Another dVerse Year Under My Belt Of Making Your Mind Melt!

Now this is not to gloat about never missing an open linky day at the dVerse boat. I already did that and I don't want to be a repeat cat. This is not the anniversary of the blog. That comes a little while after egg nog. So what could it be? Hmm I guess you'll just have to wait and see. So take a knee or scratch a flea., as you find out what it is all about.

On one faithful day,
That cat had an idea at his bay.
It has been done by some,
But not by this rhyming bum.

The idea was to do this.
Something about a miss.
And maybe I hiss,
Even throw in some bliss.

Boogerman and snot,
Flowed a whole lot.
Zombie feet came into view,
Leaving a treat for you.

Some serious, some not.
Some caused brain rot.
Repeating a tune,
That only makes trolls swoon.

Not something you want.
Unless you want me to taunt.
Blabber and a troll,
Took a stroll.

Under a bridge,
He pushed her from a ridge.
A ridge under a bridge would work.
The bridge is just a perk.

Although Brian built the thing,
Betsy let the materials fling.
So if it breaks,
And you fall into lakes.

The twins are at fault.
Hope you know how to pole vault.
I got a little off track,
As I tend to do at my shack.

From aliens to whoopdi friggin doo.
One Eye still doesn't have a clue.
Bloody Hell, I made daydreamer rhyme,
More than one time.

Gave Heaven some lust,
But Hell might hold me in trust.
Showed off Irish Air's stalker.
He was quite the talker.

And off course movie after movie came due.
A big nerd, it's true.
Oh well to that.
Beats chewing the fat.

Who wants to do that anyway?
Takes all damn day.
With a Flappy wannabe,
You'd be better off lost at sea.

Did you get it yet?
Read the label below I bet.
If you said yes.
Come now, confess.

Either way,
I get to gloat today.
As on this day,
I still have my say.

But with this post,
I can now boast.
That I went a WHOLE year.
Not missing a day with a post from my little rhyming rear.

That is right all, here today at my stall, I have gone every single solitary day for a year without missing a day. Now I can go lean back in the hay. Actually that would itch like a bitch. Have to say it once more, NEVER missed a day for ONE WHOLE YEAR at my shore. Damn, I really have a lot of gas. Maybe I'll go for two with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. One year without ever missing a day of posting especially when you post such thoughtful, interesting content is no mean achievement so well done Pat. You put people like me who struggle to post bi-daily to shame haha.

    Now I'm done butt kissing, before the Cat starts to start his hissing. Congratulations today for the achievement at your bay.

    1. Yep, never missed a day
      And already done until the end of October at my bay
      So we may go for two years
      With my rhyming cheers

  2. a whole year posting every day, wow...i think i only did that my first year blogging, before i got into poetry slinging, but i like what you keep bringing, and to be part of the show as you grow and go and blow along with zombie feet, well thats just neat so here mud in your eye for flying high in the falling sky, oo i just dropped a tv show at your bay, say that calls for a hawaii (high) 5-oh i just did it again, this should be a sin, not original sin, from the movie bin, again, and again see what you cat, are the man

    1. Well it has only been a year and a half or so
      Of blogging at my show
      So I sorta did it in my first year too
      And yeah zombie feet blew away it's true
      Not one but two
      Shows in view
      Look at you
      Going all tv at my zoo

  3. Irish Air's
    had some
    fun poking
    fun at
    your bum.

    With One Eye
    in tow
    here at
    your show,
    we laugh
    and we
    cry at
    your bum
    in the sky.

    For it's
    hair here
    at your

    You write a post about not missing one day for a year and I write a poem about your bum.

    Congratulations for your consistency Cat and thanks for the poo!

    1. See old one eye
      Now you must give a sigh
      For Irish Air called you it too
      I will never let her forget that at my zoo
      And yeah you like the cat's bare bum
      Giving it a hum
      As you drink rum
      And maybe chew gum
      Damn that takes skill
      Glad I can thrill
      Might do it for another year
      We'll see if it can be keeped up by my rhyming rear
      And the pringle cans will keep coming
      For as long as the cat keeps humming

    2. *sigh* I saw that...and burst out laughing because I knew it would be used as future torment from you cat!!

