Van, Van, Car, Duck! Were You Expecting A Truck?

The cat is at the other shore with those other cats and rover and Miss Priss and I have easily taken over. They are such a bore. So it makes it easy for us to scare them away and explore. Now we just sit in the window all day and see what is out there on display. I just thought I'd share and make you as bored as I am as we stare.

Truck that is blue.
Whoopdi friggin doo.
Car that is gold.
She looks rather cold.

Or just perky.
He waddles like a turkey.
Van that is blue.
Whoopdi friggin doo.

Van that is grey.
It's raining today.
A leaf fell from the sky.
It's true, no lie!

A stop sign is coming.
The air conditioner is huming.
A fluffy white thing is chowing down.
What a fun one horse town.

The gutter looks clean.
That guy was quite the scene.
Belly hanging out,
At some kids he gave a shout.

Tried to run him down on a bike.
Maybe he needs a good hike.
Oh well,
That red truck looks swell.

A bouncing orange ball.
That kid isn't very tall.
Shirt as orange as the ball.
But as white as the wall.

Pat can relate,
Guess looking like snow is their fate.
She's in a rush,
Running right through the brush.

Does not look happy,
Grumpy and frumpy but not sappy.
Those ones are yappy,
Reminds me of Flappy.

Car, car, van, car, van.
A truck with a man.
Did you expect a cat?
I'd rather claw the mat.

WOW! A dump truck.
What luck.
Maybe a fire engine will go by.
I should make something fry.

Van, car, truck, car, car.
Time to go chase kitties from the food bar.
Car that is blue.
Whoopdi friggin doo.

Wow, now wasn't that quite the hour or so. I enjoyed sitting in the window. And I kept my boring pledge, at least this window has a ledge. The cat doesn't have those at bush number three. That is right, pity me. So now that you are bored and ready to sleep. You can thank me a whole heap. Go dream a little dream. Oh that guys bald head created a light beam. That mutt did really go on the grass. Oh well, it's not the grass of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Love this Pat, this is a great game to play, I'm sure of that today. Congratulations on post number 501, I won't easily forget how many posts you're on now and I know that's not much fun. It's funny to imagine a cat taking joy in every single vehicle that goes by, I bet you do too Pat's cat.

    1. The cat had fun watching indeed
      All the vehicles at the other feed

  2. I'm looking out of a window at work with Ray at a couple of lunatics with blowers blowing pine cones!!!!!

    1. hahaha that be a fun display
      To help pass the work day

  3. haha watching traffic on display and all the people moving around out your way...could be fun long as the windows didnt catch the sun...

    1. Yeah then a burn could come
      Right on the cat's bum
      That would itch
      And be quite the bitch

  4. i dont comment here often, but i am a regular reader.

    1. Well thanks for reading the cat
      He likes that

  5. Car/People watching can be such great entertainment.

    1. Yeah especially with nothing to do
      Can at least give you something to view

  6. I had to do some vehicle on the road survey for a geography project a long time ago. It was oddly interesting...

    1. Yeah a bit of interest does come due
      When you take the time to view

  7. I would never feel pity for the cat
    He would only like that
    For him I only feel disdain
    and hope he feels a bit of pain
    while he fills his Pringle cans of Poo
    and I sit upon my Golden Loo

    (10 seconds to compose LOL much better than 30 minutes at my bay)

    1. Yes I suppose that is better for you
      Soon you can rhyme on cue
      With the likes of a loo and poo
      Oh what you'll be able to do haha

    2. When using words such as poo
      rhyming is quite easy to do
      But Dan has created a chore
      that I must now do at my shore
      I will write a poem about Migraine
      and how they are such a pain
      but must think long and hard
      before releasing it at my yard

    3. The Cat
      can rhyme
      on a dime
      or bibbidy bobbidy boo
      a thing or
      two or four
      or three
      but soon
      you'll be better
      than he.

    4. Pfft never will beat me
      For I will beat thee
      And pull a rhyme from my ass
      That has such class
      You will never stand a chance
      And lose with your one eyed glance haha
      Good luck with the migraine though
      Those things have to blow

    5. This is your forte cat and I don't think God created more than one of you, so on this you will never be beat.

    6. Well you changed your tune
      Is it a full moon haha

    7. Nice rhymes Elsie and Anne ~

    8. Don't egg them on
      They'll never leave my lawn haha

  8. Car watching vs. train spotting--I would rather choose the car view.

    1. Yeah the cars are more
      The trains have too many carts and are a bore

  9. my car looks like gold in the right light

    but it's more in value to pyrite

    1. haha mine isn't that bad
      But by last one was more than a tad

  10. Oh what
    a bore
    at you shore
    and such
    a chore
    to sit
    and see
    the things

    Of life's
    there's little
    to tell
    just the ho
    and the hummy
    hum dum
    of people
    in hurry
    with nowhere
    to go.

