Pfft Ending Rhymes Who Needs Such dVerse Crimes?

So for dVerse today I figured I'd stretch my skills with this display. Of course I found one I liked and kinda copied the rhyme scheme, which I'm sure through it a familar poet will beam. But anyway, just going to show it doesn't always have to be end rhyme at my bay. And it let me stretch my skill. Now come and get your fill.


Once upon a frightful quest, while I lingered for a rest,
Surrounded by awe shimmering shadows of blood black,
While they frolicked, nearly running, broiled in their simple cunning,
A blinding flash was rather stunning, stunning from my pack.
"Damn bind," I grumbled, "Loose again in my pack,
Which I carry on my back."

I muttered over the sales call I received at the mall,
For it I could recall while reaching round for a smack.
Stuck in perpetual lazy my eyes were quickly growing hazy,
What appeared seemed crazy - crazy as a heart attack.
Fact which pawned upon morrows night attack,
Scar forever on my back.

The size remained insisting having crazy still persisting,
Enamored of the stature progressing like sea wrack
Grasped in nerve sensation I found a slight elation,
"Bless the flash mutation stunning from my pack"
"Fame brought by mutation stunning from my pack;"
Solely resting on my back.

My mind spun rehearsal; fear retreating into reversal,
"Stay," ordered I, "excuse my lack of special knack.
Simply your incessant running targets very little cunning.
The added flash was stunning, stunning from my pack.
That my eyes deceived me." Allowance of the pack.
Swinging loose on my back.

Looking within the tattered confines, creeping loose awakened signs,
Attracting signs which resemble designated quack.
Yet the creeping came returning, increasing my fame's yearning,
Slowly I was learning the grievance given to my pack.
Counting my expected earning, paving waves to my pack,
Which started on my back.

Could exhaustion harbor tricks as my mind tumbled bricks?
For emerging shadows computed neglect track.
"Has to," said I, "My ship has docked from this spy.
Let me dispute dry growing mystery to detour flack.
Confine my mind for a moment to detour flack;
Slumping crazy on my back.

Closing stunning sack I slung, back to back deterring bell rung.
In the darkness I crept through nerves attack.
There before my peering eyes, stayed more glowing eyes.
A thief's quartet meandering lies, bestowed from my pack.
Bestowed upon thieving dreams exaggerated from my pack,
Lingering forth on my back.

There some ranks kept staffing echoing incessant laughing,
Apparitions held more yield than such piercing clack,
"Your tact is rather inspiring," I said, "fact I'm left admiring,
But patience is expiring wishing for your fade to black.
Provide one reason to sway your fade to infinite black."
Breezing wind spoke, "Flashback."

Surround to increased judging, unclear to their breezed nudging,
Exploring memories just created - mesmerized before slipped crack.
Peering eyes were unceasing in the dark they were policing,
Which I was leasing from my restful pack,
Ordain or lore spotted from my restful pack,
Subtly advising, "Flashback."

The collection remained defiant in face of the parading giant,
Lonely yet masked as one endearing pack.
Striking and ready to rumble while distingushed in humble,
Forcing my returning mumble, "Preperation for a whack,
Passage given to prevent preperation for a whack."
I was simply given, "Flashback."

Accomplishing what was desired, the rest I had required,
Furnaced by rising fire arrowed to my track,
Sharpened to my surprise proving their thief disguise,
Still breezing forth their cries of narrowing flack,
Hope was all that lingered in such narrowing flack,
With the utterance of, "Flashback."

Brightened eyes and bestowed pride, razored upon my stride,
Straight I charted within my mind to little moving slack.
Suddenly my hope was sinking when upon me they came slinking,
Jailed to the sight of blinking, shining forth Olympic plaque,
Sunk in slink, sharpen, scrouge, scavenging of Olympic plaque,
Lies encompassing, "Flashback."

Sicken from whistling whining, in need of some dining,
Flipped forth the envious sack beseeching a snack,
Staring eyes all a flutter, slick as day old dripping butter,
Forcing forth a tainted stutter, "Flash within my pack,
Dwindling declarations hung wasting within my pack,
Whispering forth, "Flashback."

Lording over dropping straps wishing for darkened gaps,
Filtering through the natures nurturing hack,
Forest flirting with the zipper, surrounding foes becoming chipper,
Crawling cackles directing pointed flipper, gunning the track,
Zoning deeper into games gunning for the track,
Lingering echoes store, "Flashback."

Once upon a frightful quest while I lingered for a rest,
Thieving shadows whispered in unison from the black,
Lurking desperate for my riding, truimphant in their guiding,
Ridding me of past siding, through lights dancing cracks,
Paven path's golden fleece back in lights dancing cracks,
My refusal to, "Flashback."

