Ripping Off The It Just A Bit!

Firstly, who would really want to be named It? Wouldn't that hinder you a bit? I guess with the cousin at the start. It is better than something like fart. So Cousin It comes with all that hair jibber jabbering in a language oh so rare. So many seem to have taken him to heart too. Ripping him off with their oh so hairy view.

Doesn't he look grand?
Even if hair you can't stand.
With that hat Cousin It has to impress,
That is why we have another rip off mess.

See this one?
The mutt is having fun.
Making its hair stand on end.
And this is only the start of the rip off trend.

So evil looking too.
With the It hairdo.
Maybe it's his evil twin.
Either way the hair is a sin.

Really got the Cousin It look down.
Can sport it all over town.
And might scare many away.
But the It look seems to be here to stay.

See they even market it.
It marketing it would cause a brain fit.
And they are naked too.
Again crackless so they can forgo the loo.

The dog has no hair,
So the human has to be aware.
Even donning the name,
The shaggy hair grows in fame.

How can you say no,
With such a hair flow?
You know you want to be a rip off too.
Getting the Cousin It hairdo.

Even the old are chiming in.
Going for the rip off win.
Sadly the bald part just doesn't work.
But with that smirk you know it's a perk.

And of course you have him.
Who rips off on a whim.
From a bird to Cousin It,
He doesn't care one Con Air bit.

But why hasn't it gotten more fame?
Why aren't all bowing and chanting Cousin It's name?
For such a rip off should spread,
Covering each with a It like head.

Hmm I think enough said.
For with him you might want a bald head.
At least the rip off agenda is stalled this time,
Unlike each previous movie chime.

Maybe if a strange guy with big scissors stalked the rich,
They'd get quite a nasty twitch.
And have their balls in a ringer,
As I think he'd become quite the clinger.

So thanks to Cousin It, we have found a way to end the rip offs bit by bit. Or course there will always be a few, like the mutt who eats it's own poo, who tries to push the limits and go for it. Damn, all I'd need to do is talk about the movie It, then it would be Cousin It watching It because it likes It. That would be quite the hit. Don't going ripping off in mass and you too will avoid the scissors like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Love these photos and rhymes Pat, especially your burial of Count Olaf and I think Bowie from Labyrinth, I'd take any name over being called Fart in all honesty hahaha.

    1. Well almost any name
      I mean shit might not get fame
      Or something of the like
      Might then not want fart to take a hike

  2. some scary hair there man, esp the mullet which is an en vogue bullet to the temple its simple dont do it...kramer though, i got to say may walk away smelling clean today...troy polamalu is one you missed, nis locks got the it kiss...

    1. Yeah they all want to be It
      I guess with their hair fit
      Oh I did miss him
      They all need a trim

  3. Replies
    1. Two left at my shore
      And then rip off week will close the door

  4. That Troll Doll has quite some hair.
    He wears it with some flair.
    It's a color you're not often seein'.
    But, with big goofy peepers
    and a schnozz like a beeper,
    he really looks North Korean.

    1. hahaha yeah that shows
      But with those toes
      He would scare crows
      And heaven only knows
      Where "it" went
      That is had by most every gent
      Except to say hypthermia must be hell
      And off "it" fell
      I guess he didn't snell
      Naked in the cold Russians don't do so well

  5. That last one is just wrong
    he looks like he's wearing a giant zebra thong!

    1. LOL I wondered who would say that first
      Should have known it be you with your burst hahaha

  6. You right, after all that
    I want to see bald head
    as hair is attitude,
    reflecting that special mood...
    and everyone from your gallery
    might say: this is my happy hair day!

    1. haha yeah the bald may get a thrill
      From this post on my hill
      Makes them look grand
      All throughout the land

  7. Cousin It with a weird hair-do
    A sure rip off if you'll see one
    But a guy who eats his own poo?
    Must be nuts keep a safe distance


    1. haha yeah stay far away
      As he'd have a scary display
      And his breath would stink
      Avoid such a fink

  8. Very funny! And all very good reasons to go bald!!

    1. Yeah bald is much better I'd say
      Then such a display

  9. There's a certain ring to Cousin Fart that just makes me giggle. Also, is that wrestler holding garden shears? What's he going to do, trim the hedges? He should be trimming that nasty mullet.

    1. haha yeah Cousin Fart
      Can be taken to heart
      Fit right in at Walmart
      Even with a tart
      Yeah trim away
      But he likes his mullet display haha

  10. There's a reason why cut my hair so often

    Too much hair can be something to beware

  11. LOL My cousin and I used to always flip our head upside down and pretend to be cousin It all the time!! LMAO

    1. LMAO somehow that does not surprise me
      That must have been something to see

    2. LOL Maybe I can convince her to take a picture for you. hahahaha

      Doesn't surprise you? Hmph...

