This dVerse Tale Goes Off the Rail!

Welcome to a tale at the Bush with the Tush

The cat walked into dVerse staring at the clowns.
They all had painted faces, in the shape of frowns.
Gunafu of Color was laughing at his work.
Miss Priss licked herself and dismissed the colorful jerk.

Drazin appeared in the back, red eyes all aglow.
Declared himself a god, giving his usual bellow.
His lip began to curl and his yapping stopped,
As Tarsier Man showed up and his eyes popped.

Riot Man declared to all the fight was on.
Gung and Ho simply strolled across the lawn.
Pretty soon all the loons were in my view,
As Robbie Raisin declared "whoopdi friggin doo."

No time for poo or fleas on knees.
What happens if a mime has to sneeze?
Either way who cares, give them a push.
Welcome to a tale at the bush with the tush.

Drazin snatched the eyes, they pop in his hand.
Gunafu of color jumps about making things bland.
Gung thinks he's hung, pacing to and fro.
Well Ho goes on a rant about a silly crow.

Riot Man yells from the land of frown,
Who will win, who will lose and who gets the crown?
Tarsier Man trips over a boot and falls on his head.
The plank comes undone and leaves the crow dead.

Drazin tosses the eyes against the wall,
Laughing over the grave save waiting for Tarsier's theme call.
dVerse seems to be falling down in my view.
Once more Robbie Raisin shouts whoopdi friggin doo."

No time for poo or fleas on knees.
What happens if a mime has to sneeze?
Either way who cares, give them a push.
Welcome to a tale at the bush with the tush.

Ho gets upset over the dead crow,
Well Gung stops focusing down below.
Gunafu of Color began to choke,
As Drazin wraps his hands around the bloke.

Tarsier Man rips up another floor board,
Falling through it as he trips over a cord.
Riot Man gets grabbed by Drazin's other hand,
The sight of smoke starts to fill the land.

All with the frown scatter from dVerse.
Gung and Ho quickly steal the tip purse.
Drazin tosses the two across the bar.
He sets out for the so called Godly lands afar.

No time for poo or fleas on knees.
What happens if a mime has to sneeze?
Either way who cares, give them a push.
Welcome to a tale at the bush with the tush.

Miss Priss and I trot out after the brute,
I leave dVerse with a little toot.
Tarsier Man runs, knowing he accidentally set the fuse.
As dVerse blows Robbie Raisin declares he's won a cruise.

The clown frowns now seem more real.
Gung and Ho laugh about their steal.
Tarsier Man struts on by,
As dVerse continues to fry.

I guess now they'll have to build new.
Thanks to this bickering nut job crew.
But then their frown will turn upside down.
And yes, Robbie Raisin shouted "whoopdi friggin doo" as he left town.

No time for poo or fleas on knees.
What happens if a mime has to sneeze?
Either way who cares, give them a push.
And so ends a tale at the bush with the tush.

And so the loons burned dVerse to the ground. I'm sure next week it will still be found. As I hear Brian can re-build fast. Plus the clown frown people are vast. Then it will be all shiny to view and maybe even get a golden loo. Aren't you glad that tale has come to pass? I just had to sit there on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This post really has me pondering cat, what does happen when a mime needs to sneeze, it's certainly a good question. Have to laugh at Tarsier Man falling over and I love the concept of a Bush With a Tush remix.

    1. Bush with the tush
      Gave it a good push
      And yeah who knows
      But I bet their mime fame is caused woes

  2. haha...this is a bit like the beastie boys song paul revere, you and your gang arrive we all steer clear, you grabbed the money than dropped a toot cold, he lit the fuse and you strolled out i guess we will just have to rebuild from the ground up, just our stuff...

    1. Yeah we just all showed up
      And drank from your cup
      Then took the money and ran
      Those guys you should ban
      At least it will be brand new
      When re-building comes due haha

  3. This gave me a smile this morning, Pat!! I think I am quite fond of "Gung and Ho."

    1. Quite fond of Gung and Ho?
      Is it because Gung is hung and Ho is umm slow, wears his hair in a bow, likes to mow, eats a crow?haha

  4. So... what really happens when a mime has to sneeze?

    1. They become something else I suppose
      Either way their face causes woes

  5. I have seen a mime sneeze

    He was fired on the spot

  6. smiles...i think we're pretty fast with rebuilding...just need a few verse and a rhyme or two..smiles

    1. haha I guess that I can do
      But then the mime might sneeze and blow away dVerse from view

  7. You got me with this one, cat
    I walk away confused from your mat.
    Do I care what happens if a mime has to sneeze?
    only if I'm standing under a hive full of bees.

    1. If only you have a second eye
      You could get it and not cry
      But if those bees come
      Don't let them sting your bum

    2. Did you not see my powerful staff?
      I will use it to cut you in half!
      If any bee tries to sting my rump,
      I will send them towards your filthy dump.
      Don't forget I'm General Elsie
      so be careful when messing with me...


    3. I guess she told you, eh pat?

    4. Your bees
      will sting
      not my friend
      whose flesh is
      gold like sand.

      A spell she'll cast
      and up your rump
      the bees will flee
      and fly and sting

      What a horrible way for a bee to die.