There we go, I'll let each draw their own conclusion at my show. For whatever it is about each can look and find their own singing trout. That just rhymed and was well timed, no singing trout near it and so ends this dVerse hit. Tomorrow I will be more crass and once more my usual little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I see what you've done here Pat and it's actually incredible, is there anything you can't rhyme?

    Love how you managed to rhyme so many words ending with ack, that takes some real talent and I won't take that back. Anyone who comes to Pat to attack will find their rhyming surely lacks.

    I'm now getting carried away although I shall return to comment another day.

    1. The cat you will never stop
      And one cannot top
      He can rhyme any scheme given
      As long as he's livin'
      All the ack came due
      Thankfully there are a lot of them to view

  2. wow dude you got it all in your hall today, some wicked imagery and pervasive rhyme, clearing your throat with all the ack ack...some fav lines...Brightened eyes and bestowed pride, razored upon my stride,
    Straight I charted within my mind to little moving slack...ha...i think i know who you went after, but getting it wrong it could be disaster, so being fred out of bed, my first thought was fred

    1. Went a different route today
      Just to mix it up at my bay
      Was interesting to do
      And that's what was thought by you
      Hmmm well you never know
      Maybe subliminal that's where I decided to go

  3. Incessant use of 'Flashbacks'
    May run through lots of smacks
    Provoking the many smart alecks
    Scampering them with potent flacks
    Tell them to 'cool it Mac'
    They are rightly packed
    If they want one back


    1. Using all the end rhymes
      That broguth forth my chimes
      What fun times
      Beats the nasty mimes
      And if they want one back
      They better go on the attack

  4. Whew, my pea brain can't keep up with the sophisticated likes of you. You certainly never disappoint.

    1. haha a sophisticated cat
      Who would have thought that
      Crazy I will go back too
      As that is easier to do haha

  5. Good to try something new
    stirs up the mind and one's audience too
    nice rhymes today that followed good form
    something delightfully out of the norm!

    1. Yeah have to give the mind a run
      From my usual fun
      Once in a while
      Just to let loose a new style

  6. Could this be about the pain
    your body has gained,
    and a quest to find out why
    it won't leave you high and dry?
    Thinking back in time
    what could have rung this chime?
    Seems to be a burden strapped...
    a backpack of pain upon your back.
    And the mystery goes on
    as it taunts you dusk til dawn.

    1. Hmm I suppose
      It could be my woes
      More in a subliminal state
      But yeah such a crap fate
      One of these days it will go away
      At least I hope at my bay
      Friggin food stirred it up though
      That I for sure now know
      Just have to get back to the norm
      Then should be back to form

    2. Well, even if my guess was wrong
      it is a brilliant poem or song
      I love this side of your creativity
      more than the poo and it's immaturity.

    3. Second guess is bad memories of the past
      that still haunt you wide and vast
      sometimes making it hard to sleep
      and flashbacks fill your dreams.

    4. hahaha yeah immaturity does come through
      But less of the use of poo
      Will be used at my sea
      As that rut has been kicked by me
      Although one pringle can one will come
      I couldn't pass it up by my little rhyming bum haha

      No bad memories haunt me
      I let them go with glee
      Move on and forget the crap
      Leads to a much better nap
      Especailly with a new bed
      To rest my and Cassie's head

    5. Then I give up
      I'm out of luck!

      Had to move to plastic shopping bags here
      a pringle's can won't hold it all, I fear.

    6. LMAO but with three boys chowing down
      Don't you have enough cans at your town?
      Shopping bags are nasty and can't be re-used at all
      Someone needs to come up with a better way to get rid of it at each hall

    7. I make them share one can each night
      so their weight doesn't rise out of sight.
      And there you go...
      a money making invention for you to show.
      Just get busy on that please
      I'd buy one if it made the chore done with ease

    8. haha I go through one a night myself
      At my shelf
      But think I'll have to get rid of those for a while too
      To get this body crap through
      Hmmm I'd have to think on that
      But sure would make one rich as many have a cat

    9. And it would just be so 'you'
      to get rich because of poo.

    10. hahahahaha oh I'd never let that one go
      Get a big old plaque saying it at my show haha

  7. the cat never stopping
    pffft cause he is a little out of mind
    but we still reading him. lol

    1. Surely out of my mind
      But that just makes me a fun rhyming behind
      And using G+ now I see
      Pffft to that from me

    2. a lot time I use G+ but. you use too I saw pfffttt
      anyway only last night I can join all th G and thr blog lol

    3. I use it too
      For people to view
      But never gonna make my blog go there
      It is just to annoying to wade through that lair

