Look At The Bleeding Heart On That Train Cart!

All mutts do is lick their balls and run up and down halls, they eat some crap and take a butt sniffing lap. But this isn't about those boring old things. This is about Pat wishing he had wings. For when you want to get past and the stupid loooooong ass train is vast, it can take quite a while and go on for a good  loooooong mile.

Stuck in a rut,
Literally, as the road has a gut.
It sucked it in.
What a sin.

Oh wait, that is just a pot hole.
Next to a flag pole.
It reads "Happy Harry's."
Must beat Moody Larry's.

Or Whiny Barry's,
Or Crying Carrie's.
Yeah I picked the girl name to cry.
Had to, after all the whining of one eye.

That just worked so well.
She may damn me to hell.
Where was I?
Oh yes, what I spy.

"Boyzzz" is scene.
So are they sleepy or mean?
Maybe no sleep makes them so.
If I pry their anger may grow.

"Traps Rule!!!!"
Your four ! means their cool.
What a nimrod.
Probably written by a cod.

A picture of a hmmm monkey squirrel?
That face makes me want to hurl.
Yeah, it was that bad of a drawing.
But better than the cat's pawing.

42 is the number I've reached.
Still my time is being leeched.
Happy Harry would even swear.
But he's happy, what does he care?

"Right to live"
That info you had to give?
Paint it loud and proud.
You make draw a crowd.

Oh look you did.
"Or die" flipped their lid.
But it was in green,
Your blue was less obscene.

On to number 56.
Boy, these train guys are dicks.
How many damn carts do they need?
I guess they heard me plead.

58 and they are done.
The gate raises and off to work fun.
Hmmm maybe I'd rather watch the train.
"Gooseberry" sounds like a fun lane.

Yep, those were spray painted on the carts I saw. Some were rather unreadable or had a flaw that I could just not get one bit. I guess they were made by a nitwit. One was a big red square. What is the point in that at any lair? To prove you are dumb? Maybe you spray paint a red square when you hum. Either way Pat finally got to stop wasting gas and I got to be a train cart ranting little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. This is just great Pat, and that's good coming from Matt. I bet you wish you had wings, I can tell they'd be useful those things. I wonder what the writings of a rhyming cod would be like haha.

    1. I wish my car could fly
      Go all chitty chitty bang bang in the sky
      And a rhyming cod you say
      Hmm maybe we'll find out one day

  2. ha i do like graffiti, except when its point-less see, and would rather ride than wait on the side for a train, all that waiting rots your brain and you end up counting but only if you have OCD, hehe---the big red square is probably covering up some that were just too dumb

    1. That is prob true
      Covering up its dumb view
      And yeah the counting is just second nature for me
      Because of the fun OCD

  3. Graffiti on the side carts
    Smuts with some unwanted wit
    Work of little upstarts
    Or some wayward nitwits


    1. A lot is the later I say
      Plenty of nitwits on display
      But all can be art
      Even stuff on a train cart

  4. Oh how my boys would never frown
    if we had train tracks in town
    They'd be hoping we'd have to wait
    at the great big crossing gate.
    Good thing it's not really there
    They'd be sneaking out to watch, I fear!

    1. haha that would be a pain
      As they ran out to watch the train
      Finding it in town somewhere
      Without another care
      You'd have to lock the doors
      Or get your cat crew to guard the floors haha

    2. Oh, they'd get too close,
      wanting to view the very most.
      Really glad we don't have to deal with that!
      And they used to run away a lot!
      Not to see trains, but other choices
      like to steal suckers at the grocery!
      No lie! Geesh!
      Oh, did I mention while in the nude?
      Yeah, seriously, dude!
      But he was only four
      glad he wasn't more.

    3. LMAO damn you really had your hands full there
      Running away all bare
      But at least they were small
      So no one would really think it off the wall

  5. Happy Harry's? I didn't enough Mr. Potter was so glee.

    1. Well he is happy I guess
      Or some one stole his name and won't confess

  6. nice...graffiti is cool...always enjoy reading some when i'm stuck in a traffic jam in a tunnel...

    1. Gives one something to do
      But still I want the train crap to be through

  7. SORRY

    The things which on a train goes by
    a short life have before they die.
    The train is running, you move on.
    But morning trains are never done.


    1. Yeah they come and come
      To annoy my rhyming bum
      But oh well
      I still hate the whistle/bell

    2. I see you hate
      your morning gate.
      You better try
      to beat it. Why?
      A beating eye
      will beat apply.
      And then you are
      a rocking star!

      Eh ... :-)

    3. I've beat it before
      When I heard its roar
      Sped up fast
      Put it in the past
      So rocking far
      I became a star

  8. Your poetry is irresistible...I like your subtle sense of humor. I wonder if you seduce your ladies using verses :)...

    1. Sometimes it is les suble than other times
      And seduce with rhymes
      haha that would be fun
      One day may have to be done

  9. I think aliens and mimes work together to make train graffiti. How else could you explain it?

    1. Yeah the evil things are in on it
      But even together they don't have much wit

  10. Been that long since I saw a train in real life, I forgot cars had to wait for them to pass at barriers...lol OMGoodness, we are so behind the times here. No wait, we had a railway that went one end of the island to the other many years ago. It closed in the very early 1900's due to lack of use. LOL

    1. LOL many years ago indeed
      Was not even alive at my feed
      And lack of use back then
      Damn, must be barren now at your den

  11. Grr.... having problems with my internet connections ~

    Riding the subway train, I see a lot of street art and graffiti ~ it makes an interesting scene ~

    1. Internet issues suck
      Even though they charge a hefty buck
      And yeah some of it is grand
      Others not so much across the land

  12. Only an hour and half before your next post is scheduled - but I can't just let you insult dogs and get away with it!! I'd like to see a cat protect me from a burglar or do some cool tricks - they can't!

    1. Pfft the mutt would just hold the flashlight and help
      Then give out a little yelp

  13. It can be fun to watch the train go by, and wonder what the logos mean, and where they are going, and the cars are carrying. Trains still fascinate me.


    1. They are a good sight
      But annoy me when so many carts take flight

  14. i wish i had wings..

    i dont think graffiti is always mindless and in poor taste...some of it is pretty good..when done properly in a planned way..the one is hate is hearts with arrows and skulls..blech

    1. Yeah some of it is really good
      Get rid of those dumb hearts they should haha

  15. Well at least the graffiti sort of provided you with entertainment as you waited?

    1. Yeah it was able to entertain
      And give me a rhyme for my lane


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