Use These You Could If You Would Rather Be Lucky Than Good!

So the cat saw one of those dumb lucky rabbit feet that people think are oh so neat. Of course I thought it was a treat and went to meet and greet. Then it was all gone and will one day come out on some lawn. Or maybe in a pringle can, as I know of those everyone is such a fan. The cat wanted to find some luck that would not suck, so I searched for Lucky Items in lord Google of course and it brought about things of a horse.

Those would be nasty after being on their feet and trotting about to their beat. Plus I hear you humans say people have them up their ass. So on that lucky item I would have to take a pass.

Of course the rabbit feet are still here and those things aren't good for my little rhyming rear. As I have to eat them up, just as Petsy has to sip coffee all day from her cup.
Miss Priss would chow down on this one and think it was quite fun. So another fail as it would come out under her tail. Maybe there is something to this thing about luck being up ones behind or maybe it's all in my mind.

Ummm how is this lucky? The rat being eaten is just ducky. But the bug eyed creep doing the eating of it, is just creepy by more than a bit. What would you do with the thing? Hang it on the door at your wing?

Those who had these for luck after such things as a good ummm truck. Are probably dead and gone from lung cancer as they fell for the cigarette con. Not sure how lucky that is with its nasty biz.

Only lucky if you saved your money on such trash or you watched it and didn't get a bad rash. Or you could be in luck if you will be getting the DVD for then you will have a coffee table coaster at your sea.

So if you pull his finger are you in luck? Maybe out will come a buck. Or you could get a zombie cry as he pokes you in the eye. Or maybe his shoe will pop off and zombie feet will make you scoff.

Well these guys are in luck from any American hunter at least. As they will come to NS to search out the beast. Then guess what? They will look like such a dumb butt.

This poor guy isn't lucky at all. As he has to stand that way all day in his stall. That has to hurt the back and the wings are just for show, so he can't even fly away from his shack. At least he is always prepared to go one way or another at his show.

And the luckiest of all is a cat that gives a call. But it is kind of fat, so I guess all are just lucky it doesn't sit on them and squash them flat. Of course maybe it is full of dough. I'd like such a lucky type of flow.

Now what have we learned from luck? When it comes to it you are strat out of it and better off being hit by a truck. If you believe in little trinkets that give it to you. Although I wouldn't pass up a golden horse shoe. But more luck comes from my gas than anything shown today by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I'm with you Pat, there's nothing lucky about smoking even if what you're smoking are delicious Lucky Strikes :P Great rhymes Pat, I'd rather get hit by a truck than carry about a rotten rabbit's foot for eternity just for good luck.

    Looks like I'm first and headed for heaven. Guess that's what happens when I'm near Pat's bay round eleven.

    1. Well it may be eleven there
      But it is always seven at my lair
      And I am rarely up that early
      Unless things are rather squirrely haha
      And agreed
      Would never want to carry a dead foot around at my feed

  2. Ha ha I did see The Lucky One
    and I found it to be just plain fun
    and not a bad day
    to spend a rainy day!

    1. Hmph I'll pretend I didn't hear that
      Shutters thinking of that movie at my mat haha

  3. I like that TLO movie poster :-) And you missed on the elephant ~

    A lot of lucky charms you can buy and tons of cultural beliefs to invite luck ~ It doesn't harm if you think it will bring you the positive thoughts ~

    Have a good long weekend Pat ~~

    1. I suppose making you more positive it can do
      That much is true
      Although still a tad crazy
      But at least people with them aren't too lazy

  4. haha...lucky cat, that is where its at, whats up with the man eating a rat, kinda scary and i would choke cause they are kinda hairy...think i will stick to horseshoes cause they may be the least smelly...well except the clover, but i pick most of them i pass over and you see where they got me...smiles.

    1. Yeah I see where that would go
      With your continued flow
      And blah to the rat indeed
      As that would be scary at any feed
      I guess though the hair
      Must have such flair

  5. No 4-leafed clover
    No old horse shoe
    No under the ladder
    Luck is true blue
    Cannot be pushed
    Nor in any dispute
    Nor a rabbit's foot
    It'll find its own level
    From whatever handle


    1. That's the way to be
      Let the crap live free
      And make your own
      Don't even need a lucky telephone

  6. eeww...that guy eating the rat.. shivers...yet someone is lucky that it's gone...and someone's unlucky...probably her husbands..ugh..