    5. Told me what?
      That a bee will sting my butt?
      Pffft to that
      As when they get near the cat
      My stench will kill them on sight
      And they will not longer take flight
      Plus you brought up the bee
      I just send it back to thee
      So take your staff
      And give a laugh
      Along with a one eyed smile
      For when I'm through you'll smell just as vile

      LMAO yes horrible way for a bee to go
      Maybe the cat's rump will glow yellow

    6. Your hairy arse is bad enough Cat, we don't want the feckin' thing to glow. If I feed the bees some radium though....

    7. hahaha well that would be great
      A glowing ass should be my fate

  8. A mime with a sneeze
    isn't the worst of woes.
    Unless he ended up with
    boogers from his nose.

    1. And how that goes
      They drip to his toes
      Which at the sight
      Causes a dog to bite
      Where you can guess
      It isn't pretty I'll confess

  9. I still want a Tarsier dammit!!!!! lol What happens when a mime has to sneeze? Well, they make the motion but no sounds comes out. It's the quietest sneeze ever. You can add that to list of reasons why mimes are so awesome.

    1. Saw a mime who was not only sneezing, but also singing in funny manner. Like it for change, don't you?

    2. haha see mimes suck
      They sing for a buck
      Making them not a mime
      But one who gives a chime
      And get the Japanese to help
      Don't come here with your Tarsier dreams and yelp haha


      One of my favorite mimes! Enjoy!

    4. Reminds me of a clown
      From crazy town haha

  10. Just noticed every time something happened to crow...double headed last time, now the crow dead....very surprise Ho gets upset over crow's dead...please...don't do that. :(

    1. I guess I have crow on the brain
      So I let the crow rain
      But it rhymes with Ho
      So I guess the crow has to show

    2. I guess now you have to eat crow? hahaha.

    3. Hmm that wouldn't be grand
      But they prob taste like chicken which I eat at my land

  11. I guess a mime could sneeze silently
    but a cough would really be nasty.
    Poor things would die trying to be quiet
    and could start a mime riot!

    1. Yeah they do make a funny face anyway
      So if they held in such a display
      It would work I suppose
      And yeah coughing would cause woes

  12. Now I'm wondering about mimes and sneezing, too.

    1. Many wonder that
      I guess it was a good question from the cat

  13. fun use of repetitious style here. Robbie raisin and his whoop di friggin do, and of course some well placed mentions of poo once more. Glad to see the clan all took place here, for it had to be this way, when d'verse intersects with the tushy bush. lol Fun write

    1. Yeah they all jumped in
      And this was written before my poo stint so not a sin
      Whoopdi Friggin Doo
      Is pretty much the saying at my zoo

  14. Whoopdi di friggin do
    and Tarsier Man too
    whose eyes
    did pop
    but Miss Priss
    won the day
    and with me
    that is okay.

    1. Yeah she thinks she is divine
      And such a prissy feline
      But the cat doesn't care
      I'll just walk around bare

    2. First it was your glowing bum and now it's you entirely naked. I think I feel my dinner coming back up.

    3. Just watch wears it lands
      Easier to clean in the litterbox sands

  15. What does happen if a mime needs to sneeze?
    Excellent as always!

    1. One question that has many stumped
      I guess the mime part get dumped

  16. I like Gung and Ho too... and a bush with a tush...whoopdie freakin do to you ;)

    1. The bush with the tush
      Deserves a push
      But whoopdi friggin doo
      Is known by all at my zoo haha

  17. Clowns make me frown
    turns my smile upside down
    but the rhyme made it worth it, dear cat
    and as you know
    for a friendly show
    dverse is where its at.

    1. Yeah dVerse is grand
      Even if they burnt it down to the likes of sand
      It will still shine
      As will this rhyming feline

  18. I'm sure the rebuilding will be quick
    even if the crew has pack and unpack
    all the mess left behind by Gung trucks ~

    Have a good one Pat ~

    1. Yeah they have plenty to help
      So they won't yelp
      At the mess they made
      Not sure their stench though will fade

  19. I never thought about a mime with a sneeze. Maybe he just holds it in 'til he explodes. Now that would be a sight to see!

    1. Yeah I'd pull up a chair
      For such an affair

  20. You had me at a bush with a tush :) fun!

    1. haha that is a good attention grab
      Makes one avoid wanting to catch a cab

  21. shhhhhhhh! - the bush with a tush whispered something arty . . .
    no! - wait! - - - - its just doing a sap farty . . .

    PaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT :D

    1. LOL well I suppose art is all in the eye of each
      So it may be art but that's a reach

  22. I think Tarsier Man needs some new signature moves that don't involve falling on his face.

    1. haha well that is all he can do
      But it beats falling in poo

  23. What's dVerse? Sounds like a place to live in.
    Also, loved the formatting change. Looks better!

    1. Yeah it could be
      Have to go and see
      The format looks better indeed
      Which happens once in a while at my feed

  24. Let the job crew through
    They have a little job to do
    If others are in the way
    Don't bother let them sway away
    It was only a distraction
    The mess they made beyond traction


    1. Yeah someone needs to take action
      Because of this faction
      And out of the way they will
      For a thrill

  25. Oh dear! I'm a bit worried at the havoc you guys reck! But I'm sure we can clear up the toots and debris! Maybe get some secret help from Gung and Ho. k.

    1. Pfft Gung and Ho
      Aren't in the know
      So they will fry
      If they even try

  26. as a former clown of the Upsidedown Frown
    it's well known about town that I wear the crown!
    it seems absurd you haven't heard;
    granted its a small town—not well renowned,
    but I won best all-round in my straightjacket gown!

    enjoyed your rhyme—not so much the crime.

    1. Well dverse will get over it
      And can take the hit
      Bit by bit
      I've thrown them down a pit
      So they have a fix it kit
      And a work mitt
      Ready to go
      Thanks to my show


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