On The Go With A Free Flow!

Think you get the jest of it.
For Wayman Publishing brought forth this hit.
To honor Melynda's close call,
With her eyesight thanks to that crap diabetes at her hall.

Starting on September's second day
Over at the amazon way
You can have a look
At many a book

Fill your nook,
Hook or by crook
That just popped in
Used it for the win.

Which you can also do,
Free for many a zoo.
Of course there is a rule or three.
But it is all free.

Like so many displays,
Over those three days.
There will be a Golden Sky,
Just Nonsense will also fly.

The Swashbuckle Chuckle is there,
Of course from my lair.
How to Lose a Tooth,
A Realm of Middle Damned could join your booth.

More Nonsense can come your way,
Open Doors once more with a story from my bay.
The Best of ECWrites,
Where the clap causes frights.

Kind of naive says the cat,
But too funny to Pat.
The Sword of Senack you can give a whack.
Twelve Habits for Highly Effective Cats and their humans, the later not always sharp as a tack.

Damn, that line was long,
But how can you go wrong?
For they are all free,
So to amazon you flee.

Only three days to snatch them up.
Can read and drink from your coffee cup.
If you can do two things at once.
I know, a few are a dunce.

But we won't point them out,
They may come here and pout.
And there are plenty more on display,
Going for cheap who joined the fray.

And some even for a good cause,
Who I'll pretend to give an applause,
Will be giving 10% of sales,
To the american diabetes rails.

Don't even get me started on those things,
I'll save that for some other blog post rings.
All one big scam,
"Cure" is the equivalent of toe jam.

But that is neither here nor there,
Let's face it, it's everywhere.
So just let that one go,
And check out all the novels that show.

Plus fill out the thingy below,
And you could watch your wallet grow.
With $200 bucks in cash,
Surely will cure any rash.

Or a premade blog design,
That will surely be divine.
Now if you still don't have a clue,
One thing left to say, Whoopdi Friggin Doo!

I just had to go all whoopdi friggin doo at my lair. I mean what's some more nonsense to this fair? It was too good to pass up, kind of like a butt to a pup. But never fear all, as the truth was given at my hall. You want a great read? Go get some for free at the amazon.com feed. Now I must go pass some gas. At least that cures the stomach ache of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I'm definitely going to have to take a look at this Pat, thanks so much for sharing and I think I'll enter at least some of this mammoth giveaway so thanks for sharing and good luck to everybody. Enjoy the fart too, make sure you're near a loo.

    1. Tons to see there
      Should be an interseting affair
      The cat enjoys his farts too
      Except when they drive him to the loo haha

  2. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Will always share
      Whether one wants it or not at my lair haha

  3. free books, now that is my kind crooks....thanks for the intel, not leaving me with lentels....

    1. Yeah the free
      Will surely be something to see
      At the amazon tree
      Even one by me

  4. wow...look at all those choices to enter
    and the cause is always a winner!

    1. Yeah a winner this time
      Not just me cheating with a little rhyme hahaha

  5. The Swashbuckle Chuckle is there? Thats great! I hope people give it a look!! Cause its a great book!!

    1. Yeah get it out there for more to see
      Then maybe number 2 could be done by thee

  6. free books..
    ahaa who doesn't like that :)

    Fill your nook,
    Hook or by crook...

    very practical approach pat :P

    1. Yeah practical I can be
      Even if I'm kind of crazy

  7. And a premade blog design would be divine! I wish I could win that. I keep drooling over her amazing templates--okay that sounded weird LOL!

    1. Yeah hers are grand
      I had a look at her land
      Better put away the drool
      The dog might think it's cool hahaha

  8. Replies
    1. I can be nice once in a while
      Although mean is more my style haha

    2. Yes you have different styles dear LOL

    3. haha keep you on your toes
      And give some woes

  9. I actually got a tablet yesterday, though I can't figure out how to use any ebook that isn't from barnes and noble yet.

    1. Sure you will get to it
      Never tried one so I'd also have no idea at my pit

  10. Free books,giveaways
    Great to start the day
    And hoping to win
    Yes, give it a fling


    1. Yeah free and win
      Surely not a sin
      Those words can work
      Leaving one with a smirk

  11. To get free flow...
    That kidney stone
    must surely go.
    You know.
    Cause then there's peein'
    without the screamin'.

    1. I never ever want one of those
      Here's hoping the stream flows

  12. Thanks Pat for the link...will give it a look

    We have Kobo though, I wish it can be downloaded as well ~

    Happy day to you ~

    1. Happy day
      Had to look up Kobo at my bay
      Never heard of that one
      And yeah there are a ton

    2. Kobo is the Canadian version of e-book, Kindle.

    3. Aww got it now
      Wonder if it can Canadian meow haha

  13. That might be the longest Rafflecopter I've ever seen--LOL! But what a great cause! I lost a good, GOOD friend and mentor to Type 1 diabetes. He slowly lost his vision, then he stopped healing. I hate that illness! Here's hoping them much success! :o) <3

    1. LOL yeah it is very very very long
      That damn disease is so wrong
      Need to get rid of it fast
      But instead the rich just want it to last
      All conspiracy theory I know
      But will always let it flow

  14. Replies
    1. Not a problem at my sea
      As I do it with glee

  15. Got to love a give away...cheers Pat

    1. Yeah they are grand
      Especially if a chance you stand

  16. Wow, what a deal.
    This sure has appeal.
    Hope it is for real!

  17. Hahahaha love it!!! Awesome giveaway!!

  18. hmmm. free you say….well that is the price I love to pay…each and everyday, free is like glee, without those singing teens…will have to check it out. Definitely a post to shout about

    1. Yeah screw the singing teens
      They are nasty on my screens
      And free is grand
      So shouted it out to the land

  19. Okay. I think I just "liked" and "followed" everybody in cyberspace. LOL! Cool contest! Yeah, and whoopdi friggen doo sums it up nicely!

    1. LOL there is a ton
      But at least with such a run
      May find under your sun
      That you won

  20. This is the coolest way to announce a giveaway and charity fundraiser. :)

    1. The cat never stops
      Even adding giveaways to his crops

  21. Sounds like a great cause. I'll have to decline from the giveaway. :)

  22. that's a really cool giveaway

    1. Cool from this rhyming fool
      Makes dogs drool

  23. Visiting you via the Blogfest! I'm so thankful for voiceBoks and the people it brings into my blogging world. It's nice to find someone so adept with the written word! You have a lovely blog!

    1. Thanks for the visit to my zoo
      And all the compliments from you

  24. I like poems that rhyme! And I think I'll come back to your blog another time!

    1. Glad you do
      As rhymes will always be here to view

  25. Thanks for stopping by At Home with Rebecka and following my site! In your comment you said to get rid of WV. Sorry, I'm clueless...what is WV?? Thanks!

    1. I will be over to let you know
      In a second at your show

  26. Awesome giveaway and great way to bring traffic to so many people and sites. Thanks for the chance to win and for all the new places to check out.

  27. What a fun, creative blog! Thanks for participating in the giveaway and for supporting such a wonderful cause! :-)

    1. Will support away
      Each and every day
      Here at my bay
      And thanks for the look under my sunny ray


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