Damn! Lots Of Fun Can Be Had With Spam!

So the cat received hate mail a time or two from the so called snobby poetry crew, slamming the rhyme as they saw fit. But I just treat them like some nitwit. This one though made me laugh a bunch a she/he/it is really really out to lunch.

Now, I'm not going to give it, let's go with "it" for this fit, the time of day and post the crap they kept trying to say. But they did email a time or two, saying they saw the blog and some conversation with them should come due. Some thought actually went into it, as it didn't seem like some scam type shit. So Pat pretended to play along, letting them sing their song.

First it was normal as can be,
Then they really liked talking to me.
Then it came to no more just nice,
It wanted to add some spice.

No idea where the nut came from,
But I laughed off my bum.
As advice on acts,
And some unwanted facts,

Were asked as well,
It didn't take long to go to Hell.
Then I got blasted for ignoring,
Or because I was boring.

And wasting It's time,
When It could be off with a mime.
It's too bad to,
For before It left they would have flown 1000 miles to be in my view.

And I bet their hot air balloon would take flight.
It was sure full of hot air,
Now It is blocked at my lair.

After one final message came due,
Pound Sand on cue.
Not sure if that was gotten or not,
But it did amuse Pat a whole lot.

King Abubu is pretty bland,
It as least made for fun in my land.
Hope I was comforting too,
As my words flew.

Nut jobs really come out of the wood work,
As they sit and lurk.
I guess that is the price we pay,
For having a blog on display.

Oh well it made for a post for your rhyming host and It was entertaining too as the crap flew. Then came the hate mail that It gave a wail and that is more of what I am used to, with such Peacock's in my view. And that is what happens when you receive a friendly "let's chat" email class. Now you can avoid the hassle thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I really hate people like that who send hate mail which is kind of ironic and shows that hate really does lead to hate. You've actually handled this perfect though Pat, by showing them that you aren't bothered and by deservedly shaming them at the same time, great post buddy, the cat may some day be king if he continues this awesome rhyming... thing?

    1. Yeah I enjoy the hate
      And it never gets to me at my gate
      For it is fun to take the bait
      And then rant about them on my plate

  2. poetry snobs suck man, they think their hand is best in the land and it chould be done int he right decorum, just makes sense their poetry is boring, have you snoring and you....are better off ignoring...

    1. haha that they do
      And plenty come two by two
      I like to stick the knife in a bit more
      As that can be fun at my shore
      They started it right?
      So I just make fun and don't let it cause a plight

  3. I think when you receive hate mail you know you made it to the big time baby!!! Congrats to you!!!!!

  4. times ago I received sometimes hate mail or hate comments in my blog made me sad sometimes but now ignore them!
    they are a lot of hate in this world and this amazing me!

    1. Yeah best to just ignore
      As they are just an attention whore
      Unless you like to poke fun at them too
      Like I do at my zoo haha
      It is amazing the amount of nimrods out there
      Who waste their time sending hate to ones lair

    2. I dont read my spam a lot of times hahah maybe I have to see:)

    3. Well you never know
      What will show

  5. Pat, I can't help trying to come up with a rhyme to respond to your post. When I read your posts they put rhyme into my mind. I'll stop myself and write normal because I can't match Pat Hat and his cat.

    Sorry about the hate someone sent to your gate. At any rate, consider it bait...

    1. Yeah I consider it bait
      And let it bear no weight
      Just egg them on some more
      Can be fun to do and explore haha
      And can't help but rhyme
      I guess I'm doing my job and it's not a crime

  6. haha, Oh you made them chime in
    as your rhymes got them thinkin'.
    You just don't do it right
    and it causes them fright.
    Maybe they have Poetry OCD
    and it must be done strictly.
    A bit jealous I think they were
    as they saw your followers happy to be here.
    Hope they come back to read your post
    as see they didn't bother you, the host!
    Theirs must be a boring world
    as they had to give the 'lets chat' whirl.

    1. Yeah they had to take the time
      To rant and rave giving a chime
      You never know
      Poetry OCD could show
      Prob too much of a snob
      To even bring poor old hillbilly bob
      To see their place
      So they just rant at a steady pace haha

    2. So you had the Peacock and an impostor
      who really did hate your grammar.
      Now will this be the Vulture?
      Thinking you have no culture?

    3. haha it could be
      As they are mighty high up there in their tree
      Or maybe a crow
      As they like to yap you know

    4. or maybe just a coo-coo
      which would be an obvious chOice to you.
      oh that might make them mad
      just a tad!

    5. and why is that O so big there?
      I'll blame Jack as he was stepping everywhere.

    6. haha you coo coo works
      Over the nest gets smirks
      Sure blame Jack
      For your huge O attack

  7. did they at least rhyme in their letters of complaint?

    1. Nope not a one
      But I did when I poked fun haha

  8. Pat couldn't resist writing back, could he, cat??? LMAO It's ok because hate mail is always fun to read about. I'd love to hear the actual message that you received. hahaha ONly you, Cat!

