The Hopper Who Wanted To Be A Copper!

Once there was a hopper,
Who dreamed of being a copper.
He idolized Dirty Harry.
A regular Tackleberry.

He flunked the force though,
Making a building blow.
The smoke stacks went boom.
He brought a town doom.

But he got the bad guy.
Shot him right in the eye.
Blood began to spurt,
That had to hurt.

A speck got on his back,
From his violent attack.
There it stood like a scar.
He got free drinks at any bar.

Before long all were blind.
To him being unkind.
Through fear or intimidation.
All offered him a congratulation.

They sung his name.
He used his new found fame.
The force he quickly joined.
Dreamhopper was coined.

They even gave him an award.
And a brand new Ford.
Dreamhopper was living so high.
He shouted to the sky.

"Criminals Beware,
Of this deadly hare.
All will fall to me.
So you better flee."

He was true to his word.
Shot every criminal from man to bird.
They all dropped dead.
Some even lost their head.

He still was not happy.
Shooting all for being yappy.
Hiding behind his badge.
Fixing those who would cadge.

Dreamhopper found his biggest fan.
It was a rather meek man.
Who needed a strong tone,
For he had no backbone.

Around his neck was a display.
That made him go the Ford way.
Did you get what I said?
He was found on the road dead.

His necklace all gone.
Dreamhopper hobbling to the lawn.
Things aren't always what they seem.
For he had achieved his true dream.

While sewing back on is feet.
Thankful for his fan meet and greet.
Thinking "oh what luck,
I didn't even have to pay a buck."

So dVerse gave us some art and I had to give it a go at my cart. The rabbit got payback for all their lucky feet attack. That is what flowed when the art showed. A rather violent display but then humans do it the other way. So payback is jut fine to this feline. I won't leave proof though at my grass for the lucky feet will be eaten by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The Dreamhopper kept on dreaming
    Some days he well got his match
    Other times they fled screaming
    Fared very well behind the badge
    Some days he had all the luck
    They were dead, him not paying a buck


    1. Yeah surely he got away
      With such a horrid display
      Flipping around the will
      That give many a luck spill

  2. What a grisly display
    today at your bay.

    And on a Sunday
    no less,
    you put us
    to the test.

    This rabbit
    lost his feet
    but a gun he
    did gain
    and from
    fortune to fame
    to Ford
    he did go
    till he lay
    on the side
    of a road.

    To stitch back
    from dreams
    of blood
    and bone
    and brains
    to make
    even the score.

    Now I'm off to Mass to confess that I enjoyed reading this horrid tale of death and destruction. Let my penance be on your head Cat!

    1. hahaha confession will make all right
      I never thought of it being Sunday when I wrote it the other night
      But oh well
      Sometimes things just go to hell
      Like a rabbit with a gun
      Who can no longer run
      And wants his feet back
      There at his shack

  3. wow dude...the rabbit has lost it and now retaken it, all those feet, i gotta wonder if this is a true story too, cause if you you took my feet i'd be blue, or blow stuff up to get them back, go on the attack, give whack after whack...

    1. haha yeah I'd do what had to be done
      To get my feet back under my sun
      So a little attack and whack
      May come to my shack
      Sounds so wrong
      As I beat that gong

  4. What a violent display
    of a rabbit who I thought wanted to play
    Now he is on a violent attack
    to all those tacky
    and wretched criminals around pier.
    What happened to the dream hopper?

    1. I guess his dream left him
      When things got grim
      Teach all not to steal feet
      Or such a fate they may meet

  5. oh goodness...things aren't what they seem here at your bay today...there's much some people would do to achieve their dreams, right... ha

    1. Yeah so much they will do
      Like moo or eat some poo haha

  6. This is amazing Pat haha, loved this story and loved how you told it, this is why you're such a great child author.

    1. haha not sure chidren would like this
      As there was no bliss

  7. Don't mess with the bunny

    or steal his honey

    1. Then what you see
      Might be the buzzing of a bee

  8. A little grisly but I love your story and you tell it so well too. Nice to visit again after a while. I was scared of cats until I met Ocelot, please meet him at my bay.

    1. I will surely be over at your bay
      And yeah a grisly display
      But oh so fun to do
      Once in a while at my zoo

  9. oh,what the fame
    I never ever again
    will look at rabbit
    without pain

    he sew his feet
    daydreaming to fit
    forgot that
    his life mix
    the carrot will fix!

    1. I carrot will help with his sight
      So he can continue his fight
      Giving all a fright
      Day and night

  10. Bunny violence . . . I love it!

    1. hahaha oh what you love
      Next you'll want to beat a dove

  11. oh my you and the bunnies!
    you love them or hate them???!
    i do.t know
    anyway is good tale:)

    1. haha well I already used the easter bunny
      This one got payback and felt sunny

  12. Lovely imagination and weird rabbit ;)

  13. Hey Cat, I just did a spontaneous Sunday post and on a personal level, this one really matters to me. Can you spare a comment for a friend on a boring Sunday

    1. You know I always come
      I was just being an out and about little rhyming bum
      Paying for it now with neck crap
      But that is a whole other yap haha

  14. Oh, I must have Nugget read this tale
    about another bunny with a fuzzy tail
    Nugget likes his ears floppy though
    this one's stand at attention, dontcha know.

    1. Yeah the floppy is more cute
      The attention ones are a brute
      Plus if he has a gun
      You have to run

  15. AH aw!!! See Sad ending for dreamhopper

    1. A hop it could be
      But a sad ending had to come at my sea

  16. Aww. Poor bunny. No more hopping for him!

  17. all this needs is ma baker playing in the background
    r u sure he was a bunny, sounds more like a hound
    there's a lesson in there somewhere
    for each to fathom his own way , if one cares

    * sowwy for being lax on commenting !.....sundays i spend catching up on my kindle reading....:))

    1. Yeah somewhere I suppose
      I lesson flows
      And comment when you can at my sea
      Kindle reading also causes glee

  18. i like beware the hare and sweating on the feet is hilarious

    slowly it had to last

    1. haha yeah the feet
      He did not think was neat

  19. i love your stie the wicked back gorund kitty is wow great looking eye on it

  20. The Ford references are the best.
    How you keep hoppin' with these rhymes -
    I'll just say I'm quite impressed.


    1. haha yeah that just popped in
      And I'll always keep rhyming away at my bin

  21. awesome tail-haha tale. The police academy references are great, love the revenge theme, really, very creative. Lots of fun this read was, as it hopped about the rabbit's dream

    1. haha think you were the only one
      Who got the police academy reference under my sun
      A rabbit's dream
      Can be scary as out it decides to beam

  22. ... When I first read the title I was like "The Bunny wants to be a penny?" Then I was like, oh wait, copper as in police. Haha... ><

    1. haha I never thought of a coin
      But yeah the force is what he wanted to join

  23. That rabbit is a better shot than me. Headshots all the time? What a guy.

    1. Yeah he's got great aim
      To bring about his fame

  24. Wow - that is awesome. All that from that picture!


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