Being Like The Stalker. I Mean Gawker!

So at the dVerse show Brian wants all to stalk. Damn, I mean gawk. I get those two so confused. If you were gawked would you feel abused? I suppose that is a whole other kettle of fish and you would rather chow down on some tasty dish. Now what can the cat gawk? Maybe something that might make one balk? Who knows what will happen on my walk but thankfully it will not include a parrot squawk.

I wanted some food,
They were all rude.
Kicking out the cat.
So I sent in Pat.

Of course there was a line,
Which annoyed this feline.
But it was worth the wait.
To make some old crone irate.

Pat was a ways back.
Holding my food sack.
When a kid a ways up.
Starting grinning like a pup.

Sticking out his tongue,
To his toy he clung.
Pat egged him on.
Using him as a pawn.

For a face at Pat,
Like that of a rat,
Was quite funny,
As a cowboy hat man spent money.

Stood out in the crowd,
Acted rather proud.
After all he bought,
A magazine that would make a part hot to trot.

Doesn't he know of the Internet?
That's when this old crone started to fret.
She tightened up her wig,
After the kid made a face like a pig.

The crone scolded the kid,
Almost flipping her lid.
Pat still kept him going,
As her anger was growing.

Oh look,
It's a how to cook book.
She certainly doesn't need that,
Lugging about such umm fat.

A magic shave gel thing.
Her stache could be given a fling.
Yeah it might sting.
Did I mention she could sing?

Calling all around,
Howling like a hound.
Over a kids funny face,
That Pat just kept making him embrace.

His mother finally caught on to the scheme,
Seems she was on their team.
Letting the faces fly,
As the old crone threw her hands to the sky.

"Kids now a days"
She shouted in such preachy ways.
Then stomped off to another line,
Still trying to act all divine.

So Pat gained a space,
From a simple funny face.
Made an old crone frown,
Who was already off to crazy town.

Even got asked if he babysat.
But that was the end of that.
No germy little runt will take him away.
Besides been there done that back in the day.

Did I mention there was Pokemon cards?
Some lights for yards?
Bubble gum too,
And even some super glue.

Plus twins shown that were royal.
Not sure they were above the foil.
And oh the shame,
Obama is playing some game.

Do you really nationally need to inquire?
Could find that out kicking a tire.
Pat finally got my food,
The old crone was still rude.

The kid went off with his toy,
Lego sure brings joy.
And the cowboy was playing a game.
But he was losing and saying things not so tame.

Now was that not fun? I guess much can happen gawking under the sun. With seven billion of you humans around and probably a good billion or so of the hound. That is not a surprising fact. It is fun to watch how people act. Especially if they step in something on the grass. Don't look at me, it was not left by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha the cat can gawk, and kids are the best much more sociable than the rest, all in good fun and his mom asked you to baby sit, maybe she thought you were hot, just saying, but enjoyed the scene you were fileting...that was fun, now go tend to your rhyming buns

    1. Yeah much more fun than an old crone
      As I gawk with my own rhyming tone
      And you never know
      She sure wasn't an old crow

  2. am i really first
    i even waited on that burst
    everyone must be sleeping
    while i am peeping

    1. Here's a little delay
      But got it at your bay!


    2. Hank was an hour later or so
      I guess you put him to shame at my show haha
      And I was sleeping too
      Here at my zoo

  3. In lines you have the most fun
    I bet you could make the crone run
    there should be a line for little boys
    who stand with a lot of little toys
    and make faces at people behind
    especially if they have rhymed,
    Have a good day! Shout Hip-Hooray!

    1. Not sure I will shout
      But I sure won't pout
      The cat may eat a trout
      Because he has such clout
      And such a line would be grand
      Except if they spread their germs across the land haha

  4. lego sure bring joy...ha..and wow..she even asked you to look trustworthy..smiles

    1. haha looks can be deceiving though
      Plus did that long ago

  5. It sure is irritating
    To be made waiting
    With a kid making faces
    Trying to keep his space
    Well just got to wait
    The kid does irritate
    Get his mother involved
    And your problem's solved


    1. haha but Pat likes the face
      To send the old crone to the rat race
      And get her out of my sight
      Egging him on wasn't such a plight

  6. This is fun Pat ~ Making children laugh with funny faces looks good to me, but it make the mothers cringe and fret ~ But I tell you that I hate waiting in the line ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah waiting in line does suck
      Especially when they are slower than a dumptruck
      But at least I had some fun
      And bugged the old crone a ton

  7. Never had legos as a child

    my mom says she was afraid we'd be wild.

  8. LOL... Poor kid.. you were pulling faces at him no wonder he acted up.
    The old crone sounds like a drone... boring :)
    Don't step on the grass, it was kept clean by his little rhyming ass.

    1. haha he made the face first
      I just kept up the funny face burst
      Boring she was
      And the grass is all a buzz

  9. i make faces at kids when their parents are not looking. funny to see how they react.
    my dad got us Legos but fixed them up and kept em in the cabinet so we could just look. i wasn't interested in them anyways.

    1. Look but don't touch
      That is not fun and such
      But I suppose
      If it did not cause you woes
      And yeah making funny faces to see what they do
      Is so fun when the parents have no clue

  10. There's surely a fine line between Gawker's and stalkers haha, I love this rhyme Pat. I don't think I've heard you use that word since the Island of the Stalker... oh damn even I did it, I meant to say Gawker honest! Haha, great work as usual Pat.

    1. Fine line indeed
      Split between a weed
      And see it is done
      By all with some fun

  11. LOL! Oh, that was fun indeed
    as you stook in line to by feline feed.
    Making faces back at the kid
    at least of the crone you got rid.
    Royal twins you say?
    Missed that in my check out lane.
    Glad you gawked at the view
    and let us share in it, too!

    1. stook...haha...stood, stood. :)

    2. haha fun to share
      Such stuff at my lair
      Beats a Flappy rant
      At the dumb work plant
      Where I'm the one annoyed a ton
      Oh and I love no delete under my sun
      Because you messed up BUY too
      hahahaha not such a thing for an editor to do

  12. Sounds like you made use of your time
    standing in line.
    I can always find
    the slowest line
    to stand in.

    1. Yeah seems that way
      When you are in a rush to get out of the stores bay
      Always goes so slow
      But oh well at least some funny faces can show

  13. But was that such a joy
    to the innocent boy?
    Should not children obey
    just the parental way?
    You will pardon my nerve;
    reprimand you deserve.

    1. haha there was no trouble
      The old crone just left on the double
      And gave me a spot
      Thanks to the tot
      No one liked her anyway
      So all enjoyed his display

  14. I usually read you in reader, but I'm glad I stopped over today. I listened and watched your theme song. It's great! Love it.

    PS. I haven't stepped in anything in the grass lately. Thank goodness. lol

    1. Read in reader
      That like a blog bird feeder? haha
      Yeah that has been there a while
      Glad you like its style

  15. Cool. Pokemon toys. My son would probably like gawking at those!

    1. Yeah sure can gawk at those
      And their names still flows

  16. You definitely seem to make lines more fun,
    I usually want to hit the person in front of me and run,
    I should be so inspired,
    when I am tired,
    to check out the bubble gum,
    and entertain myself some.

    I'm a bad rhymer, :)

    1. Worked rather swell
      The rhyme that fell
      Such a violent person you are
      Never would have guessed it from your sand bar haha

  17. Kids these days eh? I'm pretty sure that woman was just as rowdy when she was younger.

    1. haha sounds that way
      Except much more umm fake in her display

  18. Replies
    1. haha besides their germs and drool
      They are fine to this fool


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