The Invasion Continues At My Sea. I Even Give Them Away For Free!

You all have no clue,
About what is around you.
As my pringle cans of poo,
Are clearly in your view.

If only you had seen.
And kept things clean.
Then at your screen.
All you'd get is a jelly bean.

But instead you get the cans,
Fill with things the FDA bans.
Sadly, they are flash in the pans.
And I sneak them in with fans.

The supply is steady,
So you better be ready.
For whether as big as Eddie,
Or quite thready.

You may get a surprise.
To the dumb and the wise.
In a pringle disguise,
Nope! Not french fries.

My setup is complete,
One on every street.
They still may contain wheat.
Trust me, that's a feat.

Just give it a pop,
And your nose won't stop.
You'll want to call a cop.
For what comes plop.

What is the point?
To get your nose out of joint.
Then the cat you will anoint.
Sorry to dissappoint.

For to make the smell go away,
You will cry out into the day.
Giving the cat his way.
I will rule each and every bay.

There is nothing you can do,
But suffer the pringle can of poo.
I know I should forgo the loo.
But this came into my view.

Once you pop.
You can't stop.
Might make you sieze and flop.
Or do the bunny hop.

Stranger things could occur.
As your eyes blur.
Your speech may even slur.
Oh and there may be a little but of fur.

The cat was sent this pic the other day and I knew they were on to me at my bay. So I had to describe for one and all, as I know you wanted to hear it first from my stall. Don't worry I have a clean up crew ready to get rid of the smell for you. All must bow down first though, especially those crummy alliance nuts who tend to show. Then you will have clean grass and nothing from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow by a second or two
      That was fast from you

  2. I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at Pringles in the same way Pat haha, thanks for that. Great rhymes as usual mate, these verses deserve no trolling hate.

    1. Bah once you eat
      They will be a treat
      As long as none are brown
      You won't frown

  3. So technically Pringles become Pongles and once you plop you can't stop!

    1. haha yeah that would be correct
      But at least they still stand erect

  4. i will take my pringles without your tinkle, those i do enjoy but not after destroyed by poo, hey i wrote of the loo today too, be up in a bit but won't take a shhh...oh thats it...hey this machine brings convenience that should bring joy not vehemence...

    1. haha you wrote about the loo
      Oh you really must miss the poo
      Blame your twin for that
      I'll surely come to your mat

    2. See she takes the blame
      For the poo-less fame

  5. Pringles oh! very nicely canned
    Treated poo, know if you must
    Guaranteed to last a life-time
    No reason to bother of shelf life
    Akin to the likes of fine wine
    Value enhanced care to invest?


    1. Oh I will invest
      And try my best
      To produce as much as can be
      Here at my sea

  6. Oh no, I love Pringles!!!! Please tell me you won't poop in the 100 calorie snack cans only the full fat version.

    1. Well no promises I suppose
      But the full fat version will cause more woes

  7. I actually never seen pringles in a vending machine

    I would wipe it clean

    1. Yeah that is the first I've seen of it too
      And it had to be used at my zoo

  8. Pringle Cans of Poo
    What can a person do
    hope it doesn't get stuck in my shoe
    or clog up the loo!

    1. Well just chuck away
      At the first person in your display
      Then all will be fine
      As long as you can run fast like a feline haha

  9. I never see here a pringles machine (still) but sure will be arrive soon anywsy I love pringles!

    1. Yeah never seen them here at all
      And seems many like them at their stall

  10. ew ew ew ew !!!!! Listen, I WILL call a cop if I pop a pringle can anything goes plop from it. Pringles should be light and crispy, not ploppy. Sigh...

    1. Even made you rhyme
      hahahaha surely not a crime
      But those I know you will not eat
      So you have no problem avoiding my treat hahaha

  11. Who's hungry for Pringles? Not this guy!

    Also, come to think of it, I've never seen a Pringles machine either.

