Idiotic Proof As They Stand On A Roof!

The cat was strolling down the street when I heard a familiar beat. One I wished I would never hear again. It was those two stupid men. The rather large Gung whose bell is surely rung and Ho who is also a tad slow. They stood on top this wall and out to the world Ho began to call.

"I can't take this. Nothing that rhymes with Ho causes me bliss."

He looked around like "what the hell" as he began rhyming not so swell. He spied me and blamed me for his rhyming spree.

"There is that stinkin cat. Maybe when I jump I'll crush him flat."

Gung stood beside him in a fuss and tried to get him to come back off the ledge with the odd cuss.

"Ho, you know we will find your flow. Just because Gung is hung doesn't mean your bell needs to be rung. Damn cat is making me rhyme too. Go away! Shoo!"

I stood and watched the stupid pair, mostly to annoy them now and stay in their hair. At least I could have a little bit of fun. Plus soak up some sun.

"Ignore that cat, Ho. He is so far down below, he can't do a thing. Please don't let your body fling."

Ho stood on the ledge like he was going to jump. If it was Gung, who is so very plump, he'd just bounce. But Ho might not stand a chance if he were to pounce.

"I can't take it anymore, Gung. I just can't. My bell is rung. It is time for Ho to go and join that cloudy sky show."

"You can't do it, Ho. I will find your flow. Ho can grow? Is big down below? Is in the know? Makes you reap what you sow? See there are tons that will give people the runs."

"It is too late. I have sealed my fate. For this ledge is my destiny and such. I despise life too much."

The pair stood there and cried in their soup. It was about time I flew out of this whack job coup. So I started to trot away, figuring soon enough on the ground Ho would lay. Bad grammar there? Yeah, I don't care. For it was such a shock when I turned to find Gung giving off some God awful squawk.


He sounded much like a little girl. The sight of Ho really made me want to hurl. For those five whole feet really were a treat. I didn't have to be close to his mug, then he looked up rather smug.

"I have lived through this awful event. I didn't even crack on the cement. God, must want me to live on. Gung, let's go mow the lawn."

Gung hopped off the ledge and the pair made a pledge. They stated they would never climb on top a three year olds playhouse again. For they can be dangerous to such big men. They trotted off with glee. Those two really disgust me. I may go leave something in their grass. So when they mow they can step in it and curse my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Love this post Pat, you're right it really wouldn't be wise for a grown man to climb on a child's playhouse again, thank God you didn't even crack the cement, great post Pat, Gung Ho rhymes fine with NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. Yeah it goes with no
      Jut fine at my show
      Maybe Ho's legend will grow
      After he decides to mow

  2. celebrating by mowing the lawn is a foreign concept, i would ask for a receipt cause surely i would be in hell at that point, regardless of if i cracked the cement...ha....happy monday, walk the fun way

    1. I guess they get a thrill
      Over mowing up a hill
      Will walk the fun way
      At least as far as I can at my bay

  3. Oh the
    double entendre
    is here on
    a Monday
    with Gung
    being hung
    and not
    by a rope
    or a thread
    but down
    like Ho.

    So filled
    with dread
    my eyes
    they were lead
    to the
    sight of
    a splat
    on the dew
    of the grass.

    But not
    meant to be
    as the
    only thing
    there was
    a pile
    of poo
    left by
    none other
    than you.

    I mowed yesterday Cat and just missed stepping in the steaming, stinky pile you left for me. 'Twas the swarming flies that gave it away and kept my trainers filth free for another day.

    1. haha it was a sad splat
      They should have fallen in scat
      Then the cat
      Would have really liked that
      And damn I almost got you
      Next time I'll diguise the poo
      So the flies won't know
      And away you'll go

    2. That poo was pretty fresh Cat. I must have missed your hairless bum by minutes at best. Mowing a Cat to bloody bits. Oooh that would make a great film!!

      I posted hours and hours ago Cat, you can come comment now!

    3. The cat is making you wait
      Just your fate
      Have to go chew some fat and lick my ass
      Before I come for a pass haha

    4. Jesus Cat, you're disgusting!!

    5. LOL well I just want to share
      So you are well aware

  4. Gung Ho through
    Anyway will do
    Just two big guys
    Tamed with a smile
    Mowing the grass
    Is no big task
    Both Gung and Ho
    Can well both do


    1. Yeah I suppose mowing the lawn
      Either at dusk or dawn
      Isn't such a hard task for those two
      Making that one thing they can do

  5. The pair that always make me laugh
    even with all of their gaffs
    the cat treats them as if they are toys
    using his pure evil to tease and annoy
    of course he wants to leave behind a pile of poo
    what else would such a vile creature do?
    I'm glad to see Ho lived for another day
    and now the two will have lots more to say.

