Quite The Amount Of Junk! I'm Talking To You Punk!

So Pat is quite OCD and everything is all neat and tidy, anything that piles up is stuck in a box or something out of sight at least, such is the nature of the beast. As all has its place and to not be there is just a disgrace. Anyway, I will digress as this is about the compter I will confess. For it was full of junk, no wonder it was in a funk. Instead of Pat and maybe the cat deleting crap it just filled the computers map. Until Pat finally took the time to make it go poof. You think the cat would waste time on such a goof?

Pictures of a mime,
For a certain chime.
Also of a humping rabbit,
That is such a nasty habit.

Some thing titled sfsfsddfs too.
I guess he likes playing Clue.
Ten different copies of the same thing,
In real life one would fling.

Programs that were once a perk,
Which no longer work.
Things so long past,
They can be found fast.

With one Google search.
Yep years of crap in the lurch.
Who needs those codes,
To get different modes?

Codes for what?
Hmm the palace of King Tut?
Combination to the bush with the tushes butt?
Or just for some download crap at my hut?

Whichever you like best,
You can use at your nest.
But keep it close to the vest,
For I don't want an unwanted guest.

Like a little spy ware,
Acting like they care.
Won't you webcam with me?
I'll only charge every other second for thee.

Thankfully there was none of that,
As those are squashed flat.
Plus their time seems to be taken by a fan.
I hear it is a certain Penguin Man.

Now favorites was a whole new ball game.
Some were tame,
Some were lame.
Poker and Roulettle hmmm no longer do I make a claim.

Those days are gone.
But come the dawn,
I still like Donkey Kong,
But not doubles of each and every song.

Even those dirty cat pics,
Pat threw away like they were hicks.
I suppose they've been there before the snip snip,
So I no longer need to take a dip.

Thus goodbye to the computer clutter,
Nothing left to put the cat's mind in the gutter.
Hmm I think it is there anyway,
Here's to a much cleaner display.

Ha! Fat chance of that.
Shut up! You old bat.
Don't talk to me,
At my own sea.

Oops! Must have been some spam,
I better turn that to toe jam.
Want to see sexy me?
Bah! It's a troll dressed like a bee.

Oh this has gotten far off track,
Time to hide in the bush crack.
So no click here will show,
Giving the crowd some troll hoe.

Who knew computer clutter could be so fun? Now Pat no longer has a ton. Took a while to go through, should have just wiped it all from view. But that was not the case as Pat saw my secret stash of kitty pics and removed them without a trace. But then I guess I still have Cass to chase around my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer


  1. This is the exact kind of OCD that's actually useful even if it's very annoying and gets in the way unlike mine which is just a pain. Humorous lines Pat like always anyway.

    Looks like I'm first today, here at the bay, what is my prize for this pointless fact you say? I think my first might be because I clicked on this when posted 9 seconds ago, aren't I the worst?

    1. Yeah I am shedding the useless ocd
      For it is no longer for me
      But keeping the good stuff
      And yeah you win a whole big awesome box of useless stuff haha

  2. haha...animal porn, oh my word...cats and rabbits begone...a troll dressed like a bee, not for me...i am glad you got it cleaned before the virus invaded your spleen

    1. Yes having a virus there
      Would not go over well with the ocd at my lair
      Or course the sights were scary as well
      But got through the hell

  3. Pat, you want to clean my computer? I just wait till it gets so slow, box it up and get a new one. Lol

    Not really, I just pass it on to the kids.

    1. LOL that sounds like a plan
      Can be faster and there are no scary pictures of an ape man

  4. "Want to see sexy me?
    Bah! It's a troll dressed like a bee."

    NOOOOOO! Oh god why did this happen?
    I guess I shut up before I go snappin',
    Oh holy crap; look I'm rappin',
    but I guess it's probably just babblin'.
    You, Mr Pat Hatt
    throw out your hat,
    at the standing ovation,
    as claps all our generation.

    1. A standing ovation sounds great
      Would be a fun fate
      Although might scare the cat
      Then he scurry away after a rat
      Leaving no blabbin to be found
      As the claps surround

  5. Ya Donkey Kong used to be quite the same
    now it and similar are considered lame
    so much that was once very exciting and new
    is now so boring and uninteresting to wade through!
    Have a good weekend!

    1. That is very true
      Seems things fade on cue
      As the years go by
      But somethings stays for this guy

    2. And yes you can't go wrong
      With Donkey kong

  6. There are always interesting things you can find when you're cleaning out/reorganising your files in the computer.

    1. That there is indeed
      But sometimes one must take heed

  7. Oh, I've way overdue
    on this kind of chore, too!
    Not to mention all the photos I take
    they need to be labelled and put in categories that I make.
    Will be a big job indeed
    but I might take your lead!

    1. Well you are on a break
      So time you just have to make
      But it takes a ton
      Especially with you and all your photo fun haha

  8. yeah, cleaning out the inbox and cache can be a task, sometimes there's so much you'll want a mask, I remember one time, this guy quit and my boss asked me to clean out his emails and computer, no lie, it took me 5 hours to make that history die, and all I could think was remember how he'd bitch and moan about how slow his computer was. But cleaning in any regards is good, can be a hassle for sure, but better off stay upon it, rather than let it horde away, which eats up more of the day. Lots of nice references in here can be had, tons of nifty angles to remember back, ha the donkey kong yeah, used to like that as well, even had the SNES versions of the tale. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear, this fall Wreck It Ralph on the big screen will appear, about a video game bad guy who gets tired of losing all the time, getting no applause from the players and bored of the same old same old, so he escapes and ventures into other games-might be corny but could be fun. And now look, with this long comment I just cluttered up your page a ton lol

    1. LOL long comments here are grand
      Don't mind them in my land
      Saw that movie trailer too
      And may be corny but will give it a view
      Those donky kong snes games can sell for a ton too
      I sold them and made a buck or two
      I believe the 5 hours as well
      As cleaning them after so long can be hell

  9. I try to go through the computer every couple months or so to clear out all the unnecessary files that build up. It's amazing how much junk can pile up in your folders.

    1. Yeah junk seems to pile up very fast
      But at some point I make it a thing of the past

  10. HEY!!!! I'm just catching up from yesterday and saw that you called me OLD??? WTH?? You are gonna pay!!!! Good thing you aren't around today, cat!!!!! I'd skin you alive!!! LOL

    1. LMAO so I can call you one eye
      And you don't cry
      But call you old
      And you fold
      I guess I now know
      How to make you crow hahaha
      Pfft you will also never catch the cat
      For you are too old and with your crappy eyesight and bum leg trip over the door mat hahahaha

  11. LOL... all that clutter on a computer and you with OCD...how on earth can you have let this be! Glad you had a de-clutter now maybe your computer will stop its splutter...:)

    1. Yeah but you can't see the clutter
      So my ocd didn't stutter
      And hopefully it will work better now
      Allowing me to meow

  12. You've reminded me that I need to go through all of my computer clutter. Who knows what I'll find in there!

    1. Yeah scary what you may find
      As plenty of crap was found by my little rhyming behind

  13. Bluh, both my desk and computer are absolute messes. It's a pity really...

    1. Well your desk will prob be faster to clean
      Plus then no one would know about your messy scene haha

  14. I need to clean my computer, but I have way too many image files to go through -__-

    1. Yep such a pain
      But i hate to let the cleaning rain

  15. Oh, that's a job I dread. Cleaning out my computer. What a vast, endless wasteland of crap! Good for you Pat.

    1. A vast endless wasteland of crap
      Is surely the right way to describe such a trap


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