    I did post today Cat. I just went to sleep afterwards and have gotten to your bay late today.

    1. Yeah had to sit there
      And watch at the other lair
      Not much to do
      But scoop kitty poo haha
      The mundane can be fun
      Under the right sun
      And so I give it a go
      Here at my show
      And good to know
      Will come over with my rhyming flow

    2. I'm sitting out here on the porch right now watching my kitty Fang lay there like a beached whale. She's getting really fat fast and she's wolfing down her food like a dog. There's got to be babies in there, or maybe I'm just spoiling her. I read the gestation period for a cat is 60-70 days and I'm coming up on having her for that long.

      I'm wondering where she's going to go to hide and have them if she's preggers.

    3. She'll probably go hide nearby
      So she can still come and eye
      All the food you give her
      And of course purr
      Either way you should know soon
      Whether you have kittens at your dune
      Making you a nanny
      Or yeah she could just be eating well and growing a big fanny

  11. Wait until I send that report to Flappy. It's long over due!!! hahahaha Only you, Cat, could make such a long rhyme out of something as simple as staring out of a window. lol

    1. Pffft Flappy is off the reservation
      So she won't accept your report invitation
      And I can rhyme anything at my sea
      If the mundane like the what's on channel on your tv

  12. Always I comment in this site but i havent a car lol
    buses amd subways are my way;)

    1. No car
      Oh dear you can't go far
      All that walking is good for you though
      No matter if you walk fast or slow

    2. Yeah they are a big expense to own
      Which can make one groan

  13. It's interesting what you can see looking out the window.

    1. Yeah just give it a look
      Never know what you'll find near your nook

  14. So they cats went all gawker
    just like Brian the mowhaker?
    And then wrote a poem about the view
    just like he would do!

    1. Yes we copied your twin
      Today at your bin
      So in a round about way
      Does that mean we copied your bay? haha

    2. haha...that's a funny quirk
      as you gawk and lurk
      I guess copying my twin
      could mean the double sin.
      Round and round you go
      on the B and B show. lol...

    3. Oh so you are B and B now
      That works some how
      May have to steal that
      So you can be made fun of by the cat haha

  15. When I am bored, I just look out ...and I see cars and trucks on the freeway..not much to see really ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yeah waaaaay to many I'd bet
      That kind of traffic would make me fret

  16. Sounds like you have a lot to gawk at by your pad. If I gawk out my window, I see a girl on a scooter going around, and around, and around, and around....Oy! It's too much. I can't look anymore!

    1. hahaha well round and round can be grand
      You should go out and join in or give a hand

  17. there's a lot to be said about living life on the edge
    hope there was 007 music playing in the background
    as you lolled on that ledge
    the excitement is killin me here
    suddenly my mundane existence is too much to bear


    morning pat ...:)

    1. LOL sorry about making your exist futile
      As I went the exciting mile
      But know it doesn't last
      It goes by really fast haha

  18. I have a car
    I have a van
    I'll enjoy both
    as long as I can!!

    Some days I'm first to post
    today I may be last
    but rest assured
    your site will never be trashed!

    Enjoy your night
    Fly a kite!

    1. Trashed by you
      That will never come due
      By a snob
      Named Bob
      We shall see
      The cat will eat the string
      So the kite will never fling

  19. hahaha….I must be really pathetic lol I was medicating earlier and really didn't want to move, so I spent 2 hours looking out the window with the dogs lol counting games, color games, yep, dogs added their barking chimes, but this view I wasn't paying no mind. Love the rhymed responses to the observations and the frumpy line is great.

    1. LMAO the dogs played along
      Well with that there is nothing wrong
      As long as they didn't win
      Then for you that would be a sin

  20. Well, what do people do when they're bored...

    1. The cat lets the people be bored
      For the cat will string them up with a cord

  21. aw, I love this! i love car rides and looking out at all the moving beings by you.

    1. Yeah can see quite the crew
      And some are very strange in your view


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