    4. I joined up too, at my joint
      but I have to say, I don't get the point!

    5. Yeah I like the blogger thing
      As it's easier to find one's link to their blog wing
      But now that you signed up
      I get an email saying you left a comment without a hiccup haha

  8. To me that felt like quite the fast paced adventure! I enjoyed it!!

    1. Yeah an adventure was had
      Like many a time at my pad

  9. Phew, I feel like I just read a rhyming 'Gone with the wind' This was an epic of all proportions, no room for any distortions, really has some class from your little rhyming ass ;)

    1. Perhaps "gone with the cat"

      By Sir Patt von Hatt

    2. haha class for my ass
      Some might think that crass
      And you rhymed on cue
      I can always make that come due

      Then I'd be a rip off though
      And we all know how much I like them at my show

  10. A little different than your usual brain bursting rhymes.
    For you have cause my brain to burst many times!
    But this time my brain did not explode!
    Was quite the opposite, instead to implode!

    My brain has collapsed and withered to dust!
    All because of the wicked rhymes you bust.
    I read this story and then I read it again.
    Searching for the meaning, I cannot win!

    Were you selling stuff from a backpack?
    The answer I lack.
    Was it a monster in you pack, coming to life?
    I guess I'll never know, me and my dull life!

    1. Yeah went down a different path
      Sorry for the brain wrath
      Making it go to dust
      Blown away in a wind gust
      Wasn't my intention
      But I can't say I dislike such a mention haha
      The meaning lies within the readers view
      For that is all I made come due
      The monster in the pack though
      Fits well with my show haha

  11. Wow, Pat.
    Is that a cat chasing a rat
    Sitting in hat
    Right beside the mat....

    One can't avoid getting in a rhyming mood after reading what you've written

    1. haha I send out the subliminal notes at my sea
      To get all rhyming just like me

  12. Loving this today! I'm inspired to sit and do my own rhyming exercises. Has to be good for the brain cells! Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Yeah it keeps the brain flowing
      With all the rhymes that are showing

  13. Another winner, you olde sinner. Edgar Allen Poe would give you an award.

    1. First to mention my rip off
      And award would really be great at my trough

  14. goodness...goodness...goodness..this is epic..ha

    1. Wow made you say the same thing three times today
      I may once more have to do an epic display

  15. Look at you turning a whole new leaf, Cat!!! I go on a vacation for a few days, and you turn into Shakespeare. ;)

    1. haha never used where art thou and such stuff
      That just leaves the cat in a huff

  16. I like the Poe edge to your style
    It shows with rhyme, you are quite guile
    Having lingered for a while
    As I depart, it's with a smile.


    1. Thanks for the linger
      And not giving me the finger
      As the rhymes flows every which way
      I surely seem to have sway

  17. This is my first summer comment

    Guess I have a lot of catching up to do when I finally get the time.

    Good to see you still going on your rhyme.

    1. Wow you have been long gone
      From most every lawn
      Welcome back
      And yeah I'll always rhyme away at my shack

  18. In epic tradition
    you did rhyme
    whose ancient
    forms do
    flow most
    from tongues
    and lips
    with finest

    But do
    we dare
    to think
    to hope
    that burdens
    borne with
    blood and sweat
    lie down like
    lambs to be

    And with
    I do depart
    to practice
    another art.

    I'm off to work on my new drum solo Cat.


    1. Wow as my words creep
      You surely went pretty deep
      Those lambs seem to always get the brunt
      Of some stupid stunt
      And hope the drumming went well
      As you beat the thing to hell

  19. Reading this amazing writing
    left me feeling quite enlightened--
    never let another utter that you are a "hack"...
    Your clever lines kept me a'reading
    start to finish, NO retreating;
    not a word was self-defeating
    Congrats on penning such a clever track! ;-)

    Great job with this one Pat. Found myself reading aloud, and going faster and faster with each stanza. Very clever. Enjoyed immensely!!

    1. Glad I could amaze
      That is always fun as one comes to gaze
      Anyone tries to call me a hack
      And I'll just give them my rhyming ass and no flack
      For they are a nut
      And I will never retreat from my hut haha
      Clever I can do to
      Such fun to hear from you

  20. great rhymes as always...your ability to change style and still be awesome is a true talent

    1. Making the cat's ego rise
      You are oh so wise haha

  21. What can I say
    this is a lot of rhyming attack
    just to say no to flashbacks
    in your quest, did you save the pack?