    3. hahaha not much surprises me any more
      With the things that come from your crazy shore

  12. for this military brat
    today you've done it pat
    atleast it reaffirms my faith in crew cuts
    cuz all above look like total nuts

    1. haha glad I could help reaffirm
      With this rip off term
      Crazy they all are
      Near or far

  13. I agree with sonny up there
    the military know how to cut their hair
    I love my men with a nice close shave
    the others seem like they don't know how to behave
    but what does a cat know about a nice cool do?
    It loves it's litterbox full of poo!

    1. Actually I love it clean
      Filled up it is quite obscene
      But if you must know
      I like it when I can throw
      Meaning in a pringle can
      Of that I am a fan

    2. Of course you are a fan of poo
      It's why you're jealous of the Golden Loo
      and why you will sneak into my bay
      while you know I'll be away
      and try and fill it with some nasty stuff
      but don't forget my dogs are really tough!

    3. Yeah but they will be attracted
      To the word some might need redacted
      And I'll give them some for free
      So they'll leave the cat be
      Just bring along an extra can
      And the mutts will be a fan

    4. My dogs are way to smart to fooled by you
      and all the inane things you'll try to spew
      I doubt you give anything for free
      unless it is one of your fleas
      My dogs do not attract to what's in you can
      and don't forget who just got a card for being a "man" ha ha ha!!

    5. hahaha bragging about being a man?
      Damn you must have one weird tan
      Too much time at the beach
      Or got bitten by some mutating leech
      Oh the things you find
      By visiting my little rhyming behind

  14. I do prefer men with less hair for some reason. Maybe this is why. Cousin It was a riot, though!

    1. Yeah probably a good reason
      Some of them just commit treason

  15. That's definitely some crazy hair!

    1. Sure is
      I guess some have to have it for their biz

  16. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, I modelled my hair and life on him...for a little while anyway!

    1. haha that went by the wayside
      I take it when the years turned the tide

  17. ya know...after looking at that pics, i think i may start to think about my hair style..ha

    1. haha making you think about hair
      Damn I'm quite good at my lair

  18. I never realized the similarities in hair between all of those people.

  19. Some of them are really scaries; this guy with sccisors!!

    1. Yeah wouldn't want to see him at night
      Bad enough in the day light

  20. This makes me want to get a haircut

    1. Yeah I need one too
      Or rather Pat does at our zoo

  21. Those pics are hilarious! I love the old guy with the glasses. He's got the big hair from the 80s going on. That troll is cute too. Nice belly button!

    1. Haha oh yes the troll
      One would get arrested if they took such a stroll haha

  22. Ha..ha...the bad hair days made my night Pat ~

    I think in the 80's long hair was the norm among guys,
    now it looks so funny ~

    1. Yeah back then it worked
      As up it perked
      Now they are as scary as can be
      Glad I could give some glee

  23. LOL That guy at #4 is positively scary!! Gimme cousin it any day. LOL

    1. haha yeah I agree with you
      He has one scary hair do

  24. Quite a diverse hair collection Pat.

    Your picture of Shag and Scoob reminded me that the Mrs. snapped a photo of our family dressed as the Scooby Doo gang (the youngest kid made us play along). I was Fred with a make-shift ascot. I do need to destroy that photographic evidence.

    1. LMAO and you aren't going to post that
      Oh that would be such fun at your mat

  25. haha - love this- Nicolas Cage, the Troll and the puppy win in my book!

    1. The puppy is better than most
      Nic Cage is always a wacked out hair host

  26. The Hubby had hair all the way down to his rump when I met him. Yep, we were in an 80's hair band and I have the photo's and the horrid music to prove it. But I'll never post the pics, maybe one of the songs one day if I'm tripping on shrooms or something.

    Late night stealth comment Cat. Nitey nite

    1. LMAO oh that would be something to see
      The cat now has some ammo for him when he posts at your tree
      I won't forget that
      Late night visits are fine by the cat

  27. Nice one as always.... i liked the cute lil red hair toy :)

    1. haha you liked the troll
      Maybe you and he can take a stroll

  28. very fun. all from it, wow. Great job at connecting the dots and getting to the bottom of this, yet another example of duplication. I see Brutus there at the bottom, and noticed on my way to this post, that todays post transitions quite well, can't wait to read the wrestling spell

    1. Yeah he brought the wrestling one on
      As that idea began to dawn
      And so it went
      As another rip off was sent


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