Ripping Off The Scary Face, Which Some Truly Embrace!

After the scissor guy, who caught somes eye. I figured what better way then to have a rip off scary face display. Can you rip off a scary face? Don't you need one to rip off in the first place? Hmmm I guess I'll just go with it and not start another Cousin It like it fit.

Yeah this will do,
As a scary face to compare in view.
Plus he has wood,
Be scared you should.

I guess rip off never quite got to him,
As his look is more dim.
But I'll let it pass,
As he is quite the hairy mass.

Scary and pale,
That surely doesn't fail.
Plus to make you feel the burn,
He carries around an urn for when it's your turn.

Ummm errr need I say more?
I think that face is something of lore.
He'd scare the boogey man away,
With such a scary display.

Sock on the hand and Cousin It rip off,
Plus he might make you cough.
As he shoves it down your throat.
Scary rip off has my vote.

Yep, surely a scary face.
Has the rip off embrace.
Plus he would squash you,
Making your body turn blue.

Scary in a whole other way.
With his pucker up display.
Might want to avoid,
And be very very paranoid.

Yeah he has it down,
Plus whacko all over town.
Talking to his hands as well,
Having The as a first name must be hell.

Yep, wouldn't want to see him in an alley,
Or street, sea or valley.
Looks like he may want to eat you.
So steer clear of his view.

Hmm they went cheery.
But around them don't get weary.
As those banjos might play,
Not making for a very nice day.

I think there is another way to stop the move rip off display. Just plank any of these guys in view and they may pump out something new. Damn, the ideas just keep on coming as away I go with my rip off humming. As loose as this one may be, can't say it wasn't at least a little scary. But maybe they turn on some lass, either way you won't be judged too harshly, yeah right, by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A whole post dedicated to scary looking WWF wrestlers? I'm not going to lie Pat, this is my new favourite post ever haha, this is amazing!

    1. hahaha yeah WWF was well done
      Now it is crap and no fun
      The scary guys were great
      Even with the hairy trait

  2. Same here. WWF is great! WWE isn't.
    LOL Mankind's my idol.
    Although Hacksaw's up there.

    1. Yeah Mankind was one of the best
      And WWE does not pass any test
      It is crap
      WWF was way better for a wrestling lap

  3. seriously man wrestlers are a scary bunch
    if they ask just give them your lunch
    hacksaw was a trip, and surely they rip
    some even come back from a RIP
    mankind was a nut, willing to do what
    ever was needed, and often bleeded

    1. Yeah I'd hand it over and run
      They are scary by a ton
      Mankind did a ton as well
      He put himself through hell

  4. YEE GADS, those pics make me glad I'm going to the gym this morning!!! Oh, and thankful for laser hair removal!!!!

    1. hahaha the later is prob the best
      As many of them could use it on their chest
      And everywhere else too
      Scary with their view

  5. Things move real fast!
    In the ring and outside
    It looks real empty just
    But many had taken a bite


    1. Yeah the bite came due
      From more than a few
      Even with such a view
      Quite the crew

  6. goldust is the scariest, always

    1. haha yeah that he is
      But lasted long in the biz

  7. Yes, they're scary, but inside
    soul is crying for insight...

    people, have pity:
    don't bite, even if they
    are not pretty witty

    they are our reflection,
    just in inside out complexion

    1. I suppose that is true
      Can't judge by their view
      Just have a little fun
      Under my sun

  8. Sometimes,only sometimes I think what are in your head when you make these posts with tbis pictures. And I know you are a nice guy lol

    1. What is in my head?
      Hahaha that would cause many dread
      I can be kind
      But not my little rhyming behind

  9. Hillbillies always have the scariest faces!! Wrestlers are second. HILLBILLIE WRESTLERS ARE THE FODDER OF NIGHTMARES FOR DECADES TO COME!!!!!!

    1. Also awesome rhymes as always! Yay Pat Hatt!!

    2. hahaha yeah and the slop drop
      Would sure make many stop
      The rhymes must come
      No matter what is displayed and then some

  10. Dont tangle with oily men in their underwear

    They provide free scares

    1. Yeah and some leave little to imagine as well
      Either way they can caue hell

  11. I think the hillbillies scare me most. Lol

    1. Yeah after Deliverance in my view
      They have always scared me too

  12. I'm glad I'm beautiful,
    and Ray is such a tool!

    1. Even calling a Ray a tool
      He may respond with something like fool

  13. Awesome display as you continue with your rip off foray….a few words: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, HOOOOOOO, George The Animal Steele- "how now brown cow", Pall Bearer, was always lame, can't remember his catch phrase, but at least he introduced the undertaker to the wrestling game, that's a positive for him, if any can be given, Golddust, never liked him or any of the other alter egos, Mick Foley and all of his alter egos were the best, favorite wrestler from when I watched, hands down, Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior are distant seconds and thirds. I have no idea who the samoan dude is. Vader,meh, never cared much for him. Then there's the warrior, he was awesome back in the day, not sure if he's still wrestling today. Don't know who that dude is, but kind of reminds me of Zeus from that really bad Hogan movie No Holds Barred, And the hillbillies, I remember Jim but the others, can't remember their names, one went by Cousin something or other, but I think you tapped me out here with wrestling thoughts lol Scary indeed I remembered half of these

    1. hahaha yeah they were the Godwinns
      And committed many hillybilly sins
      Also Yokozuna you forgot as well
      That just isn't swell
      The Warrior is crazy as hell
      He was one of my favorites but someone really rang his crazy bell

  14. Hehehe... where on earth do you get all these from!...The whole lot of them are positively SCARY! Giggling here.

    1. haha when looking in the wrestling ring
      Not hard to find many that would make your eyes sting

  15. Replies
    1. LOL well then WWE
      Is enough to make you flee

    2. most definitely
      that is not my cup of tea.

    3. haha used to like it
      Now it isn't a hit

  16. Get some women making those faces and then maybe I'll be a bit more scared.

    1. Yeah that would be a horrible display
      Not above it though at my bay

  17. Those guys don't even need Halloween costumes. They can go as they are to get a load of bazooka bubble gum and dum dum suckers!

    1. hahaha yeah that they could do
      And save some dough at their zoo

  18. Yeah, those do have a scary element to them!

  19. Not a wrestling fan
    maybe in my next life!

    1. haha prob not
      As I doubt it will improve a whole lot

  20. He..he...but nothing beats the Japanese sumo wrestler
    in sheer weight...and boy do they eat an elephant ~

    Have a good night Pat

    1. haha yeah he could eat a ton
      That would make many run

  21. It seems that the wrestling culture has a patent on extreme and ugly.

  22. I got to hang out with The Ultimate Warrior from time to time in my younger years. And Hulk Hogan, The Bushwhackers, Undertaker, Brett and Owen Hart (shame about Owen, lots of guys fired for that). Roudy Roddy and Rick Flair were OK, but didn't like to be around The Million Dollar Man much.

    Wrestling just hasn't been entertaining in like, 20 years. But yeah, they do have some scary faces . .

    I'm off to read a few more of your rip off posts :) This is true entertainment. Cousin It has to be one of the greatest characters ever created :)


    1. haha yeah it was great way back then
      Now it's just a bunch of same old men
      The warrior was great to see
      Even though he was legitimately crazy


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