Petsy, Rid Me Of The Poo. Now What Am I To Do?

So that poo stuff keeps finding me and of course it was pointed out by Petsy. Then the cat said he would avoid it at his bay when the posts ran out he had saved away. Well we are close, as only a few more remain in the cat's house, thanks to the dumb arm. But one day the cat will be forty ahead again so there is no cause for alarm. Anyway, I will avoid it for a while at my bay. But isn't there scarier things out there that give rings?

Like this guy,
Who isn't shy.
And has a big yap,
Surely letting it flap.

Or dinosaurs that spread the love.
Wouldn't that fit me like a glove?
But since I'm snip snip,
I wouldn't be able to get a good grip.

Stab things when all goes wrong.
That has to be a better song.
And maybe before long,
The cat could preach about wearing a thong.

Or things in the shape of you know,
Always on the go.
Scoping out some nude beach,
Where the Written Mitten likes to preach.

Or we could kumbaya each day.
Putting on quite the display.
La la la la, me me me me.
Damn I'm good, can't you see?

We could drive and sing,
Bobbing our heads well giving the horn a ring.
Until we crash,
For being so brash.

We could all stand,
And think we're grand.
Feeling up this thing,
That looks like it's doing what I'm not allowed to say at my wing.

Rock the boom box.
With our tye dye socks.
Going all hip.
Could even get naughty and carry a whip.

Oh yeah sing once more.
See they all call for an encore.
Bang the drum all day,
And even paint yourself a different shade for display.

Then if all else fails,
Shout out one eye tails.
It seems she has a lot of kin.
Those one eyes must have committed some kind of sin.

And so there you go. Plenty of options when avoiding poo at my show. I guess we shall see what comes to pass from my poo-less little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. #1 today is your label
      And that isn't a fable

  2. I love all these versions of children's shows getting a negative vibe added, that Sesseme Street one is so funny. Great rhymes my man, that sounds like a plan.

    1. Yeah the kiddie shows suffered a blow
      I can't let their legend grow

  3. Avoiding poo at your show
    All seem to enjoy the blow
    Many options you present
    With some groups that resent
    Would just rather not bother
    Minding own business rather


    1. Yeah that is true
      Options galore at my zoo
      And I'm sure it will still show
      Just not continue to grow

  4. lol Betsy is the one pointing these things out to you? I'm sure innocent, sweet Betsy never talked about things that are in the shape of a banana or you bring snip snip!!!! lol

    1. Pffft innocent and sweet
      Did you have bad fish meet?
      Or is that naive thing kicking in once more
      You need to blog explore hahaha

    2. Hey, don't imply that you and I have been talking lol....

    3. I would never imply such a thing
      But feel free to let the bananas fling

  5. The cat
    in a thong
    now that would
    be wrong.

    I'd rather see
    an armed muppet
    come after me.

    Yes you have now been twice snip-snipped Cat, so shut your trap and swallow your tongue because here comes a big yawn.

    Please never ever put the image of yourself in a thong in my head again. And Pee-Wee will be giving me nightmares. His hideous face is on my blogroll right now you know that don't you.

    1. haha then you could cut the muppets strings too
      And no longer have a scary view
      The cat had to say it though
      But he would never show
      Well at least almost never
      He can be bought to do such an endeavor haha
      And yeah that was the point
      To show Pee Wee off at each joint haha

    2. Well it's a damn sight better than fungus foot. I'll give you that.

    3. LOL that foot hasn't been around in a while
      But it is funny watching people look at something so vile

    4. So tell me..... where's Dezz?

    5. Dez is sadly out to lunch
      As he has his panties in a bunch haha

  6. there are some scary kids shows out there...even without the youtube changes the creeps bring-es-pecially bit talking dinos, think i would rather visit with winos...40 ahead, i might be somewhere around there if you count whats sitting in my notebook there....fling the poo though when needed, the field need to be fertilized and seeded....

