You Had To Know It Would Be About The UFO!

So dVerse wants everyone to go back in history today. I guess I can do that at my bay. Oh and Brian, Pat has a scar from barbwire too but it is on my left leg at my zoo. Looks like a third eye and that's no lie. Anyway, into the past we go and it's back to 1947 today at my show. For that's when they came or it could have been a weather balloon or something else lame.

It was bright and sunny,
People spent money.
Or was it dark and dank?
Maybe it was a tank?

But on some summer day,
Aliens supposedly came to play.
Roswell, New Mexico got fame,
Because green guys supposedly came.

Or they were grey, blue or red.
Either way they had a big head.
Oh wait!
Don't take the bait.

It was a weather balloon.
Or a mutated baboon.
Bah! It was worse than that.
For it was The Bat!

Oh wait!
He and Catwoman were out on a date.
No, no no.
It was mutated kids that decided to show.

Stalin fecked with their genetic make up,
Putting something in their cup.
Then they flew planes,
While dreaming of candy canes.

For they wanted to go,
All Orson Welles like his radio show.
Scaring poor Americans into submission.
Who made that stupid admission?

Mutated kids flying planes.
Pffft better off with giraffe eskimos in flying trains.
Time travelers too.
Could have come into view.

That last one was made up by me,
But the rest are stated in history.
I guess the probe doesn't look to silly,
When you got Stalin going all willy nilly.

Then people come out of the woodwork,
With a little smirk.
Saying how they "saw" it.
When most were not near it one bit.

So in 1947,
An angel could have fell from heaven.
Now that was lame,
The cat is snip snip so he has no game.

But we won't go there,
Where was I at my lair?
In 1947 came a crash.
That could have been trash.

Could have been mutated kids,
Apes that flipped their lids.
Or aliens with their probe,
Who are already over the globe.

But one will never know.
Could have been a two headed crow.
As the rumors fly,
By such and such a guy.

Either the government, who lie.
Or some nutball wanting to endorse the Wendy's french fry.
The truth is probably as simple as can be.
But an alien could have fell from its tree.

Ran out of gas,
Crashed in the grass.
Or would that be sand?
Either way we'll never know if it was alien or something bland.

And there was my trip from the hip of a history blip. So get a grip, unless it is a probe coming near then run with fear. Don't grip that. Heed the warning of the cat. Maybe it was a mutated cat flying the craft. Bah! We wouldn't crash like some rift raft. Probably one of those stupid singing bass. Anyway, you've now gone through history with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. ha i like your conspiracy on history piracy, all the ways to explain what happened are in vain, i know it was green men and their hairy wookie kin come to take away all the women at our bay to impregnate them thus we have the politicians that we have today...smiles

    1. yo yo yo look who's in first
      even a scar in your burst
      an eye you say
      maybe that is where the rhymes come from at your bay
      or is it mind control
      from an alien mole
      better wear tin foil
      or your bush they might spoil

    2. LMAO now there is a good theory
      One not so cheery
      But surely makes sense
      As those we have today are dense
      And first once more
      At my shore
      Could come from the eye I suppose
      As the blood from it trinkled down to my toes
      It let loose the rhyme
      I'll leave the tin foil to a mime

  2. I love this post Pat, you should really boast cat. You're so awesome and they can't deny that Pat, so I hope that you get to eat a bat cat. Alright my rhymes suck like always but yours are awesome so I guess that balances it out haha.

    1. You want me to eat a bat?
      Would that be the flying one like a rat
      Or one made of wood
      Clarify you should haha

  3. Where's the Indian Independence?!?!?! 1947 and India not in it... sacrilege!

    1. Ummm beats me
      The best I got at my sea
      As never knew about that
      I'm not a well informed cat haha

  4. And until now those stories continue to confound
    though not a trace of the green men can be found
    i guess a little excitement is due
    after Orson Welles radio scare came on cue ~

    1. Yeah if there was a trace
      They surely didn't embrace
      And hid them away
      Out of the light of day

  5. I used to love ufo stories as a kid

  6. Green or grey
    I assume they are gay
    As anal probes
    Seem the order of the day

    1. That could be true
      As they like that view
      Or they want a thrill
      Figuring it fits the bill

  7. smiles...we had to translate orson welles war of the worlds from english into german at school..still remember almost every sentence...

    1. Remember it through and through
      That is impressive of you

  8. Was Roswell,New Mexico
    They came in their UFO
    Aliens with big heads
    Standing in a parade
    Unbelievable but true
    When it was rightly due
    A run for their money
    Just a conspiracy theory!


    1. Yeah consiparcy theory
      That is rather dreary
      Is all it may be
      Still fun to look at for me
      And you never know
      Could be an alien glow

  9. I loved UFO stories but I think in them like stories.

    1. Yeah stories is prob all they are
      But there could be beings from lands afar

    2. What would a chef from Pluto look like, I wonder....

    3. Mickey Mouse
      Think I'm close?

    4. Shit you're smart! Why didn't I think of that?!

    5. A tad slow I suppose
      Or too busy staring at Goofy's toes

  10. The truth is out there, man. The truth is out there.

    1. If only it wasn't so rare
      Or if one wasn't met with an "accident" at their lair

  11. My father knew the truth of what happened in Roswell but he took that truth and many others to his grave. He was MI-6 and worked often as a liaison with the American CIA and his clearance was very, very high. The truth is out there about this and many other things, but we'll never know it.

