    1. LOL I can cover most anything
      Here at my wing
      Sorry for the itch
      Yeah they are a bitch

  24. Hi I'm the artist who created the first image in this post. This is a copyrighted image. Would you please include a credit & link to my website, or if you are not willing to do that, please remove the image immediately.

    Thank you, Leah Palmer Preiss www.leahpalmerpreiss.com


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