    1. LMAO oh your twin will love that
      Telling me to fling the poo at my mat
      And those winos can be mean
      Or maybe create a scene
      40 ahead is grand
      As then you can take a day off at your land

    2. Clearly, I'm the more mature twin. lol....

    3. hahaha well I don't know by how much
      But yeah at least by a touch

    4. a touch?
      you mean a bunch!

    5. That didn't rhyme
      Wouldn't want to be like you and do a non rhyming crime haha

    6. oh, so write me a ticket
      then I'll just picket.

    7. No loitering allowed
      Might draw an unwanted crowd

  7. You keep so many as drafts?! WHAT ARE YOU?! You're a true lyricist-rapper.
    Imma take one of those and use them in a song, if you don't mind, that is.

    1. They just run out of me
      And I rhyme with glee
      Having 40 or so
      Let's me miss a day or two of writing at my show
      If I should get lazy
      But I am always crazy
      Use one as a song
      That is not wrong

  8. I remember bananas in pajamas, they used to freak me out.

    1. Yeah they are quite freaky I'd say
      Although not as much as that Pee Wee on display

  9. I sure hope that one eye
    wasn't a shout out to me!

    and bringing Pee Wee
    over to your sea?

    he did more than open his yap...
    that nasty guy unzipped his flap.

    Is Pat's arm still causing him pain?
    It must be driving everyone insane!

    ~Pat, I'm sorry to hear your arm is still in bad shape...I thought you were on the mend???

    1. LOL well you can pretend it wasn't a shout out to you
      I have to compare all one eyes to your view haha
      Yeah Pee Wee would scare
      He might show up bare
      Arm is still a pain in the rump
      As is the neck, back and leg which can make Pat a grump haha

    2. I like how beautiful I am according to Anne
      Always a cyclops from you and Dan =((( LOL
      I can't believe you're still feeling ill,
      Time for Elsie to send you a pill!!

    3. I've been a bit
      of a grump
      with my head
      up my rump.

      As life has
      been unkind
      to me and
      to mine.

      Let's all
      catch a break
      and a breath
      we may take
      for tomorrow
      will come
      and we'll all
      be less glum.

      At lease I hope we all have better times ahead Cat.

    4. Yeah I could use a magic pill
      Then I'd stop calling you one eye at my hill
      Other than that
      You are stuck with it at my mat haha

      Well my head isn't up my rump
      I can be a grump
      But tomorrow is another day
      Even if they all seem to be the same damn thing at my bay

  10. I would actually like to see the Wiggles crash their big plastic car. I bet that thing would crumple like tin foil. I wonder if they'd be smiling that hard in the ER as doctors reattached their limbs?

    Also, just to let you know, the drawings are going well. My laptop bit the dust, so I'm waiting for a new one to arrive, and once it does, I can finish the last of them. It's always something, isn't it?

    1. LOL well if there is a buck to be made
      I'm sure their fake ass smile will never fade
      Like to see the car fall off the stage
      And at least throw them in a rage
      And yeah it is always the way
      Learning that more and more too at my bay

  11. hi! this montage and poem is sooo cute and charming.
    wow, i really miss the telly tubes.

    1. Went all kiddie and scary today
      As those surely scare all with their display

  12. Those pictures make my tummy stew
    Oh please, oh please,
    Bring back the poo.


    1. Calling for the poo
      Some people might not like you haha

    2. send all poo to Robyn
      or she'll end up sobbin'.
      She can have my share
      as I just watch and stare. haha.

    3. haha the pringle cans are ready
      And my aim is steady

    4. she might regret that comment
      just a little bit.

    5. haha yep that is true
      Should a pringle can come due

    6. might need to hose her down
      after you throw those cans around

    7. Pfft that is too much work
      I'll just sit and smirk

    8. we'll need clothespins for our noses
      if we don't use the hoses!