    1. haha the pack was left behind
      Farthest from my mind
      And yeah lots of rhyme
      But you expect such a chime

  22. I"m having an Edgar Allen Poe flashback. Well done, cat!

    1. Such a flashback is surely grand
      With such a comparison in my land

  23. Replies
    1. Epic seems to be the word of the day
      Have to like that at my bay

  24. These were impressive rhymes! It's great to see a different style.

    1. Yeah I can rhyme a mile
      Whether in normal or some other style
      Such fun to swap it up
      To give all a little hiccup

  25. Could exhaustion harbor tricks as my mind tumbled bricks? Uh yes. lol Are you excited about the book fair? I've read your kids book (You can thank Elisa.) and it's great! I wanted to congratulate you awhile back but unfortunately, I can only find people if they comment on my blog now. It sucks going blind sometimes. :) Good luck this weekend with your books

    1. Yeah it surely can play tricks
      Not so much for some hicks
      The book fair should be grand
      As it gets spread across the land
      Oh and that blog comment response I never knew
      Hmph guess I was out of the loop, sad but true haha

  26. You have gone down a different path mayhap?? And I am liking it!

    1. Yeah a little different today
      To spice things up at my bay

  27. Where's the Raven when you crave him? (I'll come here instead.) I like these internal rhymes! k.

    1. Yeah the raven is long gone
      Just a flashing thing on my lawn

  28. I like your new header
    It's quite the scene.
    Palm tree, big cat
    green elephant thing.
    But, that smiling cat,
    wise as a fox.
    Surrounded by miles of litter box.

    1. Yeah a big elephant bush
      With a crack tush
      The cat can now go
      Where ever he wants at his show

  29. pat....

    i am not going to rhyme here...because what you've penned today, somehow doesn't allow me...its so incredible...probably one of the best of yours i've read until touched me "there"...

    pleasure to have stumbled across you in this unfathomable world of world wide net....*soft smile

    1. Wow even made you not rhyme
      That has to be a crime haha
      Incredible you say
      Really inflating the ego at my bay haha
      I have my moments I suppose when I try
      And not just be a crazy rhyming guy haha
      Glad you enjoy my place as well
      Also glad I found your cell

  30. By the way Patt I like the new look

    looks better than a book

  31. First, I love the new decor! Next, I agree with the Poe references. This is a perfect "Raven" parody (Wierd Al Yankovich would be impressed!) Lastly, I think it is absolutely amazing the way you inspire so many people to rhyme! Until next time....:)

    1. haha glad I could please Weird Al
      He would be quite the pal
      And yeah many come to rhyme
      I guess I just bring about such a chime

  32. OMG
    I do not see
    How the rhymes your fingers flee
    But it sure hath please-ed me.

  33. wow! so many ways to rhyme 'ack'
    I would been puzzled shortly after 'black'
    Love the way you tell a story
    always leaves me wanting more-y :)

    1. haha a cheating rhyme
      Such a crime
      Ack can be rhymed a ton
      So I had to give ti a run

  34. Have to admit, the new layout sent me into shock, where are the books, and now the blogroll is a scroll, moving up the page in such a modern way- I think I dig the cat's new digs, but as with any change, it takes a minute or two, to adjust your mind in view. Fun write, definitely a different style for you, funny, I was think Poe all along, and then saw that Brian guessed my song, which, made me go back, and I had to think, have I really drank so much the raven's drink, guess writing a thesis on poe, turned my poetry so, but after Brian said so, I had to know, and so, I think, perhaps I could see it too, which is always a backpat when such a talent is compared to you :)

    Most definitely this is the crown jewel in the rip off theme, although, this isn't a rip off at all, more like tribute here at your stall.

    Love the form, perhaps we'll see more, in between the cat's daily deeds, fending off drazin and all the other fleas. Definitely a new tool for the cat to make the other's drool.

    Really nicely done.

    1. Yeah I get it now
      Took me a while to clue in to Brian's meow
      Never know could be
      As it sat in the mind of me
      And yeah takes a while to get used to
      But once in a while I have to change up my zoo
      Such a rip off I had to do
      Never know, more may come into view

  35. Indeed a wonderful journey, and enjoy the new look of the place. ~ Rose

    1. Glad you enjoy the new look
      And yeah went on a journey at my nook

  36. Wanted to let you know I enjoy your rymes. This one is really great as I love the Raven by Poe which you modled this after

    1. Glad you enjoyed it
      And yeah modeled it a bit
      As the rhymes flow
      At my show

  37. Pat, awesome :) Great write.

    1. Glad you found it grand
      As I rhymed a ton for this one in my land haha

  38. I really enjoyed the rhythm of this poem - flowed beautifully with your thoughts! Glad to have found your site through VoiceBoks!

  39. It's definitely stunning! :)
    What a poem?
    Very creative and imaginative!


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