    1. The cat treats them that way
      For they are annoying at his bay
      So he lets them fall in a big steaming pile
      For they are just as vile
      And won't leave me be
      So they get what is coming to them at my sea haha

    2. I do believe he did Fran. He's finally admitted that he's a stinking pile of poo!

    3. Pfft Irish Air is never right
      At least in this light
      For the poo is from me
      And not of me at my sea

    4. Irish Air is the victor
      her win shakes the richter!

    5. Pffft coming from old one eye
      You only have half vision so you lie

    6. Now let's just look at the numbers. It's 3 to 1. I win, I win, I win!!!!!

    7. Pffft you cheat
      Sucking up to the first one at your concrete
      And the second one only has one eye
      So she shouldn't even try haha

    8. We clearly out number the likes of you
      Now go run off and play in your poo

    9. I collect the crap
      So I can use it for a trap

  6. Not Gung and Ho!
    those two need some brains, you know.
    The Cat seems to have some to spare
    maybe you could be nice and share?
    Like the phrase 'a piece of my mind'?
    And you would seem Oh so kind.

    1. Pfft I'd never share
      That you are surely aware
      Especially with those two
      Who are dumber than a monkey in a zoo haha

    2. speaking of dumb
      has your brain gone numb?
      Look at bush #5
      and tell me that's not an elephant hive.

    3. Ohhhh hahaha I'm used to the man bush one
      But the cat admits he is off with this other crap that comes by the ton haha

    4. said that at my blog today
      and I decided your brain had turned to hay.

    5. Yeah just one of those days
      Guess not enough sunny rays

    6. maybe your brain worked on gluten
      and now you need a new solution! lol

    7. LOL well no gluten I had
      Eating at my pad
      And it worked just fine at my sea
      Takes two months to get it out of me

  7. LOL This one made me giggle!!! Plump Gung would not have bounced back. Plump doesn't make you bouncy. lol lol I still can't help but read that character as "HO!". lol

    1. haha he might have bounced a bit more
      And read Ho however you like at my shore

    2. I always think the same thing about 'Ho'!
      and it just cracks me up, dontcha know!

    3. LOL oh my god
      Two peas in a pod

  8. Gung and Ho weren't modeled after us, were they? Between crying in their soup, mowing lawns, and threatening suicide, this sounds like a pretty average day for us.

    1. haha nope they were created long ago
      But they could be distant relatives, you never know

  9. Hahaha! On top of a three-year-old's playhouse! What a couple of losers!

  10. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - I left you a Crazy Daisy at my pad. You'll see it when you get there.

    1. Yeah I saw the daisy
      And it's true I am really crazy

  11. New characters on new adventures? Hope they can live through crazy choices.

    1. They will live a while
      Until it's time for the cat to get vile

  12. Hey! I like the new beachy theme you've got going on here--esp w/the cold settling in!

    So Gung and Ho are out to mow the lawn... And plump doesn't make you bouncy. *snort*

    I was thinking I'd try a haiku, but my syllables are all messed up. :D <3

    1. haha bah the cat doesn't stay true to form
      So your haiku can break the norm
      And he likes to bounce some
      Maybe if he lands on his umm bum?

  13. Feline's poops are small
    To step in? No tragedy at all.
    To exact revenge on our pal, Gung?
    Don't use a cat; use elephant dung.

    1. haha that is a good plan
      One which I am a fan
      I'll have to make that come due
      And give him life size poo

  14. I may be late
    but that was quite a tale
    one that makes me sail
    before I just bail!
    Have a good night
    don't get into a fight!

    1. A little late once more
      The dogs must have you out and about at your shore
      No fights were had by little old me
      At least not last night at my sea

  15. What a pair, but they can't compare with the rhyming cat ~

    I laughed at their names, by the way...he..he...Goodnight Pat ~

    1. Nope, can't keep up with the cat
      Their names surely aren't flat

  16. Old one eye and I are worried about you Cat. Sleep well and rest well my friend.

    1. Sleep well haha that hasn't been done in a while
      But I'll keep rhyming no matter how tired and vile haha

  17. what humorous visuals I imagine


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