      Anne!! WTH?? Calling me One Eye?? LOL

    3. hahaha yep she fell for my evil plot
      As I say it a whole lot
      Now she has one eye on the brain
      And has joined the one eye train

    4. You can try to brain wash Anne but she'll never fall for trap! She's way to smart for the likes of you, cat!

    5. haha that is why
      She gave a cry
      To old one eye
      You can't win, so fry

    6. You'll never convert me Cat. I'm loyal to Elsie till my dying day! I merely pulled the term from your rhyme and fooled you into thinking I was on your side. That shall never happen as you disgust me!

    7. Not trying to convert
      But with your little spurt
      You still said one eye
      I'll never let that die hahaha

  4. Are you saying that your poems come out of your arse?
    To do so what show a lack of class.

    1. Bah the cat doesn't care
      It is a fact many are aware

  5. All I can say is congrats on a great year Pat!

  6. Congrats on not missing a day of blogging ~

    You have given us some crazy, funny and outrageously rhyming posts ~

    Cheers Pat ~

    1. Yeah it's been fun
      And surely not done under my sun

  7. Congrats dear!
    I know you never stop!

  8. One whole year and never missed a day
    I'm sure the cat cheated in some strange way
    Finally, your true evil shows
    boundaries, you don't know
    to insult my age, my eye and now my brain
    Will the cat ever refrain?

    Congrats, Pat - truly an awesome accomplishment
    Cat - pffft

    1. The cat will never stop
      If if your one eye gets lazy and tends to drop
      That would be even more scary though
      And pfft don't pfft me at my show

    2. I pfft you here
      I pfft you there
      I pfft you any freakin' where

      Don't you have a litter box to play in somewhere? I know how you love your poo.

    3. Pfft to much
      Pfft just a touch
      Pfft in the clutch
      And you'll pfft your one eye out and such

      The litterbox is always around
      Should a pringle can need to be found

    4. Touch a hair
      on her head
      and you'll
      deal with me.

      She has two
      eyes with
      which to see.

      She knows
      your evil
      ways but
      comes and

      So be nice
      foul feline
      you fetid
      for lucky
      you are
      to have
      we two
      at your
      every day!

    5. Fine I won't touch
      At least too much
      For I'll get my can
      And fry some up in a pan
      Then I'll let it fling
      Bah, you'll always come back to my wing haha

  9. Congratulations, Pat! That is a huge accomplishment--not to mention you've been writing novels and kids' books at the same time. That's pretty awesome :)

    1. Yeah it took a bit of doing at my sea
      But glad it was done by me
      And of course you did it too
      I stole the idea intitally from you haha

  10. That is quite a feat
    and never a repeat!
    Bet you never stop talking for real
    not even during a meal.

    1. LOL nope not one repeat
      Of a previous rhyming beat
      And the cat never does shut up day or night
      He thinks that is just right

  11. That is incredible. Congrats to you!!! Now I feel like a total lard ass only posting 3-4 times a week.

    1. haha at least you stick to your times
      I just have so many rhymes

  12. wow..that is go, lean back in the hay and relax a bit...and don't mind the fleas...smiles

    1. But the fleas itch
      So the cat won't go for your pitch

  13. That's an amazing accomplishment. Blogging ever day for one whole year. Congrats!

    1. Yep every single day
      And usually 40 posts ahead too at my bay

  14. Pat,

    Gas you got,
    and poems a lot
    to spend a whole year
    with everyone here.
    I hope you stay rapt,
    for your writing's so apt...

    1. Away I go
      At my show
      With my flow
      And rhymes in tow

  15. That is a remarkable feat. I set out to do as such, thinking "aint no thing" but nope that bird would not sing, but you had the smarts to know that if you ate the bird, she'd always stay singing inside you, so the biggest kudos to the year-long rhyme, even an extreme makeover blog-edition was done in this time, and you did it well, not just some two line posting spell, a feat indeed, now, try and repeat that deed :)

    1. Yeah it isn't the easiest task to do
      That is why I keep 40 ahead at my zoo
      Then when things get in the way
      I always have something ready to go at my bay
      Not sure if I can or will repeat
      But I'll try for such a feat

  16. A whole year?! Truly amazing. I am glad I found you somewhere along there.

    1. Yep, never missed a day
      Also glad I found your bay

  17. Cat, that is an impressive feat! I don't think there's one other blogger on the planet who can say that. Now go get yourself a mouse and celebrate! You deserve it.

