Not Gonna Get Away From My Rip Off Display!

Thought you could avoid me and the rip off week at bush number three? Well you know I like to go on one way or another about the movie. Mostly bad, as most now a days aren't groovie. Who uses that word? Damn, I must sound absurd. Oh well, what the hell. Of course I can't ignore you and so I saved the best for last at my zoo.

Rip offs a plenty all week,
Some you never again want to seek.
But it had to be done,
And now on with the final one.

As the cat will rip off now,
With a simple meow.
Each one of you.
I guess I am technically ripping myself off too.

The Gapper = The Gawker
Sounds like races with a walker.
Or jumping over holes.
Which can be lofty goals.

Comatose Tongue = Numb Tongue.
Too big a word to be flung.
Plus makes one in need of a hospital bed,
And the germs just cause dread.

Irish Draft = Irish Air
Draft tones down her blare.
And we all know she likes to yap.
So air sounds better as she comes to flap.

Prattle = Blabber
Rhymes with tattle so may make people want to stab her.
Then she'll whine,
And just annoy the feline.

Singular Eye = One Eye
The word is too big and might make her cry.
For the tears will come as she tries to read.
Those big words can be deadly indeed.

Rudiments Nazi = Grammar Nazi
Sounds like something said by Potsie.
And it does not bring Happy Days.
Or any sunny rays.

Concordance Collector = Dictionary Collector.
Something collected by Hannibal Lector?
That would surely bring a scare,
But it sounds so rare.

Vacillate = Waffles.
Sounds like some rare falafels.
I surely would not eat.
Does not sound like a treat.

Child-Bearer Zen = Mama Zen.
Hmmm that may get backlash at any den.
So best avoid that,
To stay a safe cat.

An Amber Brew For A Shower = A Beer For A Shower.
Such a long saying would make some cower.
Plus it gets rid of the A,
With its An display.

Dayfantasizertoo = Daydreamertoo.
Hmmm with that little clue.
It sounds a bit kinky,
Maybe she does things with a slinky?

Meandmyvisioncap = Meandmythinkingcap.
Oh the people will flap.
As now she's a psychic too.
Can you tell me the lottery numbers that will come due?

And so you see,
Whether the nickname from me,
Or your own one,
Rip offs just should not be done.

They pale in the originals light.
Whether day or night.
Just like my diminutive rhyming ass,
That would not sound as crass.

So think twice before the rip off comes due as they will just go all blah on you and now the rip off week is through and God only knows what else will come from my zoo. Actually I know as I'm 40 posts ahead once more. But you'll just have to wait to see what comes due at my shore. Now back to sounding more crass with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Hahahaha this is incredible Pat, I wish I knew where you got this wit from, love your Irish Draft one especially, amazing stuff, this has a smile etched on my face for some reason haha.

    1. haha the wit comes from here and there
      I just let it flow at my lair
      Glad the smile came
      With the final rip off game

  2. lol, even ripping yourself, as you take a flying leap from your shelf, i wonder what ever happened to ALF, but then again its no sin to have fun with rip offs just no guns please, they make holes that wease and leave you with shirts like swiss cheese, that aint the bees knees, nose or butts, ok better end this before the door shuts

    1. Yep ripped off myself indeed
      The final one at my feed
      And ALF is getting a new movie as well
      The original voice actor will be back so they tell
      The bees knees and mutts nuts
      Will surely gets some nose to butts

  3. Rip off display...good thing you backed off MZ, she is fierce ~

    There is nothing like the originals ~

    Happy weekend~

    1. Nope the originals are the best
      They always pass the test

  4. Rip offs yes,so you see
    They happen all the time
    We allow injustice to be
    Pretend everything's fine
    It is just isn't fair
    Have certain principles
    With rules they wouldn't dare
    We would then avoid scruples


    1. Yeah seems all turn a blind eye
      To certain things even when they spy
      I guess it is just the ease
      Of going with the breeze

  5. Replies
    1. haha glad your morning I could make
      And you didn't want to drown the cat in a lake haha

  6. I wish mythinkingcap would come back

    her posts for a weeks have been less than lack.

    1. Yeah she is on vacation I guess
      But I have no idea I'll confess

  7. ha - some nice ripping here..but nothing better than the originals...waffles and falafel..hmm...i like both by the way...not together though...ha

    1. haha together they would be nasty indeed
      Either way I'll take heed

  8. Comatose tongue
    oh, that would not be fun
    worse than numb
    and leave you feeling dumb.

    And you originally tried to be a rip off with this and that
    as you used to be the Cat in the Hat
    even sporting his funny mug
    which I'm sure Dr Suess it did bug.

    1. haha yeah that is does
      With it's comatose buzz
      LOL shhhhh don't tell
      No one remembers that at my cell
      Besides your twin
      Wait until you see what's coming in a day or two for the win

    2. haha...ok, mums the word
      as you plan something absurd.
      Can't wait to see
      what you have up your sleeve!

    3. haha not so absurd
      But yeah won't say a word
      Just need to fix one thing
      Before I can let it fling
      Damn thing has me stumped for now
      But I'll get it before I have a cow haha

  9. What the big task:
    To rip off all masks!
    Maybe original face
    not any more in the place...

    1. Yeah pulled them back
      Here at my shack
      Was grand indeed
      And fun at my feed

  10. Well they've definitely had something ripped off, the poor lot!

  11. Now that ripoff week is over
    I wonder what will appear next in the clover!
    40 posts ahead
    "Wow" she said!

    1. Yeah tons to come
      From my little rhyming bum
      Who knows what it will be
      But it will surely cause glee

  12. Concordance collector? Just the thought makes my head hurt! And whoever heard of a Mama Zen or whatever that thing is? Mama and zen just don't go together!

    1. haha yeah that does hurt the head
      And Mama and Zen surely doesn't cause one dread

  13. Yes Irish Air
    does like to
    won't shut
    her trap.

    But when
    she's gone
    you'll bang
    a gong
    and sing
    your song
    of glee
    and all will

    But here
    I am
    so shut
    your clam
    horrid, horrid

    I love weekends on blogger because no one is in. It's like I own the whole blogoshpere. Woooo, I'm running amuck!!

    1. hahaha yeah Saturday no one is around
      Barely anyone can be found
      But the cat is still here
      Doing plenty of stuff which you will see soon from my little rhyming rear

    2. If you should ever take a day off of blogger, the world will come to an end.

      Nitey nite Cat.

    3. Hmmm then I better not let such a trend
      Come from my rhyming rear end

  14. Hehehe... really laughing out loud here... All this ripping, as long as it isn't roaring from your little rhyming ass ;)

    1. haha yeah that would be bad
      Although the cat would find it rad

  15. that was fun. Lots of rip offs, but they had to be done. Reminds me of when I was in high school, a buddy of mine and me would do these little mock write-ups and basically just change a word or so to make our stories flow, like for example, if we used Pat Hatt it would be something like Pete Hart or something like that. The ones you came up with a way better, but then again we were in freshman or sophomore year, so guess that gets a past, but since you started your rip off week, I was thinking about those days, and came to the guess, that these rip off artists around today, must've gotten their start like that one day, and never realized there rip offs would aggravate. Fun week, will have to do again and the beauty of it is, by the next time you do, they'll be a whole ton more rip offs for you to use at your zoo.

    1. haha yeah the rip offs will surely grow
      I could do a whole month with the rip off flow
      But that might bore
      And wouldn't want to do that at my shore
      I guess that is how they all got their start
      Some took it too much to heart

  16. a rudiments nazi is even more annoying than a grammar nazi imo

    1. hahaha that is surely the case
      They should never show their face


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