    1. haha nope had to be done
      As egging them on is such fun
      It was deleted a while a go
      For you know I'm always 40 ahead at my show
      Just the typical rant you'd get from some nitwit
      Gave me something to do as at work I sit

  9. Hang on, I just read you rhymed back at them in your responses? Oh, that's to good, Pat!!! I love it!! I bet that drove them insane. LMAO!! I was going to try to come up with something witty, but right now it would just sound shitty LOL

    1. hahaha yeah it drove them up the wall
      So I kept doing it at my hall
      They were like "can't you have an actual conversation" or some shit like that
      And I just kept being a rhyming cat hahaha

    2. It's at times like this that I'm rather proud of you Cat.

    3. Proud of the cat
      Damn, we can't have that
      All this nice stuff of late
      I need to get your video stalker guy back to get some hate hahaha

    4. LOL I know, Anne and I need to get back into the groove of things...okay, tomorrow. Tomorrow starts the vile and trash talk all over again

    5. That video guy was good craic Cat. Epic stuff and even the big Irishman agreed with you on that!!

      Elsie, I promise to stop being nice to this feckin feline post haste!

    6. Tommorrow you have to be nice too
      For what comes due
      Or course you can be mean to the beer guy
      We can make him fry haha

      LOL epic is fun to throw around
      Maybe one day another video guy will be found

  10. I don't get hate mail in the land of Dan.
    Because I try to be nice to everybody...the best that I can.
    Sometimes I wish the mail would come in
    An excuse to let Workingdan show off his sin!

    I'm no stranger to going on the attack,
    leaving those spammers lying flat on their back!
    All in due time I will get the mail
    And then hell will break loose as I let my shame sail!

    1. haha it can be fun to let loose
      And I do so with my rhyming caboose
      They want to rant at me
      While I'll let them have it for free
      And if they don't go away
      Once I've had my say
      Blocked they will be
      And no longer bother me

  11. I do get a lot of spam in my mail but, it's always to do with penis enlargment/viagra/fu*book/ etc etc etc...it goes out of my spam straight into the can... >>> Flush. ...Damnit Pat, you made me rhyme..again! Spam and can.. go well together don't they :)

    1. haha Spam in a can
      I'm not a fan
      But don't you want some fun stuff like that
      It too is flushed by Pat

  12. There's only a few of you that get into my inner circle and can contact me by email. Too many freaks out there and being a female blogger is more dangerous too. I tolerate too much at my lair but I gave that last troll a bit of a scare.

    1. Yeah the freaks sure fly
      As bothering all they give a try
      Sure you could scare them far away
      Should they ever bother your bay

    2. I get so much vile crap said on my older posts which is why I moderate everything over a day old. Jesus, the disgusting things that people will say to women on blogger. Most of it's anon and some of it is from blogs that ran for about a month, failed and the idiots got bitter and just troll stroll the blososphere. These are never, ever anyone we know though.

    3. Wow never knew that
      What a bunch of weirdos at the blog mat
      I guess they feel the need
      To do such a deed
      Because their mommy's basement is empty or something
      There at their wing

  13. A horrid Cat
    attracts the

    The creeps
    will crawl
    all 'round
    your stall.

    For poo
    you fling
    from cans
    of Pringle,
    a hairless
    arse you
    dare to
    for all
    to see
    and probe
    at will.

    You wallow
    in swill.

    You disgust me!

    1. haha I don't wallow
      I won't even make you swallow
      Just chuck it on your face
      At a steady pace
      Then you may smell
      But oh well

    2. Now isn't that better Cat. No more Mrs. Nice Girl. All is right with the world!

    3. Yes all is right
      So much easier one my sight

  14. I havent had hate mail in awhile or so

    Some people negative comments are darker than crows

    1. Yeah but they think they are grand
      And prance around like a peacock in their land

  15. Hate mail? Really? They are missing the point.

    1. They just like to get their nose out of joint
      Point or no point

  16. Poetry snobs make me ill.
    I sometimes don't rhyme;
    but that is no crime.
    Of arrogance I have had my fill!

    1. haha yeah they are ill worthy indeed
      But fun to make fun of at my feed

  17. SPAM can be tedious
    and cause much delirium.
    Especially those emails.
    From royal Nigerians.

    1. If only I could steal their so called dough
      Sadly it'd prob be made of jello

  18. This is one of the best responses to hate mail I've read. Definitely amusing take on spam. :)

    1. Get spam, rhyme back
      So fun to cause them flack

  19. Yeah, there are some real nut jobs out there. Sorry one came close to your lair!

    1. Yeah they are all around
      Sand they should pound

  20. Between the search engines, the commenters, the flappies and the email hate mail, all the loons do come to your place. Amazing the gibberish tossed about, how they just have to stomp and shout, you'd think they'd have something better to do, than to do what they do. But yeah, great attitude there at the end, at least they gave you a post to mock them in, hopefully they read and somehow get back in, would love to see their face when this they read, would be quite the sight to see

    1. hahaha yeah that would be fun to see
      If they rant once more to me
      Doubtful though
      As I blocked them at my show

  21. Replies
    1. How much fun was this? Enjoyed your work and the comments, too!

    2. Glad you did
      And no one flipped their lid


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