    1. Seems many have no seen such things
      Around their wings
      Including the cat
      I guess all over they want to cut down on fat

  12. Ahh a poem about poop and pringles! It must be rhymetime with Pat Hatt!

    1. haha at least it's known
      And beats a pinecone

  13. I think my pooch would like your pringle poo cans! (Just last night he went out and had a poo snack.)

    1. hahaha bet that went over well
      I think he'd find them swell

  14. Nice blog redesign. I like it! And, yes, those suckers have wheat in them. Crazy, huh? I'm a wheat/gluten avoider, so I know these things. Does the world really need Pringle machines? I guess it doesn't matter because they are out there whether we like it or not, lol :)

    1. Glad you like
      And yeah I have pretty much given wheat/gluten a hike
      Screwed me up plenty I have to say
      And didn't make for a very good day
      LOL yeah there are there no matter what
      Soon they'll be ones for a donut

  15. Pat, for a good dose of rhyme, I should check your blog all the time.

    1. That is surely the case
      As it comes at a steady pace

  16. ya know...i don't like pringles...they're way too regular for my taste...i prefer my crisps broken and uneven...just like life...ha...hey...i like your new blog style...nice

    1. haha yeah but they are easier to hold
      With their easy fold
      Glad you like the new style
      And it isn't vile

  17. I never liked Pringles and can't understand why anyone does.

    I like your new blog look, though.


    1. haha once you pop you can't stop
      Glad the look isn't a flop

  18. I've eaten Pringles, but I don't remember the taste. Cans of poo, though . . . ew. They sound totally disgusting now.

    1. Actually they are really bad for you
      So I'm doing all a favor with the poo
      The light kind has stuff that supposedly causes anal leakage I read
      Oh the things food can do to cause dread

  19. Oh Yuck!~! Never did like Pringles too much like them even less now you planted the thought of Pringle poo in my head...hahaha.... Think I'll give them a pass and maybe slap your little rhyming ass for making me think of POOP again! ;)

    1. LOL have to catch the cat first
      And at least I gave you no pringle thirst
      Better for you not to eat
      Instead some other treat

  20. I like pringles...but not poop....though I have never seen a vending machine on such ~

    Now, I can see the blog design at the sides, it looks really warm and cozy ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. haha yeah I just saw the machine
      And thought it was quite the scene
      Warm and cozy works well
      Although then some might not want to leave my cell

  21. What has gotten into you?
    Pringles cans on every street corner full of poo?
    You sound more like The Joker here
    instead of our Orlin, so dear.
    I'll send Batman after you
    and he'll take revenge, it's true!

    1. Well this was written when the alliance was at play
      So I had to sound evil at by bay
      To take those clowns down
      Looks like I already did before the pringles came to town hahaha
      Pffft Batman wouldn't stand a chance
      He'd run away at first glance

    2. Well, that is so true
      the alliance fizzled and turned blue
      So was I the only one that stayed true?
      I should get a reward from you.

      haha...and funny, mentioning batman...
      wasn't it that movie that started the whole shabang?
      oh dear.
      yes it was
      so silly, just because.

    3. Yeah fizzled out
      And batman was what it was all about
      Oh well
      What the hell
      And yeah you have been true
      Don't worry an award will come due
      May not like it so much though
      But it will sure bea funny show

  22. Yeah... I think I'll stick with Lays if Pringles started shipping fecal matter in their cans... ._.

    1. Lays are better for you too
      Even without the poo

  23. WHOA YOU CHANGED YOUR LAYOUT! Also if you did this a long time ago, forgive me, haven't checked in in forever.

    1. Did it middle of the week
      So you aren't too late giving it a peek

  24. oh God, pringle can of poo, what is one to do, reminds me of something me and a couple friends did back in high school, and it I guess was fun at the time, but now I feel the regret chime, but being 24 years ago, I guess it's way back now, so of well. But my one friend had a dog, and he scooped up the poo, put it in brown lunch bags and then lit the poo on fire after he knocked on peoples doors. he was actually the only culprit, as he did everything, me and the others were just there running and laughing. Remember wondering why we thought it was so much fun to do, lighting up the poo, but never sticking around to watch the faces of the people who open that surprise.

    1. LMAO you actually did that
      hahaha I was tempted but afraid it would burn down someones mat
      Still rather amusing
      With such bag of poo abusing

  25. Don't be a fretter
    Processed is better
    Soon all our food
    Will come pre-chewed

    1. Sadly that will be the case
      As it keeps up at a steady pace

  26. I like the new look at your bay
    But it still reeks with the things you say
    Vending machines dispensing cans of poo?
    Only you cat, only you.

    1. haha a little reek here and there
      Will not cause too much pain at my lair
      Although is I showed something bare
      Then I might scare

  27. you are really good at this! and pringles! yum!


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