    1. LOL I guess there is always ways to look at things
      At ones wings
      Lucky that it is gone
      And not dead by a cat on the porch or lawn

  7. My gf's family is laos and their good luck traditions are even more bizzare than ours

    1. Even more bizarre?
      That could make for a fun post at my bar

  8. As I read, Nugget gave a shiver
    and even a little quiver
    at those rabbit feet charms
    They do set off alarms.
    When I was in grade school, they were the rage
    But I never had one...I thought they were strange!

    I do believe the luck of old
    is the real pot of gold.
    Not a trinket for every one
    as obviously nobody has won.
    We'll just have to find
    that one of a kind
    rainbow with the pot
    at the end of our trot.

    1. Yeah never say the point
      Also at my joint
      Of the feet
      So Nugget doesn't have to worry about a meet and greet
      Where the cat would try and steal his feet
      He can still dance to his own beat haha

      If only the damn thing was easy to find
      I would be a happy little rhyming behind
      But seems to neglect blogland
      Maybe it's the smell of the litterbox sand haha

  9. The Alliance put the Pringle can in the grass
    when you sniffed around we shoved it up your rhyming *ahem*
    of course you didn't notice because you're busy searching for luck
    but all you found were horseshoes, Jackson, feet not even a duck.
    Maybe next time you go sniffing for something at your shore
    we will place a little gift that ticks and tocks at your door...

    1. And with one pass
      I'll let loose some gas
      Then the tick and tock
      Will be in utter shock
      It will spin round and round
      Going back to where it was found
      Then the alliance will go boom
      Bringing about their own doom

  10. There is a large part of superstition in my culture, which most of is harmless and beautiful, but really the Google god makes it all look pretty crazy. And yes I agree, you are pretty much shit out of luck if you're holding onto any of these things. :)

    1. haha yep shit out of luck
      Better off pretending to be a duck
      And yeah harmless it is most times
      But stupid Google embleshes and causes crimes

  11. All of those stuff is weird. Look like adult toys :)

    1. Hmmm that they could be
      But for what don't tell me

  12. I don't get the rat in the mouth!!! How is that lucky?! What does it even mean?!?! LOL The horse shoe and rabbit feet are the only ones that I heard of. Well, the four leaf clover too of course!

    I have an elephant figurine in my room that I face towards the door. That's supposed to bring luck. :) :)

    1. Beats me
      That is what came for all to see
      I guess eating the rat brings luck
      Beats eating a duck
      I suppose
      But either curls my toes
      The elephants huge rump
      Will suck in the bad luck making it become plump haha

  13. We have a red Buddha at my pad. When we rub his fat belly, we get all the luck we need.

    1. Does he laugh like a bowl full of jelly
      When you run his belly? haha

  14. Oh dear all these are terrible bizarre and freaky! This miuth with a rat is horrid; anyway I really love the last; the cat I think is funny:)
    Hey jax someone give me an elephant and I have in the library I think is beauty but dont have idea bring luck lol

    1. Maybe the elephant does bring luck
      And yeah the rat makes one go what the umm truck haha

  15. Lucky strike haha. These cigarettes are so old!

    1. Not very lucky for some
      As they rot their lung, teeth and gum

  16. That bug eyed guy eating the rat is...spooooky!

  17. Rabbit feet
    talismen of luck
    Pity poor bunnies
    Yep. Fucked.

    1. Through and through
      Once in view
      As they want the feet
      But it beats a teet

  18. lots of neat pics google gave you quick. Used to have a rabbits foot, but don't know where it runs to these days, the zombie face eating the mouse is neat as is the pegasus ready to take flight from bush 3, but the fat cat rules the day and the night, providing luck to all that might need some, to which, I must agree, as I got suckered into going to the Lucky one, which wasn't terribly terrible, but that said, not very fun either.

    1. haha you were a sucker
      That must have made your lips pucker
      Blah to that stupid movie I say
      Any old day
      And I suppose the fat cat wins
      Could bite one in the shins

  19. I'll thank my lucky star
    that you didn't go too far
    with your lucky list
    and didn't get too pissed.

    1. Yeah that would be bad
      Might scare a lad
      But not me
      As anything goes at my sea haha

  20. All I need to hang on to is my lucky dollar.
    Pounds are fine, too. Or gold.
    Whatever spells bling bling, I go cling cling.

    1. Well paper money doesn't cling
      But I agree and wish I had money to fling haha

  21. Or a big ol' truck
    filled to the brim with luck.

    1. That would work too
      As long as bad luck didn't come due


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