    (Nothing new at my pad today, so I'll save you a trip. I'm buried under the blogfest!)

    1. Well there are one or two
      Out there that made such a feat come due
      Now two years I know none
      So that may have to be done
      And blogfest buried you say
      That must cause dismay

  18. LOLOL... Darn... I just read this to She said 'is he barmy?'
    She didn't really, but, it RHYMED! LOL

    1. LOL it rhymed pretty good
      And nope here at my hood
      Not too barmy or daft
      May have been born on a raft

  19. Even I've missed a day or two, though the last one I remember was a day I needed to break free and have some alone time from everything.

    1. Oh once in a while I need a break
      But when your 40 posts ahead a break you can take

  20. a whole year of filling my ear
    with smiles worth more than their miles!

  21. a whole year posting every day, wow ! Love it :)

    1. Yep not one was missed one bit
      With my rhyming wit


  22. The Zombie feet
    made my heart miss
    a beat

    but its you pat

    who makes me

    complete :D

    do i sound like a teat? :D

    1. haha not to much
      But maybe a touch
      Although the cat will forgive
      And let live haha

  23. That is quite an accomplishment, I must say! Congratulations my rhyming friend. Here's to a new year of rhymes :)

    1. Yep another year will come
      From my rhyming bum

  24. Congrats, is there a world record for that? Uber impressive.

    1. Sure there is a record somewhere
      But many just post random new stories at their lair

  25. Pat, no one does it better. You the man. More aptly, continue teaching use how to write verse in rhyme. A little secret: I'm studying your work.

    1. I'll continue at my sea
      With lots of glee
      And studying me?
      Hmmm some of it, like zombie feet, may make one flee

  26. that is truly an accomplishment- no joke. Blogging can be incredibly time-consuming! I applaud you for getting the post up... but also for filling each one with rhymes!

    1. Yeah it can take tons of time
      But luckily I can easily rhyme
      And give all their fill
      Whether or not I thrill

  27. I commended on your record posting

  28. Truly, I am impressed, Pat!
    Not many could match that!
    A high-five to that cat!!

    1. A hi five
      I'll take that at my hive
      Always nice to impress
      That I will confess

  29. With your rhyming aside
    one year is worth pride.

    Although it struck me in the end
    my first thoughts had come to portend -

    that it might be the anniversary
    of your cat's loss of virginity.

    You see it was something about a "miss"
    and then throwing in some bliss

    And then adding the "snot"
    and how it flowed "alot"

    You added Heaven's lust
    with Hell's bent trust

    And what with "Whoop Di Friggin Dooo"
    and one-eye not having a clue

    I was almost certain
    you had opened the curtain
    of my own very first time!

    But there was no cat involved.

    That sir is a little strange.
    Everyone knows it was the sheep on the range........

    1. Hmmmm well sounds like quite the fling
      Although you may want to forgo such a ring
      In a public place
      People might give you a weird face
      But then oh well
      What the hell
      Let it fly
      Your a sheep loving guy haha

  30. To post a poem every day -
    the thought of that blows me away -
    and to carry it off with style and grace,
    to keep on rhyming at such a pace -
    to attempt that would blow all my fuses,
    at least this year I've got great excuses.
    Hat's off to you for your achievement,
    to stop now, though, would mean bereavement.

    1. Oh I won't stop
      The rhymes will still plop
      Not sure on the grace
      But it has its place
      Hope you didn't blow to far
      Thanks for visiting my bar

  31. Wow! Every day is quite impressive,
    To always be so delightfully expressive.



  32. I know when I visit, I will always find a smile. Congrats on a year. That is a feat. Life tends to kick me offline sometimes. I try to write every day but don't always come up with anything to post.

    Well done and thanks for a much needed smile :)

    1. Glad I could give a smile
      That wasn't vile
      And yeah it can be tough sometimes
      But then I just make nonsense rhymes haha


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