    9. The cat can't smell himself
      A perk he has at his shelf

  13. I like the beach, but no nudists,
    and 40 you say, whew, i don't even know what to write
    for tomorrow OLN..ha..ha...still enjoying the day

    See you Pat ~

    1. Well I'm down to 20 or so now
      But I won't have a cow
      As I'll get back up there soon
      And enjoying another day off here until tomorrow at noon

  14. I smiled when I saw the pic of Barney. When she was six it was all Barney, Dora the Explorer, The Magic school bus, and the Little mermaid. LOL She positively cringes now when I remind

    1. LOL yeah some make me cringe now too
      As watched them one too many times in my view

  15. I never said poo was scary
    just that it was making your one track mind hairy.
    And compared to the.. a-hem.. quality of writing from, say, a year ago
    I was missing that at your show.
    But like I said before
    it's your blog and you we adore
    so whatever you write about here
    we'll come and comment with cheer.

    1. Yeah my one track mind
      Was taking over my behind
      But away I'll go
      And whatever comes will come at my show
      Less with the one track stuff
      But still plenty of fluff
      As I like to annoy
      That just brings joy haha

    2. Men thinking with parts below the belt
      isn't a new thing to make ice melt
      but your meaning is not the same
      as the usual game.

    3. Yeah I've thought with that a ton
      Enough to annoy a nun
      But we won't go there
      At my lair haha

  16. Oh Pat you and the.po:(
    Oh dear! And Betsy is absolutely nice and sweet I m agree with Jax!

    1. Pfft sucking up too
      You'll never get out of the dirt at my zoo haha

    2. hahaha being all nice to Betsy and such too
      Pfffft to that is all I can say to you hahaha

    3. I guess you get in trouble
      if you blow me a She's Sweet bubble.

    4. Yes that word is not allowed
      It too could draw the wrong crowd

  17. ha, this is great. Love the pics as well, especially the bert and ernie one, all evil on there street. Only thing that disappoints is that minions never made it to your joint lol

    1. Minions would just scare me
      So I am glad they never made it to bush number three

  18. What happened to sesam street?

    1. They are going suicidal
      And refuse to remain idle

  19. OMG What did you do? Find all the worst kid shows? What's up with the evil Bert, Ernie, and Elmo? LOL!

    1. I think Pat threw poo-filled Pringles cans at them and they are out for revenge! lol....

    2. Yeah they didn't like they poo
      Who knew?

  20. Eeek! I finally had the Doodle Bops song out of my head and now it's back in there again. :P

    And I swear the Teletubbies turned my brain to mush when I went on mat leave #3. No wonder I sounded like a complete moron when I returned to work.

    I love Bananas in pajamas as a kid.

    1. LOL oh those teletubbies are out to get us all
      With there mind numbing call
      Sorry for the song in your head
      Must cause dread

  21. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Bad flashbacks to when my childrens were little!!!

    Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!!

    btw, Sesame Street still rules.

    1. hahaha I hope the flashbacks were able to stop
      Wouldn't want your mind to go plop

  22. I must confess that I can identify all of these performers and probably will be humming Wiggles songs for the rest of the evening. Yeah, thanks Pat.

    1. haha might want to keep that under your hat
      Sorry for the wiggles tunes at you mat
      That would drive anyone insane
      And really cause brain strain

  23. I didn't recognize half of these. I must be getting old...

    1. Yeah I am too
      But I still catch them in my view

  24. Freaky Dude. So glad my grandkids spend so little time at my house. Last time they were here I banned Sponge Bob. I was not the favorite g-ma.


    1. hahahaha how mean of you
      But I would ban him too

  25. I never liked those teletubbies
    reminded me of deviant chubbies
    hate Sponge Bob most of all
    couldn't stand if he came to call!
    Hope today you have a ball......

    1. Now I think I have caught up with all!!

    2. Caught up you are
      At my bar
      And hahaha forgot about that sponge guy
      But you he is hard on the eye

  26. This had me laughing sooo hard! Oh. My. Gosh! :0)

    1. haha sure you can relate
      With the kiddos at your gate

  27. Well, if you put it that way, Pat... I'd prefer poo.

    1. Wow I'll remember that one
      For one day when poo comes again under my sun

    2. Dear Lord, what have I done.....

    3. haha you brought on the poo
      And just so happens it rhyme with blue

  28. I wonder if there's a color called Poo Blue.... I'm slightly worried now.

    1. haha just for you
      Such a color should come due


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