    1. Damn! Is that true?
      You may have picked up a thing or two.
      The cat may not want to cross you
      Or I may end up disappearing from view.
      Pfft I'll just have plenty of poo
      And yeah we'll know as much as the field cow giving off a moo
      For they like to keep us under their thumb
      And aliens would make plenty a relgious nut glum

    2. I didn't know what he did until he retired. All I knew was that he worked for the government. Mom knew but she never told the children. He was abroad a great deal so I didn't see him a whole lot. He could be home for a couple weeks, the phone would ring and he'd pack a bag and go away and we were never told where he was or when he'd come back. He did tell me after he retired to never trust the government and that what he did broke him and the things he knew caused him to doubt the rightness of what he did. He died a tormented soul.

      After his funeral people finally began to talk and I learned some very disturbing things. He was a field agent and didn't sit behind a desk. And as an Irish person having a father work for the British government was a difficult thing anyway, I later found out that Tommy Tiernan's dad did the same thing and no one knew it, much like us. Tommy is a famous Irish comedian and didn't know what his dad did either and he lived in London for a time and never saw the truth. Strange how well secrets can be kept.

    3. Damn secrets can surely be kept well
      Sure the secrets they could tell
      And never trust the government I'll take that to heart
      They have the brains of a pop tart
      Sure he spared you but not telling too
      As I wouldn't want to know 99% of the crap they are made to do

  12. This line cracked me up:
    Stalin fecked with their genetic make up,
    Putting something in their cup.


    I just finished reading the James Rollins Bloodline novel. The things these scientists are experimenting with and dreaming up as weapons is downright scary because... they're real!!

    1. Yeah it is very very scary what they are doing out there
      And those are just the ones we are aware
      The rest are prob far more gone
      Like killer fleas hiding in your lawn haha

  13. Every few months along my shore
    BOOM is heard and then no more
    It is always followed by a flash of light
    and always in the dead of night
    the government promises they are not to blame
    and weather people hang their heads in shame
    for they can not find any valid reason
    that it happens several times a season
    no one can explain the mystery lights
    we just simply laugh with delight!

    1. I want to know what it is and I want to see it too. I like the fantasy idea of aliens and enjoy speculating about what they are doing here. I've never personally seen a UFO, but I want to.

    2. Ever since we've lived here every few months it happens. Personally, I think it's just a sonic boom from the jets and they don't want to take the blame because they aren't supposed to flying that late or that close to shore...but they deny it every time. Plus, they say it doesn't cause a flash light either. Hmmmm??? LOL

    3. I would like to see a ufo
      But would run if it came too near with its glow
      Would not want to get scooped up
      And become some alien pup
      That would be bad
      Don't need to see their pad
      But yeah the simplest answer is usually the right one
      Probably just fighter jocks having fun

  14. i liked how you started talking about Batman and and Stalin, i thought you were expressing things about that time, but you had digressed, so you tricked me!!

    events cocatenated

    1. haha well Stalin was part of a theory
      Batman was just me being cheery

  15. haha...oh this was a very good chime
    one of your best in a long time!
    had me laughing hard, too
    but wasn't drinking coffee, so that was good.
    never read a rhyme that mentioned batman and stalin together
    that surely has not happened in any kind of weather!

    1. haha I guess when it is partly true
      The funnier it is to view
      Plus arm didn't hurt when I wrote it up
      Glad you didn't spill any coffee from your cup
      And yeah never thought such a task would ever come
      Guess I'm just a unique little rhyming bum

  16. There was time when UFOs and
    Whatever connected to them
    was amusing and grand
    X-files killed the amusement, ahem!

    1. But the truth is out there
      How can you not care haha

  17. Too many controversial stories surround Roswell. Who knows, maybe it did happen. I actually hope "alien life" is a reality. I can't imagine this big wide universe with only us on Earth to inhabit it.


    1. Yeah that would suck
      If all that was in the universe was us and a truck

  18. I believe in aliens, just not sure they crashed in roswell.

    1. Yeah same with me
      But still have an open mind to Roswell at my sea

  19. Replies
    1. Enjoy your trip
      Hope the apes don't give you lip

  20. This is cool Pat, I like stories of conspiracy especially because it is so obvious that they do lie. So anyway, I can only imagine what might have flashed by on that day, but I really like your thoughts on Stalin and the submission and our admission. And seriously, there is no way that we are all alone-could you imagine that sort of privilege? I hardly doubt that it would be given to us...

    1. Yeah I doubt it too
      As humans are quite the brainless crew
      Too bad we will never know
      Be fun to learn what actually went down at the Roswell show
      But sadly they need to hide it away
      Until the day they can figure out how to make people pay

  21. Better call the MIB, for if the aliens come they might want the cat to join on in with their defense attack. Great job moving from roswell on, although in a humorous vein, a lot of insight here, definitely ways to think about it.

    And oh, by the way, I guess the cat just dominates the search engines no matter where he goes, for Pathatcat appeared when someone looked for my show lol

    1. LOL the cat is so grand
      He appears in your land
      That is too funny I'd say
      At least it beats people looking for some fecked up display
      And yeah spun a thing in here and there
      But most is the so called truth I blare

  22. I used to believe the story of Roswell
    now think just someone's invented tell
    I'd have to see something with my own eyes
    coming down out of those starlit skies
    I guess I'm just a cynic
    would rather go on a picnic!
    Have a good day in your bay.

    1. Yeah seeing makes it easy as can be
      Would also rather be seen by me
      And Roswell who knows
      As a lot of lying flows

  23. I once saw a UFO, it's true.
    It picked me up and made me blue.

    1. Damn I hope it didn't use the probe
      To make you blue across the globe

    2. They tried, alright, but I'm no fool.
      I ate the probe that made them drool.

    3. Did it have flavor?
      And did you savor?


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